• Keep Our Post Office and Co-op Shop in Headington
    The Co-op shop has existed in the community for many years and is a valued local retail outlet with a loyal local customer base attracted by its strong ethical principles and member-ownership model. Within the shop is the Post Office. The Post Office is a service that is relied upon by many people in the communities both in and surrounding Headington. Not only is it important for postal services and social interaction - the Post Office also provides a place for banking. The Co-op and the Post Office are important to local people and we want to make sure the public continue to receive this vital service
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    Created by Trish Elphinstone
  • British Gas must negotiate with the GMB
    “In July, British Gas owners Centrica unveiled plans to fire and rehire the entire workforce if they didn’t accept detrimental changes to their pay and terms and conditions” GMB Despite the loyal service of its workers, working above and beyond especially during the winter months; despite putting their lives on the line because they haven’t stopped working throughout this pandemic British Gas is threatening to fire 200,000 workers, and then rehire them on a worse contract which will see pay cuts, longer hours and losses in pension entitlements.
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    Created by Jennifer Barker
  • Increase Safety on The Brent zebra crossing
    The Brent is highly built up - with residential housing, shops and 2 bus stops along this one small stretch of road. Earlier this month a woman was knocked down by a car and badly injured whilst walking across the zebra crossing, which simply isn't fit for purpose! This is not a one off incident, and since then many have shared their own experiences of near misses. We the undersigned ask Kent County Council for the zebra crossing lights to be installed, replaced and properly maintained & for railings to be installed along the ends of the crossing, to stop people parking alongside and obscuring pedestrians. We also ask Dartford Borough Council for increased parking enforcement along here, to deter people from parking dangerously and stop reckless behaviour. We have formed The Newtown Road Safety Group, in order to make our ward a safer place to live, and ask that both the local authority and Kent council start working together, before we see yet more injury and tragedies on our roads.
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    Created by Laura Edie
  • #KnighthoodForNigel
    Nigel Owens has presided over 100 international Rugby Union test matches. He has been a global icon in the sport and a beacon of fair play and honesty. He embodies all that is good in Rugby Union - he has passion, he wants to share his love of the sport and he wants to ensure fans enjoy a fair game. He is one of the first openly gay “famous” people in rugby and, as such, has shown that rugby has an inclusive and accepting culture to those who may fear exposing their own sexuality in what is still perceived by many as a game for “men’s men”. For giving millions of fans around the world the enjoyment of the best-refereed matches ever known, for being a beacon of decency and fairness that all other referees still struggle to match, for providing strong discipline with a light touch and a lot of humour and for acting as a pathfinder for non-heterosexuals to feel accepted in the sport, it is only fitting that Nigel Owens be recognised as one of the most important single participants in the sport of Rugby Union globally in the past decade or so.
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    Created by Chance Hooper
  • Bring back the 209 bus service
    My name is Nathan Hodgson and I am passionate and determined to bring about positive change in and around Morley. One of the campaigns I am currently fighting is regarding the 209 service. After speaking to local residents, they have informed me about their struggle to commute to Leeds since the cancellation of this service. This particularly effects the elderly residents who relied on the service to take them to Leeds and have since had to walk over the moor onto the main Whitehall Road. This is not only an unreasonable ask in terms of the route but also threatens the livelihoods of older people who used the bus stop as a social hub and the service as a way of connecting with friends and the wider community. It is imperative that the service is back in use or further isolates a community who once had the bus as a necessary outlet for both travel and socialising. We are calling on Arriva to provide this service once more, or at the very least bring forward a solution to this issue by changing a different service to accommodate the residents of Drighlington.
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    Created by Nathan Hodgson Picture
  • Keep Old Aberdeen Medical Practice under health-board control
    This tender would put a profit motive into the service. It will threaten the quality of service. It may result in the practice closing. It has been overwhelmingly rejected by staff in a vote. Staff are now leaving, or planning to leave. All 9 of the GPs at Old Aberdeen Medical Practice have tendered their resignation.
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    Created by John Singer
  • Lighting for The Rake park
    To provide safer passage to local residents by lighting the parks pathways and to hopefully prevent the misuse of the park after dark.
