• Stop fines for taking your children on holiday in school term
    Imagine not taking your child out of school to make memories and then losing them in there 2nd year of primary school.. before we found out about Jaydens cancer we had letters about his attendance that it was far to low (87%) and he shouldn’t miss anymore time .. I am so glad I never worried about his attendance and I made it a priority to make memories as a family .. I understand learning is important for children but so is soaking up as much time as you can while there young, life is far to short to be worried about them missing the odd week here and there after Covid I don’t think they could really complain about childrens attendance atleast till they hit atleast year 9 in secondary! Make the memories while you can! Tomorrow is never promised! I lost my son to cancer at the age on 6 years old! If I never took him out of school I’d never have the memories I do with him! Memories are just as important as getting an education and unfortunately for some families it’s not financially feasible in the school holidays so many families miss out
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    Created by Chelsea Johnson
  • Create a safe children's play area on Andrew Lane Park
    Let's create a children's play area on Andrews Lane Park so our children have a safe area to play close to their homes. Let's create something that our children and our children's children will be able to enjoy safely.
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    Created by Ashiya Patel
  • Increase of Universal Credit payments
    As someone personally affected by long-term anxiety and depression, I understand the struggles faced by individuals who are unable to work due to mental health conditions. It is disheartening that the current Universal Credit system fails to provide adequate support, leaving many individuals, including myself, in a constant state of financial insecurity. Universal Credit has awarded me a mere £276.00 per month to cover all my living expenses. This amount barely covers my monthly bills and leaves me with no room for essential needs such as food or clothing. Within just four days of receiving my payment, it is entirely depleted, leaving me without any financial resources for nearly an entire month until the next payment arrives. The current system also places additional burdens on those already struggling financially. While Universal Credit does contribute towards my rent payments, I am still required to find an extra £70 each month out of pocket. This becomes increasingly challenging when direct debit payments and other essential expenses arise. It is evident that families across England are facing similar hardships due to insufficient support from Universal Credit. The inability to meet basic needs not only affects individuals but also impacts their overall well-being and quality of life. To bring about meaningful change and alleviate the distress experienced by countless people like myself, we urgently call upon Universal Payments authorities to increase monthly allowances by £400 per person receiving benefits under the current system. By raising universal payments adequately, we can ensure that individuals have sufficient funds not only for their immediate needs but also for long-term stability and security. This increase will enable recipients like myself to afford basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare expenses while still having some semblance of financial stability throughout each month. We acknowledge that implementing this change will require careful consideration from policymakers regarding budget allocation. However, it is crucial to recognize the long-term benefits of investing in the well-being and livelihoods of individuals who rely on Universal Credit. We urge Universal Payments authorities to take immediate action and address this pressing issue. Together, let us strive for a fairer and more compassionate society that supports those facing financial hardships through no fault of their own. Sign this petition today to demand an increase in Universal Payments by £400 per month, ensuring a better quality of life for all recipients. Let us stand united in advocating for change and creating a more equitable future. Thank you for your support!
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    Created by Geraldine Dunlop
  • Unbrand Penair schools PE Kit!
    So many secondary schools across the UK put this on families every year, demanding they have expensive branded uniform, which is completely unnecessary. Primary schools cope without anything branded so why should secondary be any different? It's time to stop this financial burden completely. We need branded items to be an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. One item, a blazer/jumper/hoodie for their day to day uniform and one item for PE kit, unless they want to compete for the school.
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    Created by Taylor Williams
  • Large family and children's facilities
    Kids hanging in street coners, teens suicide deaths , teen depression , drug use and alcohol due to boardom ,no place for family's in poverty or even for those who aren't, prices too high for the little we do have, nowhere for family's who don't drive, nowhere for family days out , nowhere for kids with sensory problems , nowhere for children social areas , any areas children socialise are in streets then get into bother , parents who don't drive and can't afford travel expensive sit crying as they can't have lovely family days out , family's feeling non worthy due to not getting the chance to experience these family days
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    Created by Elisé Mckenna
  • Water pollution WHY PAY TWICE!
    This problem we have today has built up since privatisation 30 years ago. When the public owned water companies were privatised initially investment in water and sewage cleansing brought our water into a reasonable standard. The Government then set legal standards for water supply and sewage cleansing. They then set up Ofwat to overlook this. Sadly the standards set were to low and Ofwat's powers are negligible. As the spokesperson for the water companies said on radio 4 Today programme, the water companies kept within legal laws, but fully recognise the state of our water and sewage cleansing. Why should we pay twice for negligence of governments since privatisation? Please sign to get this brought up in the House of Commons
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    Created by Jonathan Hughes
  • Build a ramp for buggies
    Most, if not all of the tenants in this block have young children and therefore, need to use a buggy. It makes it very difficult to leave and enter the building, especially for single parents. When I bid for this property I was told it had a lift but was not informed that there would be two sets of stairs to get to the lift (I was told I can not refuse this property offer when I came to view it). As a single parent, this is very difficult. Building a ramp would be safer and easier for all tenants with young children or mobility issues.
