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To: Sheffield Hallam University

A Petition to Replace a Quote

A Petition to Replace a Quote

The aim of the petition is to remove a quote on the second floor of the Collegiate Campus.

Why is this important?

It was brought to my attention that on the second floor of the Collegiate Campus, there is a quote from Suu Kyi, the current leader of Myanmar. She has rendered the entire Rohingya population as stateless and has justified the killings of civilians to what the US Ambassador to the UN refers to as an 'ethnic cleansing'. Although the quote was put up whilst she was commemorated as a 'hero of her people', Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize has since been revoked and all other honorary awards have been rescinded. It would not be befitting as an institution which hosts the faculty of law and one that emphasises the importance of human rights, to then revere the words of Suu Kyi in light of the subjugation that she has incited.

Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate Campus, Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield

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