• Pledge of support: temporary Skylark fencing on Wanstead Flats
    Several pairs of the iconic ground-nesting Skylark breed on Wanstead Flats. These birds represent the closest population of breeding larks to the centre of London but for how much longer? Nationally, the population of Skylarks has been in decline for decades so the Wren Group – in conjunction with the City of London Corporation – is determined to do all it can to protect their numbers locally.
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  • Hands Off Havannah
    Thousands of luxury houses have been built on green fields and floodplains across Newcastle Great Park over the last 20 years, with local communities forced to battle for vital infrastructure such as shops, doctors and schools. Development has been allowed where development should not have been allowed, for example directly adjacent to Havannah and Three Hills Local Nature Reserve (LNR), where hundreds of mature trees and established hedgerows have been ripped out and wildflower meadows lost from the Ouseburn Catchment wildlife corridor, all because of Persimmon Homes and Taylor Wimpey’s relentless pursuit of profit. Not content with destroying habitat around the nature reserve, Newcastle Great Park Consortium is now looking to take land from INSIDE the nature reserve. Planning application 2022/1131/01/DET would see trees and vegetation removed along the public right of way that runs directly through the LNR, from the Three Hills car park to the Great Park to make way for a new ‘strategic route’, as well as additional tree, hedgerow and scrub removal in the Ouseburn Catchment wildlife corridor. This route would be lit with huge street lights, which would extend through the nature reserve and around the perimeter of the southern boundary of the reserve, lighting it up like a beacon. Artificial light at night is harmful to wildlife and disrupts breeding and feeding patterns in amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants. In 2018, Chris Packham visited Havannah as part of his ‘Nature Reserves Are Not Enough’ campaign, highlighting the need to protect land outside of nature reserves for wildlife. What would this vociferous campaigner say if he knew there were now plans to develop INSIDE the nature reserve? We are in the midst of a biodiversity crisis, with two million species at risk of extinction globally and 1 in 6 species at risk of extinction in the UK. Locally we have felt these losses too, as wildlife habitats are being fenced off, eaten away and bulldozed. Havannah has already been well and truly hemmed in. Wildlife cannot exist in isolated pockets and fragmented landscapes. We cannot allow greedy developers to profit at nature's expense. In July 2022, Newcastle City Council pledged to take local measures to prevent the loss of and to enhance biodiversity. These plans, if approved, would undermine Newcastle City Council's commitments to the natural environment and its legal duty to actively conserve and enhance biodiversity. Local wildlife would be dealt yet another devastating blow. We must stand against this latest stab at inflicting widespread loss of biodiversity, at a time when we should be protecting it the most. If enough people sign this petition, we can send a clear message that Newcastle's nature reserves are not for the taking.
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  • Weekly Litter Picking in Wonford
    It is demoralizing to live in such filth.
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  • Ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars
    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues we face. Yet in hundreds of thousands of cafés, bars and restaurants across the country, we’re still being served food and drink in single-use packaging – even when we’re eating in! It’s wasteful, unnecessary and can easily be avoided by replacing single-use packaging with reusable cups, crockery and cutlery which get washed instead of thrown away after just one use. With only 12% of Britain's plastic known to be recycled, it’s time to take single-use off the menu – for good. This isn’t pie in the sky thinking or even a new idea. It’s how we always used to have our food served to us. And it's already law in neighbouring countries like France. If you walk into any food outlet in France, even fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, your food will now be served in ‘reusable packaging’ - usually just a plate and cutlery. Since France introduced this in January 2023, it has been estimated that they are saving 180,000 tonnes of packaging every year! That’s nearly 1,000 blue whales or over 25,000 African elephants in weight! The British Government has already committed to removing all avoidable plastics by 2042. Yet despite this, there hasn’t even been a feasibility study for this ban here. If they really are serious about eliminating pointless plastics, this ban is one of the easiest and most obvious steps the government can take to tackle the plastic crisis. Sign to tell Environment Secretary Steve Barclay to ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars.
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  • Stop Thames Water’s costly mega-reservoir – fix the leaks!
    The reservoir could only replace a fraction of the water they lose through leaks and, studies show, it would be unlikely to provide water in droughts. Why does Thames Water want to do this? A mega reservoir would be an asset on their balance sheet, rather than the ongoing cost of fixing leaks. By ignoring and not costing major issues such as flooding and safety, Thames Water has grossly under-estimated the cost of the reservoir in their aim to promote it over more sustainable options such as fixing leaks, water transfer and desalination. These solutions would also be more reliable in droughts and much quicker to implement. This would prevent unnecessary continued damage to our chalk streams and hose pipe bans for at least 7 years before the reservoir can possibly be delivered. Those that have looked in detail at the proposals - including local MPs and Councils of all political persuasions - all conclude that it is a deeply flawed project that is being driven by commercial ambition rather than what is best for a safe and secure future water supply.
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  • Help save Nuneaton Cemetery
    As you know Nuneaton Cemetery floods everytime it rains causing graves to flood and collapse. This is having a huge impact on families of loved ones they have lost. My family have just been impacted by this tragedy as my Nan and Grandads grave has now flooded. We need your help to solve this issue immediately to prevent anymore heartache for families. The council won’t listen to us and it’s causing more issues by the day. I know of one gentlemen who could not get down to put flowers on his wife’s grave due to the flooding. All we need is a proper plumbing system installed. To help the families of loved ones whose graves have been flooded due to the lack of care from the council.
