• Change Same Sex Marriage Laws to allow a Two Way Conversion
    To seek equality for all. To address an injustice created by a law seeking to allow for equality. To address the law which states one cannot discriminate between a civil union and marriage when the consequences are felt globally, not locally. Equality Campaigners, Human Rights, Democratic Processes, Injustices created when new laws made, lobby groups, individuals, companies,
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  • Get vital £600 Energy Bill Support to remaining off-grid households currently excluded
    Boating households were promised energy bill support back in 2022, as were all other households in the UK. People living on boats urgently need this support to heat their homes, especially those on low incomes or who have a health condition or disability. 27% of boaters on Canal and River Trust waterways have an annual household income below £20,000, compared to 10% of the general population working full-time. Boaters, as with other GRTB communities, also have worse health outcomes than the general population due to difficulties accessing healthcare, and they urgently need the support promised for rising energy costs. Exclusion from this support is not just pushing Boaters towards hardship, but also eroding their way of life on the waterways, their role in maintaining these waterways, and their contribution to local and national economies. Currently, 6000 boater households are missing out on historical energy bill support. No-one should be told to make themselves homeless because they cannot get support due to living on a boat. Many households need extra support in the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis, and boater households deserve to be warm as much as any other household.
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    Created by Alex Montegriffo
  • End afro-hair texture discrimination in schools and workplaces
    Many people argue that this should not be addressed because "it's just hair" and we agree. A person's hairstyle should not impact their ability to get a job nor a child's ability to gain an education. The fact that Black people are experiencing this shows underlying tones of racism, which need to come to an end.
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    Created by Jemmar Samuels
  • Equal Pay for England Men's and Women's Football Managers
    Equal pay at this top tier is an essential material and symbolic step towards gender equality. Lionesses manager Sarina Wiegman has won the Euros with England and will lead them into Sunday’s World Cup final against Spain. She guided the Netherlands to victory at the Euros in 2017 before taking them to the World Cup final in 2019. The men's England football manager Gareth Southgate led England to the 2018 World Cup semi-final in Russia, the quarter-finals of Qatar 2022 and the Euro 2020 final, but has yet to win a trophy with England. Southgate is reportedly paid £5m a year, a significant uplift on Wiegman’s supposed £400,000 salary. An FA representative stated “If we take money from one area it then has to come off another,” he said. “I can’t tell you the list of great ideas we get every week for things, some of which are in women’s football, some are in para football, some of which are men’s football, some of which could be building more pitches for kids." The FA should take this essential material and symbolic step towards gender equality, by taking the money to pay Wiegman equally from Southgate's salary. This would leave each manager with roughly £2.7m a year salary plus bonuses. Wiegman and the Lionesses represent the frontline of excellence in women's sport, and sport as a whole. Wiegman is the more successful manager. At least she deserves pay parity with the men's.
