• Financial help for parents forced to take unpaid leave due to self isolation and school closures
    This is something that is going to affect many families during this lockdown period, granted the schools are open for key worker children but for many this isn’t the case. Not everyone can work from home and as companies are not obliged to pay anyone who needs to take leave to care for their child I believe the government have neglected to consider the financial impact this will have on those that are forced to take unpaid leave to care for their children at home. Who can actually afford unpaid leave? There are no benefits available for people who are employed but earning nothing due to this situation. The same goes for those having to self isolate as their child has come into contact with someone who’s tested positive, there is no financial assistance for this anywhere. The £500 from the local authority does not cover children.
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    Created by Lindsey Forbes
  • Allow families with babies under 1 to form a support bubble in Scotland
    Mental health services are already hard to access and during the pandemic this has only become worse. We need to protect the mental health of new parents both for the welfare of parents and their babies. Parental leave can be very lonely if isolated and with tier 4 restrictions coming in across the country there are fewer and fewer places available to have any contact with other adults. This is so vital in preventing postpartum anxiety and depression. Having the opportunity to form a support bubble would provide a lifeline to some new parents.
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    Created by Alison Drennan
  • Make Rob Burrow BBC sports personality of the year
    To show dedication and support to him and his family. Also prove rugby is much loved by many and we are one big family. This man deserves that award he is fighting hard It will also show the importance against the fight against motor neuron disease
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    Created by Alex Love
  • Implement emergency social services investigations teams to maintain parental contact
    This will protect children from potentially harmful situations if the break in contact is justified and also protect the childs metal health and well being by maintaining relationships and regular contact with both parents. Where parental responsibility is shared then all decisions in relation to the child should be made jointly by both parents, who should be equal in the eyes of the law as there is still a bias towards mothers
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    Created by Rachel Wright
  • Hallmark channel uk
    It’s important to everyone it makes us so happy
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    Created by Christine Chamberlain
  • get Ightenhill a pump track
    its important because when people go to the park on bikes there is nothing to do. also the nearest pump track is really bad.
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    Created by Alfie Kinsella
  • Halloween decorations at grave side
    Because we done it every year since she sadly passed away we do it for easter christmas her birthday and her Anniversary (never had a problem) And we do it so my kids and my brothers kids knows she joining us every year.
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    Created by Charley Breach
  • MPs Pay Rise to fund holiday School Meals.
    Given the crisis that the world is facing because of Covid this is not the time for leaders to take pay rises while the poorest in our society go hungry. MPs should publicly declare these donations in the registrar of MPs interests.
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    Created by Robert Barron
  • Remove Jo Gideon as Trustee of Feeding Britain
    Jo Gideon, Conservative MP for Stoke on Trent Central, voted against the motion to provide meals for the children of poor/vulnerable families during the Christmas holidays. As a Trustee of the Charity, she should be supporting every single endeavour to provide food for those who need it; that’s what Feeding Britain is all about. Her action is extremely hypocritical and her position as a Trustee is incongruous.
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  • Change the Childcare Rules in Local Restriction Areas
    Many families use a mixture of formal and informal childcare in order to continue working and ensure their children are looked after while they are working to provide for them. Local Restriction rules ban them from using informal childcare arrangements, such as grandparents, other family members and friends, unless they are part of their support bubble. This includes many key workers such as NHS staff, police officers, teachers, shop workers and factory workers - people that have worked throughout this crisis to keep our country going. Many have used up their annual leave to cover childcare during the national lockdown, leaving them with no options now. People with informal childcare arrangements tend not to be able to afford to pay for childcare or they work hours that do not fit in with paid childcare or paid childcare is not available or their children have disabilities that means formal childcare is not an option for them. They are also highly likely to have employment contracts that state that they will not be paid for time off to look after children. Not everybody can work from home, not everybody can work school hours, so how will they cope with the drop in income? Many are worried about losing their jobs. We urge the Health Secretary to think again as these rules are just not practical or workable for many families, they cannot afford to employ private nannies and it is completely unrealistic to expect that they can arrange formal childcare within a matter of days or that they can afford formal childcare.
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  • Pay parents to parent not strangers.
    Family life has been eroded. Child mental health is depreciating . More people want to avoid covid and stay at home . It .makes no sense , to pay strangers with goverment money . When it could enable parents, to care for their own children.
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    Created by Jill Freeman
  • Newhaven SKATEPARK Coping removal
    So today we found out by luck that all the COPING in NEWHAVEN Skatepark is being removed and going to just be concrete sadly this has been decided without any input form the Skateboarders,Scooters,Bmx riders. A Man from the council that has never skated before has decided that the coping will go rusty and need replacing every 10 years. Without coping the skate-park will not be the same, also all metal on the grind boxes are being removed. We had no idea this was happening to the skatepark, can anyone tag me in who I need to speak to in the Council. This would not even be an option at the Level in Brighton or Eastborne or Lewes. How is this going to happen without input of the daily skatepark users. Many thanks. Morgan Smith OWNER OF SURF N SKATE NEWHAVEN Lewes District Council Cllr James MacCleary Clark & Kent Contractors Ltd
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    Created by Danielle Anne Smith