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To: Brett Beetham

A park for young children to play in on the new Barratt estate Camp Hill

A park for young children to play in on the new Barratt estate Camp Hill

To work with Warwickshire County Council to commission a new young children’s playground on the new barratt estate in Camp Hill. This is a growing community with many young families and children, Barratt are building more houses which are now going up at the back of the estate in which more families and most likely children will be housed. The children currently only have Whittleford park which is over grown and not well maintained amand a Gym park for older children which is not suitable for young children.

Why is this important?

The benefits of good out door space are not only for children’s physical health as we are living in a generation where more and more young people are stuck in front of computer screens but it also supports with children’s mental health which in recent months has been highlighted in the media. Also some children on the estate suffer with Autism, Learning Difficulties and Down syndrome and would benefit from a much improved outdoor space. The community keeps on growing many childrens families do not have the financial means to keep leaving the estate to find things to do with their children as most activities come at a cost. Commissioning a park as other housing estates have is the right thing to do. The estate of Skye Drive has a park and so does Bannerbrook Housing Estate in Coventry. Saxon Rise, Saxon Heights and Saxon Meadows does not have this facility.

Nuneaton, UK

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