• Do not charge Small Steps Preschool to use the park
    Boreham Parish Council have announced they are going to charge Small Steps Pre-school to continue to use the small children's play area at the back of the village hall. They say that even though Small Steps is a registered charity they must contribute towards the upkeep of the area as they are a business. Small Steps has used the playground for over 10 years and have always allowed others to use the playground at all times. I believe that it is vital for children's health and wellbeing to spend time outdoors exercising.
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  • Reopen and Nationalise the Robert Hadfield Wing
    The Robert Hadfield Wing has been closed for almost a year due to not meeting fire safety regulations for the past 12 years, with construction to correct this only starting in August. We are paying £122 million to private industries for a building that costed only £25.9 million to build, due to the PFI contract it is under. How can we pay so much to a private company for our public services? Especially considering the fact that it wasn't even build safely! The closure of this building doesn't only affect us financially, the 168 beds the ward contains has put an even greater strain on the already crippled NHS services around South Yorkshire.
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  • Restore Faversham Crown Post Office
    A Crown Post Office is more than people realise it is the hub of a high street, the office was franchised off through no fault of the staff who are highly trained and experienced in serving the community and irreplaceable by self service machines or an unsuitable small counter space. The consultation process was deeply flawed and not advertised meaning that the majority in town had no knowledge of our Crown Post Office or directly managed Post office becoming franchised until it was underway. To this end we have grave concerns regarding the inevitable deterioration in services which will no doubt fall to unacceptable levels in a post office that is well used and was inappropriate for franchise.
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  • To make a Youth club in Great. Missenden
    Because children will be very unsociable when they are older and it will be better for them.
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  • Petition for Ferryside Surgery
    We feel very strongly that it is essential to maintain a surgery in Ferryside. We need a doctor, a nurse and a dispensary to provide the vital services required by a village where most residents are over the age of 50. It is an integral part of Calon y Fferi Community centre which is very accessible. Visiting the centre is an opportunity to meet people and mitigates against loneliness and isolation. It helps to maintain physical and mental health at a local level. Public transport is very infrequent which makes using other medical centres very difficult for people with mobility problems. Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age and this is possible and more sustainable and economical when services and companionship are nearby. It would be a backward step to oblige all residents to leave the village for treatment.
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  • Driver license renewals
    It is causing massive hardship to families who cannot manage their finances.It is taking anything up to 10 months for drivers to get their licences back
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  • Make the death certificate system easier.
    When people get paper death certificates for a recently deceased person they often have to send a copy to a number of places - banks, probate office, premium bond office and a variety of other places, Each copy currently costs £11. When my mother died this February we got four. Most organisations ask for an original copy and suggest you send it recorded delivery. This means queuing in a Post Office and paying extra several times. The certificates are then generally sent back by recorded delivery which means that if you happen to be out when the post arrives you have to make an arrangement with the Post Office to be in on a certain day for a number of hours - and this happens several times. Since the fact of a death is a public matter, not a private one, I would like there to be a system where there is a Government web-site showing the verified information about that death which could be accessed by any party who needs to have that information. There is a lot to do after a death and this would make one aspect of it so much less time consuming.
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  • Support Naga Munchetty Reverse BBC’s Ruling
    The BBC are responding to 1 complaint, 99.9% of the are not offended, other news readers make off the cuff comments, this just happens to be true and the BBC are more concerned of what would happen if they did not respond to the complaint, some BBC executive has made a grave error of judgment.
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  • Save Brown's Lane's cobbles!
    Brown's Lane has the biggest concentration of murals in Paisley (eg. the Gerry Rafferty, Paolo Nutini & St Mirrren murals) and has a unique, quaint character, to which the cobblestone street surface is pivotal. The lane receives many visitors from far and wide who come to experience the authentic atmosphere and the lane frequently serves as location for photo shoots. Instead of relaying the cobbles smoothly, Renfrewshire Council is proposing to replace the bulk of them with slabs, yet keeping and relaying the cobbles in adjoining George Place. Removing the cobbles will ruin the character and appearance of the lane and irrevocably destroy a part of our heritage that has remain virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. With the cobbles, festoon lighting and colourful buildings, Brown's Lane is Paisley's own 'hidden gem' and forms a cohesive visitor experience with the cobbled Shuttle Street, George Place and Sma' Shot Cottages, celebrating Paisley's rich local heritage. We implore the Council to keep and fix the cobbles in Brown's Lane in order to improve access and preserve our valuable built heritage.
