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To: UK Government

A Knighthood for Captain Tom Moore

A Knighthood for Captain Tom Moore

Knight Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year old WW2 veteran who set out to raise £1000 for NHS charities and raised 5 MILLION in a matter of days!

Why is this important?

He deserves recognition. He put his life on the line in WW2 - then raised a LOT for NHS Charities. More deserving than any 'businessman'.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • What an ispiration
  • You know hearing and seeing things like this especially time’s like these! Truly brings a tear to my eye.... truly incredible! Good on ya mate!
  • Not only did he fight for us in WW2 he is still too this day looking out for our human race and challenging his physical capabilities to do it. What a truly inspirational gentleman. I just hope he has a way of seeing all these lovely comments that are being left for him.


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