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To: Linda Bigham Lord Mayor of Coventry, Paul Harden Chair of Transplant Sport

A more sustainable Transplant Games in 2020

A more sustainable Transplant Games in 2020

Dear Linda and Paul,

We are delighted to hear that Coventry will be hosting the Transplant Games in 2020.

As competitors, parents, donors and siblings we look forward to being a part of the Transplant Games every year. It is a huge event that gets bigger year-on-year and draws in ever-increasing numbers of visitors.

We had the best time at the Transplant Games in Newport - it was fantastic - and we note that one of the things that could make it even better is if the games took a more sustainable and environmentally sympathetic approach in future years.

There are some very simple and positive actions that can be taken: compostable glasses at the opening events, improved access to transport and clearer walking routes, better provision of water fountains and refills rather than endless mountains of small plastic water bottles.

Why is this important?

in 2019 UK Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency and there is a pressing need for each and everyone of us to take account of how much energy we use, how much waste we generate, of what the social and environmental cost of our actions is.

The Transplant Games is a world leader in awareness raising about organ donation, it can be world leader in sustainability too.

Please will you consider this petition and make Coventry 2020 the most sustainable Transplant Games there has ever been.

Coventry, West Midlands

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