• Stop the closure of Sainsburys Stockport Store
    87 workers at Stockport's town centre Sainsburys store are facing redundancy in January 2021 because of Sainsbury PLC's decision to close the store. The workers at this store were amongst those keyworkers who risked their health and their lives during the Covid19 pandemic by working throughout in order to ensure that all of us continued to be able to obtain our food and other essential supplies. This decision by Sainsburys, to sack them at a time of sharply increasing unemployment is a slap in the face when they should instead be receiving a reward for our gratitude. The people of Stockport, and especially the residents of our town centre will lose a much valued store and a depletion of choice in buying their goods. Sainsbury PLC declared a pre-tax profit of £586 million in its 2020 Annual Report (see link below). We call on Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury PLC to withdraw the decision to sack these workers and close Stockport's town centre store. https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/~/media/Files/S/Sainsburys/documents/reports-and-presentations/annual-reports/sainsburys-ar2020.pdf Please also consider lodging an objection by writing to : Simon Roberts, Chief Executive, Sainsburys, 33, Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT Phone : 020 7695 8900 (direct line) 020 7695 6000 (switchboard) Email : [email protected] and by asking Stockport Council for support. Write to : Councillor Elise Wilson, Leader of the Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough, Town Hall, Edward St, Stockport, SK1 3XE Phone : 0161-477-3536 Email : [email protected] Stockport fresidents can find contact details for your own ward councillor by entering your postcode at : http://democracy.stockport.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx
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    Created by John Pearson
  • Four Day working week for Construction Workers
    Construction Work is A Strenuous ,Physical Dangerous All weather Job . The impact of This on a Daily Basis to the Body is Damaging to Healthy Persons. The Body when put through constant Physical work needs rest .Two days rest is just not good enough ,for the body to repair and Heal .
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  • Justice for Greencore Northampton Workers
    The company, Europe's leading sandwich maker, supplier to M&S, has put staff who tested positive on statutory sick pay and all other staff on the furlough scheme. So the government is paying 80% of the salary bill. The company has refused to provide the 20% top-up. This despite posting £56.4 million pre-tax profits last year. Employees were furloughed and sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. They're carrying the burden of the Covid-19 outbreak. Hundreds of families will be plunged into poverty as a result of Greencore's actions. The Union estimates that 60% of the workforce will be left below the minimum wage. If they only get 80% of their current wages - which is what the Government's furlough scheme provides - they won't be able to make ends meet. The managers are self-isolating on full sick pay. The workforce should get the same.
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    Created by Sally Keeble
  • Give all care workers a wage rise
    Very important to all them that work so hard and the long hours and caring for our most vunreuble and elderly , They work hard and they seem to be forgotten yet again its so sad . I looked at my partners wage on a normal 3 days 12 hour shifts no overtime and was getting only a , , £1000 pounds clear and that her working nights its shocking . We and our goverment should consider this with high proirty , I personally have voted the goverment in and live in scotland and boris please do the right thing it could cost you next election
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    Created by Mark Mcgill
  • End the exploitation of Sports Direct staff
    An undercover investigation has found evidence that Sports Direct could be illegally paying their staff below the minimum wage. The reporter recorded how warehouse staff were unable to leave the building during their 30-minute unpaid breaks – a practice some employment law experts say should count as paid working time and, if correct, would push Shirebrook’s effective hourly wage rates below the legal minimum of £8.72 to about £8.20. Since the start of lockdown, warehouse staff have been working around the clock to keep us well stocked. While they supply us with everything we need to be comfortable at home, many of them are working just below minimum wage - unable to even leave hot and stuffy warehouses for a bit of fresh air. These workers deserve better. And it's up to us to demand better for them.
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  • Hermes: Protect all your drivers now!
    Parcel delivery firm Hermes are hiring for 10,000 new jobs to cope with the huge increase in demand for online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. But, Hermes is facing criticism that it doesn’t protect all of their delivery drivers. Many drivers still don’t receive any sick pay and aren’t guaranteed the legal minimum wage. It just isn’t fair. It's time Hermes did more to ensure all staff receive basic workers rights. Sign the petition to pressure Hermes to do more to protect all drivers now!
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  • Save Wales Aviation Jobs
    In July alone, 3,848 job losses have been announced in the Welsh Aviation industry. That figure only covers sites with union membership and agreements. There could be many more jobs at risk. Until the pandemic, Welsh Aviation had seen 10 years of growth – with excellent apprenticeship schemes bringing young women, as well as young men, into highly skilled engineering jobs. In 18 months, perhaps less, this sector will be back on track – as long as these jobs are protected. If not, they'll be gone forever. We are calling on Central Government in Westminster to listen to Welsh aviation workers and stop this tsunami of job losses.
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    Created by Mariam Kamish
  • Blended Care For Childminders
    This will have a detrimental affect on childminding settings ☆☆Blended care allows childminders to be able to drop off and pick children up from school and nursery. This is 90% of our business. ☆☆ We need your support people! ❤
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  • End the exploitation of garment workers
    Workers in clothing factories in the UK are being exposed to unsafe working conditions, and wages as low as £3 an hour. It is illegal to earn less than minimum wage in the UK - and we have laws and workers’ rights in place that should protect all of us at work. But right now they are not properly enforced - which means workers are put at risk. This needs to change. If the government commits to improving the enforcement of UK labour laws, we can set a level playing field that ensures decent jobs, safe conditions and fair wages for everyone. Sign the petition to up the pressure now.
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  • Live entertainment, DJ, performers self employed furlough payments
    The government have allowed pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to re open on July 4th. This is wonderful news for many thousands of UK businesses and employees. However, the government also state that live entertainment, music and performances are not permitted until further notice. The 2nd and final furlough payment for self employed people will be made in August. This petition is to get extended furlough payments for self employed musicians, performers and DJ's (should they be needed) until the government state that they can return to their business of performing in front of live audiences in these venues. PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND ASK TO BE SHARED BY OTHERS. THANK YOU!
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  • Get Painter and decorators a pay rise!!
    Painters and decorators are pillars of society! What would we do without them providing picturesque aesthetics? Lets pull together to get them the payrise they deserve!
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    Created by Connor Larkin
  • Self Employed Income Support Scheme is arbitrarily unfair
    It is fundamentally unfair to penalise a self-employed person, when they would otherwise qualify under the rules, as they were only "self-employed" for part of that year, even though they have been self-employed ever since, and they have lost 100% of their income due to COVID-19. In most cases, these are small amounts of money, less than most PAYE employees will be paid until October. Yet we have been briefly offered some support, which has now been snatched away, without any appeal.
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