• Keep Passing Place/Entrance on Stony Lane
    A current condition of our planning, is that once construction is complete, we must block up the passing place/entrance, and build a new drive, to the west, requiring the felling of 8 mature trees, to tie into our neighbours drive. The existing passing place/entrance provides an essential passing place for motor vehicles, horses, pedestrians and cyclists, who cannot pass each other on this narrow lane. The lane is a slow bend and you cannot see oncoming traffic once you have entered the lane between the passing place/entrance to Bridge Farm, and the crossroads of Stony Lane/Dog Lane/White Cross Road. Our entrance/passing place is about halfway along this 150m stretch of blind narrow lane. Without the passing place, vehicles have to reverse up to 75m, and ones reversing eastwards, have to reverse out of a poor visibility junction onto a national speed limit road. The lane is narrow and a pram cannot pass a car, without using a passing place. The lane is on the natural village walking loop, used by many people daily. The current proposal is that this passing place must be closed up and restored to its original lane configuration. The current approved plan is to build a new driveway to the west to tie into the existing at Bridge Farm. This route will require the felling of 8 mature trees. The trees are on our home's South West corner, and will provide shade in the summer, but let light through in the winter, modulating the thermal gain, reducing the energy required to cool and heat the house. Removing them will add to the climate emergency. We accept that about 8m of mature hedgerow was removed by our predecessors, however our proposal is to plant approximately 100m of native hedgerow on our other three boundaries, more then compensating for the environmental loss. So we believe that the passing place/entrance should remain both on highway safety grounds, but also on environmental grounds
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    Created by Tom Buxton-Smith
  • Clean up the fuel oil on the North Denes
    The oil is toxic to our environment and could potentially harm wildlife including local seal colonies if it is left to wash out to sea.
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    Created by Jonathan Baker
  • Building Back Better: Securing the pipeline for future housing research and development
    29million homes still need to be retrofitted and the built environment sector (Transport, Planning, Housing, Health, Land Use) are all siloed in their approach in building/ retrofitting our homes/ communities to be fit for the future. The sector has never had a ministry to combine all of the thought leadership occurring across the UK instead it has led to competition across the industry rather than collaboration, preventing us from reaching our carbon zero target in 2050. This is the ideal way to create a sustainable pipeline of research and development to realise places fit for the future, creating jobs, creating economic, health and social resilience across the UK.
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    Created by Annalise Johns
  • Bottles and Cans Recycling Law
    The UK uses around 37,000,000,000 (yes, 37 billion) bottles and cans each year and we only recycle 56% of these. (https://www.recyclingbins.co.uk/recycling-facts/) This leaves over 16 billion bottles and cans littering our green spaces, parks and beaches. Litter causes harm to pets, wildlife and people. We need a Deposit Return Scheme, backed by the Government, similiar to the scheme in Sweden. For example, the Swedish scheme, applies to anyone who professionally fills or imports plastic bottles or metal cans with ready-to-drink beverages. They must ensure that the containers are included in the Government approved recycling system which includes a refundable deposit for every container. This scheme has been run by a company owned by the Swedish Brewery Association, Swedish Food Retailers’ Federation and Swedish Grocery Store Association, since 1984, at no cost to the Government or Local Authorities.(https://pantamera.nu/om-oss/returpack-in-english/) It is worth noting that Sweden's overall recycle rate is 85%. In 2018, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said, “It is absolutely vital we act now.” If it was urgent then, it is even more so now. Action is now required.
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    Created by Robin Morrison
  • Re-activate Property Flood Resilience Grants
    Householders are facing massive uninsured costs to raise or re-build properties along the Weaver Navigation and elsewhere following Storm Christoph. The Weaver is not known for flooding but climate change, cut backs by CRT, and massive new estates and flood defences upstream mean we now need to invest heavily in flood mitigation. The £5,000 grants will be a small but welcome contribution.
