• Say NO to Stobart's and Six/56
    WBC's planning department together with Stobart's, Langtree and Panattoni (all multi-national property and logistics companies) are determined to forever destroy 346,000m sq of South Warrington's Green Belt land. That's equivalent to 54 Wembleys. It will mean easily 2000 additional vehicular movements PER HOUR 365/24/7 on our already overloaded roads, junctions and surrounding motorways. Air pollution in Warrington is one of the worst in the UK. It is THE worst for the most dangerous small particulates (PM2.5) in the whole of the UK (World Health Organisation Air Quality Database, 2018). This is a legacy that we MUST NOT PASS ON to our children and future generations. RSWF will use this petition to hand over when each application comes before the DMC. Please sign this petition to make your objection clear and share widely. Thank you.
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  • Stop oil exploration in Cardigan Bay Marine SAC
    Cardigan bay Marine SAC is an important breeding and feeding area for bottle nose dolphins and harbour porpoises. An environmental impact assessment carried out by London based Orbis Energy has admitted that the proposed seismic activity would have detrimental consequences affecting all forms of wildlife including shellfish, marine mammals and seabirds as well as fish spawning grounds. Previous extensive seismic surveys have been conducted and have revealed no commercial quantities of hydrocarbons within the area and do not need to be repeated. If however there were any viable reserves discovered the extraction of such would cause irreparable damage to this sensitive marine area and the life it supports whilst making a mockery of the designation of a marine SAC. Equally at a time when Wales has declared a climate emergency to proceed with the extraction of more fossil fuels is sheer madness. If you have ever been fortunate enough to witness the bottlenose dolphins of Cardigan Bay you will understand the importance of protecting their precious habitat for future generations, if not I sincerely hope that you will be able to one day! Please sign and share this petition to ensure we can take it to the UK Government and overturn this reckless decision.
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    Created by Steve Parkin
  • Stop Throwaway Tents
    An estimated 250,000 tents are abandoned in the UK each summer, most of these at festivals. These tents are rarely reused and the materials they are made from are generally not recyclable, thus the great majority end up in landfill. At a time when we are facing an existential environmental crisis, when we are experiencing the earths sixth extinction event with around 5000 species disappearing each year. When the sea, air and earth is being increasingly poisoned through man made contaminants, and the population is growing to the extent that there are 225,000 extra people to support each day, we have to rapidly adapt to the situation and reduce our impact on the planet. If we want to save our civilisation and our beautiful planet then we have to stop using single use products. NOW!
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    Created by Danny Ardeshir
  • Plastic-free Schools need Plastic-free Periods
    The government has made three promising commitments recently: - To tackle period poverty by providing free period products to primary and secondary schools - A challenge to schools to go single-use plastic free by 2022 - To eliminate unavoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042 With all three commitments in mind we want this government to commit to only purchasing period products for schools that are plastic-free or reusable. This would mean schools can offer students a range of plastic-free disposable products (tampons, pads and liners) and reusable products (menstrual cups and washable pads). Here in the UK a staggering 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used every year! Many people don’t realise that most period pads (including Always, Bodyform and most supermarket own-brands) can contain up to 90% plastic – the equivalent of four plastic bags per pad [1]. Most tampons also contain a thin layer of plastic. What’s more, although no period products should go down the loo, it’s estimated around 700,000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed down the toilet every day in the UK – many of which block our sewer systems and escape into our rivers and seas. In addition to the environmental benefits of providing plastic-free period products, a reusable product option provides immense cost savings over time and reduces ‘period poverty shame’ – those who require free products find it more dignified to do so every 2-10 years, as opposed to every month. Research shows that over a lifetime an individual can save up to 94% of what would have been spent on disposable products, by switching to reusable ones. We call on the government to use joined-up thinking in tackling these issues and commit to supplying plastic-free and reusable period products for schools. [1] Dr Mercola, 2013: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/feminine-hygiene-products_b_3359581.html
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  • Stop the throwaway culture of 'festival tents'
    More than 250,000 tents get left behind at UK festivals every year including Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds. The average tent is mostly made of plastic - which is equivalent to 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups. But some of the UK's biggest sports and lesiure retailers are still advertising tents as 'festival tents,' which gives the impression that you only need to use them once. There is a myth that tents left behind when people leave the festival are collected and handed to charities. The reality is that the huge majority don't and will ultimately end up in landfill. With more and more festivals pledging to go plastic free and climate crisis on more and more people's minds, urgent action needs to be taken, with the help of the UK's biggest retailers.