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    Created by Skylar Sharples
  • Forgotten of Camden
    Camden Council has a public sector equality duty in relation to us which it ignores. Quite apart from the legal duty, it has a moral and social duty to us. The PSED means that it must take into account our particular needs and make reasonable adjustments to meet those needs so that we have the same chance as the able-bodied and younger residents to participate in public life, access public spaces and enjoy those public spaces. It is our belief that all residents, irrespective of their age or physical abilities, should have equal access to public facilities, services and the decision-making processes that shape our community. Inadequate consideration for the needs of the elderly and less able hinders their full and equal participation in society and does not reflect the principles of fairness, equality and respect upon which our community prides itself. Specific disenfranchising policies include: 1. The emphasis on digital access to information and parking which excludes those of us who are not IT literate and do not use computers or smart phones. 2. The emphasis on cycle lanes, particularly those on Haverstock Hill, which has removed all parking, does not take account of those of us who cannot get around without using cars. Many of us cannot cycle due to physical constraints, yet the topography of Belsize Park and Hampstead is such that even experienced cyclists fear to use their bikes in this area. The hills are steep enough to make both cycling and walking difficult if not impossible for older and less able residents - and this is an area with an elderly population. Yet, policies abound which put extra barriers in the way of our mobility and freedom to get around. There has to be a balance and that balance is significantly lacking. 3. The regulations introduced under the healthy school streets scheme ban the significant numbers of older and less able residents of those streets from: - receiving tradespeople and carers who may only be able to come at the restricted times - being collected and delivered to their front door by taxis who will not come into the area during the restricted times; and - receiving friends and family during the restricted times. This prevents those residents from leading normal lives, participating fully in life in the community, is discriminatory and against the PSED. 4. Those of us who live in Netherhall and Maresfield Gardens, Nutley Terrace and much of Belsize Park cannot access the high streets and shops of Finchley Road, Hampstead, Belsize Park or Belsize Village on foot because of the hills and distance. We are dependent on cars. Even to reach public transport, steep hills must be negotiated. In addition, there is no step free access at Belsize Park, Finchley Road, Hampstead or Swiss Cottage tube stations or Finchley Road and Frognal overground. Thus, without cars or taxis, we are effectively house bound. This is unfair and undemocratic. 5. There are not enough dropped curbs for those of us who need wheelchairs to get around. Therefore, we urge Camden Council to: 1. Engage with the Community: Involve us, the older and less able community members in the policy-making process. Our insights, lived experiences and inputs are invaluable in creating policies that effectively cater for our needs. 2. Work with us to review current policies: Work with us in a process to thoroughly reassess the current policies and their impacts on the older and less able residents of Camden. This should be done with an aim to understand the shortcomings of the current policies and identify the changes needed to make them more inclusive. This includes access to cars where possible. 3. Improve Accessibility: Ensure all public facilities and services are fully accessible to all residents, including those with physical disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, public buildings, parks, transportation and communication services. 4. Increase Support Services: Implement increased and improved support services for older and less able individuals, to help them lead independent and fulfilling lives. These services might include home aid, transportation assistance, healthcare facilities, and more. 5. Awareness and Education: Conduct awareness and education programmes for the community, local businesses, and organisations about the needs and rights of the older and less able residents to foster understanding and respect within the community. We believe that these steps are essential to create an inclusive, supportive and fair community and to comply with Camden’s legal PSED duties. We look forward to your commitment and prompt action to address these issues and make Camden a better place for all its residents.
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    Created by Jessica Learmond-Criqui
  • Deprived Pensioners
    My grandfather is one of over 200,000 people who contributed throughout their working life into a scheme promising pension security in his retirement. They now receive compensation from the Pension Protection Fund because their scheme was taken over by the PPF after the collapse of the company they had worked for. Now they are being deprived of an anticipated benefit because of the law governing PPF operations. This generation of old people, often cited as overprivileged, lived and paid their dues through long periods of double digit interest rates between 1975 and 1992 and are now suffering once again as interest rates rise and their compensation does not. A small group of us has formed an association to fight for change. This petition is a part of this fight . We urge you, as the responsible Minister, to become fully involved and right this wrong. For a full understanding of our case, go to the DPA website. https://www.deprivedpensioners.org/ Calling all PPF/FAS members If you are a member of either the Pension Protection Fund or the Financial Assistance Scheme run by the Fund and are aged over 50. you are very likely to be suffering from a lack of indexation under the pre-1997 rule. As well as supporting our petition it is in your interest to go to the website of the Deprived Pensioners Association and find out about our CrowdJustice campaign to right this injustice. https://www.deprivedpensioners.org/
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    Created by Stephen Chorley
  • Write to your MP: Make LGBTQ+ young people a priority!