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  • Re-open the back door of the Exe Valley Leisure Centre
    So easy, safe access to the centre's toilets, changing facilities, and refreshment providers can continue, and the local people of all ages in Tiverton can be encouraged to comfortably stay active, and support the local sports clubs run by volunteers.
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  • James Watt College Greenock
    - Local communities continue to associate college with “James Watt College” - Historical link to local communities - The need to have decisions made in Greenock for the local communities - Have a local management responsible for the college in Greenock - Pride within the community in the name James Watt - Synonymous with learning, development, innovation - Coincide with bicentenary celebrations - James Watt College for over 100 years to which the local community has an affinity - A more powerful marketing / brand name for our local areas, poignant brand - Staff and students would like to see the name James Watt associated with college - Finnart Street Campus has been recognised as an iconic local building - Car park, local parking available and ideal for public transport - Buildings must be repaired and made water-tight to avoid further infrastructure damage - Ensure the Greenock Campuses definitely secure a long-term outlook - Provides a good sized campus and the aim should be to fill with students once again - Plans already drawn-up for a wrap around for modernisation for years to come - Enhanced cost effective option as opposed to a smaller East India Docks option - East India Docks option would cause problems for car parking, unknown size / scale - Inverclyde Council Local Development Plan clearly ends thoughts of East India Dock - Funding over a period of years instead of up-front could be more inviting for government - Modernise buildings over a period of time, including use of developing technological advancements - Current size indicates ambitions for the area as opposed to negative alternative - Most likely to be realised compared to a new build - Major boost for Inverclyde and demonstrate a marker in reversing negative news - Reduction of doubt as to where students are applying - Separate web page and social media pages for Greenock with links to other campuses - Identification of local Greenock campus, talking to local Greenock staff - Avoid searching on Google for West College Scotland only to view the Paisley number - Circumvention of further centralisation - Prospective students knowing they are telephoning Greenock and not Paisley - Provide the board with direction from local community representatives - Increase Inverclyde presence on the Board of Management - Pro-rata importance and recognition for Inverclyde - More involvement with colleges decisions by local community representatives - Greenock to have more autonomy / local Principal for decisions affecting local college provision - Ensure local communities are more aware of courses running in Greenock - Advertisements showing Greenock only courses with a footnote of other campuses - Marketing to include additional advertising and broadcasting of courses for Greenock - Specific offering for Greenock and directed to local communities - No exclusion of courses and improve visibility via newspaper, media, boards - Try advertising for new courses to ascertain interest - Ask the community for ideas for their courses - Closer monitoring by academic departments from the first point of student contact - A return to greater academic department involvement with the whole process - Ability for all lecturers to view and monitor a transparent student application system - Lecturers to act timeously with administrative staff to follow leads - Ascertain reasons for massive decrease/downsizing in student numbers in Greenock - Investigate ways forward to return Greenock numbers to near-historic numbers - Independent review to provide a full report with all data pertaining to Greenock - Consider pre-merger and merger activity to determine what has happened - Fully independent advice as to future with guidance for all aspects of college activity - Reverse the recent cuts to community education provided by the college - Highlight community education similar to Clydebank and Paisley - Provide a pathway to college education for the less confident student - Marketing within the community for the community - Links to learning centres and libraries, allowing greater community involvement - Improve education for all, irrespective of gender and age - Accessible for local people without the need to travel - Extends the college reach and for the community to emotively feel part of college life - Build courses leading to employment and local interaction - Include business reach and commercial activity - Reverse the cut to open learning activity in Greenock - Provides lecturer hours and administrative work in Greenock - Fair and responsible to the Inverclyde area - Demonstrates Greenock really does mean something to the Senior Management Team - Increase accessibility to staff for local people requiring Distance Learning - Avoid centralisation of commercial activity and return a base in Greenock - Improve commercial activity for Inverclyde area - Increase links to local businesses and encourage local investment - Local businesses to deal with local people and local college estate - Demonstrates a commitment to Inverclyde and surrounding areas - Expands college reach back to traditional areas outside of Inverclyde - Local courses to be taken to local businesses
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  • Stop the removal of the Red Button on BBC
    Many people, including my aged relatives use the red button to catch up on news/sports etc without having to change to news channels, and have limited or no access to computers/smartphones. This, on top of the removal of free licence fees for over 75's is another hit on the aged people who rely on TV for news and entertainment, with the BBC catering for the younger more savvy people who can access the internet on multiple devices.
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