• Ice Rink in Devon
    It is a truly happy place to be especially in winter months and that experience has been taken away from many families.
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    Created by Alexandra Gray
  • Reinstate the hard shoulder on smart motorways
    If a car breaks down, stops or has to go very slowly for any reason they need to be able to go onto the hard shoulder and avoid being run into by other vehicles. Although smart motorways have created emergency laybys its complete luck to be close to them when your car stops. It's virtually impossible for a vehicle travelling in the current inner lane to be able to stop or move lanes to avoid hitting a vehicle which breaks down just ahead of them.
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    Created by john price
  • Do not introduce charges for parking overnight and Sundays in Stamford
    In the last financial year car park charges brought in a staggering £1.161m for SKDC. Despite Stamford only representing 14% of the district's population, the charges for parking in Stamford make up 72% of this figure, over £800,000. Meanwhile parking remains free in Bourne and Deeping. Visitors to Grantham can also park for free for 1 or 2 hours in Grantham's council run car parks. Stamford is therefore subsidising free parking across the rest of the district. Currently visitors to Stamford can park for free from 6 pm to 8 am and all day on Sundays and Bank Holidays. SKDC plan to introduce overnight, Sunday and Bank Holiday charges across Stamford car parks in April 2024. This is unfair and will impact district-run services such as Stamford Arts Centre, whose visitors use Wharf Road car park for free when attending evening classes, rehearsals and performances. This will have an impact on several of the churches in Stamford, many of whose parishioners drive into Stamford to attend services. This will also impact the restaurants and bars in Stamford. It will also add to the parking problems faced by residents of Stamford who rely on limited on-street parking. Please sign if you care about supporting the residents, businesses, churches and visitors to Stamford.
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    Created by Amanda Wheeler
  • Country road potholes
    To save injuries formost and high costs of vehicle repairs.
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    Created by Brian Trappitt Picture
  • Check all government software for issues
    Highlight government software issues which will cause damage to individuals and the government (ie greater taxation to voters) to be highlighted and fixed en-mass.
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    Created by martin lees
  • Urgently disperse Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant following Storm Babet
    This is crucial to allow residents to make decisions on protecting their homes from further flood risk in conjunction with their insurance process. Flood warnings continue across the county, we need action NOW to help protect our homes. Funds have already been available, the council is simply being slow to act. Please help us to push them to act faster!
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    Created by Emma Keeling
  • Extend the Wivenhoe Public Floating Pontoon
    The Wivenhoe Public Floating Pontoon was built in 2016. It has seen limited use since it was built. It falls short of a useful / useable length and it still remains impossible to launch small boats. After a pre planning enquiry with Colchester City Council about extending the pontoon with an 8.3 metre launching ramp, they said "we would have no objections to the proposal in principle". Because the pontoon is owned by Wivenhoe Town Council It now falls on Wivenhoe Town Council's Estates Committee to either pursue with a full planning application or not. The launching ramp would give river users an extra 4 hours on the water, safer and easier launch of vessels and offer less abled people access to the river. Please support this venture.
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    Created by Ben Bradley
  • Save Garswood historic library
    St Helens Labour Council have made the decision to close our library and relinquish the lease in January 2024. Now a listed building, originally dating back to 1588 let's just hope that Diocese of Liverpool retain and maintain the building for the benefit of generations to come. Our libraries do more than simply loan books. They provide events for children, internet access for the elderly, book clubs and more. They’re places for the whole community to come together and learn. Libraries are a door into the world, we need to protect them for future generations.
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    Created by Stephanie Fryer
  • Opposed to garage cleansing charge by SBC
    Its important that we stop this ridiculous charge as it will only increase year after year and we are yet to see anybody from the council maintaining these garage areas.
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    Created by Carol Nash
  • Brighter Paths, Safer Steps: Fairlands Valley Park Lighting Petition
    Imagine finishing your day's work and wanting to spend some peaceful 20 minutes in the park to unwind, only to be met with pitch-black pathways. To a friend, I’d say this park is part of our community's heartbeat—it's where we connect with nature, unwind from our busy lives, and watch our children play. But half of the year, when the days are shorter, many of us are deprived of this vital community asset. By installing proper lighting, we're not just brightening pathways; we're connecting communities around Fairlands Valley Park, enhancing safety, and extending the park's welcome to every resident, every day. This isn't about luxury; it's about making sure that everyone can feel safe while using our public park. Here is a quick overview of what lighting in Fairlands Valley Park can do for our community: - Accident Prevention: Brighter paths mean no more slipping and tripping which makes our park safe to use for everyone. Especially for those with reduced mobility. - After Hours: Our park doesn't close when the office does. Enjoy after-work relaxation. - Active Travel: The park provides key routes for active travel, walking, cycling and wheeling avoiding busy roads. - Family Friendly: Safer walks for kids after school and for evening activities. - Dog Walkers: Evening strolls with your furry friends, stress-free. - Football Matches: Walk back on well lit paths after an exciting match. - Enjoy Nature: Experience the outdoors all year around. Not just on the weekend. - Community Care: Lighting deters antisocial behaviour, keeping our park welcoming. - Feeling Safe: No more looking over your shoulder or taking detours. Walk, run, and play without worry. - Sustainable: Advocating for wildlife-friendly, energy-efficient solutions. Stevenage Borough Council is currently looking into the issue of lighting in Fairlands Valley Park. I asked them a question at the Council meeting in October 2023 with the request to install lighting to make the park feel safer to use and they have started a review. While the Council acknowledged my concerns, no commitments have been made. What I couldn’t convey to the Council was that the lighting wouldn’t just be for me but that many people would benefit from being able to see where they are going. Adding your name to this petition will help show the Council that there are many more people in Stevenage who would like lighting installed in Fairlands Valley Park.
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    Created by Jennifer Huygen Picture
  • Full Fibre (FFTP) for Ardersier
    Improved Quality of Life: Access to fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury; it has become an essential utility that significantly impacts daily life. Full fibre connectivity can greatly enhance the quality of life for residents, enabling smoother communication, better access to online resources, and seamless entertainment experiences. Economic Growth and Competitiveness: A robust fibre-optic network can attract businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to the area, stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities. It can also enhance the competitiveness of local businesses by providing them with the necessary infrastructure for efficient online operations and improved connectivity. Educational Advancement: Full fibre can significantly benefit educational institutions, facilitating advanced e-learning techniques, online research, and access to a vast array of educational resources. This improved connectivity can create a more conducive environment for learning and academic excellence. Technological Advancements: With the increasing integration of technology into various aspects of life, including healthcare, entertainment, and communication, full fiber can pave the way for the adoption of innovative technologies and services, ensuring that the community remains technologically competitive and up-to-date. Community Development: Access to reliable high-speed internet can foster community development and connectivity. It can promote social interaction, enable better communication with local authorities, and facilitate the sharing of information and resources within the community, leading to a more closely-knit and well-informed society. Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Investing in full fibre is an essential step towards future-proofing the community's infrastructure. With the increasing reliance on digital technologies and the rapid evolution of the internet, a full fibre network can ensure that the community remains prepared for future technological advancements and innovations.
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    Created by Raymond Grant
  • Save Crossgates Library
    It has been reallocated to the local shopping centre and it would be far better suited to its original, purpose built building. We do not believe the shopping centre unit is large enough nor secure enough to allow patrons to use the library in the way they have been able to in its own building. Children do not have their own quiet space, the units feel cramped and too full. This space was intended to be temporary and behaves as such. Local libraries are community hubs, they help with not just reading but internet connection, learning, toddler groups, the elderly population getting to connect with other people in the community.
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    Created by Susan Baker