• Pay a real Living Wage for care workers facing poverty in England
    “We all have a connection to care work. Even if you can't immediately think of someone who draws on support or who is a paid care worker, every time you leave your house you are likely to be passed by care workers like me driving from visit to visit. I guarantee you have neighbours who are visited by carers and that there are care homes in your community. To ensure support is available when we need it, it is essential that we are at the very least paid enough to cover the essential costs of living. Currently, vast numbers of care workers are illegally paid below the National Minimum Wage as a result of unpaid travel time. Meanwhile, our income is often insecure, with zero-hours contracts the norm. This makes it practically impossible to plan and prompts many to accept any and all of the hours they are offered, causing burnout and poor quality of care. These terms of employment add untold pressure to a role which already carries a significant level of responsibility. Is it any wonder social care faces an acute recruitment and retention crisis? Paying at least a real Living Wage for care workers which takes into account time spent travelling between visits is an essential place to start in addressing the joint crises of care quality and availability in England. It has already been done in Scotland and Wales, now - a full four years on from the nation's clap for carers - it's time to do the same in England. This country depends on care workers, and the quality and availability of support depends on the UK Government taking action. Every care worker's dignity should be protected through payment of at least the real Living Wage.” Rachel Kelso, care worker and Citizens UK community leader
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    Created by Nichola Jones
  • Help exploited Amazon workers this Black Friday
    This Black Friday we need to show Amazon that we are on the side of the exploited and underpaid warehouse workers. The best way to do show this is to refuse to buy anything from Amazon this Friday. When the Amazon accountants see the drop in sales this Friday they will realise that their customers have real power to affect their bottom line. This will worry them. Will they feel more inclined to listen to their workers' demands?
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    Created by Diana Basterfield
  • Living wage rise
    The cost of living is effecting many people and industries therefore we need a higher wage for employees
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    Created by Tamara Thompson
  • Introduce a Railcard for Social Care Workers
    Social Care Workers do one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in our society and I believe that introducing this Railcard would not only encourage others to join this demanding but rewarding career, it would also go a long way in acknowledging these workers and showing appreciation for their role.
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    Created by Teresa Hackett
  • DFS Big Summer Sale On Workers Pay
    Many of these workers have given years if not decades of loyalty to the company. By depriving individuals of their full-time hours, DFS is jeopardising their ability to pay their bills and provide for their families. The cuts only affect factory workers. Office staff and management still have their full-time hours and are not being affected. By treating workers like this they are forcing hard workers and skilled workers out of the business, thus lowering the standards of production. These cuts are having a negative effect on the mental health of people who are struggling to make ends meet. We urge CEO Tim Stacey to talk with the workers' union, GMB to pay the workers at least minimum wage for the time they are not being permitted to work.
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    Created by GMB Union North East, Yorkshire and Humber Region
  • AI impact on 68% of jobs (white collar) and economy.
    Can you imagine a near future where every white-collar job can be done by AI? In the UK 68% of jobs are white collar. Our economy is a pyramid where lower tiered economic activity depends on higher tiers being able to afford their products and services. Although AI will be a gold mine for the companies that adopt it, it will also lay waste to white collar jobs and has the potential to collapse 68% of the job market. The great depression hit 25% unemployment and lead to the rise of Hitler and Stalin, what might an AI fuelled future with mass unemployment and false information produce. We have not let AI drive cars yet because best car AI are only 99.9% reliable. We are releasing AI online and into the job market now, without any regulation and the AI is known to be unreliable, bias drifting and hallucinatory yet we are going to let it take our jobs and drive our economy.
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    Created by Allan Rowntree
  • Don’t force sick people back to work
    Decisions over how to manage health and any long-term sickness should be between a patient and their GP. It's horrifying to think the Government could pressure GPs into sending people who are sick back into work. They say it's to help boost the economy, but targeting sick people instead of corporations like BP and Shell that have made billions in profit, is cruel and short-sighted. The Government must not include these terrible plans in its Spring budget.
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    The country is grinding to a halt. Visits to families delayed, items you ordered arriving late in the post and hospital appointments potentially cancelled. These are just some of the issues we have or may face as workers across the UK reach breaking point. Deciding to go on strike and lose pay is not an easy decision for our key workers especially in the midst of a cost of living crisis. It’s about time the Government were part of the solution and stepped in to help hard working nurses, train staff, postal workers, firefighters and others get the wages and working conditions they deserve. Instead, they've announced a new law - which is being described as being anti-strike - that would make it even more difficult for hard working people to get a better deal. Enough is enough, the Government needs to do better.
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  • Maximum temperature in the workplace
    This week, the UK’s first red heat warning has been introduced, with temperatures expected to reach 41C, breaking the country’s heat records. But right now, the UK does not have a maximum temperature for working conditions - meaning employers don't have to take any steps to help support workers in this heat. This kind of extreme weather is going to become more common over the next decade and we need to make sure UK workers and workplaces are prepared for it.
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  • Removal of P&O operators licence
    Companies, especially those owned by unscrupulous foreign holding companies, cannot and must not be allowed to show such a flagrant disregard for UK employment law and has no place in the economy of a country that still attempts to hold some semblence of workers rights. In addition, I call upon all British citizens to boycott all P&O services until these staff are reinstated.
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    Created by Paul Astbury
  • Brush Electrical - Stop unethical 'fire and rehire' practices
    Engineers at Brush Electrical Machine have committed to the company throughout their tenure ranging from 2 years service to over 50 years. They have worked throughout the pandemic, as 'key workers', and given continued support to the business and its customers. They have worked away from family and even been told to travel to different countries during the pandemic - unvaccinated and with little contingency in place - resulting in some engineers contracting COVID and passing it to their infant children. Brush’s stance during the pandemic has been driven by a want to save money. Not a need to save money due to sustainability. There had been no evidence given thus far that these cuts are necessary or reflect industry average pay; instead, they represent a comprehensive massacre of terms and conditions, from basic salary, pension contributions and overtime, to holidays and offshore conditions. All of which resulting in an annual loss of 10-15% per engineer. During this time the company have repaid furlough payments to the government (they cannot pay dividends and bonuses if the company has accepted furlough), and given out pay rises to all but the service engineers - including themselves - along with bonuses. This behaviour should be made illegal as, without any evidence or morality the company – or ANY company – has the ability to force these conditions upon us all. We are fighting to stop it,  but - it could be you next.
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    Created by Emma Ward Picture
  • Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to
    For generations and generations, the number of options around the way we work have been few and far between. But one of the few things the pandemic did, was to prove that lots of jobs can be done from home. Some people might love working from home, while others might work best in a busy office environment. But what's important is the right to choose and decide what is best for you. A Government task force has been put together and they are calling for all businesses regardless of the pandemic, to grant workers the flexibility to choose where and how they work. Right now, the Government is weighing up their options and deciding what to do next, and they’re due to make an announcement in just a few weeks. A huge petition could push the Government to give people the flexibility they need.
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