• Support For Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Rape
    It's takes decades for the majority of children that have endured abuse, sexual abuse and/or rape to come forward and when they do they will not physically represent the abused child that they were. This can initially cause a problem in the victim being believed and/or coming forward. But it needs to be understood that the abuse endured has a long term negative effort on the child, rewiring their brains and damaging their development. The child most likely grew up in a situation where it was known by others, including adults, that the abuse was happened and no one did anything. This leads to the child growing up to believe it was normal practice. It isn't until they are an adult, starting their own family or joining a family via a partner that they begin to notice the differences. It is shameful that a Local Authority can say that they are not responsible or liable for what the child endured while under their care. It can not be OK for the local authority to not be held accountable for the abuse. The law needs to show the victims that they support them 100% and understand. The law needs to support the victim to sue the local authority for financial support to fund counselling and therapy. To help the victim to access education again so they can gain back the chances that they lost. The law needs to hold all the local authorities that have children in their care, either in a LA accommodation or not 100% responsible for the physical, emotional and developmental well being for the said child. Even when this means using an outside agency/business that the LA pays.
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    Created by Sid Spencer
  • Paid Miscarriage Leave
    Suffering a miscarriage is not an illness, it is a loss that can be traumatic for expectant parents. It is therefore unfair to expect those grieving to rely on either their employer’s good will or sick leave. Unfortunately, there is also a stigma around miscarriage, with many parents feeling unable to discuss their loss with friends, family, or their GP. By introducing paid leave, it will open the door to more parents seeking the support that they deserve.
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    Created by David Russell
  • Healthy start vouchers should be able to purchase milk alternatives not just cows milk
    I feel we should be fighting for this change to be able to provide the right milk alternatives for children who are in low income families. And its important for their development just as much as cows milk. I am a single mother who has a child who needs milk alternatives in her diet due to having a milk allergy. I receive healthy start vouchers and these do not allow to buy milk alternatives with the vouchers i really think that they should be used to purchase milk alternatives as well as cows milk, fruit, veg and pulses. Milk alternatives are similar prices to cows milk but come in a 2 litre carton which lasts up to 3 days depending on how much a child drinks. When you are on a very low income it gets expensive and its essential your child has this as a source of nutrition. I would be grateful if you can take time to consider this as a change to healthy start vouchers as this is a must in so many young children's lives and many of these children are of low income families in receipt of these vouchers.
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    Created by ashlea cunningham
  • Make new parent's lives easier!
    Improve the partner/paternity leave offering: • Children are safer • Better for the partner • Support for the mother (particularly important during the postpartum period) - better outcomes for mother and baby • Bring in line with many other countries • Studies show there is no negative impact to the economy
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    Created by sian howson
  • A park for young children to play in on the new Barratt estate Camp Hill
    The benefits of good out door space are not only for children’s physical health as we are living in a generation where more and more young people are stuck in front of computer screens but it also supports with children’s mental health which in recent months has been highlighted in the media. Also some children on the estate suffer with Autism, Learning Difficulties and Down syndrome and would benefit from a much improved outdoor space. The community keeps on growing many childrens families do not have the financial means to keep leaving the estate to find things to do with their children as most activities come at a cost. Commissioning a park as other housing estates have is the right thing to do. The estate of Skye Drive has a park and so does Bannerbrook Housing Estate in Coventry. Saxon Rise, Saxon Heights and Saxon Meadows does not have this facility.
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    Created by Alyssa Mzihi
  • Stopping the closure of Europa Fun Pool
    With less and less things for kids to do they need things to keep them off the streets
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    Created by Martin Parker
  • Security Cameras at Play areas
    This is important to keep our children safe and let people know they are there to make it harder for children to go missing at child hot spots
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    Created by Nicole Feveyear
  • Make Cheshunt Skate Park Safe
    It is impotant to have an area for smaller children as it would help keep them and others safe. I have witnessed many serious injuries as a result of smaller children sharing the same space with older users. When the older more experienced skater/bikers are using the ramps the younger children are putting themselves and others at risk. The skate ramp area is not fenced off and younger children can and do run in the space which results in accidents. Due to the park layout it is hard to keep track of kids in the various areas and this should be redesigned to make it a family friendly space accessible to all.
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    Created by Marie Ertugrul
  • Make Dominion Road in Worthing safer for pedestrians and cyclists
    This stretch of road incorporates 2 primary schools and a high school, not to mention the other schools in the local area which are connected by dominion road. Our aim is to show the council that basic road measures could make a big difference. For example a crossing on dominion rd/ way junction and one at the Southdown/Angola road junction. A cycle lane would improve children's safety when riding to school and decrease traffic as well as improving air quality.
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    Created by Lizzie Chilvers
  • Stop Chelmsford Bereavement Charge Increase
    The Chelmsford City Council are proposing to increase bereavement charges by around 12%. We are in the midst of a global pandemic which has seen many families lose loved ones and many lose their livelihoods, whether it's jobs or businesses. The financial hardship many people are facing right now is severe. This petition calls for local councillors to get behind the residents they represent and speak against the proposal to increase this charge. This cost will be passed on from funeral directors to grieving families. When a family member dies, we have no choice but to pay this charge. This petition must close on 11th February 2020.
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    Created by Seena Shah Picture
  • Support the Change of use D1 Day Nursery at 6 Heol Yr Efail, Blossom Tree Nursery Rhiwbina, Ltd
    Blossom Tree Nursery Rhiwbina Ltd plan to expand our current capacity by opening an additional site to cater for more families in the area and meet the demands of the local community; thus contributing to the local economy, offering job opportunities, supporting local businesses and providing high quality childcare for local families. Rhiwbina is predominately a residential area with a large number of families living in the vicinity of the proposed nursery site. The current day care shortage and lack of availability significantly impacts on parents who want to return to work or those who are in work but are restricted by the childcare options available to them. Blossom Tree Nursery aims to alleviate this problem by creating additional space to support working families with quality childcare and wraparound care, thus giving them the freedom to work the hours that they choose. Please sign our petition to allow Blossom Tree Nursery to offer 40 crucial child care places to local families in Rhiwbina. If you would like to express your support, we would appreciate it if you could spare a minute or two to write a few lines telling the Planning Department why you want to see our nursery offering more childcare places in Rhiwbina. Please forward any supporting information to the Blossom Tree Nursery email address [email protected] Please include your name and address by Friday 29th January 2021
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    Created by Blossom Tree Nursery
  • Ban the sale of cot bumpers in the UK
    As per NHS and midwifery guidelines bumpers in cots can cause choking, suffocation and strangulation. The only things in a cot should be a correctly sized mattress and a fitted sheet. Some people are not aware this and sadly there are still related incidents and fatalities in the UK. The Lullaby Trust state “New parents now have a massive range of baby products to choose from and it can be really confusing to know what is needed. Babies need just a few basic items for sleep: a firm flat surface and some bedding. Our advice is simple: the safest cot is a clear cot.”
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    Created by Laura Ginman