• Queens honours for surviving WW2 Veterans
    Because these men risk there lives in WW2 they gave the ultimate sacrifice. If it was not for these men and millions of others the world could of been a difference place. They were courageous and damn right selfless they are true true heroes. In light of the recent honours going to people like rappers and actors who do there jobs for a living and make alot of money doing it. I feel its absolutely disgusting our War heroes are not included in the Queens birthday honours. Please please support and sign this petition so all the Veterans receive knighthoods. Thank you
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    Created by John Laker
  • Skatepark In Bukstone
    There is a lack of skateparks in Edinburgh and especially in the Buckstone/Mortonhall area. We and alot of others have to travel far to find a descent place to skate board.
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    Created by Niko Krokidis
  • To keep Poundland in Alloa
    There are fewer and fewer 'shops' in Alloa that add value to the town, Poundland stocks everything you need at obviously, a low cost, items you can get at last minute without having to order on line or pay triple for in other shops, poundworld went last year and for poundland to close too would be tragic for the town not to mention the staff that work in Poundland, i would like it to stay, as I'm sure many others would too.
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    Created by Shelley Konopinski Picture
  • Renovation of clayfield copse skatepark
    This needs to happen for such as: the concrete is uneven and ramps are losing screws (which makes it a hazard for all users. Furthermore, the skatepark is very restricting and is very dense when people are there, this problem could be solved by expanding into the free and unused area of land around it. We believe they should relay the concrete so it is level and smooth, replace the old, rusting and hazardous ramps with new concrete ramps which won’t rust or cause danger to any users.
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    Created by Jack Wright, Luke Holland
  • Get road safety outside Ysgol Carreg Hir
    This is important for the safety of our children getting to school
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    Created by Eleanor Birchall
  • Stop Parking Charges for NHS staff at North Walsham Memorial Hospital.
    North Norfolk is a rural area and public transport links to and from North Walsham Memorial Hospital are poor so that the majority of NHS staff working at North Walsham have no choice other than to drive to get into work. Staff on the wards can do up to 12 hour shifts including night shifts and bank holidays and public transport doesn't run 24/7. Most community staff require their cars to do their jobs in the local community, visiting patients in their homes throughout the year come rain or shine. Forcing Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Therapists and Administration Staff to apply and pay for parking permits is therefore in effect an additional job tax which hardworking and dedicated NHS staff should not have to pay. We feel it is simply unfair and unjust.
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    Created by Giancarlo Tolaini
  • Save the Fairies
    So far so good!! Meetings have taken place between the council and our fairy queens and a positive outcome may be in the horizon. We've been asked by the fairies to not send any further petitions or comments to the council so I'm going to close down the petition Thanks for all your help so far!!! The Fullerton Fairytrail has been in these publicly accessible woodlands since 2015. Put together by fantastic volunteers, who also look after the fairy doors and add more doors/stories to the trail. The sheer delight and enjoyment children (and adults) get from reading the stories and knocking on the fairy doors is priceless. “Sadly we have discovered the fairy mums who look after us have now been asked by the council to sign legal documents to allow us to stay but the fairy mums feel these terms are not realistic. The fairy mums are happy to look after our doors and have them painted each year, they have enough pennies to look after us but are also being asked to become fully and legally responsible for any fairy people visiting us who use the council's pathways. This means if any fairy people have a trip or fall they will come to our fairy mums to make a claim as the council don't want any legal responsibility for the visiting fairy people. The fairy mums are very sad and are trying to resolve things but if they can't it may mean we have to fly away from the Fullarton fairy trail and try to find new fairy homes. All good things come to an end but the memories will last forever.” Memories are made in places like this and South Ayrshire council will make the fairies disappear if they continue with their plans to hold the volunteers to account. Please sign to show your support of the Fairies
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    Created by Nalla Naggud Picture
  • Save Handsworth Leisure Centre
    Birmingham City Council plan to privatise Handsworth Leisure Centre. Our centre is at the heart of our community and is one of the very few public services left in Handsworth. With Birmingham hosting the Commonwealth Games the Council should be promoting its publicly owned sporting facilities for the whole community not getting rid of them to cut costs.
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    Created by Caroline Johnson Picture
  • Rubbish Decision
    Many residents already struggle to manage the current fortnightly uplifts and increasing them to a three weekly period will most certainly result in the area becoming not only an eyesore but, and more importantly, a health hazard. Not everyone would be able to take additional rubbish to the depot at OK and this may well result in an increase in fly tipping. This decision runs the risk of having rats, foxes and other animals infesting areas where dumping occurs and causing smell and increased infection risks. It will also result in other environmental issues too. There are certain times of year or occasions when residents have additional refuse which are already challenging - Christmas, birthdays, family celebrations, redecorating, new home purchases etc. If these times are already a struggle to manage with the current uplift timetables then they will become practically impossible with the proposed timetable changes. The signatories of this petition are demanding that this decision be revoked by the council.
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    Created by Aileen Neeson
  • Traffic calming/pedestrian safety on the Worsted estate of East Grinstead
    A traffic survey was apparently performed on Woodbury Avenue in 2011 with an average speed recorded of 29.7mph, so the council refused to do anything stating that it was clearly within parameters. Whilst most people drive below the limit, local residents are witnessing more and more drivers that appear to use the roads as race tracks. With family Halloween and Christmas events held by the Residents of Farm Close becoming ever popular, vehicle traffic increases for a number of weeks and children are required to cross the road at night, often between parked cars. ‘The Glades’ has a play park that can only be accessed by crossing Woodbury Avenue at a risky location directly adjacent to a blind bend. It is not uncommon to hear vehicles braking heavily. East Court is another attraction that requires roads to be crossed to access and yet there isn’t a single recognised crossing point that could be identified as 100% safe for pedestrians. With two schools located close together, the whole estate has suffered with huge surges of traffic for decades and so it’s about time something was done to alleviate some of the safety concerns.
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    Created by Chris King Picture
  • Save the Post Office in Sidcup
    The Post Office in Sidcup High Street is a main part of the community. Nationwide, every week one in four people visits their Post Office and they're a focal point in towns and villages. In Sidcup the current accessible Post Office on the High Street, serves the needs of the whole community. Visit it on any day and at any time and it will be busy. Customers are dealt with speedily and efficiently by trained staff who know how to handle all our post office needs. As a community we are very sad that the current postmaster has decided to retire. He and his family have been serving Sidcup for 27 years. However, as a community we are also extremely concerned that this will leave us without accessible Post Office services when the current Post Office closes on the 28th June this year. There are Post Office services in the Happy Shopper on Station Road but there’s no way they can accommodate the volume of people that are currently using the High Street Post Office. There’s not enough staff or room to queue and the Happy Shopper is not accessible, there's a step to get into the shop and the doorway is narrow. We have been told the Post Office is committed to finding a new Postmaster and High Street location but that they don't seem to be doing much about it. We are calling on the Post Office to actively search for a new Postmaster and accessible High Street location for Sidcup Post Office and we are calling on our MP James Brokenshire to support us.
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    Created by Clair Yates
    The UK is in an obesity crisis. Yet only 1 in 7 people have gym memberships. One of the biggest impediments to this is price. 20% of a gym membership goes to VAT, discouraging the public from improving their health and well being. Not to mention saving the NHS millions and millions of pounds by reducing obesity related healthcare. Make gyms cheaper and the population healthier by removing VAT on gym membership.
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    Created by Mark Gallagher
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