• Prison officers need to be recognised as keyworkers
    During this outbreak, prison workers are going out each day to keep us safe. They are not being tested for covid-19 and are unable to lock down for 3 weeks as advised by the government. Imagine if they did, there would be riots in prisons across the UK if they were left with a skeleton staff. But Aldi will not recognise them as keyworkers. They are part of our crime and justice system, please sign this petition to get them recognised as keyworkers.
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  • Weekly waste bin collections
    As the majority of the country are off work and schools there is a lot more waste and rubbish. Normally people would travel to waste disposal centres themselves but as these are closed and as special uplift services have stopped also, rubbish is piling up everywhere, people may fly tip and we may soon be overrun.
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  • Support Salford's Care Workers - Stop the Spread
    Care Workers are the lowest paid in society but are one of the most important workers - caring for the most vulnerable. They are front-line workers and therefore are one of the most at risk workers during this Corona Virus pandemic. We cannot allow poverty pay to put citizens at risk! Respect the work that they do and ensure their well-being.
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    Created by Matthew Dickinson
  • Coronavirus - Key workers to get a bonus at the end of the crisis
    As a thank you to the countries key workers for the work they are doing for us, the people, during this health crisis.
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  • Save the Co-op in Clevedon
    It is important that we keep the Co-op open - both for people's jobs, and because the Post Office inside the shop is very important to the public. If the shop closes down, the Triangle area of Clevedon will be badly affected and people will have to go elsewhere to access these services. The nearest alternative Post Office is in a poor location and has bad parking facilities. As a result, elderly people will struggle to access this crucial community service. As a partially disabled person, I will definitely find it difficult to reach this other location. That's why it is crucial that the central Co-op - and the Post Office within it - remains open.
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  • Pandemic Rent Relief for Places of Worship and Community Centres
    Following the Government advice, all masjids and other faith-building and community centres are closed due to COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the contagion in the community and society at large; to support social distancing for medical reasons; and to make all necessary efforts to safeguard people; flatten the curve and to fight this virus. Most local community masjids and other faith institutions rely on voluntary donations from the regular congregation and attendees to survive and carry on – obviously, that is not possible in the current circumstances. These places help the community regardless of circumstances and challenges but also provide a place of comfort, solace supporting the well-being and welfare of its attendees and others. Under the COVID-19 challenge, these very places of worship are under increasing pressure to support the vulnerable in their locality and beyond. The rent-relief, only for the duration of this pandemic - a national emergency - will help the places of worship, faith and community centres. We urge the Council and decision-makers to support these local places in Tower Hamlets - and ask other local authorities across the country to follow this course of action urgently. We must bring everyone together and do whatever is necessary to support the community, support the vulnerable and fight the COVID-19 virus. Thank you for your time and support.
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  • Give NHS staff and key workers some shopping priority
    It is important because the whole country is in this together and the NHS and key workers are the forefront of the fight to stop the pandemic. They are also people too with families, children, elderly relatives to support. This would show support to them as well as help them at this critical time as the NHS cannot shut its doors, so please be kind.
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  • Save Haverhill Post Office from Privatisation
    In it's election manifesto the Conservative Party promised to protect public services and the High Street. This franchise proposal does neither.
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  • Save Our BBC
    As we face the current health crisis, it has never been more important to have trusted news and information that we, as a nation, can rely on. But only a few weeks ago, the government floated a plan that would cut hundreds of millions of pounds in funding from the BBC, which would affect the services and programmes we rely on. They've pledged to scrap the licence fee and cut dozens of TV & radio stations and want to "prune" its reach into people's homes. It's a thinly veiled attempt to clamp down on being held to account. Our BBC is a world leading public service. The way that it is funded means that it's independent of government and corporate pressure. At a time when fake news can spread like wildfire and when so much is at stake, this is a dangerous attack. Already MPs from all parties are up in arms about this attack, but to stop it, it's going to take a huge amount of public pressure. Please sign and share this petition.
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  • Zebra Crossings for Paxman Academy
    The students at Paxman Academy and the local community of Shrub End would benefit from safe crossing points on both Paxman Avenue and Walnut Tree Way. These roads are very busy and see lots of traffic passing speedily through and directly passing the School entrance/exit. Pupils & the local community are at great risk of being knocked down by oncoming traffic, as at present there are no safe crossing points. I have witnessed myself students having near misses on the corner where Walnut Tree Way & Paxman Avenue. We simply cannot leave this and let a fatality / major incident occur because of inaction! Safe crossing points need to be installed ASAP to ensure everyone’s safety. This action is required ASAP to prevent a Major Road Traffic Accident occurring, involving one of our children, family or other community member.
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    Created by Vikki Brotherton
  • Help us get to OUR Hospital
    Since the new Finchley Memorial Hospital was built, people have been campaigning for better access to the site. Unless you drive a car or can afford a taxi, patients are faced with a very long walk and a dangerous road to cross. For the sick and disabled a journey to the hospital is dangerous and exhausting. Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals have bus services that take them to the front door of the hospital. Why not Finchley? The next person that needs a hospital visit could be you! See our film on YouTube: https://youtu.be/O4bKqfS_z-E
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  • Let’s stop North Lanarkshire Council from introducing charges at public car parks
    With many town centres suffering a lower footfall than ever, the proposal to start charging people for parking within North Lanarkshire public car parks will undoubtedly be the death knell for local towns. Out of town shopping complexes with free parking are enticing shoppers to move away from their local areas, leading to businesses closing and high streets becoming a shadow of their former selves with boarded up and vacant premises on each and every thoroughfare.
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    Created by Neil Gray MP