• Blended Care For Childminders
    This will have a detrimental affect on childminding settings ☆☆Blended care allows childminders to be able to drop off and pick children up from school and nursery. This is 90% of our business. ☆☆ We need your support people! ❤
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  • End the exploitation of garment workers
    Workers in clothing factories in the UK are being exposed to unsafe working conditions, and wages as low as £3 an hour. It is illegal to earn less than minimum wage in the UK - and we have laws and workers’ rights in place that should protect all of us at work. But right now they are not properly enforced - which means workers are put at risk. This needs to change. If the government commits to improving the enforcement of UK labour laws, we can set a level playing field that ensures decent jobs, safe conditions and fair wages for everyone. Sign the petition to up the pressure now.
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  • Live entertainment, DJ, performers self employed furlough payments
    The government have allowed pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to re open on July 4th. This is wonderful news for many thousands of UK businesses and employees. However, the government also state that live entertainment, music and performances are not permitted until further notice. The 2nd and final furlough payment for self employed people will be made in August. This petition is to get extended furlough payments for self employed musicians, performers and DJ's (should they be needed) until the government state that they can return to their business of performing in front of live audiences in these venues. PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND ASK TO BE SHARED BY OTHERS. THANK YOU!
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  • Get Painter and decorators a pay rise!!
    Painters and decorators are pillars of society! What would we do without them providing picturesque aesthetics? Lets pull together to get them the payrise they deserve!
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    Created by Connor Larkin
  • Self Employed Income Support Scheme is arbitrarily unfair
    It is fundamentally unfair to penalise a self-employed person, when they would otherwise qualify under the rules, as they were only "self-employed" for part of that year, even though they have been self-employed ever since, and they have lost 100% of their income due to COVID-19. In most cases, these are small amounts of money, less than most PAYE employees will be paid until October. Yet we have been briefly offered some support, which has now been snatched away, without any appeal.
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  • FREE Parking for ALL NHS Employees whilst on duty
    NHS Staff do a Grand job for all the patients in Hospitals and they should be OFFERED Badges with their Name which they can display in the Windscreens so that they get FREE parking all the time they are on duty
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  • Put people first
    It is important because everyday frontline workers everywhere are going out to work and are put in a hazardous life changing danger ! At least pay them what they deserve
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    Created by Claire Crosby
  • SIGN! Reverse the decision: HMRC must include new starters under JRS
    The rules of the JRS state that to qualify for the furlough grant, new employees must have been recorded with HMRC by 19 March 2020 and, therefore, an employee must have been paid on the 6 March 2020 pay day. Many employers believed that this deadline would change and employees whose first pay was within the 1st of April would be included. However, the Chancellor confirmed on 12 May 2020 that there would be no change to this approach, and HMRC have now finalised their guidance in this area. Now, a lot of workers that have just changed their jobs or started a new job are not eligible under JRS are not receiving any pay as it is not possible for some companies to sustain furlough payments without the support of the JRS. Please sign for employee rights!
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    This is important because essential workers and people who are risking their lives and saving lives are the people who are significant for making the world go round and progress. Without these people we are doomed. These people give us their all and we are not giving them enough!!!! It should be a human right for somebody who risks their life to have a high pay. Or at least a higher pay!!!
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  • Beyond this crisis no one recognized as a key worker should be paid less than the living wage
    Because for to long we have allowed them to be taken for granted.
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  • Protect all staff returning to work
    The UK Government’s draft plans to reopen our workplaces safely after the lockdown are being criticised for not going far enough. The Government are planning to issue guidelines to employers, but more needs to be done. In particular: 1. Forcing business to make risk assessments of workplaces public 2. Properly holding businesses to account to protect staff There isn’t long before the Government will set their plans in stone. Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.
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  • NHS Staff Deserve Pay Increases.
    NHS workers were on the frontline every day even before Covid-19 reared it's ugly head. It is not morally right to expect NHS workers to work long hours and punishing shift patterns in a medical war zone without having the proper PPE and acceptable remuneration. We ask that the Government grant NHS workers a 25% reduction on Residential Parking Permits, National Insurance and Council Tax, and that it raises the salaries of everyone working on the NHS frontline by 25%. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has raken a voluntary 20% paycut for the next 6 months and set herself as an exemplary moral role model. The British public ask the British Government to do likewise and take a temporary 20% reduction in your pay. Now more than ever we need to have faith in our Government, and although most of you are working long hours trying to manage this situation and get the country back on its feet, we need to know that you are prepared to take a small financial hit to show solidarity with the British people who have had the financial rug pulled out from under them. Your 20% reduction could help to feed the families who have no idea where the next meal is coming from, or pay the rent of the people who are terrified that they are going to lose their homes. It won’t be forever, and it could make all the difference in the world. In summary we ask:- 1. Grant NHS workers 25% discount 2. Salaries of NHS staff to be increased by 25% 3. Pay student nurses a full nurses wage 4. Government officials to take a temporary 20% reduction in pay The NHS saved our Prime Minister's life. There is a way we can show our appreciation. Clapping on the doorstep is great, but let’s do something that will really make a difference to people’s lives.
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