• No to the Tolpuddle Martyrs tree being dedicated to the Queen
    Keep the Martyrs tree as a symbol of resistance to wealth and power and not one of bowing down to it .
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    Created by Huw Williams
  • More support for autistic adults
    If this petition is successful, then the health authorities will have to sit up and listen to us. We we could change the face of Autism forever for future autistic and Asperger's people, as Maria Pankhurst of the suffragettes said 'Deeds, not words'. Lets get out there and fight for our rights.
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    Created by Louise Topp
  • Ghurkas Rights
    Please sign to stop this longstanding injustice.
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    Created by Tod O'Brien
  • Financial support for under 16 mothers
    Presently an underage mother can only claim the second child amount via her parent.
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    Created by Mik Sunderland
  • End race discrimination in the culture sector - Reinstate Amanda
    There are real concerns surrounding the rampant institutional racism and discrimination that plague the cultural sector. Many prominent British cultural institutions have built the bulk of their collections on the back of colonisation and their interpretation continues to tell stories tainted with imperialism. As well as failing to address the legacy of colonialism, as employers, many museums galleries and heritage sites perpetuate a system of discrimination against PCS members who identify as Black, Women, Disabled or LGBT+.  2020 saw another outcry against racism in the Black Lives Matters demonstration following the murder of George Floyd. Numerous cultural institutions declared their support for the Black Lives Matter movement very publicly. However, this public support has failed to make a difference to our Black PCS members who are disproportionately employed on unstable, zero hour or fixed terms contracts.  Our union members who identify as Black, who are cleaners, security guards, and gallery/museum assistants continued to go to work as ‘essential workers’ putting their and their family’s lives at risk. In the Autumn, it also became evident that the redundancies at Tate, the Southbank Centre and Historic Royal Palaces disproportionately affected Black workers. Finally, a number of our Black reps and members have been at the receiving end of discrimination and victimisation when they have spoken out against racism and bullying. This worrying trend was exposed at Historical Royal Palaces. In Summer 2020 then in December 2020, PCS Black Culture Group reps wrote to many employers in the sector with demands to improve race equality in the workplace. Very few meaningful responses have been received. Those demands were: • Eliminate the racial pay gap, openly publish this information and draw up a plan to eliminate it. • Establish protections against privatisation, casualisation, exploitation, overwork and support for mental health.  • Put in place hiring committees that have clear guidelines, accountability mechanisms and training in place to consider issues around race and equality. Black members should be on such committees.  • Implement anti-discriminatory support measures for Black staff and put in place a set of accountable, procedures for promotion, including an external review process. • Improve dedicated anti-racism training and make it mandatory for all levels of staff, entailing ongoing refreshers. • Record racial breakdowns of disciplinary investigations and outcomes, publish the results and draw up plans to eliminate any bias. *Black: PCS uses the term black in the political context to apply to people from African and Asian diasporas, including people of dual heritage.
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    Created by Clara Paillard Picture
  • Petition against recent: The Commission's Report into Racial and Ethnic disparities, March 2021
    The petition is important to help to give the overall views of all BAME people in the UK rather than considering a small sample given by the commissioners in the report. Our BAME HUB-UK NETWORK organisation believes that BAME is a single entity that embodies all the ethnic minorities group as an umbrella which express our concerns related to structural and systemic inequalities, injustice and neglect. BAME HUB-UK NETWORK is also empowering and advocating for BAME communities and their families. Nations progress when all its people are involved in a collective endeavour to develop and cooperate. The word BAME and its activities should be retained and supported to achieve these noble objectives which not only help BAME members but also the wellbeing and understand of the nation at large. In BAME HUB-UK NETWORK we don't ask for any special favours but equal opportunities and fair treatment of all that is inclusive of our culture and religious needs.
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    Created by BAME HUB-UK NETWORK
  • include lgbtq in younger education
    Educating younger children about the LGBTQ+ community would help children to feel more comfortable and familiar with themselves when growing up and would help them to identify with themselves without feeling like they have to hide their feelings. It would also help to normalise it and prevent homophobia from a young age.
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    Created by freya persaud
  • Compass catering out of our football clubs
    As compass group have direct links with the uk government I feel any punishment they impose will not be enough. This petition will hopefully act as a voice for the people removing this vile company from lucrative contacts to hurt the pockets of the shareholders.
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    Created by Liam Davis
  • Compass catering out of our football clubs
    As compass group have direct links with the uk government i feel any punishment they impose will not be enough. This petition will hopefully act as a voice for the people removing this vile company from lucrative contacts to hurt the pockets of the shareholders.
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    Created by Liam Davis
  • Citizenship for healthcare professionals
    To recognise their efforts during this pandemic from March. To reward them sincerely for their hard work.
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    Created by Amparo Amparo
  • Remove Kemi Badenoch from her post as Equalities Minister
    The role requires an experienced person, one who understands equalities issues and is seeking justice for those who are being discriminated against rather than continuing the current agenda which undermines Black African, Caribbean people, Asian and other minority ethnic groups. She is not fit for her role and is a reflection of a system that is wilfully trying to uphold a discriminatory agenda by using a person of colour to deliver a smokescreen of rhetoric that prevents the issue of racial inequality being dealt with effectively.
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    Created by Beatrice Joseph
  • Request for retail staff to have clear window on face mask
    Train staff in the understanding that people who lip read can't understand them unless they see their face. I'm surprised this has not been addressed.
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    Created by Patrick McDonald