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    Created by Renee Dunkley
  • Grieving the dead and loved ones our way!
    This is important to all the familys, friends and loved ones who have people laid to rest here. We are now fighting to get this decision over turned, as there are many big family's and friends who go to see loved ones at this Cemetery. Sadly 2 pots just wouldn't be enough, again, people will be left heartbroken that they can not lay anything to show their love, respect and loved ones grave/resting place. Also as may will know, with weather conditions, flowers it just wouldn't last very long at all, so you can understand why people want to place more sentimental gifts down. To make these graves beautiful and stand out, especially the childrens graves, family's to lay there favorite toys/items, to show the resting place is a child's place, as children don't understand the meaning of flower's. Let alone weather conditions making them not last, but wild rabbit's eating them. We do understand not wanting items on the grass, or where maintance work needs to take place, but we could agree items can be placed near the head stones and memorial benches, as long as not out the borders of the loved ones grave/resting place itself. However, we want Stychbrook Cemetery to agree to allow family's, friend's, also loved ones to consider special events such as birthday's and Christmas so family's, friends, also loved ones can put balloons, mini Christmas trees, wreaths and other gifts to celebrate these special events, upon agreement they are removed after the season has passed. We also want Stychbrook Cemetery to consider letting the childrens graves stand out with lights, toys, beautiful decorations to show a young person was laid to rest here, and are loved but also missed dearly let there favorite items stay, to show who they was and what they loved. We also would like Stychbrook Cemetery to agree to close the gates/lock them, at a reasonable time, to prevent the sentermental items/gifts being stolen, plus graves being vandilised, but also prevents stolen items being dumped in the woodland area causing harm to nature but also wild life, this will also prevent causing anymore distress and heartbreak to the people who's items was taken and damaged. Why we have asked them to consider alot, we believe the parking should also be reconsidered due to the fact elderly, people with disabilitys including hidden ones who struggle to walk so far, as it is a bumpy and long walk to the graves towards the bottom, as long as cars don't drive on the grass, or cause damage to anything on site, this should be allowed. We are strongly reaching out to the community, government and more, to help over turn this devestating decision, this beautiful Cemetery has come to. All we are asking, is for a moment of your time to please sign and share, to help us stop this change, but also to allow family's friend's and loved ones to continue to place sentimental items. Please don't let this Cemetery turn in to a bare faced place of rest where people want to be able to pay respects, but also spend there time in there own ways with there gifts/items. So let's keep this Cemetery bright, open and beautiful for all. Since after the agreement of the owners at the cemetery placed these actions against the communitys of Staffordshire/west midlands, it not just caused such devistation to the people who brought plots for there loved ones that gained the exclusive rights documentations to have the rights to place there sentimental items such as flowers, and personal items to that person, it may cause spirituality to become distressed due to the actions of the owners itself. Thank you for your Support!
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    Created by Kate Beale
  • Change Graveyard decisions
    It's important to all the friends, family and loved ones who are buried on the cemetary, to be able to put more than just 2 pots of flowers down, due to the fact there are much larger families out there in the communities and friends, and 2 pots near a headstone would clearly not be enough space for all the families/ loved ones, to make their true respects to their loved ones who passed away. Flowers die off quite quickly due to weather conditions, and people find more sentimental items to gift on their loved ones graves to pay their dues and respects, which will last much longer and make graves look more tidier and more approachable, showing that their loved ones are been thought about each day. We can understand and respect the decision of the cemetary of not wanting items on the grass areas, due to the maintenance having the need to do their work round the graves, to make the cemetary look a nice and welcoming place to go too, so we believe they should over turn their decision and agree families and friends/ loved ones, of the loved ones who are buried within the cemetary, to put items on the graves that truly would be sentimental pieces, that's part of the family and the loved ones itself passed away. This includes statues/ ornaments/ lights/ photos/ children's toys on young people's graves. We believe upon agreement upon this being allowed, must be placed near head stones/ memorial benches where its concrete and on their graves as a whole, not leaving the outside boundaries, and that on special occasions items such as birthdays and Christmas such as balloons/ small Christmas trees/ lights/ fake candles/ wreathes, should be placed upon the graves, on agreement they should be removed when the season finishes. We believe they should especially think about the decision, with children that are buried also, as families like to show that their loved child is buried in that specific plot of land. They should be able to decorate with children's items and fairy lights, due to making this show a precious child was laid to rest in that place, and when a child passes away so young, more sentimental items such as a favourite toy, should be placed upon those graves instead of flowers which a sad passing wouldn't of known what they were for. We also believe that the gates to Stychbrook Cemetary should be closed and locked at a responsible time, to make sure no items that all the items that are laid on the graves are stolen and dumped in the woodland areas surrounded the cemetary, as this will prevent heart breaking upsets to the families and loved ones to the very people of the items that were stolen previous, and will stop harm coming to the wildlife when items are dumped in the woodlands area. We hope that people/ our communities will be able to support this petition and sign, to get the cemetary to over turn their heart breaking decision, which have literally destroyed families/ loved ones hearts and also those who are clearly buried on the land to Stychbrook cemetary who clearly loved the company, love, respect of everything the families and loved ones have done, within making the cemetary look as nice as it was, until the people of the cemetary made the decision to strip the cemetary appart just as the communities hearts.
