• Save our Church St Mary's RC church Ratho Village
    Our village has grown to over 2,000 residents there is very limited transport for people of faith to go to any other church. It is a Beautiful Church which is over 150 years old survived through two world wars. Please help to save our church
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    Created by Bill Reid
  • Re-open Hartlepool Police Station and Courts
    It is no coincidence that the rise in crime and anti-social behaviour has increased since the numbers of police officers, the closing of the station and the lack of a Magistrates Court occurred.
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    Created by John Riddle Picture
  • Children under 11 should be searched for within 3 hours of being reported missing
    A young girl was missing for 18 years before she was found. She was held in a shed in the garden of her kidnappers home, raped and abused by himself and his wife resulting in two daughters. Eighteen years. Eighteen years of abuse. Eighteen years of rape. Eighteen years. This petition is important to me because children will forever be a part of this world and they should be protected because without them there is no future.
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    Created by Natalia Chmielewska
  • Save our Post Office from closure at Five ways Norwich
    It's essential for the community - local residents rely on the Post Office for banking, bill payments, stamps and parcels, and all the other services it provides. It would be a real blow to this community to lose their Post Office. The nearest one is too far to expect people to walk and many can't afford buses and cars to journey there.
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    Created by Jasmine Reeves
  • Stop plans for unitary authority in Warwickshire
    We are asking for your support to stop Warwickshire County Council’s plans to abolish Rugby Borough Council and replace it with a single unitary authority for the whole of the county. Plans for a unitary authority would mean your local voice would be lost; decisions affecting the district would be made by people at a county level who would prioritise the needs of Warwickshire over those of Rugby. The current ongoing parking fiasco is good example of Warwickshire County Council’s heavy handed approach to regional matters. We should be able to govern ourselves and decisions should be made by people who actually live in the area. As of the end of August 2020, Shire Hall has already pressed ahead with matter before a major meeting on September 22nd. There’s still time to stop this . . . or at least let them know how we feel.
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    Created by Stephen Mckenzie Picture
  • Save Drumchapel law money advice centre
    Drumchapel needs support even more so re Universal Credit heavy austerity people would have to travel out of ward 14 and at a cost.
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    Created by Gary Kelly
  • Reintroduce the 13 week protection rule to UC
    It is important to families facing crisis due to the pandemic and to ensure they have a protection of 13 weeks whilst they source alternative employment and avoid rent arrears which could result in eviction at a later date.
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  • Get Penketh Pool open again
    The pool is a community asset and it is used to teach our children to swim and to provide classes for mental health, wellbeing and other exercise. Teaching people to swim, SAVES LIVES
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    Created by Dale Solan-Cooper Picture
  • Save Jubilee Pool
    Jubilee Swimming Pool is a well-used, much loved and vital community resource for local health and wellbeing. It provides leisure facilities within walking distance for all demographics of citizens in Knowle. It is a heritage building and a unique survivor of formerly common Bristol swimming pools. It represents the last remaining operational 1930s (Baths Committee approved) swimming pools in Bristol. It is a place where people meet, share experiences of learning to swim and keep fit and healthy. A variety of classes are held here and there are elderly swimmers at the pool who still use it, decades after learning to swim there as children.
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    Created by Tasha Cooper
  • Protect ATMs and access to cash in the UK!
    Banks and building societies have closed or scheduled the closure of more than 3,500 UK branches since January 2015. For some of us, this is an inconvenience. For others, especially those of us who are elderly, vulnerable or live in rural communities, it can mean we’re left stranded without cash to pay for our weekly shop or left without access to basic face-to-face bank services. The Financial Conduct Authority - the regulator for banks across the country - has drafted a set of guidelines that would help protect vulnerable customers from bank closures, by forcing banks to consider the impact of closures, and consider alternatives.With 1 in 10 adults already saying they don’t know how they’d cope in a society where cash wasn’t easily available, this is very welcome news. But so far, nothing is set in stone. The regulator has opened a consultation to see what people think of the guidelines. A huge petition calling on the regulator to hold banks to account over closures will give them the support they need to follow through with their plans.
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  • Bonus for working through Covid-19 Pandemic
    We need to say thank you to the forgotten Keyworkers as without them the country would have been at a standstill and the workers would like to feel valued as they have never been trained to be on the front line.
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    Created by Sarah Shannon
  • Let's End Period Poverty in Uttlesford
    This petition was launched on 7th March 2020 at an annual celebration of International Women's Day at Saffron Walden day centre open to the public focused on relieving women from the indignity of a lack of menstrual products, as well as discrimination issues faced by women due to taboos associated with menstruation in different parts of the world. (See Picture above: "Leviticus Illustrated 10" by adamrice) On average, menstruating women in the UK spend around £5000 in their lifetime on period products. Low-income families should not have the additional burden of struggling to afford menstrual products, or young people having to use socks in their pants, or missing school once a month because they just can’t afford menstrual protection. An estimated 137,000 young women and girls missing school every year because they do not have the products they need. Uttlesford has a high level of inequality with 21.4% of children living in poverty in 2019 (End Child Poverty Coalition). Nearly 2,300 girls living in poverty in Uttlesford. In one of the richest districts of the fifth richest country in the world, this is completely unacceptable It is a real, local issue which we as a collective can resolve. For the sake of dignity for girls and women, Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party call on Uttlesford District Council and other local authorities in the area to provide free menstrual products in all of its public facilities. Schools, libraries, youth centres, public toilets, should all provide full access to a range of period products. The petition calls for non-means tested distribution in public buildings such as toilets and libraries, and a drive to assist vulnerable sections of the population, notably households dependent on food banks and people facing housing insecurity.
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    Created by sanjukta Ghosh