• Parking on Footpath Anomaly in Easternville Gardens, corner with Cranley Drive and Quebec Road
    The road in question is: Easternville Gardens, Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex. It runs parallel with the A12 Eastern Avenue, between Cranley Drive at the east side and Quebec Road towards the west side.  It's only a matter of time that an emergency would occur and if coincidentally, vehicles ARE parked (ie two vehicles on opposite sides of the road at the either end of this road, with all four wheels on the road - in accordance with LBR-Traffic Regulations) then only will it become apparent the problem this Traffic Regulation has caused. NOTE: Emergency vehicles would NOT be able to pass between vehicles parked in the manner 'legally acceptable' to LBR, as photographs taken to simulate this situation, will prove, if necessary. Having contacted the Ilford Police via an online pro-forma, with this concern, they responded by claiming 'this a matter for the Redbridge Council and not the police'.      Many drivers had previously and some currently, parked with two wheels on the footpath at the 'problematic ends' of the Easternville Gardens - especially at the end with Canley Drive - only to be issued with PCNs. Apparently, it would seem this 'absurd and ambiguous regulation' is essentially ONLY for financial gains from imposed fines and no concern for the 'latent' problems that will undoubtedly occur in an emergency situation.   
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    Created by Mohamed Wadiwala
  • Save Amber Valley
    Why do we want to protect the Amber Valley? The Amber Valley is part of the Derbyshire Peak Fringe, an important transition  between the Derbyshire uplands and lowlands, providing pathways for species to migrate and considered a landscape of extremely high quality. The variety of ancient woodlands, steep hills and priority habitat lowland meadow contribute to this unique landscape.  Ogston reservoir, within the valley, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and homes thousands of migratory wintering birds and the Valley is a recognised haven for wildlife and protected birds such as Osprey and Peregrine Falcons Ogston Hall, a Grade II* building of national importance, Wingfield Manor, under the care of English Heritage, and over 50 other listed buildings within the conservation areas in or overlooking the valley, are important as much for their relationship to the Valley and its setting.  As well as an important amenity for the towns and villages across the region, the Amber Valley also generates much needed income for the local economy from tourists and walkers, especially since the whole scale disappearance of larger employers from the area, and the challenge on farming revenues.  What can you do to support us? Please show your support by signing this petition. We are a voluntary group but are raising money to help fund our campaign and to secure industry expertise in our fight to Save Amber Valley. Please support our campaign Crowdfunding to Oppose the national grid plan to site 50m pylons across the picturesque and unique Amber Valley Landscape. on JustGiving National Grids Stage 1 Consultation (Chesterfield to Willington) closes on Tuesday 17th September. We need everyone to also provide their feedback directly to National Grid.  -        Option 1 - Completing Paper Feedback Form (available from local libraries and our public meetings). If you are unable to obtain a copy please let us know.    -        Options 2 - Completing Online www.nationalgrid.com/chesterfieldtowillington   -        Option 3 - Send an email to [email protected] - PLEASE ENSURE THAT IF EMAILING FEEDBACK YOU PUT IN THE TITLE THAT THE EMAIL SHOULD COUNT AS YOUR CONSULTATION FEEDBACK ON THE CHESTERFIELD TO WILLINGTON SCHEME For further support please visit our website.
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    Created by Katie Hirst
  • Stop Polluter Propaganda: Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising
    By eliminating these misleading ads, we can reduce public misinformation about the true impacts of fossil fuel consumption and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy sources. This decisive step will demonstrate the UK's commitment to leading the global fight against climate change and safeguarding our planet for future generations.
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    Created by Charles Davis
  • Save Ferndown Slop Bog “BOARDWALK”
    The Boardwalk allows people to view nature upfront and live, it also adds pleasure to the walks around Ferndown. The Slop Bog is on a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserve and Special Protection Area. The Boardwalk provides accessibility for users who might otherwise not be able to access the heathland. If the Board walk is removed it will deny us the ability to view Nature in all its glory. It will also put an end to beautiful walks in the Bog area, it is a beautiful tranquil place to walk on summer evenings, as the sun sets! PLEASE,HELP US SAVE THE BOARDWALK ! Sign NOW
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    Created by Martin Hannah
  • Object to plans to remove two mature trees and a bench from Market Street Hoylake
    We object to the plans to remove the bench and the trees and request that the planning application is brought to the planning committee.
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    Created by Jane Turner
  • Trees not Cars - a new park in Manchester!
    Our last petition was spring boarded our campaign and helped us stop Manchester City Council when they wanted to turn the car park into a temporary car park.  We are now making progress on the idea of a park, plans for the site as a response to our campaign had been to fully pave over the lot!  Now we need a fresh push to show the council that after 5 years, local people and visitors still need a park on that site. In addition: • New Islington Green is now being replaced with offices, locals have lost 3 acres of green space. • Cotton Fields (not publicly owned) and Cutting Square are absolutely packed on nice days. The area desperately needs a safe place for people to enjoy the sun and for children to learn to ride their bikes away from the canal and cars. • Local people need green space for exercise, mental well-being and cleaner air. The GP office behind see the damage the pollution is doing to people.
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    Created by Gemma Cameron
  • Pledge of support: temporary Skylark fencing on Wanstead Flats
    Several pairs of the iconic ground-nesting Skylark breed on Wanstead Flats. These birds represent the closest population of breeding larks to the centre of London but for how much longer? Nationally, the population of Skylarks has been in decline for decades so the Wren Group – in conjunction with the City of London Corporation – is determined to do all it can to protect their numbers locally.
