• Fair Holiday Prices for Parents
    Kids, hardworking parents/carers/school staff all deserve a decent break. A great holiday is often the best event of the year. But as soon as school term ends, all the holiday companies wack up the prices for exactly the same holiday they were selling the previous week. Most people simply can't afford these raised prices and so parents/carers are faced with a choice of staying at home or risking their childs education by going in term time.
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    Created by Damian Cooney
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence
    It is a huge learning curve for all that attend, including myself. It is important that professionals know the signs and reasons, they can spot them without physical violence happening.
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    Created by Victoria Coe
  • Childrens saftey matters
    Every parents worst nightmare is their child being hit by a car. The segway karts are seriously leathal and accidents waiting to happen due to how low to the ground they are and not supplied with a flag for bikes cars and trucks to see them. This is a very serious concern and these products are not supplying safety features with the items
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    Created by Rebecca Donaldson
  • Please designate Stoke Lodge as Local Green Space
    The importance of Stoke Lodge to the local community is strongly-felt, widespread and enduring: ● Two applications for Town or Village Green status show the strength of feeling about this space. The Inspector at the first TVG concluded that all tests for TVG status were met apart from one (‘as of right’ access) which is not relevant to the test for LGS. ● Our community has raised substantial funds and committed significant time over a sustained period to maintain access as of right. ● Over 4,100 Bristolians signed a petition calling on the Council to protect open access. ● Stoke Lodge has not one but two supporters’ groups, with over 1,800 members in aggregate who devote significant amounts of time not just to campaigning but also to gardening and other voluntary projects to protect and improve this amazing space. Please revise your assessment of Stoke Lodge. It is the epicentre of a community and is unique and irreplaceable – it fulfils all the criteria for Local Green Space and we strongly believe it should be given the higher level of protection.
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  • Stop junk food advertisers targeting our kids
    It's tough being a parent trying to help your children make the right choices. You want your kids to have treats but you also want them to eat healthily. It's a tricky balancing act. As a parent I want my child to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of watching something without being bombarded with ads for junk food. Kids can be impulsive. It's not right that companies are making a quick buck exploiting our kids like this. It needs to stop. Parents need to know they can send their kids off to school without advertisers flooding their phones and screens with ads for sugary drinks and snacks. Our kids are unhealthier than ever. One in three are leaving primary school obese, and with a higher chance of developing diabetes, asthma and other health conditions later in life. For the first time ever kids aren’t expected to live as long as their parents. And this is making our kids unhappy too, as it’s leading to depression and low self-esteem in our young people. There’s a simple solution - ban junk food advertising before 9pm. Will you sign my petition telling the government to do it?
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    Created by Louise Newton Picture
  • Let my wife remain with me in the UK
    We have been married for over 8 years, both in our 70,s and simply want to spend the balance of our Golden years in the peace and tranquility of the English Coutryside, without having to go through and over all the hoops and hurdles that we now faced with. We may not have contributed much to this world, but what we have done, we are proud off.
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    Created by David Bates
  • Protect the right of children to play
    We agree with Peabody that: “The sound of children playing is not considered anti-social behaviour. All children need to play inside or outside of their home in order to have a healthy upbringing.” We also agree that it is best for all residents that play should be respectful, both in times it occurs, and not to be of excessive volume or disturbance, and clearly self-regulation is the only effective enforcement. The families of the estate already abide to a set of informal guidelines around this - for example the time children may be outside playing - and are in constant communication and monitoring on this matter, a fact those without young families may not be aware of. We want to protect the children's rights as they have no voice themselves. We want to encourage dialogue between residents both for effectiveness and for the good of the community, and for all residents of all ages to enjoy living here 😀
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    Created by Matthew Painter
  • A crossing for Station Road at North Street
    Station Road is a Main road through March Town but there is no crossing at all except for one right in the middle of the town. The catchment areas for 2 primary schools mean that many parents and children (including myself with a 2 year old and a 6 year old) have to cross this road daily. If they were to use the only crossing they would incur a detour which would make the journey to school roughly another mile long or more. Added to this is the fact that a nursery and several childminders are on the school side of the road so a lot of children have to cross a busy road at a busy time of day and it can often take 10-15 minutes extra just to cross this road safely. There is no route to any other school from my area which would mean children would have to cross a busy road without a dedicated crossing however parents can't get their children into these schools as they are 'not in catchment'. Because of this parents are routinely forced to run the gauntlet of this road with their children or to use their cars to get their children safely to school (which isn't particularly friendly to the pocket, the environment or our children's health).
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  • Foreign Spouse Visa (As a sponsor)
    Because in February 2018 my Filipino wife was denied a Visitors Visa to the UK, to carry out this vital process which has to be carried out in person by my wife and myself at the Philippine Embassy London so that I can Emigrate and join my wife in the Philippines, in this case according to Philippine Law, my wife is the sponsor, and I want to apply for a 'None-Quota Immigrant Visa to the Philippines so that I can join her and our 3 year old Daughter, it is astonishing that my wife was refused a Visitors Visa, yet we married in the UK, my wife gave birth to our Daughter here in the UK, she lived for 23 months in the UK, and was handed a Residency Permit and the right to work following an uncompleted 3 stage 5 year UK spousal settlement visa which was not completed because she returned to the Philippines following chronic home sickness, so now I cannot emigrate and join them, and my wife cannot visit the UK to start off the process of my Immigration plans. I'm sure we are not the only ones put in this situation.