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  • Stop the St Philip's Marsh Gas Plant
    The gas plant is 90 m from a school in an area which already has dangerous levels of air pollution. Bristol Council passed a climate emergency motion in November 2018 and has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By approving a power generation plant that burns fossil fuels the council is complicit with corporations that are driving the climate crisis. UK Parliament declared climate emergency on May 1st 2019.
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  • Zero Emission 100% Electric Cars
    Fact: The gas fueled, internal combustion cars typically driven by Europeans have deteriorated our environment. Think About It: Global warming can be halted with the zero emission 100% Electric Vehicles (EVs) that are made with NiMH batteries whose use is currently being suppressed by Chevron Oil Corporation. Fact: GM has been given $50Billion worth of our tax payer bail out money. Think About It: In 1996, GM had the car of the century, the EV1. The EV1 ran due to the NiMH battery patents acquired by Chevron Oil Corporation. GM crushed ALL OF THEIR CARS shortly thereafter. Why are our tax dollars paying to bail out our automotive industry when our same tax dollars paid for the invention of the NiMH batteries? Fact: In 2005 alone Chevron grossed over $125 Billion (Up 35% from 2004). Think About It: “?” Think About It: The NiMH battery technology is proven with the past ten years of high performance of Toyota RAV 4 EVs made with NiMH batteries. Why waste more of our tax dollar money on technology we already have? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on our ailing health care system? Think About It: The government has exercised Eminent Domain and /or Compulsory Licensing during much less desperate times and for purposes serving much less of the greater good. Yes, it comes at a price, but the amount paid to Chevron would be much less than ongoing cost of Reign of Big Oil. Think About It: What was this war all about? Why are our soldiers dying to preserve Iraqi Oil Fields when we have the battery patents to an emission free, alternative energy technology RIGHT NOW!
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  • inflight carbon-offset announcements
    This is of existential importance because we are experiencing a climate crisis, to which airlines contribute on a massive scale. Countless people who fly are unaware of offset programs. This is one small way of fighting global warming, which can be instituted immediately, without cost to airlines.
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    Created by Dennis Wardleworth
  • Stop selling faux/artificial plastic plants
    There seems to be a fashion now for fake plants, particularly succulents at the moment and unfortunatley these are made of plastic. In this time of climate crisis and when we are drowning in the sea of plastic already on this planet, why on earth are retail outlets including many of the major supermarkets, making/selling more, for something so frivolous and when plants can so easily be grown, maintained and seeds bought cheaply. Not to mention how real house plants improve our oxygen, health and wellbeing. Let's stop this insanity now.
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  • Liverpool & Merseyside: Declare Climate Emergency
    In declaring a climate emergency, they would follow the lead of both Parliament and more than fifty councils around the country. This declaration should include a pledge to make the city zero carbon by 2030, a commitment to green municipal energy generation and distribution, and ensure that there is properly democratic citizen representation in the development of all aspects of the city's climate justice programme. Bold climate action needs to be taken for the well-being of current and future generations, both locally and worldwide, and to ensure that the fragile balance in valuable ecosystems is maintained. Implementing this strategy could generate thousands of climate jobs in Merseyside. This call for action is made in the light of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, published in October 2018, that concluded that humanity has 11 years for “ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society, the private sector, indigenous peoples and local communities” to deliver the “rapid and far reaching transitions in land, energy, industry, buildings, transport, and cities” needed to avoid tipping point. We are a group of Liverpool climate activists who want to work with all those on Merseyside that wish to see Climate Emergency declared and urgent implementation of these actions.
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  • Tell Amazon.co.uk to stop using single use plastic packaging
    Amazon's recent use of plastic envelopes seems to an extraordinary decision to make in the wake of concerns about plastic in the oceans and in the landscape. Amazon seem utterly unconcerned by this and appear to have chosen to take the attitude that they are bigger than the environment and have stopped bothering to listen to customers who complain.
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