• Petition against recent: The Commission's Report into Racial and Ethnic disparities, March 2021
    The petition is important to help to give the overall views of all BAME people in the UK rather than considering a small sample given by the commissioners in the report. Our BAME HUB-UK NETWORK organisation believes that BAME is a single entity that embodies all the ethnic minorities group as an umbrella which express our concerns related to structural and systemic inequalities, injustice and neglect. BAME HUB-UK NETWORK is also empowering and advocating for BAME communities and their families. Nations progress when all its people are involved in a collective endeavour to develop and cooperate. The word BAME and its activities should be retained and supported to achieve these noble objectives which not only help BAME members but also the wellbeing and understand of the nation at large. In BAME HUB-UK NETWORK we don't ask for any special favours but equal opportunities and fair treatment of all that is inclusive of our culture and religious needs.
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    Created by BAME HUB-UK NETWORK
  • Action for Black, Brown and Migrant Women
    We are all affected by the tragic killing of Sarah Everard. All women deserve to live in safety and without fear. The disparity between the way Sarah Everard's disappearance and death and that of Blessing Olusegun's was reported and investigated speaks to another issue - the invisibility of Black, brown and migrant women. Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun was found dead in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, September 18th 2020, just hours after speaking to her boyfriend on the phone. Blessing was on a one-week work placement as a live-in carer for elderly people as part of her studies. When sisters, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were reported missing in 2020, there was no immediate response from the police, resulting in their mother conducting the initial search. When the sisters were found dead in Wembley Park, officers dehumanised the women by taking photos of their bodies and sending the photos on to friends. Sadly, it has been shown time and time again that the abuse and murder of Black, Brown and migrant women are not treated the same. All women deserve to be seen and recognised, regardless of race, religion and creed, all of our stories and experiences matter. We call on our allies to step forward and speak out for all women. We all have a responsibility to amplify the voices of the voiceless. This message is a call to action to protect all women and girls. We stand with all families who have lost their daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and friends to acts of senseless violence. The amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill in the House of Lords called for the introduction of a non-discrimination clause to ensure that all women who experience domestic abuse receive equal and effective protection. However, more needs to be done. WE CALL FOR THE FOLLOWING: - The statistics on the murders and violence against black and brown women should be appropriately recorded and readily available - Better reporting of the murders, rape and violence against black and brown women and girls within the media - We call for conscious and unconscious bias training for the police and better investigations in cases involving black, brown and migrant women and girls - We call for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to ensure all investigations involving black, brown and migrant women and girls are properly conducted - MPs, local councillors, council officers, stakeholders and community leaders must champion this cause “...Whatever effects one directly, affects all indirectly.” - Martin Luther King Jr Photos: Blessing Olusegun (Top), Nicole Smallman (bottom left) and Bibaa Henry (bottom right).
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    Created by BAME Domestic Abuse Partnership Forum (Croydon)
  • include lgbtq in younger education
    Educating younger children about the LGBTQ+ community would help children to feel more comfortable and familiar with themselves when growing up and would help them to identify with themselves without feeling like they have to hide their feelings. It would also help to normalise it and prevent homophobia from a young age.
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    Created by freya persaud
  • Compass catering out of our football clubs
    As compass group have direct links with the uk government I feel any punishment they impose will not be enough. This petition will hopefully act as a voice for the people removing this vile company from lucrative contacts to hurt the pockets of the shareholders.
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    Created by Liam Davis
  • Compass catering out of our football clubs
    As compass group have direct links with the uk government i feel any punishment they impose will not be enough. This petition will hopefully act as a voice for the people removing this vile company from lucrative contacts to hurt the pockets of the shareholders.
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    Created by Liam Davis
  • Citizenship for healthcare professionals
    To recognise their efforts during this pandemic from March. To reward them sincerely for their hard work.
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    Created by Amparo Amparo
  • Remove Kemi Badenoch from her post as Equalities Minister
    The role requires an experienced person, one who understands equalities issues and is seeking justice for those who are being discriminated against rather than continuing the current agenda which undermines Black African, Caribbean people, Asian and other minority ethnic groups. She is not fit for her role and is a reflection of a system that is wilfully trying to uphold a discriminatory agenda by using a person of colour to deliver a smokescreen of rhetoric that prevents the issue of racial inequality being dealt with effectively.
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    Created by Beatrice Joseph
  • Request for retail staff to have clear window on face mask
    Train staff in the understanding that people who lip read can't understand them unless they see their face. I'm surprised this has not been addressed.
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    Created by Patrick McDonald
  • Listen to our children
    Children who have gender dysphoria have already fought enough battles without having basic human rights also removed. The self harm and suicide rate is already shockingly high due to bullying and long waits to be seen at Tavistock and I fear it will now increase as children will be forced to go through a puberty that feels alien to them. We want the decision of hormone blockers to be decided by the child, gender clinic, endocrine clinic and the parent/carer, not by a judge that does not know the child and who has limited knowledge of transgender issues.
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    Created by Laura Sinclair
  • Give all amazon workers a Christmas bonus
    Amazon workers have worked under dangerous conditions through the Covid pandemic to fulfil all our orders. While the workers get minimum wages they have increased the Amazon owner's wealth by $79 billion in less than one year and Jeff Bezos is now worth nearly $200 billion. Surely his workers need to be properly rewarded and so we are calling on Jeff Bezos to give his workers the recognition they deserve and pay them a Christmas bonus of £5,000. This may sound generous but it is just loose change compared to the wealth they have made for Jeff himself.
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    Created by Juan Baeza
    Sistah Space has been on the waiting list for a suitable Council premises in Hackney for 5 years. And Hackney Council is the licensor for Sistah Space's temporary premises, the licence of which ends on 17th January 2021. This Petition calls on the Council to recognise that Sistah Space is an essential, specialist service catering for Black and African heritage women, an already disadvantaged group that is entitled to additional support under the Equality Act. Therefore, they should be offered priority access to premises to allow them to continue to operate. Pretending that Sistah Space does not face structural racism, sexism and classism, and failing to offer them additional support to overcome that is an abandonment of the Council’s responsibility to Hackney’s Black and African heritage residents. In addition, we call on Hackney Council to provide a minimum 5 year lease for a suitable premises for Sistah Space starting 17th January 2021 with the following minimums: - 3,000 sq ft of space - 4 rooms with kitchenette - Meets accessibility requirements for prams and wheelchairs which could include a lift if on more than 2 floors - 24/7 access - location with easy transport links Just as others do, African and Caribbean heritage victims of DV require and deserve a specialist service which understands their particular needs. Too often it is assumed that any organisation or any diverse group under the discriminatory term 'BAME' are qualified to speak on behalf of black women. This is part of the reason why many African and Caribbean heritage women are less likely to seek support when facing DV. In addition, the Windrush scandal, mass deportations and the memories of a hostile environment add to the abandonment often felt by black women. It is therefore essential that specialist charities like Sistah Space are allowed to support black women and be an advisory and training resource for mainstream agencies. This will not be possible if Sistah Space are not supported into a safe and affordable space where black women can see themselves reflected. Your support and signature is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you.
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    Created by Ngozi Fulani
  • Sheltering homeless /rough sleepers
    Deserve to be treated equally and with dignity as the population is asked to stay at home where possible
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    Created by Martin Atherton