    5 reasons why you should write to your MP to prioritise LGBTQ+ youth homelessness: 1. LGBTQ+ young people are being kicked out for being who they are. 77% of the young people akt supports face homelessness when they came out or were outed by family members ( akt 2015) 2. Rejection means young people do not have anyone to turn to for support. Only 13 per cent of LGBTQ+ young people felt supported by parents or stepparents while homeless (akt 2021) 3. Often housing services are not equipped to respond to their needs. 44% of local authorities and housing associations have not received training on LGBTQ+ homelessness ( akt 2022) 4. The abuse and discrimination lgbtq+ young people face doesn't end at home. Over half (59 per cent) of LGBTQ+ young people have faced some form of discrimination or harassment while accessing services ( akt 2021) 5. The cost of living and private rented sector crisis, is pushing more lgbtq+ young people into homelessness. Charities like akt are struggling with increased demands to our services and compared to before the crisis, we can support less people for the same amount.
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    Created by akt national lgbtq+ youth homelesnsess charity
  • Why does the government allow adult illiteracy to ruin lives and cost the UK £37 billion a year?
    Two years ago I was one of the nine million adults in the UK who can't read. I could not read my daughter's school report, and I could not read the manuals for the machines I service at work. Now with the help of a reading charity, Read Easy, and its volunteer coaches, I can read well, and write this petition. Now I can help my daughter with her homework, and I have been given more responsibility by my employer. I have tried to encourage people by talking to newspapers, on the radio, and on TV. Now I am asking the Education Minister to ensure that the sort of assistance I was given will be available for all of those nine million people that want it. If you are fortunate enough to find reading easy, you probably had no idea how many people in this country find it impossible. Please sign this petition to help me put pressure on the government to help those people, and hopefully make the changes to their lives that I've been lucky enough to have.
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    Created by Paul Anderson
  • Fix the Warm Home Discount scam.
    Many tens of thousands of disabled and vulnerable people will be surprised to find they no longer qualify for the Warm Home Discount. And this year, even with the fuel discount schemes in place, those affected are paying more than double the 2021 prices used to form the new WHD rules. The change has not been advertised, and the WHD rules are unclear. The public have been misinformed and led to believe the Government is protecting the most vulnerable from fuel poverty. The reality is not widely known, and unless changed, tens of thousands of lives will be significantly worse off.
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    Created by Russell Thompson
  • Reform the King's Coronation oaths
    Our society today is far more diverse than in 1953, at the time of the last coronation. The oaths the Queen took then (see below) would feel alienating and excluding to many of us today. Please support our move towards a new text, for King Charles's coronation, which is much more inclusive. (In 1953 the Queen affirmed this oath: "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?")
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    Created by Anthony Howe
  • Stop Katie Hopkins From Coming To Stafford’s Gatehouse Theatre
    The people of Stafford have always come together through challenging times and have always supported those that Katie Hopkins mocks. We have made gigantic leaps in trying to eradicate bigotry and racism and she is voicing opinions that are dangerous, hateful and damaging to the advancement of acceptance. Katie Hopkins has never been a woman known for inciting peace but only hatred. She brings nothing to this town of any value and instead, by booking her, Freedom Leisure are telling our children that we give value (£) to her opinions. We are disgusted that you thought that the people of Stafford would welcome this person. A person who is infamous for spewing bile and causing division. A person who is know for being bigoted and inciting racism. A person who in 2021 was voted the most hated woman in Britain after boasting about breaking lockdown rules. A person who was BANNED from Twitter for breaking their rules on HATEFUL CONTENT. Just to be clear ( and incase you didn’t know) it is this: Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories. So, what has this far right extremist said? Some examples and in no particular order: Someone killed themselves in front of my train today! AGAIN! how many times do I have to tell you? Stop being selfish. I’m a busy woman. Hopkins posted a series of insensitive tweets while watching a Channel 4's documentary which showed a nine-year-old girl being diagnosed with autism. She wrote: "Honey can't complete the autism assessment as she is too busy being a complete t***. But the s*** mum assessment is complete #bornnaughty." On