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    Created by Denise Roberts
  • Bring Back Debden Library to the Broadway
    Local people tell us the library is poorly placed for many of the potential users - we support a move to the Broadway where it could be a true library for the community and provide much needed support to that local centre. After a successful campaign involving thousands of Essex residents, Essex County Council (ECC) U-turned on its plans to close a third of its libraries, including Debden Library. However, in its place ECC proposed establishing so-called 'community libraries', where libraries would not just be run by volunteers who would even need to supply the building, with little financial support. This is a closure plan by stealth. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RJgKuJocWd9h6ylE72C0inYmGBLOgM43/view?fbclid=IwAR3mBwFszgO-PDcYWPMPqydTqsDYoRw29arF_bQA8_2CxsZGd8K07wdmoEM). Debden Library is the first confirmed takeover bid for an Essex library, and what happens in Debden will have a huge impact on the future of libraries across the county. The entire process is lacking any transparency. What is there to stop the college deciding in future it would rather use the space for something else? The college already has form in this area, when it previously took over a sports centre it was demolished and the site was developed (https://www.eppingforestguardian.co.uk/news/18817827.concerns-essex-county-council-library-provision-loughton/). Rather than abandoning this responsibility to an organisation that is not elected by local people, and is not accountable to local people, Essex County Council should be led by what the local community wants and continue with its statutory duty to provide a professionally staffed library service on an accessible site. For the future of libraries in the whole of Essex it's vital that Essex County Council's first attempt at outsourcing is stopped. Otherwise it could lead to a domino effect, and the collapse of a publicly run library system in our county. For the College to take over Debden Library they need the support of the community - please sign and share this petition to say we have a more positive vision - a library on the Broadway remaining in the accountable control of the Council.
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    Created by Alan Fricker
  • Remaster Under the Knife for its 25 year anniversary (2022)
    Over 20 years since its release and it’s still one of the best albums in hardcore, would love to see the sound quality improved and what it would sound like if it was made with the studio and equipment they have now. (Yes I’m aware that Smash Your Enemies, Not One Truth and Puritan have appeared in higher sound quality on other albums)
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    Created by Charlie Parkman
  • Save Lewisham Park Centre
    My name is Bailey Bradley, and I have been campaigning for a long time in the Morley area, where I live, on issues that matter to local people. Lewisham Park Centre is a wonderful community space, but it has been underutilised for years. with changing attitudes and a complete lack on investment or interest by the local Town Council it has seen a slow and steady decline. Leeds City Council have had their budgets decimated. Billions taken away by Government cuts to local authority funding leave them making difficult choices. One of these choices is to cut under used facilities that don't offer value for money to the public. Morley Town Council does almost nothing for the protection of parks and services with its vast Council Tax hoard. Lewisham park centre is the place where we memorialise Sarah Harper who was abducted and killed. Lewisham Park Centre is a place of fond childhood memories for many Morley residents past and present. There are no other assets like the centre in Morley and continuing to close youth and community services is a poor investment in the local area and will see declining community relations Please Sign this position so that we can: Show Morley Town Council the strength of feeling there is to satisfy our demand that they fund our plans in the short term, until it is self sustaining, and Demonstrate to Leeds City Council that the people of Morley deserve to have this asset transferred to us.
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    Created by Bailey Bradley
  • Renew the Play Park on St Davids Crescent /Owain Close
    Stanwell Ward is the least wealthy ward in the Penarth area, but with the highest voter turnout. The town’s social housing is located here. It is not fair that this is met with reduced spending on improvements other wards and towns receive. The Vale of Glamorgan Council failed to improve play facilities here as they have done elsewhere. This is an unfair message to send to children, our future workers and leaders, especially at times so crucial as now where outdoor space is so essential for mental, emotional and physical well being. It implies they don't matter and aren't deserving of safe, clean and enjoyable play spaces like elsewhere. It also suggests to residents that this ward is a lower priority than the rest of the town and county. This could be directly reflected in the lowering of house values on the estate due to the park being derelict and dangerous. It also is positioned next door to a shooting club, which is a concerning addition to the message we send with derelict parks. Less wealthy areas in the Vale have had thousands of pounds spent, often with regeneration of entire areas, because the Local Authority are aware that lack of spending in poorer areas directly disadvantages children and in turn changes everyone’s futures. There are such big income gaps between poorer and wealthier Penarth residents, meaning children in Penarth’s less affluent areas are forgotten. - Two play parks completed in Plymouth Ward - One play park completed in Cornerswell Ward - Four public spaces completed in St Augustines Ward, including 2 play areas. - Finalised plans for mass regeneration of Cosmeston Country Park playground At West House in St Augustines ward, the Penarth Town Council site had its grounds converted to a community garden. This improves the look of the Council, but directly disadvantages the residents it serves in Stanwell ward, who've been forgotten. Hundreds of children pass through daily to access schools, the park and shop on the Morristown estate, often multiple times a day, and visitors use the community hall. The Local Authority has a duty to its residents, of all ages, to show equal consideration and spending, and to provide safe spaces for all.
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    Created by Morristown Residents
  • Yorkshire Building Society planned closure South Elmsall branch
    A large number of regular customers don’t have access to the internet and rely on the face to face contact this branch can provide them with to deal with their day to day banking needs. This branch is only one of two banks remaining on South Elmsall High Street and to see it closed would cause huge difficulties for all the locals who haven’t got the means and ability to travel to other areas to visit a different branch. For the foreseeable future, due to the current climate and restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people are either unable to, or feel unsafe to travel out of their local area, which would mean they are either unable to access their bank accounts and their funds in their or The Yorkshire Building Society will lose a lot of customers to the only other remaining bank in the village, which would be a shame as many of your locals have been loyal to the YBS for many years.
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    Created by Laura Murphy