• Get a crisp packet recycling bin in LUU!
    Crisp packets are not recyclable. Walkers run a recycling scheme, but drop offs either need to be in large quantities or a bin must be provided. The nearest bin is at the back of Hyde Park. With so many packets of crisps sold every day in LUU, we should be doing more to prevent them all ending up in landfill.
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  • Irresponsible Dog Guardians and Dog Poo
    Dog Poo is hazardous to health, smelly, sticky and dificult to remove from car, carpet, shoes etc.Discarded Poo bags are unsightly, dangerous to livestock and wild life and are not generally bio-degradable so will remain where deposited for years.
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    Created by Roy Bogstrup
  • Halt salmon industry expansion around Arran!
    The Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament have stated in regard to large-scale open-cage salmon production "If the current issues are not addressed this expansion will be unsustainable and may cause irrecoverable damage to the environment." The Community of Arran Seabed Trust say that the consequences of large numbers of fish deaths, contamination by fish sewage, food waste, chemicals and medicals will be detrimental to the environment, health and economy of the Isle of Arran and its neighbours. See https://www.arrancoast.com/north-arran-salmon-farm-campaign/ for more information.
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    Created by Russ Cheshire
  • Keep plastic water bottles out of landfill sites
    We believe that this will greatly help protect the environment, providing a better world for future generations. Wildlife habitats have been lost to landfill sites, people and animals have become ill due to plastics in the sea eaten by small animals all way up the food chain and increased levels of methane gas have been released due to the plastic water bottles ending up in landfill. This needs to stop.
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    Created by WKGS Digital Leaders
  • Round 2: Protected Wildlife Species at Risk from Intensive Poultry development in North Shropshire
    We need your signatures for the second time, to stop the proposed intensive poultry development that will put the existing wildlife habitats of badgers, otters, bats, other mammals & some birds and amphibians in real danger. With active badger setts located adjacent to the site, this threatens their habitat and welfare. The loss of habitat of endangered and protected species such as badgers & Otters is a real risk! The proposed development is not an existing farm, does not include any existing farm or other buildings/ infrastructure and is located 1km away from the nearest working farm buildings. It is situated in an uninterrupted English greenfield site which makes up part of the national character profile of Shropshire and the United Kingdom. The area is celebrated and enjoyed for its history, beauty, diversity and tranquillity. This green corridor, with its multiple heritage assets, listed buildings, ancient woodland, rivers, scheduled ancient monuments, ancient hedgerows, historic villages, battlefield site, foot paths, bridleways and nearby vibrant market town & Shropshire Union Canal, makes up a significant part of Shropshire’s natural and historic environment. Pristine uninterrupted greenfield land should be celebrated, cherished and preserved for many reasons, not least for the future generations to enjoy. The proposed development site sits above a principle aquifer from which Severn Trent draws its drinking water resources. The site also slopes towards a tributary to the Tern River. 32,000 hens would cause the land to be compacted and pollution caused from run off from hen excrement could lead to contamination of the watercourse. As well as the proposed development posing a HUGE visual intrusion, it also poses ten threats to the community, they are: TRAFFIC DANGER- traffic has already reached danger level on our narrow approach roads. The Betton approach is also a school/nursery run and the increased traffic, including HGV and other heavy vehicles, will prove the tipping point in unacceptable risks. STENCH/FLIES - from 2 tonnes/day of excrement, which will carry in the prevailing wind (SW) along Main Road. ENTRAPMENT - For those unfortunate families close to the site, there is no escape. If you are driven to move, who will buy your house? RIVER POLLUTION - Contamination of the river located very close to the site due to surface water run off pollutants. HERITAGE - The proposed development is close/in line of sight to many Listed Properties, ancient woodland and heritage assets, plus, very close to a beautiful bridleway and footpaths. HABITAT LOSS – Ripping out ancient hedge row and replacing green meadow with concrete, adjacent to existing habitats such as active badger setts, would deplete local wildlife populations. DEVASTATION - Betton is the attractive gateway to Norton, Best Kept Village and Champion of Champions, Britain in Bloom. The spoiling of this beautiful greenfield site will make a mockery of all the outstanding village work over many years. MISSION CREEP - This application is the advance guard for a much bigger plan. One unit of 32,000 birds is scarcely viable. Don’t be deceived by this Trojan Horse – 65% of all egg-laying applications in Shropshire are for expansion of facilities. CONSTRUCTION - Concrete access road, turning circle, barn, feed silo, earth moving, light pollution etc EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - There are none. Poultry facilities are not labour intensive - they are hen intensive. (32000 hens =1 ½ people). Reasons why this planning proposal should be refused: - Negative visual impact - Air and river ammonia pollution -Habitat Loss - Odour, flies and noise -Negative impact on wildlife habitats such as otters, badgers, bats and owls who live nearby -Danger from HGVs vehicles/tractors on the roads -Not a diversification for an existing farm -Not being located next to existing farm buildings
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    Created by lara white
  • Get M&S to use compostable food packaging.
