• Free parking at Eastrop Park
    The introduction of parking charges at Eastrop Park has been implemented during a cost of living crisis. It ignored a significant level (c99%) of public objection; it restricts access to outdoor space and exercise with the associated health benefits following pandemic restrictions; it adversely affects those on a low income (according to the Council's own Equalities Impact Assessment) predominantly women who are far more likely to be poor, have care of children, and not have access to their own garden; it impacts on the elderly and infirm and their carers; and it sets a precedent that charging for access to parks in Basingstoke and Deane is OK. It is not OK.
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    Created by Cllr Paul Basham
  • Reading Parkour park
    Local traceurs of Reading barely have anywhere to train. What we want is a place where we don't have to worry about getting kicked off. A parkour park would be perfect with the architectural design of Denmark's parkour parks so that young traceurs imagination would see what to do instead of showing what to do. Its like show don't tell.
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    Created by Farid Tarakai
  • We need fair tax to tackle the cost of living crisis
    We’re in a cost of living crisis. Across the country, millions of families can’t keep up with their bills as energy, food, fuel and other everyday costs soar. From pensioners to children, too many are being plunged into poverty as a result. Many people are left with the choice between heating their homes or feeding their families. This is a scandal. The government has to act. The pandemic showed that politicians can choose to support people when times are tough. The enormous profits of energy giants, like BP and Shell, shows that the money is there to be used to help people through this crisis. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak must provide more direct help to people struggling to pay their bills. They should pay for this by levying a windfall tax on the bumper profits of the energy giants. This should be part of a broader package to make the tax system fairer by cracking down on tax dodging, closing tax loopholes and ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share.
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    Created by Robert Palmer Picture
  • Allow Split domiciliary social care between two houses as part of care packages
    Domiciliary social care is restricted to one main property and does not allow the care package to be shared between two carers so only one person can look after elderly or disabled person in their home rather than two carers sharing the responsibility, stress, pressure that comes with caring.
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    Created by Debra Waghorn
  • NELC: Update the Public on the Situation at Grimsby Central Library
    The library forms an important educational and social aspect of many people’s lives.
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    Created by Matt Armitage
  • Brighton and Hove City Council Bin/Refuse Collection
    For the Health of The Community and a provision of ‘Paid for Services’. Council Tax payment is paying for services for which collection of waste is included.
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    Created by Nicholas Bounds
  • Whitchurch skate park redevelopment project
    The current skatepark has become outdated. Its age and condition have made it no longer fit for purpose both in usability and safety. The metal ramps that were once standard practice for local parks are now recognised to be dangerous, in damp conditions they are extremely slippery, and in hot weather, they can burn skin from the heat. The rivets holding the ramps together are beginning to fail exposing sharp edges of the metal sheets. We are suggesting a complete redevelopment of the skatepark area in up-to-date building materials, which will be safer and more enjoyable to skate on, last longer and aid beginners and experts of all active sports.
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    Created by Jake A Picture
  • Regeneration of Queens Leisure Centre, Derby
    Queen's Leisure Centre provides essential swimming facilities for a large proportion of Derby's population. Whilst the Moorways facility is welcome it is a long way for many people in Derby to travel especially if they don't have a car. This is a great opportunity to regenerate Queens Leisure centre so that it not only retains basic swimming facilities which are essential for public health but also contains new features which will attract people to the city bringing money into the city and generating new jobs in leisure and tourism. IMPORTANT - Please note if you are signing this petition please take part in Derby City Council's Public Consultation AS WELL... https://www.derby.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/consultations/latest-consultations/
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    Created by Mike Wingfield
  • Renationalise Southern Water
    Please sign this petition if you value your local coastline, want essential environmental minimum standards to be maintained and for that to take precedent over profits for the shareholders.
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    Created by Tim Hudson
  • Save Elswick Triangle Park
    Newcastle City Council are planning to remove the well loved play facilities at Elswick Triangle (Normanton Terrace / Kingsley Terrace) play park and replace them with an ‘alternative play use’ or ‘natural play’ area. This means an area with no facilities Our park is one of the few places where ALL residents are able to socialise safely and informally, at two little picnic tables, while the children play on the park equipment. It is much loved and connects many people in our community. In 2018 Newcastle City Council commissioned a report about the cities parks where our ward scored second highest on ‘need of use’ criteria. The report recommended restoring or replacing the play equipment in our Park. Despite this and despite the massive significance of the park in our community the Council have decided to remove it. It shows a complete lack of understanding about our community and what it needs. Please help save it by signing this, sharing it and writing stories of what this park has meant to you. We will send updates from here about the campaign. You can also follow on instagram @save_elswick_triangle_park
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    Created by Deborah Bower
  • The right to learn with own language
    Majority of the congregation do not understand the current language used.
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    Created by Awot Nkulu
  • Say "YES" to dogs in Charlies Corner, Wylam.
    Charlies Corner is the only area that is self contained in Wylam and therefore safe for dogs to be let off their leads without worry. Over recent times this has seen the usage of Charlies Corner massively increase, and for it to become a truly valued village asset.
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    Created by David Breen