• Birmingham City Council Re Open Woodgate Valley Visitors Centre
    The Woodgate Valley Visitors Centre needs to be open and this is why we need your help to get it back open. If you are a resident within the South Birmingham area we are asking you to support this petition by signing it sharing it with your friends and family.
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    Created by Michael Thawe
    The Housing Crisis isn't something that's new, if anything its getting worse. We need your help to be able to pressure the people in power to provide for us and our needs.
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    Created by Ellie-Mae Shelton
  • Don't allow HSBC to "Pinkwash" Birmingham Pride
    The last couple of years have been a challenge to say the least and I think it’s fair to say we could do with a good time. I do understand why Birmingham Pride might need corporate sponsorship, BUT, by allowing HSBC to sponsor the event, they, and Becky Hill's management team, are allowing themselves to be "Pinkwashed". Four reasons why Birmingham Pride should not accept HSBC's sponsorhip and why Becky Hill should not perform at Birmingham Pride if they allow themselves to be "Pinkwashed" by HSBC are: 1: HSBC allegedly still provides loans to companies that are destroying the eco-system that all life on earth depends on. Since 2016, they have provided approximately £72billion to fossil fuel companies. Approximately £26billion of that has gone to coal, gas and oil companies expanding fossil fuels. In 2019, it was linked to livestock and soy companies (that have allegedly been linked to illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest) to the tune of approximately £626million. 2: They have also been widely criticised for publicly supporting China’s anti-democratic legislation in Hong Kong where people face lifetime imprisonment if they dare to stand up to the system. 3: “In July 2017, War on Want released a report which found that HSBC had provided £19.3 billion in loans to and held £832 million in shares for companies supplying Israel with arms”*. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign wrote an open letter (https://www.palestinecampaign.org/open-letter-to-birmingham-pride-from-11-lgbtqia-groups-drop-hsbc/) to Birmingham Pride in 2020 asking them to drop HSBC as a sponsor as they finance the atrocities that are taking place in Palestine. Side-note, by trying to claim Palestinian land as their own, haven't Israel been doing to Palestine for decades what Russia is currently doing to Ukraine? 4: In the year 2020, HSBC allegedly had the worst gender pay gap of all the British banks. Side-note, can you imagine how quickly pay gaps would close if a black man was being paid more than a white man or a gay man was being paid more than a straight man for doing the same job? LGBTQIA+ communities around the world have fought long and hard against oppression. Sadly, in some parts of the world, they are still fighting, sometimes for their lives, against oppression. If Birmingham Pride accepts sponsorship from a business that not only plays a part in the oppression of Hong Kong citizens and the killing of Palestinian citizens but is also financing the destruction of the planet and if Becky Hill performs at a festival that is sponsored by a business as toxic as HSBC, the messages they are sending to the LGBTQIA+ community in Birmingham, oppressed people the world over, women and our children is loud and couldn't be clearer: Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill don't care about the oppression and killing of people in other countries, Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill don't care about the destruction of the eco-system that all life depends on (including the lives of our children and our children's children) and Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill also don't care about financial inequalities between the sexes. If Birmingham Pride, the LGBTQIA+ community, the people of Birmingham and Becky Hill allow themselves to be "PInkwashed" by HSBC, the message they will send is that none of those things matter, just so long as people get to have a good time at Birmingham Pride. Is that really what Birmingham Pride, the LGBTQIA+ community, the people of Birmingham and Becky Hill want to be known and remembered for? *https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/money-finance/whats-wrong-hsbc-barclays
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  • We want Severn Trent & WCC Highways to close the A441 during current works
    Bordesley residents in particular, but also other residents of Millward Meadows and Hither Green Lane will suffer massive delays over 5 months resulting in lost income, lost time and increased traffic fumes.
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    Created by Karen Kilbride
  • We want a better environment for Bordesley Village
    Harmful emissions from vehicles are responsible for 90% of air pollution – and in Birmingham alone, up to 900 people per year die early as a result of air pollution. High speed limits, high traffic volumes and queuing vehicles significantly increase air pollution – and we recognise all of this on the A441 in Bordesley. Over the years, Bordesley has seen an increase in traffic levels, traffic queues and heavy vehicles. In addition, Bordesley has seen a significant increase in speeding vehicles. As a result of all these factors Bordesley has high levels of air and noise pollution which is now affecting the health of the residents.
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    Created by Karen Kilbride
  • Protect Clayton Road and Stour Close from Traffic Chaos
    We have to move quickly to prevent Persimmon Homes from going ahead with this request. The additional traffic along our already congested residential roads will lead to further congestion and the potential for more accidents. We see this as an attempt by Persimmon Homes to overturn the planning condition to build the access via a new roundabout on the A120.
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    Created by Stephen Wright
  • Clear the litter on grass verges of motorways, dual carriageways and slip roads
    To protect wildlife and the environment. To stop people like me getting more frustrated and depressed.
