• Keep all our One Stop Shops
    One Stop Shops provide essential support and advice to residents. Up to March 2020, before lockdown, there were eight full-time One Stop Shops serving their local communities. In addition to routine queries, the One Stop Shops advise and support people facing emergencies such as homelessness, or the stopping of benefits for essentials. To save money, the Council proposes to replace the eight community buildings with two One Stop Shops full-time, with a variety of part-time services being offered in other buildings. We are now facing a situation of unprecedented austerity. Many Liverpool residents do not have internet access, and others have complex situations which cannot be dealt with online. Others will not have the money to travel to a One Stop Shop at the other side of the city. We need the face to face service located in our local community.
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    Created by Ruth Knox
    The cost of parking for the day in the town centre is now £5.50. I believe that is extortionate. Alienating the town and businesses within the town because people are deciding to travel a little bit further to save money. It’s not even free on Sundays and bank holiday anymore - the cost is £1. I believe it should be a couple of pounds for all day. It is discouraging people from choosing Newton Abbot at a shopping destination, costing working staff within the town a small fortune weekly to just be able to attend their workplace. Elderly people will not pay it. It’s extortionate.
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    Created by Ashleigh Croughan
  • Stop the end of a Post Office service in Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire
    The Post Office is intending to close the Post Office Counter in the One Stop shop in Nether Heyford. This would leave many residents of the village, both young and old with no access to banking facilities. Many of them, including the most vulnerable have no access to online banking and would find it very difficult to manage their finances, pay bills, withdraw cash etc especially in the current covid crisis. They would have to make journeys by public transport, which is both costly and scarce, into Northampton to carry out simple monetary tasks. If the Post Office closes this counter, it will have a devastating effect on all our community, and we urge you to reconsider your action.
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    Created by Heyford Prattler
  • Free parking Elgin
    without it Elgin high st will get more and more quiet! Free parking in our city centre is vital!
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    Created by Cj Bowie
  • New footpath and speed restrictions
    Cars are racing through our villages killing animals and pets and before long will be a child or adult.A footpath is needed so as schoolchildren can walk safely to school instead of walking on the road or grass verge.
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    Created by Dale Broughton
  • Resurface Fernley Road
    The road is overdue resurfacing as has many potholes and cracks.
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    Created by Nicky Brennan
  • Nurses Pay-rises 2021
    We have to reward and recognise what every nurse has been through not only during lockdown but every single day. In addition how will we be able to encourage the next generations to work hard to qualify when they will be getting paid peanuts. Then the government will pay agency nurses or get people in from overseas again at a more greater cost to us the taxpayers.
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    Created by Zahid Verrier
  • Save The Mill Hall, Bellingham lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS67ED.
    For the health and well being of the community.
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    Created by Ron Lyall
  • Fix the pothole problem in Arbroath
    The pothole problem within Angus is costing the people who live there money with unnecessary car repairs that could easily be avoided if the council fixed the problem.
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    Created by Jordan Watson
  • Commemorative 50p coin for Capt Sir Tom Dunn and the NHS
    This coin can be another way of providing funds, but also keeping his Legacy and Memory alive. Commemorating the fight against Covid 19
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    Created by Andy Bridger
  • Stop Chelmsford City Council increasing bereavement charges by 12%
    Chelmsford City Council has proposed to raise bereavement charges from April 2021 by 12%, which equates to about £100 for cremations and £200 for burials. At this immensely difficult time, the City Council must think again and look for other savings, or indeed utilise reserves. It is simply immoral to hike up these charges during a pandemic. We believe the City Council should be caring for its local residents at this difficult time. Please lend us your support in this endeavour.
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    Created by Andrew Thorpe-Apps
  • Youth Centre for Penzance
    Locally and nationally, young people's mental health is in crisis, made worse by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. But, the provision of a safe space for young people in Penzance could be the chance to support, guide and provide opportunities to those in need. The local councils needs to listen and respond to the needs of young people by providing a youth strategy and youth centre space for the people of Penzance
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    Created by Jodie Tellam