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To: Goverment

A Payrise for our Heroic Nurses

A Payrise for our Heroic Nurses

Give our NHS nurses the pay that they deserve and that they have waited for for so long. Show them how important and respected they are by paying them fairly for the amazing job they do.

Why is this important?

Our NHS nurses are currently on the frontlines, risking themselves and their families during a time when we are staying safe in our homes and protecting those that we love. Some have had to leave their homes and are living alone, isolated from their families to keep them safe, during a time when they need all the support they can get.
Fair pay for nursing staff has been put forward and pushed back so many times, but now is the time to give them what theu deserve. Clapping on a Thursday evening is a great way to show our appreciation, but when lockdown is over and the last case of coronavirus has been and gone, please let's back our NHS nursing staff and see that they get fair pay for the amazing care they offer.

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