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    Created by Luke Miller
  • Commit to extending Free School Meals to every child in primary school
    We are living through the greatest cost of living crisis in a generation, and too many families with young children are being pulled into poverty. Free school meals for every child will put money back in parents’ pockets. That’s money they can use to pay for other essentials for their children, from heating and food at home to hobbies and after-school clubs. Teachers and support staff see the difference a healthy school dinner makes. When children are hungry, they can’t learn. It’s hard for them to concentrate and harder for them to reach their potential. Free School Meals for all would mean every child can learn and succeed. For the first three years of school, every child in England gets a hot dinner – and no child under seven wants for food while they're at school. But from Year 3 on, millions of children as young as 7 miss out on a healthy meal at school. In 2020, Scotland pledged to extend Free School Meals for every child in primary education. This year, Wales said they’ll do the same. It is time for England to catch up. Providing a Free School Meal for every child in primary school will ensure all children can flourish and no child is left behind.
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    Created by The Mirror
  • Middlesbrough FC: Kick gambling ads out of football!
    I have experienced, in someone I know very well, the helplessness of a young Boro fan suffering from the uncontrollable need to gamble, accompanied by the guilt, the shame, the increasing debts, and the deep depression that gambling addiction causes. Ex-Boro star Paul Merson said “gambling addiction is a baffling, cunning, hideous disease that gets hold of you. Gambling addicts think they are bad people but they’re not, they’re ill people who need to get well.” I have read the research about how the rational part of the gambler’s brain is overcome in a microsecond and the chilling facts about the gambling industry spending £1.5 billion a year on advertising, and that the industry makes 86% of online profit from 5% of gamblers – those suffering from gambling addiction, some of whom will be Boro fans. The recent fine of £17 million for Entain (the firm that owns Ladbrokes and Coral) over its multiple failings and inaction to do necessary affordability checks is only one example of how gambling operators exploit their customers. Boro must have nothing to do with such an industry. We need to stand together to demand that Boro has nothing to do with an industry that encourages addiction. Boro football is too good to be making money out of products that cause mental illness. This petition is not against gambling, nor the choice of Boro supporters to choose to gamble but, since gambling addiction is recognized as an illness in the way that nicotine addiction is, we need to kick gambling adverts out of Boro football in the same way as we have kicked cigarette adverts out of sports years ago. In the words of one of our Boro songs that I have adapted: “We’re the red army from Middlesbrough And we stand and sing, Kick gambling adverts out of Boro footy, You are my Boro, my only Boro. Kick gambling adverts out of Boro, You’ll make me happy When skies are grey.”
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    Created by Eileen D
  • West Ham United FC: Kick gambling ads out of football!
    My name is Chris and I am in recovery from gambling addiction. I am a huge football fan and a West Ham United FC season ticket holder. I am surrounded by gambling advertising and sponsorship at every West Ham match. It was being subjected to this matchday advertising, as well as watching games on TV that led me to download my first betting app. I downloaded that app to bet on the outcome of a football match. However, within a number of weeks, I was gambling on in-play football, foreign football, horses, dogs, virtual racing, and then casino products such as slots and roulette. I was missing days at work, my relationships with friends and family became strained and my mental health was ruined. I was gambling online, in land-based casinos, bookmakers, and at Romford dogs. I had never gambled before downloading that first app at the age of 30. I did not appreciate how dangerous gambling can be. I also did not understand how the gambling industry would lure me in. After downloading the app I started to receive emails offering free bets, offering me free spins in a casino. They were cross-selling their most addictive products to me, but at the time I did not understand the dangers. The more money that I lost the more incentives I received. I was made a VIP and was given free money to gamble with. Rather than giving me free money to keep me gambling, the gambling operators should have been intervening. They didn't, and my experience is very common. Less than six years after placing my first bet I was sitting in my sister-in-law's house ready to take my own life. Fortunately, I am still alive. I am one of the lucky ones. Now in recovery, I try to help others who find themselves in the position that I was in and do all I can to prevent avoidable gambling harm. I co-founded both the All Bets Are Off podcast gambling addiction recovery podcast and a charity called Gambling Education Network. There are 409 deaths related to gambling every year in England alone and a YouGov study from this year shows that 2.9 million people are either already addicted or at risk of being so, with a further 3.3 million classified as “affected others”. These stark figures show what we already know: gambling harm is not an issue affecting just a small minority, it is severely harming – sometimes killing – many. To prevent any young fan from experiencing what I and so many others did, I'm urging West Ham United FC to cancel all gambling partnerships, say no to any new offers, and back The Big Step campaign.
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    Created by Chris Gilham