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    Created by Wendy Cook
    The Grassroots repair movement is not here to be used as window dressing for the contested sustainability ambitions of major fast fashion corporations. This is not the first time a Big Fashion brand has co-opted an important sustainability event for its own ends. We know from bitter experience that the wrong sponsorship can destroy an important movement. It distracts from the deep work that needs doing and ultimately reinforces a status quo that creates more stuff, more waste, and more emissions. Founding Signatories: The Restart Project; Lucy Siegle, journalist; Tansy Hoskins, journalist, Aja Barber, author; Livia Firth, sustainable fashion campaigner; Eco Age; Ealing Repair Cafe; Repair What You Wear; Hackney Fixers; Sustainable Hackney; Emma Mathews, Socko; Ros Studd, Repair What You Wear; Sophie Benson, journalist; West London Restarters, Hillingdon Friends of the Earth, Transition Tooting; Zack Polanski, Green Party London Assembly Member; Olivia Pinnock, journalist; No Sweat, & Brett Staniland, model and sustainable fashion editor. (More founders welcome!)
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    Created by Repair Week Take Back
    We need to clean up our planet before it is too late. Our seas, rivers, landfill sites and overseas forests are full of our waste plastic. If we keep manufacturing more new plastic this problem will continue to grow. At what point do we look at it and say " STOP, THIS IS ENOUGH NOW!"? If we stop the manufacturing of new plastic, and only utilise what we already have (115 years of plastic manufacturing!), we can encourage recycling and the reclamation of the plastic already dumped. We don't want to be without plastic, it has many uses. But we do not need more of it polluting our world. Lets reclaim and reuse that which we already have.
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    Created by Elaine Chatwin
  • British Bees Need Our Help Again!
    To show you care for the UK’s fauna and flora, and in particular bees and other pollinators who play such an important role in our world and to stop the government gambling with our world by approving the use of harmful pesticides.
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    Created by Ian Flewitt
  • Stockport Council - Stop Using Glyphosate Pesticides!
    Chris Packham the TV presenter is part of an organisation called Wild Justice and last year they raised the issue of glyphosates being used by local authorities in public spaces. Glyphosate (also known as Roundup) is one of the most-used individual pesticides in the world. It is used as a herbicide in agriculture, in public spaces (such as parks but also in the streets) and in private spaces such as gardens. Wild Justice encouraged people to contact their council to find out about the local situation. They provided a template to allow people to submit a Freedom Of Information request. Sustainable Bramhall contacted Stockport Council and the reply is below; Stockport Council is clearly still using glyphosates: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/herbicide_use_requests_for_infor#incoming-1903081 The use of glyphosates is an issue about which many organisations have raised concerns, over time, such as Pesticides Action Network. [1] In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’. [2] There is a live debate about glyphosate’s environmental impacts and use in gardens. [3] Glyphosate kills plants that insects and birds depend on for food. The Soil Association reports that research indicates potential impacts in increasing crop diseases, changing the composition and functioning of soil micro-organism species and ecosystems, and recently published studies are showing a negative impact on earthworms. [4] There is also evidence that glyphosates can enter water courses and affect plant life there affecting habitats for other organisms. Recent research also suggests that glyphosate can kill honey bees by affecting their immunity to pathogens. [5] Bees are essential pollinators of plants including crops for food. Please sign our petition to ask Stockport Council to give up on glyphosates. If you still use them at home, perhaps you should give up too, but be careful of how you dispose of them. References: [1] https://www.pan-uk.org/pesticide-free/ [2] https://www.iarc.who.int/featured-news/media-centre-iarc-news-glyphosate/ [3] https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/glyphosate-debate [4] https://www.soilassociation.org/media/7202/glyphosate-and-soil-health-full-report.pdf [5] https://e360.yale.edu/features/bee-alert-is-a-controversial-herbicide-harming-honeybees For more information about the Wild Justice Campaign see here: https://wildjustice.org.uk/glyphosate/glyphosate-use-by-local-authorities/
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    Created by Deborah Hind
  • The British Museum must not renew its sponsorship deal with BP
    This week it was revealed that the Director of the British Museum, Hartwig Fischer, is in advanced talks with BP about renewing their sponsorship deal. It’s vital that we don’t let another five years of BP sponsorship of the British Museum - or even a new ‘BP wing’ as part of its $1bn redevelopment plan - go ahead. It’s time that the British Museum picks a side on climate change, and stops sending the message to its visitors, especially young people, that fossil fuels can be a part of a liveable future. The plans to renew the sponsorship come as BP announces obscene profits, while people in the UK are being forced to choose between heating and eating, and the company admits it will continue to drill for new oil and gas for decades to come, despite the climate emergency. The trustees have a legal duty to protect the reputation of the museum. They must step in now, following in the footsteps of other major cultural institutions, and drop BP as a sponsor.
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