depression she wrote: “UK has seen a 500% growth in anti-depressants since 1991. Like being bullied, being depressed is a fashionable thing to be… The ultimate passport to self-obsession.” She has mocked the Black Lives Matter movement by tweeting: "Today is #whiteoutwednesday. I will shortly be posting a picture of my arse. Thank you." Claimed that overweight people are lazy . Said that: Meghan Markle will be preggers faster than an 11 year old in #Telford. On Trump calling for a ban on Muslims entering the US,- "I think it wouldn't hurt for everybody to have a temporary ban while we work out what the hell is going on given that we have people blowing themselves up in suicide jackets," Has compared refugees to cockroaches then said "They might look a bit 'Bob Geldof's Ethiopia circa 1984', but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb.’ Suggested that Ed Miliband, (who has often spoken about his parents' flight from Nazi persecution, ) could "gas" his wife Justine. following the Manchester bombings Katie tweeted that there should be a "final solution" - the language used by Hitler and the Nazi party towards the minority groups they targeted. On Fox News she spoke out against the "silencing" of those with right-wing views who are "calling for action". At a Ukip's party conference Hopkins said that the photograph of a drowned 3 year old Syrian boy lying on a beach (that sparked a wave of compassion across Europe ) was staged. Provoked outrage by saying "Dementia sufferers should not be blocking beds. What is the point of life when you no longer know you are living it?,” "Bang me over the head." She claimed that she wouldn't let her children play with lower class children that have names like Chardonnay. ( teaching her children to be judgemental 👏🏻👏🏻) ( when a Glaswegian Ebola patient was moved to a London hospital) she tweeted: "Sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn't cricket." Of breastfeeding women: "I loathe all breastfeeders and the Mammary Mafia. And I can't stand this 'full-time Mummy thing' - you're just unemployed." November 20, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance,- Katie Hopkins took to Twitter to write: “Today is #TransDayOfRemembrance “Most people will be wearing red testicles. But I am wearing mine white as a symbol of cis-testicular peace. #RockOnCowboys” Joined forces with leaders of the Birmingham school protests against LGBT education equality -taught as part of the equalities act, which includes lessons on protected characteristics such as disability, race, religion and sexual orientation. Described LGBT education as “indoctrination Mocked Marcus Rashford and his campaign to feed hungry school children. Routinely attacked Muslims and Islam, calling for a burqa ban, goading Muslims with photos of ISIS-themed cakes during Ramadan, claiming people were more violent while fasting, labelled Islamic culture as “homophobic”, and described Muslim ‘no-go zones’ as being run by “Muslim mafia”. ‘Just been asked a question by a very fat child. Said I don’t answer fat children’ Should we go on…. This list is ENDLESS. Katie Hopkins has many times stood accused of displaying views that have been described by critics as Islamophobic, racist, classist, and misogynistic. STAFFORD does not want Katie Hopkins. unlike: refugees, breastfeeding mothers, overweight and underweight people, people of all religions, people of all nationalities , All cultures and colour, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non binary and every one else on the gender and sexuality spectrum , Disabled people, Autistic children and adults, those suffering with mental health issues, and people with dementia WHO are ALL WELCOME. KATIE HOPKINS is NOT and NEVER WILL BE, WELCOME HERE. The people of Stafford INSIST Freedom Leisure cancel her show.
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    Created by Marnie Phillips
  • #OneLove arm bands to be worn by UK politicians in Qatar
    I'm a queer woman who, over the last year, has become a pretty big football fan. It means this World Cup I actually feel invested in the outcome for once, and would enjoy watching some of the matches! Except it's being held in a country where people like me can be locked up just for loving someone of the same gender. So I was glad to hear European Captains planned to wear the OneLove armband as a stance against discrimination. And then saddened when, ahead of the first England match, they had to back down or risk being booked. German Minister Nancy Faeser wore the band during her country's match against Japan. It's a symbol of solidarity that could mean a lot to LGBTQ+ people in Qatar and around the world, so I've set up a petition asking any UK politicians who go to Qatar - in either an official or unofficial capacity - to commit to wearing the armband too. It might be too late to change things for this World Cup, but we can at least ask those in power who go along to send a message to FIFA: You claim to stand against discrimination based on sexual orientation, but you’re acting like you’ve forgotten that. The rest of us haven't, and we're not going to let you forget it.
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    Created by Megan Bentall Picture