• Opposed to garage cleansing charge by SBC
    Its important that we stop this ridiculous charge as it will only increase year after year and we are yet to see anybody from the council maintaining these garage areas.
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    Created by Carol Nash
  • Brighter Paths, Safer Steps: Fairlands Valley Park Lighting Petition
    Imagine finishing your day's work and wanting to spend some peaceful 20 minutes in the park to unwind, only to be met with pitch-black pathways. To a friend, I’d say this park is part of our community's heartbeat—it's where we connect with nature, unwind from our busy lives, and watch our children play. But half of the year, when the days are shorter, many of us are deprived of this vital community asset. By installing proper lighting, we're not just brightening pathways; we're connecting communities around Fairlands Valley Park, enhancing safety, and extending the park's welcome to every resident, every day. This isn't about luxury; it's about making sure that everyone can feel safe while using our public park. Here is a quick overview of what lighting in Fairlands Valley Park can do for our community: - Accident Prevention: Brighter paths mean no more slipping and tripping which makes our park safe to use for everyone. Especially for those with reduced mobility. - After Hours: Our park doesn't close when the office does. Enjoy after-work relaxation. - Active Travel: The park provides key routes for active travel, walking, cycling and wheeling avoiding busy roads. - Family Friendly: Safer walks for kids after school and for evening activities. - Dog Walkers: Evening strolls with your furry friends, stress-free. - Football Matches: Walk back on well lit paths after an exciting match. - Enjoy Nature: Experience the outdoors all year around. Not just on the weekend. - Community Care: Lighting deters antisocial behaviour, keeping our park welcoming. - Feeling Safe: No more looking over your shoulder or taking detours. Walk, run, and play without worry. - Sustainable: Advocating for wildlife-friendly, energy-efficient solutions. Stevenage Borough Council is currently looking into the issue of lighting in Fairlands Valley Park. I asked them a question at the Council meeting in October 2023 with the request to install lighting to make the park feel safer to use and they have started a review. While the Council acknowledged my concerns, no commitments have been made. What I couldn’t convey to the Council was that the lighting wouldn’t just be for me but that many people would benefit from being able to see where they are going. Adding your name to this petition will help show the Council that there are many more people in Stevenage who would like lighting installed in Fairlands Valley Park.
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    Created by Jennifer Huygen Picture
  • Full Fibre (FFTP) for Ardersier
    Improved Quality of Life: Access to fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury; it has become an essential utility that significantly impacts daily life. Full fibre connectivity can greatly enhance the quality of life for residents, enabling smoother communication, better access to online resources, and seamless entertainment experiences. Economic Growth and Competitiveness: A robust fibre-optic network can attract businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to the area, stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities. It can also enhance the competitiveness of local businesses by providing them with the necessary infrastructure for efficient online operations and improved connectivity. Educational Advancement: Full fibre can significantly benefit educational institutions, facilitating advanced e-learning techniques, online research, and access to a vast array of educational resources. This improved connectivity can create a more conducive environment for learning and academic excellence. Technological Advancements: With the increasing integration of technology into various aspects of life, including healthcare, entertainment, and communication, full fiber can pave the way for the adoption of innovative technologies and services, ensuring that the community remains technologically competitive and up-to-date. Community Development: Access to reliable high-speed internet can foster community development and connectivity. It can promote social interaction, enable better communication with local authorities, and facilitate the sharing of information and resources within the community, leading to a more closely-knit and well-informed society. Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Investing in full fibre is an essential step towards future-proofing the community's infrastructure. With the increasing reliance on digital technologies and the rapid evolution of the internet, a full fibre network can ensure that the community remains prepared for future technological advancements and innovations.
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    Created by Raymond Grant
  • Save Crossgates Library
    It has been reallocated to the local shopping centre and it would be far better suited to its original, purpose built building. We do not believe the shopping centre unit is large enough nor secure enough to allow patrons to use the library in the way they have been able to in its own building. Children do not have their own quiet space, the units feel cramped and too full. This space was intended to be temporary and behaves as such. Local libraries are community hubs, they help with not just reading but internet connection, learning, toddler groups, the elderly population getting to connect with other people in the community.