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  • Stop non recyclable wrapping paper!
    David Attenborough no less has suggested we might like to change our ways to avoid boiling seas and the End of Days! Changing our preferred type of gift wrap is an easy win. How much landfill is taken up with clearing away xmas? Aiming to make this change on wrapping paper is a small step in the right direction. Gift wrap that crumples up and stays crumpled can be recycled. Demand better labelling. We're ALL affected by this. The other stuff hides presents just as well.
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  • Help To Abolish Bedroom Tax
    We are expected to pay the Spare Room Subsidy (Bedroom Tax) if we have a spare bedroom in the property that we rent. This means that people renting social housing, who often have the lowest incomes, are expected to live in a property which has only one bedroom per occupant, with children of the same birth sex being forced to share a bedroom until they are 16 years old. I am a transsexual man. I pay bedroom tax so my two daughters can have separate bedrooms and personal space as they go through the awkward teenage years. It is a huge insult to me that I am given equal human rights as a transsexual but that I have to pay a tax because of my children's sex. We initially had to move out of a three bedroom property when the tax was introduced, which caused us great distress and placed me into debt. The smaller property that we moved into suffered rising damp and we lost many possessions and furniture due to the poor quality of this cheap housing. Once some of my debt was paid, I changed the way our income was spent and we were able to move to a much better property but are paying bedroom tax again and I am in financial debt again. If this petition gains enough signatures, I risk loosing my privacy as a trans man. However, as my children get older, as they move out and start their adult lives- I still have to pay the bedroom tax, which means that I'll have to move house yet again. I find myself in debt every time this happens. It stops me from having any security with housing. If I have a job in one place and have to move again because I can't afford the bedroom tax, I can potentially loose my job. Any consistency I could create with a solid, long-term address is destroyed. I have been unable to maintain strong social connections because of changing address and since I have to focus my low income on our basic needs, I cannot support local business as much as I'd like to. Every time I move I need to refurnish our home, meaning that our situation never upgrades. It's a fight for some people to maintain basic needs at all. Moving home can force children into attending a different school. With children of different ages, as the eldest moves out, the younger siblings may have to move house so the family can avoid bedroom tax, which could damage their education. My children deserve a good solid foundation in life so they can have a great start as young adults, and adults like myself have the right to a secure lifestyle. Please sign this petition, the end of Bedroom Tax can only be beneficial to all of us. Window Tax was repealed in Britain in 1851. To this day we see old properties with bricked up windows, as a result of residents avoiding tax. It is a cruelty to force us into moving home to avoid this current Bedroom Tax. Please sign this petition and make the British Government see what a mistake they are making by continuing to enforce the Spare Room Subsidy.
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  • ‘Weekly Payment Now’ on Universal Credit
    The current design of Universal Credit is one of the evils of our age. The design of Universal Credit was supposed to make it easier for people on benefits to move into employment. A key feature is that it is paid monthly and wraps all benefits into one payment including rent. There is a huge problem with paying benefits monthly. Because of the often chaotic nature of the finances of people on benefits, most poor people run out of money long before the month end. The result is that children go hungry for days, even weeks at a time and food banks proliferate. Moreover paying claimants the money needed for their rent, which they are supposed to pass on is folly. 73% of Universal Credit claimants are now in arrears on their rent, this is causing real strain on housing associations. Basically housing associations and landlords have become the lender of last resort to those on Universal Credit. But there is a sensible quick fix that will make Universal Credit work. It is repackaging an old idea. Pass a law that anyone in employment paid under £20,000 pa has the right to be paid weekly. Admittedly that will cause a short term cash flow issue for many employers. But that could easily be overcome if the Government lent every employer the right amount of money to move people to weekly pay. They already know all this information due to the HMRC real time submissions that employers are obliged to make to HMRC any time any payment is made to any employee. It would be dead simple to work out exactly the cash flow shortfall an employer would face, this could be advanced as a Tax and NI Credit and it could be repaid over an agreed period again by an adjustment to the amount of Tax and NI an employer has to make. Then simply, pay Universal Credit weekly and pay any rent element direct to the housing association or landlord. Then insist that ATMs and point of sale equipment in the supermarkets use fingerprint recognition technology and give access to benefit accounts using the ID God has given us all. At a stoke of legislation this would reduce the problem of running out of money for too long. Basically claimants are likely to be able to budget better on a weekly basis and if they make a mistake like drinking too much it only impacts their family for a week and not a whole month. So join me in asking Parliament to pass legislation to achieve this. It is so simple and sensible that it is quite remarkable that it has never been suggested. Adrian Hill
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    Created by Adrian Hill
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