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  • Hands Off Havannah
    Thousands of luxury houses have been built on green fields and floodplains across Newcastle Great Park over the last 20 years, with local communities forced to battle for vital infrastructure such as shops, doctors and schools. Development has been allowed where development should not have been allowed, for example directly adjacent to Havannah and Three Hills Local Nature Reserve (LNR), where hundreds of mature trees and established hedgerows have been ripped out and wildflower meadows lost from the Ouseburn Catchment wildlife corridor, all because of Persimmon Homes and Taylor Wimpey’s relentless pursuit of profit. Not content with destroying habitat around the nature reserve, Newcastle Great Park Consortium is now looking to take land from INSIDE the nature reserve. Planning application 2022/1131/01/DET would see trees and vegetation removed along the public right of way that runs directly through the LNR, from the Three Hills car park to the Great Park to make way for a new ‘strategic route’, as well as additional tree, hedgerow and scrub removal in the Ouseburn Catchment wildlife corridor. This route would be lit with huge street lights, which would extend through the nature reserve and around the perimeter of the southern boundary of the reserve, lighting it up like a beacon. Artificial light at night is harmful to wildlife and disrupts breeding and feeding patterns in amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants. In 2018, Chris Packham visited Havannah as part of his ‘Nature Reserves Are Not Enough’ campaign, highlighting the need to protect land outside of nature reserves for wildlife. What would this vociferous campaigner say if he knew there were now plans to develop INSIDE the nature reserve? We are in the midst of a biodiversity crisis, with two million species at risk of extinction globally and 1 in 6 species at risk of extinction in the UK. Locally we have felt these losses too, as wildlife habitats are being fenced off, eaten away and bulldozed. Havannah has already been well and truly hemmed in. Wildlife cannot exist in isolated pockets and fragmented landscapes. We cannot allow greedy developers to profit at nature's expense. In July 2022, Newcastle City Council pledged to take local measures to prevent the loss of and to enhance biodiversity. These plans, if approved, would undermine Newcastle City Council's commitments to the natural environment and its legal duty to actively conserve and enhance biodiversity. Local wildlife would be dealt yet another devastating blow. We must stand against this latest stab at inflicting widespread loss of biodiversity, at a time when we should be protecting it the most. If enough people sign this petition, we can send a clear message that Newcastle's nature reserves are not for the taking.
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  • Weekly Litter Picking in Wonford
    It is demoralizing to live in such filth.
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    Created by Yvonne Rautenbach
  • Ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars
    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues we face. Yet in hundreds of thousands of cafés, bars and restaurants across the country, we’re still being served food and drink in single-use packaging – even when we’re eating in!  It’s wasteful, unnecessary and can easily be avoided by replacing single-use packaging with reusable cups, crockery and cutlery which get washed instead of thrown away after just one use.  With only 12% of Britain's plastic known to be recycled, it’s time to take single-use off the menu – for good.  This isn’t pie in the sky thinking or even a new idea. It’s how we always used to have our food served to us. And it's already law in neighbouring countries like France. If you walk into any food outlet in France, even fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, your food will now be served in ‘reusable packaging’ - usually just a plate and cutlery.  Since France introduced this in January 2023, it has been estimated that they are saving 180,000 tonnes of packaging every year! That’s nearly 1,000 blue whales or over 25,000 African elephants in weight!  The British Government has already committed to removing all avoidable plastics by 2042. Yet despite this, there hasn’t even been a feasibility study for this ban here. If they really are serious about eliminating pointless plastics, this ban is one of the easiest and most obvious steps the government can take to tackle the plastic crisis.  Sign to tell Environment Secretary Steve Barclay to ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars.
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    Created by Natalie Fée
  • Stop Thames Water’s costly mega-reservoir – fix the leaks!
    The reservoir could only replace a fraction of the water they lose through leaks and, studies show, it would be unlikely to provide water in droughts. Why does Thames Water want to do this? A mega reservoir would be an asset on their balance sheet, rather than the ongoing cost of fixing leaks. By ignoring and not costing major issues such as flooding and safety, Thames Water has grossly under-estimated the cost of the reservoir in their aim to promote it over more sustainable options such as fixing leaks, water transfer and desalination. These solutions would also be more reliable in droughts and much quicker to implement. This would prevent unnecessary continued damage to our chalk streams and hose pipe bans for at least 7 years before the reservoir can possibly be delivered. Those that have looked in detail at the proposals - including local MPs and Councils of all political persuasions - all conclude that it is a deeply flawed project that is being driven by commercial ambition rather than what is best for a safe and secure future water supply.
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    Created by CPRE Oxfordshire & Group Against Reservoir Development
  • Help save Nuneaton Cemetery
    As you know Nuneaton Cemetery floods everytime it rains causing graves to flood and collapse. This is having a huge impact on families of loved ones they have lost. My family have just been impacted by this tragedy as my Nan and Grandads grave has now flooded. We need your help to solve this issue immediately to prevent anymore heartache for families. The council won’t listen to us and it’s causing more issues by the day. I know of one gentlemen who could not get down to put flowers on his wife’s grave due to the flooding. All we need is a proper plumbing system installed. To help the families of loved ones whose graves have been flooded due to the lack of care from the council.
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    Created by Millie Amy