• Allow all streamers on Facebook to stream 1080p 60fps (not just those who pass criteria)
    Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive? You have to earn followers before you can stream in crisp 1080p 60fps? People want to watch the best quality possible. As if starting out isn’t hard enough, let’s make it so you have to stream in low resolution & earn followers before you can stream in high resolution. How are streamers meant to gain followers and viewers if their quality is sub par to those who already have a following?
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  • Personal independent payments
    This is important to everyone on DWP Universal Credit /Personal independence Payments should Be getting the same £20 per week Backdated as there Should Not Be One rule for one and No rule for others . People who have to Rely on Benefits find it hard so Need to be paid the same it’s alright for Government workers as just getting pay rise £3500 some people Don’t even get that much so Need people to Sign This so get Government to understand we all need Extra.
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  • Met to admit misconduct over treatment of Bianca Williams
    The police have to win back the respect and trust not only of minority communities but also of the wider community in the UK. When your behaviour is clearly racist you have to listen, apologise and take steps to address the systematic racism where you work. There are no excuses for this kind of behaviour in 2020. We all know that the officers would have behaved differently if the occupants had been white. And traumatising a young mother and baby is unacceptable behaviour in any circumstances.
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    Created by Bridget O'Donovan
  • Remove anti homeless bars on benches
    Homelessness is a not a choice.
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  • Royal Institution-Stop Honouring Slave Owner Now.
    The Royal Institution has two "Fullerian Professorships" named after John Fuller MP (1757-1834). Fuller was a slave owner and vociferous opponent of abolition using his position as an MP to further that cause.Fuller was a member of the West India Interest a pressure group who funded pseudo-scientific research to show Black people as degenerate and lazy. The money Fuller endowed on the Royal Institution is indelibly tainted by the vile system of slavery, and together with his abuse of science Fuller is a totally unsuitable person for the Royal Institution to "honour".
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    Created by Mike Anderson
  • #BetterPay4SocialCare
    We call on the Government to ensure all social care workers receive a minimum of the Real Living Wage. Covid-19 has revealed just how much we rely on our nation's social care workers and the risks that they take to do their job. It has provided a focus on the incredible work they undertake, and the skills required to deliver social care and support to the highest of standards. As heartening as it is that the Government recognised social care workers as key workers, they deserve more pay. Few get above the national living wage (that's £8.72 per hour for workers aged over 25); many get less. We call on Government to ensure social care workers are paid a minimum of the Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour (£10.75 in London). Earlier this year, the Scottish Government worked with local government to ensure all social care key workers now receive the Real Living Wage. We want this to be implemented throughout the UK. There are 1.62 million people working in adult social care, supporting vulnerable people. The majority are employed by care providers, many of which are charities. The salary that social care workers receive is determined by an hourly rate that local authorities give the care providers. It is not enough to pay the Real Living Wage. Years of austerity has meant that care providers are used to dealing with extreme financial constraints, and are experts in efficiencies. But this has meant frontline key workers aren't given the rate of pay that no-one can deny they deserve - despite them literally placing their lives at risk to fulfil their role to the people they support, their employer and to society. Our response to this must match our values as a country and our hopes for a more equal and compassionate society. Please sign this petition so that we can show the Government how much we are behind our social care workers - and hopefully we can influence change.