    I love M&S food. It is a cut above many other food retailers and I was really excited to hear that I will be able to order online for home delivery with Ocado by September 2020 at the latest. I would love to be able to do a weekly shop with M&S especially during busy weeks when I don't have the time or the energy to cook a nutritious meal every night for my family. With an M&S meal you can be healthy and there is very little food waste, which is good for the environment. However, there is a big but - the heavy use of single-use plastic in their food packaging. You may have seen the story in the press about the cauliflower 'burgers' which were slices of cauliflower packaged in a large single-use plastic container. Single-use plastic is the kind that is used once and then thrown away, like food packaging, water bottles, coffee cups, straws and grocery bags. The problem is, every piece of plastic ever produced is still on our planet. There is more micro-plastic in the ocean than there are stars in our galaxy. Plastic is dumped in landfill and the ocean, and never biodegrades. It just gets smaller and smaller, and eventually ends up in our food chain. Supermarkets in the UK produce 800 000 tonnes of plastic waste each year and that figure is set to quadruple by 2050. Recycling is good but only 9% of plastic is recycled world wide. We recently learnt that 65% of the plastic we recycled in the UK was shipped to China until China refused to take anymore. The obvious solution is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used. M&S have up to a year and a half to get ready for their home delivery service and increase in food sales. Whilst they upgrade the scale of food production, they have a unique opportunity to focus on the use of truly biodegradable, compostable packaging. Legislation is underway and environmental groups are lobbying the UK government to ban single-use plastic so all supermarkets will likely be forced to change their packaging in the future. The UN has told us we only have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe. Let's ask M&S not to wait for legislation, but to demonstrate true leadership and responsibility and show other food retailers that environmentally friendly food packaging is not only possible but that we the customers want it.
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    Created by Mary Hernon
  • Declare a Climate Emergency in The Chilterns
    We must do whatever is necessary to limit global temperatures to below 1.5 degrees warming to ensure a livable world for younger generations. We therefore call on current and future council bodies in The Chilterns to: 1. Declare a Climate Emergency 2. Commit to making all local councils net zero carbon by 2030. 3. Develop a clear plan within 6 months for a route towards being net zero carbon 4. Call on the UK Government to provide the necessary support and resources to enable effective carbon reductions. It’s time to declare a Climate Emergency in The Chilterns. Its time to work together to secure our common future. *councils in the Chiltern area will be switching to a new Unitary Authority in 2020. We call on current Parish, Town, District and County Councils as well as the new Unitary Authority when it is formed.
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    Created by Zoe Hatch
  • Protect Northern Ireland's Air and Water and Countryside
    The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has continually failed to protect our water, air and land. * 69% of Northern Ireland's rivers, 76% of lakes and 60% of coastal waters failed water quality standards (2018). * 98% of Northern Ireland's protected Special Areas of Conservation exceeded critical levels of ammonia deposition at which ecological damage occurs (2017). * Northern Irelands' Freshwater bird population has decreased by 42%, the Skylark population by 48% and the Greenfinch population by 52% (1994-2016). Legislation for Brexit will give overriding power to DAERA, even if a project damages the environment. Northern Ireland has no Independent and Accountable Environmental Protection Agency. The Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales all do. We need equality in protecting the air, water and land masses that we all share. We need good governance as we leave the European Union. We need to create a safe and vibrant Environment and Economy which will protect the Health and Wellbeing of our families and communities, everywhere in N. Ireland.