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    Created by Jerry Marshall
  • Save The Ocean in Stonehouse
    The Ocean in Stonehouse (the old ‘winding hole’ or turning point) that sits within the Stroudwater Canal, is a valuable destination for so many people in the local community, but, more importantly, for a huge array of wildlife that lives here. The nesting swans are much loved (and photographed) and watching the cygnets, from hatching in the Spring to flying lessons in the Autumn, is a joy for everyone who visits The Ocean. We also have nesting coot, moorhen, kingfisher, visiting little egret, heron, cormorant, migrant swallows and bats that feed on the emerging insects from the water. Not forgetting countless amphibians, dragonfly, damselfly, the occasional otter and all the fish that call this home. As part of the canal restoration project Network Rail (NR), Cotswold Canal Trust (CCT) and Stroud District Council (SDC) are replacing The Ocean Bridge underneath the railway line. The residents overlooking The Ocean have seen the step by step proposal supplied directly by the contractor to ‘de-water’ The Ocean completely as part of this project and remove nesting habitat by early March, with re-watering happening potentially during June-September. This is as drastic as it sounds and would mean The Ocean would be left drained and empty, with all wildlife being sadly forced to flee. Whilst we support the canal restoration project we do fear for what will be left after these proposed works and the lost season for the breeding wildlife. The impact of these proposals will be felt hugely by wildlife and the local community greatly BUT from discussions we’ve had with NR, CCT and SDC there are other options that they could pursue which would be less destructive and damaging to this VITAL habitat. That’s why we’re asking for YOUR VOICE to help put pressure on those we are petitioning to re-consider their plans and protect our wildlife in The Ocean. This is an URGENT petition – please support and share. Thank you. For more information see CCT’s latest blog post: https://www.cotswoldcanalsconnected.org/category/ocean-bridge-project/ https://www.cotswoldcanalsconnected.org/ocean-rail-bridge/
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    Created by Emma Faure
  • Rochdale Skate Park
    This is a needed faciality in a place that is severely lacking with any youth programs and social hubs. Rochdale does not have any proper places for people to go anymore never mind even skate without interruptions or weather problems. This will take so many Youth out of their houses, out of trouble and into a friendly, safe and encouraging environment to have fun and meet up with their friends. Even better to meet new People like themselves. Look around online ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjl5i92j7ng), These places are hugely successful community rocks for people. Such a success only 15 miles away. All over the South of England they are in much more abundance and show that they are crucial places for the community. The community spirit that skaters show for each other is incredible and the youth and people of Rochdale need this. I know personally myself from skating my whole life, that a lot of people in The Rochdale borough travel to a lot of places to skate at places like I'm purposing. Why shouldn't Rochdale have their own? Young People and Adults alike will finally have a place to skate and be a part of a community. Not only would it have such a good impact on the Community This would definitely bring more business and get people to travel to Rochdale to take part, just as everyone in Rochdale are forced to do and travel outside its borders for properly ran SkateParks.
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    Created by Brad Sims
  • Safe Wath wood jumps
    Because we have a lot of fun on these jumps throughout these tough times and it also keeps us away from the streets and vandalism
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    Created by Arthur Goodall
  • Ban the sale of water in plastic bottles
    This is important because innocent animals die every year through plastic bottles landing in the sea and being eaten by large fish and sea mammals. The process of making the bottle requires the use of fossil fuels but the use of fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is warming the planet, changing the weather patterns which will lead to mass extinction of animals and plants, as well as, people being displaced from their homelands. People also are mislead by the way plastic bottles are not always recycled as well as they thought. By the banning the sale of water in single use plastic bottles people will be encouraged to use their own reusable bottles and water filling stations.
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    Created by Nicola Waters
  • Packaging Pollution: Producers Must Pay
    When Exxon or BP create an oil slick, they are made to pay for its clear up. Rightly so! But the likes of Coca Cola and Nestle are creating a plastic slick all over the world and they walk away without a care in the world. And they blame us! The world is struggling under the weight of all our waste, very little of it is actually recycled, and wildlife is suffering. Plastic is being found in the guts of innocent creatures everywhere and they are dying as a result. The government are introducing a new environment bill soon and its time that they made producers pay for the costs they cause us in dealing with the waste disposal and recycling and also for clearing up the pollution in our environment. For goodness sake, they make enough money and yet it is us, through our taxes, that pay for the clean up. Prices may increase a little on the products for those that buy them but the cost burden on our local authorities will go down thus freeing up funds for our vital local services.
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    Created by Adam Biggs
  • As our MP, please support the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill
    The Climate Change Act (2008) was passed after 412 MPs supported an Early Day Motion in 2005. This was a ground-breaking bill, but the climate and ecological emergency has been getting steadily worse. In May 2019 the Act was amended with enhanced targets, but there is still a long way to go. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill--the CEE Bill—would bring together a representative cross-section of British people in a Citizens’ Assembly. They would listen to experts, have thorough discussions, and report with realistic plans to limit climate change, biodiversity loss, and the injustices they cause in the world. These plans would be taken up by government. The Bill has been supported by nearly 100 MPs so far, and was due for a second reading on 26th March 2021, but is likely to be delayed after the Government suspended Friday sittings. Please join the campaign to get this law onto our statute books and to help protect life on our beautiful planet. ► Find out more at https://www.ceebill.uk/resources ► Join the Twitter storm on 26th February, the day when the second reading was previously due in Parliament
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    Created by Tony GOODCHILD
  • Parish Council Climate Change Duties
    The threat from climate change and the human impact of humans on the environment is daunting. Much like the foundation of the NHS was based on the mutual aid societies set up by ordinary people, we need to support the organisation of local grassroots initiatives to save the planet, rather than just waiting for legislation and international agreements
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    Created by James Walker