• We want Aldi to open a store on the Isle of Skye
    The island and it’s population is growing with many developments happening, not to mention the thousands of tourists that visit throughout the year !! Another supermarket is badly needed for more options and choices for us all . It would also benefit the island by supplying jobs for many people that live here.
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    Created by Marion Colven Picture
  • Save Chineham Library
    In addition to signing this petition, if you have 10 minutes to respond to the consultation in full, you can find it here: https://www.hants.gov.uk/library-consultation?fbclid=IwAR0cAQ8G21HQdiTvG-gJu5VA57-e3qF27F9WxS6dReAE8LKzL2y2oCovCOU You can also attend a drop-in session about the proposed closure on Tuesday 4th Feb 14:00 to 16:00 at Chineham Library. Our libraries do more than simply loan books. They provide events for children, internet access for the elderly, book clubs and more. They’re places for the whole community to come together and learn. Libraries are a door into the world, we need to protect them for future generations.
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    Created by Louise Skeats
  • Park Home Reduction In Council Tax
    Other than for refuse collections, many park home owners pay through their ground rents for their own street lighting, roadworks, street cleaning, drainage and other services. Many Councils also receive license fees and business rates from site owners. In addition, home owners on residential sites pay Council Tax so it is a double whammy. Isn't it about time a reduced tax was introduced for mobile homes? I will do my best to get this to The House Of Lords for debate ?
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    Created by Richard Kuch
  • Save Haringey's Parks and Green Spaces!
    All Haringey residents - of all ages and interests - benefit from access to public green spaces for their local community and neighbourhood. But they must be well-run and in good condition in order to provide the many benefits all residents deserve. The parks staff do their best but don't have the numbers or resources to manage properly. We need 2,200 people who live, work or study in Haringey to sign up with a local postcode (your home, workplace or school) by the end of February in order to trigger a debate at the council meeting in March. Please ask all the local people you know! This is a petition from the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, the umbrella network for the 45 local Friends of Parks groups championing their local green spaces Petition: https://bit.ly/2QQdMpk Tw: @FoHaringeyParks #saveharingeyparks www.haringeyfriendsofparks.org.uk
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    Created by Dave Morris
  • The Child Protection System in the UK is failing our families.
    The system is failing, broken and corrupt. Families are being traumatised and left with irreparable emotional damage as a result of false allegations that result in the removal of children from happy, safe and secure homes.
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  • Take leadership to solve the social care crisis and give social care the funding it needs
    The Conservative Party manifesto was shockingly empty of ideas to make sure people will be supported and cared for in old age. It's because they don't want to take on such a complicated task of fixing social care - but they must. At the moment elderly people, kids, and other adults who need support aren't getting the help they need to get dressed, wash or eat their lunch. The new government cannot shirk their responsibility. They must take concrete action now to overhaul how social care works, so we can all live out our days with dignity.
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  • Do not charge Small Steps Preschool to use the park
    Boreham Parish Council have announced they are going to charge Small Steps Pre-school to continue to use the small children's play area at the back of the village hall. They say that even though Small Steps is a registered charity they must contribute towards the upkeep of the area as they are a business. Small Steps has used the playground for over 10 years and have always allowed others to use the playground at all times. I believe that it is vital for children's health and wellbeing to spend time outdoors exercising.
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  • Reopen and Nationalise the Robert Hadfield Wing
    The Robert Hadfield Wing has been closed for almost a year due to not meeting fire safety regulations for the past 12 years, with construction to correct this only starting in August. We are paying £122 million to private industries for a building that cost only £25.9 million to build, due to the PFI contract it is under. How can we pay so much to a private company for our public services? Especially considering the fact that it wasn't even built safely! The closure of this building doesn't only affect us financially, the 168 beds the ward contains has put an even greater strain on the already crippled NHS services around South Yorkshire.
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    Created by Daniel Veness
  • Restore Faversham Crown Post Office
    A Crown Post Office is more than people realise it is the hub of a high street, the office was franchised off through no fault of the staff who are highly trained and experienced in serving the community and irreplaceable by self service machines or an unsuitable small counter space. The consultation process was deeply flawed and not advertised meaning that the majority in town had no knowledge of our Crown Post Office or directly managed Post office becoming franchised until it was underway. To this end we have grave concerns regarding the inevitable deterioration in services which will no doubt fall to unacceptable levels in a post office that is well used and was inappropriate for franchise.
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  • To make a Youth club in Great. Missenden
    Because children will be very unsociable when they are older and it will be better for them.
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    Created by Jacob Barton
  • Petition for Ferryside Surgery
    We feel very strongly that it is essential to maintain a surgery in Ferryside. We need a doctor, a nurse and a dispensary to provide the vital services required by a village where most residents are over the age of 50. It is an integral part of Calon y Fferi Community centre which is very accessible. Visiting the centre is an opportunity to meet people and mitigates against loneliness and isolation. It helps to maintain physical and mental health at a local level. Public transport is very infrequent which makes using other medical centres very difficult for people with mobility problems. Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age and this is possible and more sustainable and economical when services and companionship are nearby. It would be a backward step to oblige all residents to leave the village for treatment.
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    Created by Ute Eden
  • Driver license renewals
    It is causing massive hardship to families who cannot manage their finances.It is taking anything up to 10 months for drivers to get their licences back
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