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  • In support of Diversity's BGT performance
    We, the undersigned would like to offer a differing opinion to the 8,000 complaints we understand that you’ve had regarding the airing of the performance by the dance troupe Diversity on the show Britain’s Got Talent. We live in exceptionally trying times, for sure, but the issue that is coming to the fore, possibly fuelled by Covid 19, but certainly for many people, fuelled by Brexit, is the understanding that we do live in a society that is inherently racist. Incidents in America have certainly helped bring this into sharper focus, but government actions over Windrush and even this week, over Grenfell should bring into sharp relief that people of colour in this country still face issues of institutional racism. These ideas are fuelled by the way our press reports issues around migration and it’s that reporting that should bear more investigation, as without a doubt, it fuels hatred. The way the press have reported and tried to portray the Black Lives Matter protests as some sort of anarchist organisation prone to violence, whilst largely playing down the “statue defenders” who are actively far right organisations who are gaining traction in this country because of the manner in which populist right wing politics is reported. Black Live Matter is a moral statement, it’s not an extremist ideology. The performance by Diversity was written to reflect the times we live in, nationally and internationally, references to the current Covid 19 situation and the heroics of the key workers, particularly the NHS, appear to have been welcomed, but the point about police violence appears to have made many viewers feel uncomfortable, yet we know that again and again the police, as an institution in this country, have been accused of being institutionally racist, have used racial profiling and after the death of Stephen Lawrence, a full scale report by Sir William McPhearson, over 20 years ago, regarding the nature of institutional racism in the Met Police force; we are not, of course, saying that all police officers are racist, but they do unfortunately stand to be judged, by the manner of their own profiling, by the manner with which some racist cops behave. We’ve also seen the Kick It Out campaign to highlight this blight on the national game. Most work places now work hard to promote equality and diversity, with some going so far as to sack people known to have shown actively racist behaviours, so whether some people like it or not, we think we can confidently say that structural racism is at least recognised within society. The mediums of dance and storytelling have a strong tradition in British Culture and our Arts and entertainment sector has often promoted or provoked necessary questions, both nationally and internationally. Now is not the time to be squeamish. With this in mind, we feel that no action should be taken against the production Britain’s Got Talent, for providing a platform for this point to be made. Considering the reaction, the point clearly still needs to be made.
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  • Protection for unmarried couples
    So many couples live together long term and have children, they live together as husband and wife, We may call it common law. So a common law wife/husband in real terms has no law at all to protect them, even thogh the term common law suggests it does. Not many couple are aware of this until they split up. Couples who are not married need to be aware of this and need to have the law to protect them as though they are married, So many couples get ripped off because there is no law out there that truly protects them. Not many have legal agreements in place as they are not advised to do so. Its time for this to be brought upto date and have equal protection for all. if someone gives their whole live over to a relationship and the other person walks out after 19 years, leaving the person without any legal protection is simply wrong. 15 years or even 10 years is considered a lifetime, especially if they have had children together. Its time we were given the same rights as a married couples and all the same responsibilities after they split up, they live together as man and wife so therefore should have the same rights. A lot of people also suffer violence and abuse, this needs to be taken into account because many people also suffer from long term abuse and violence within their relationship. Many people just get use to it and think its normal, but it is not normal. Again a partner can simply walk away and not have any responsibility because there is no law in place. There simply needs to be a law in place to protect these couples who have given their lives to a relationship, we are treated as a married couple, we live together as a married couple, so we need the law to protect us. THE LAW NEEDS TO BE UPDATED, WE ALL NEED EQUAL RIGHTS IN MODERN TIMES!
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    Created by Deborah Harper
  • Fix the UK’s misleading citizenship test
    Britain’s citizenship test is broken and misleading - it ignores the vital role that Black and Brown people played in ending British slavery and colonisation. This white-washing of British history helps to fuel and solidify institutional racism in Britain today. Already more than 175 historians have signed an open letter calling on the government to remove the “misleading and false” representations of slavery and empire from the test. Everyone who wants British citizenship, has to take the ‘Life in the UK’ test. The handbook that helps prepare people for the test states things like: “...by the second part of the 20th century, there was, for the most part, an orderly transition from empire to Commonwealth, with countries being granted their independence”. In fact Decolonisation was often a violent process and people in the colonies had to fight hard for their independence. The British Citizenship test promotes the view the British empire came to and because British officials decided it was the right thing to do. Similarly the abolition of Slavery is presented as a British achievement and doesn’t mentioned the role enslaved people played in abolishing slavery.
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  • pay rise for all. Not only for some.
    The people who has also been through covid. Sre bring left out.
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  • Pay rise for nurses
    Because they worked tirelessly during the pandemic..some of them didn’t see their families for weeks on end.. they sat with our sick and dying when no one was allowed in..if they don’t deserve it who does?
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    Created by Margaret Humphrey
  • Stand Up to Racism Dorset demands: Stop racial profiling by Dorset Police
    The use of Stop and Search by police against Black people in Dorset has reached unprecedented levels. Black people are now 31 times more likely than white people to be stopped under these powers. This is the highest rate of Stop and Search of an ethnic group of any police force in the country. It is also a 100 per cent increase in Dorset over the past two years.
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