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    Created by Charlotte Gill
  • A cleaner greener Easton
    There are structural unacceptable levels of street littering and fly-tipping in Easton, with overflowing bins, ripped open bin bags, rubbish spread around residential and shopping streets, and fly-tipping of household goods. This attracts vermin such as seagulls, foxes, rats and flies, particularly in the warmer months. Please can you liaise with BCC cleansing department to significantly increase the levels of street cleaning weekly, and ask Enforcement Officers to raise awareness and target those businesses and households who are structurally causing this problem to improve the situation for all residents of Easton. Easton is an amazingly vibrant and diverse area of Bristol, however the state of our streets makes the public environment unsightly and unhygienic, and detrimental to the mental and physical wellbeing of all residents - no other residential area of Bristol is as densely populated or as litter-strewn as this, so the residents of Easton urgently need higher levels of service from BCC's Cleansing Department in order to establish and maintain pleasant, clean and hygienic streets and parks for all residents, young and old, to enjoy and benefit from.
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    Created by Rina Vergano
  • Oppose Hampshire Homelessness cuts
    Cutting homelessness funding is a dangerous and short-sighted decision that could lead to the closure of hostels across the county. Not only will it cause a sharp rise in rough sleeping, it will also place additional strain on valuable health and social care services, meaning the proposed savings represent a false economy. It’s hard to see how these cuts represent any financial savings overall, and it is a cruel choice in a civilised society. Please sign to stop this cut.
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    Created by Kim Taylor
    What will happen if we can’t keep the sports centre? • We will lose the Sports Centre swimming pool and a home for many successful swimming groups that benefit people of all ages, including hundreds of children that are learning to swim. • No sports halls, gyms and training grounds means no home for sports clubs. • We lose an important centre for the community to join together The sports centre has been a nurturing ground for many local sports teams and clubs. Its closure will deprive these teams of their training facilities, jeopardising their continuity and stifling the growth of sports in our community. These groups play a significant role in improving people’s lifestyles and promoting healthy living. Some of the many clubs that will be affected are: • Eastbourne Swimming Club. • Team BodyWorks Triathlon Club • CACL • Eastbourne Town Football Club • Red Lion Shotokan Karate Club • Eastbourne Neptunes Basketball Club • Eastbourne Volleyball Club • Eastbourne Netball Club • Yoga Serious impact on health services... The sports centre is a resource that fills gaps in the provision of vital health services in Eastbourne these are likely to disappear from the area. Deterioration of Eastbourne’s social fabric and potential loss of jobs... The sports centre serves as a social hub, bringing together individuals from everywhere in Eastbourne. Its closure would disrupt the social fabric of our community, leaving many without a place to gather, interact and build valuable relationships. The closure would result in the displacement of dedicated staff members who have been an integral part of our community for years. For more information or to join the Save Our Meads Sports Centre mailing list, please email: [email protected]
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    Created by Alan Marsh
  • Buxton Library
    People need the library for books, computers, maps and DVDs. Many other services could be provided. At present it is a long walk to the library for those who live north of the town centre.
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    Created by Rob Wakeling
  • Save Deeside firefighters
    This needs to be stopped before lives are lost. Firefighters are important!
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    Created by Mell Jones
  • Urgent action needed to protect school children on Wotton Road, Kingswood
    If nothing changes, our children continue to be placed at risk from hazards which could lead to serious injuries or death. There is no alternative route to walk to and from Kingswood for children who attend KLB. Kingswood Primary School will be starting their school day earlier from September so pedestrian and vehicle traffic will increase during morning drop off. We need our concerns to be taken seriously and for Gloucestershire Highways to conduct a road safety audit as matter of urgency and address the problem.
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    Created by Sian Blackham
    Maryport in Cumbria has no public or private swimming pool in the town or immediate area. UK Government Funds have been specifically allocated under the levelling up criteria/ regeneration for the development of a swimming pool in the town. The Local Council have decided not to go ahead with the pool project development due to concerns around the financial running costs and have not released the running cost report for public scrutiny! The Community deserves the right to be enabled to gain the opportunity to have a swimming pool developed in the town. The swimming pool based at Netherhall School in Maryport foreclosed to make way for the new swimming pool project within the town. The Green policy, Sustainable Development strategies can be used to reduced running costs, revise the current business plan that has not been opened up for public debate. In order to revisit all options.
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    Created by Melanie Marriott
  • Prevent Government removing DVLA services from the Post Office from April 2024
    Six million people use the Post Office network for accessing DVLA services per year. Half use cash as a payment method, linked to the cost of living crisis. As banks exit the High Street and communities across the UK, there is a growing requirement for a national infrastructure that can provide vulnerable customers with essential face to face services. The existing network of privately-owned small businesses that make up the Post Office is the obvious solution to support these vulnerable groups.
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    Created by NFSP Comms