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  • Help save magnificent Copper Beech Tree
    At Whincroft (2a Upper Colquhoun Street) we have sought to restore the garden and put back features that overtime have been lost within this important Hill House Conservation Area. We have re-established garden paths and planted 19 new trees in total, a mixture of cherry blossom, japenese acers and fruit trees. I hope you will then come to understand the importance of the mature beech tree to the amenity of our garden. It will take many years for the new trees we have planted to come to a level of maturity that they can be fully enjoyed in our garden and be seen from the street and surrounding properties to contribute to Helensburgh as the ‘Garden City of the Clyde’. We have financially supported the Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust by sponsoring the planting of 3 pink cherry blossoms on the grass verge outside our property. Trees are important to the CA. Helensburgh has the only urban tree collection included in the National Tree Collections of Scotland in which there are only 23 in the whole country worthy of this accolade. Council Officers should have 1. Requested a tree survey from the developers at 4 West Lennox Drive at the outset of the application process reference 23/00652/PP 2. Applied a degree of professional scepticism to the applicant’s vague plans for inadequate tree protection instead of blindly accepting them 3. Considered if the west extension warrants development in the first place when it is so obviously going to damage the beech tree and we now believe possibly a large silver birch tree. 4. Discussing what are the sensible options a developer could take to undertake an extension that does not require the tree roots to be severed and could the drain pipe be re-routed away from the tree roots The value of trees is often difficult to monetise and so often simply ignored by a developer. Some factors that should be considered include: 1. Moderating climates, particularly in urban settings 2. Filtering out pollutants 3. Suppressing noise 4. Providing a feel good factor 5. Providing a key source of shelter and food for wildlife and biodiversity. 6. Adding to the outstanding Hill House conservation area Any building work, renewed service or new service that runs through the root protection area (RPA) of the beech tree is likely to affect the ability of the tree to function or survive - and to allow a property developer to use a narrative that council officers have failed to adequately challenge requires Councillors and the public to protect this special part of Helensburgh and reject the developers plans. Help us save this magnificent Copper Beech Tree for future generations! If you have ever used the post box outside 2a Upper Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh you will be familiar with the sight of the towering copper beech tree in the background which sits over the hedge (to the right of the house Whincroft). This 22m tree is estimated to be 175 years old and predates the house next to it (completed by A N Paterson in 1915). This ancient tree is part of the Helensburgh Hill House Conservation Area and should automatically have protected status. However, we need your help to ensure its continued survival as the tree roots extend into the property next door and developers’ plans to “frame the spectacular views to the south and west of the site…” with a double story extension that could potentially damage the tree roots, and possibly endanger the life of the tree itself. Please help us by showing your support for the Tree Preservation Order we have lodged with Argyll and Bute Council and sign this petition. If you feel as we do that beautiful trees such as this deserve protection, please take action and voice your support for Tree Preservation Order 01/24 to David Logan, Head of Legal and Regulatory Support, Argyll and Bute Council, PA31 8RT
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    preserve our heritage and stop the destruction of this beautiful building
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  • Unlock England’s Countryside: Introduce a Right to Roam
    Everyone needs regular access to nature - it’s vital for our physical and mental health. And to solve the climate and biodiversity crises we need to be better connected to the natural world. Yet the public only has a right to roam over 8% of England. The Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 created this partial right, but it’s unfinished business – for instance, there is no right of access to rivers or most woods. Huge swathes of our countryside are locked away behind barbed wire fences and hostile signs saying ‘Keep Out!’ and you can be shouted at just for going for a swim. What’s more, access to nature is hugely unequal – over a quarter of all constituencies in England effectively have no right to roam at all. While the wealthiest areas enjoy 80% more paths than the poorest. Access to nature should be open to all of us, not a privilege enjoyed by the few. Even where we do have access, our freedoms are under threat. When the wealthy landowner Alexander Darwall won a court case to extinguish the right to wild camp on Dartmoor last year - the last place in England it was legal - it took huge protests to overturn the ruling on appeal. It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to demand that all UK Party Leaders commit to bold new access reform if they are in government. We believe England should follow the example of Scotland, Sweden and Norway, where people have enjoyed far broader rights to access their countryside, so long as they do so responsibly. This isn't about a free for all: we would still have sensible exclusions to protect crops, privacy and wildlife. But exclusion would have to be justified, not assumed. It's time we enjoyed the same rights to access our beautiful countryside here in England! Sign this petition to help us campaign for a new right of responsible access to the countryside this election so that everyone has the chance to reconnect with nature.
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  • Who really wants an incinerator in Beccles?
    Too many council officials are forgetting the actual people they serve and appear to be wilfully serving themselves. For example the legally binding carbon budgets are being ignored by our local authorities: www.gov.uk/guidance/carbon-budgets After the horrific Post Office debacle which has been strung out for years, do we really trust that these officials have our best interests at heart? Or is it all about commercial financial gain at our expense? We need to take action and stop these people from ruining our health which ultimately ruins lives.
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  • Install traffic calming measures at our sanctuary, NOW!
    We want visitors to feel safe when they are here at the sanctuary. We don't want them to have to worry about a car driving past them at 60mph. We also have a lot of wheelchair users who should also feel safe when crossing the road.
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  • West Berkshire getting rid of dog bins in local park
    It is important because local dog walkers will no where to put there dog waste
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