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  • Publicly Oppose the Venezuelan Coup to Prevent Climate Change
    The majority of wars fought over the last 30+ years have been over access to and exploitation of fossil fuels. This has been an open secret, yet has received insufficient opposition from an environmentalist perspective. As regions around the world become environmentally unstable, they also become politically and economically unstable. We cannot deny that a link between aggressive foreign policy and climate change is becoming ever more apparent. The US, in particular, has an extensive history of toppling governments for fossil fuel-related motivations. The coup in Venezuela is no different. Regardless of how you feel about the current Venezuelan government, the potential for the privatisation of oil in the country by a possible Guaido government, backed by the US, will be a major loss for the planet. John Bolton, Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, has even openly admitted that supporting the coup is motivated by getting at the country's oil, as he unwittingly revealed in a Fox Business Network interview: "We're in conversation with major American companies now that are either in Venezuela or, in the case of CITGO, here in the United States. I think we're trying to get to the same result here. It'll make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela". Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Enough to keep us burning dirty energy well past the point of no return of 12 years as warned by the IPCC. If we want to radically reduce carbon emissions, standing idly by while Venezuela's publicly-owned oil gets carved up by encroaching foreign fossil fuel companies is going to make the problem even worse. This is why we need to rally action on this issue and highlight its environmental aspect that is barely getting any attention. We can make this the start of a movement to apply public pressure and prevent an escalation of such behaviour. That includes any possibility of a direct invasion of the country the US government. This should be done both in the name of peace and the planet. At the same time, we could urge the Venezuelan government itself to diversify away from their dependency on these oil reserves and move towards renewable energy ASAP, setting a major example for other governments in the region. We are in an era of climate change wars, where governments are willing to do anything to fight over ever-dwindling scraps of fossil fuels. Even if it means violating international law, spreading misinformation, using sanctions & market forces as political leverage, or simply tweeting a president into existence. All the while the planet becomes less habitable and everyone will be left to bear the consequences of such actions. In short, if you believe in keeping fossil fuels in the ground, then we must not allow private interests to take it out of the ground in Venezuela. The first step in doing so is to publicly oppose it and push back from an environmental standpoint. #StoptheCoup
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  • Ban single use plastic
    Plastic is bad for everyone - our environment, wildlife and human life. We are killing our planet with a material that isn’t necessary as there as so many alternatives however there are greedy people in the world who are willingly causing the murder of our home and everything in it carry on.
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  • Force supermarkets to act as collection points for Terracycle
    Following a successful campaign to ensure that it is at least theoretically possible to recycle Walkers crisp packets, we believe more action is urgently required to ensure that we make the most of this potential to reduce Scotland’s waste mountain. In fact, Terracycle (the company Walkers partnered with) actually have a rather wide range of recycling programmes (https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades) that include: - air and home care products - bread bags - toothpaste products - crisp, biscuits and snack packets - Pringles tubes - writing instruments Obviously, none of these are included in kerbside recycling in Moray (or across Scotland, as far as I am aware). Local Councils are already struggling with cuts to services so do not have the capacity to help, so supermarkets seem ideally situated. We still only recycle 45.6% of waste generated in Scotland (www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-45638111), which is an appallingly low number when we consider how long we've been exposed to the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" mantra. Even though each of the Terracycle programmes is initiated by specific brands (i.e. Colgate), they do not just take their own particular brand (i.e. any kind of toothpaste tube) and each could significantly impact the amount of waste going to landfill. This could be a huge benefit to our environment, enabling us to truly become "Zero Waste Scotland". Sadly, all the initiatives currently seem to have hardly any representation in the places like the Highlands and Islands. For example, the nearest Pringles tube drop-off is in Inverurie (AB51). The "writing instruments" programme has Central Primary School in Inverness (which is only accessible to those with children at the school or staff members) and another in the rather obscure location of "Milton of Rothiemay" (a forty minute drive from Elgin). They are currently closed to new participants. It's great that we seem to have the technology to recycle so much but this current approach just seems ridiculously piecemeal. I understand that the brands are keen to burnish their green credentials and Terracycle offer a means for them to tick the "doing something about it" box. Yet how much is actually being recycled and how accessible are these programmes, particularly in rural locations? That's why I am petitioning the Scottish Government to legislate to force every supermarket in Scotland to collect materials for the Terracycle programmes. We need to have proper processes in place to reduce our waste and safeguard Scotland's future socio-economic prosperity. This seems a common-sense measure that everyone can support. However, we need to show the Scottish Government how passionately we care about this issues, so they take action and don’t get distracted by other objectives.
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  • Clean up Britain’s roadsides
    Have you ever taken notice whilst driving the sheer amount of rubbish along the kurbside, in the grass, bushes etc on nearly all roads now including motorways? It’s everywhere, we need to act now before it gets unbearable!
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