• End unpaid labour in TV & FILM
    Only Make Up and Costume are forced to give an hour and a half for free in television and film every single day. Office workers do not work for free so why is it acceptable for film crews Who are predominately female departments Such as Hair, Make Up and Costume who are pushed into doing this in TV and Film. It’s a sexist old fashioned tradition that is essentially slave labour. Make Up and Hair work over 14 hours a day with an hour and a half given for free. This estimates hundreds of hours that we are Worked for free and a huge loss of earnings at the end of a job. It’s also incredibly unsafe and affects our mental well being and health dramatically. There are no laws to protect us from being over worked or under paid in this country and our unions have not enforced this either.
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    Created by Kevin Wallis
  • Stop the SpyCops Bill
    The "CHIS" Bill would allow state spies to commit crimes in the UK and overseas with impunity - without even exempting crimes like murder, torture and sexual offences. These extreme powers would be handed to a broad range of agencies - from police and MI5, to the Department of Health and even the Food Standards Agency. This is being rushed through Parliament at breakneck speed with insufficient scrutiny. Just this week, environmental campaigner Kate Wilson was in court fighting for justice. She was manipulated into a romantic relationship for two years by Mark "Stone" - who she later found out was Mark Kennedy, an undercover police spy. But this Bill would prevent victims of state spies from seeking redress, by protecting those who commit authorised crimes from civil liability forever. Police spies have abused innocent campaigners in the UK for decades - from environmental activists to trade unions and race equality campaigners. Undercover police even infiltrated the grieving family of the murdered black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, during their quest for justice. Undercover state agents have been involved in conflict too. Former Prime Minister David Cameron found they were responsible for “shocking levels of state collusion” in the murder of lawyer Pat Finucane in Northern Ireland. Currently, prosecutors decide whether it's in the public interest to trial undercover police crimes. But the SpyCops Bill would bypass prosecutors entirely, allowing state agencies the unprecedented power to declare serious breaches of UK law ‘lawful’, as long as agents had an internal authorisation. This Bill is unnecessary, unconstitutional and unconscionable - it must be stopped.
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    Created by Silkie Carlo Picture
  • Substation
    We were not informed Northern power grid were building a substation right in front of my house about 13 feet away. I'm worried about health. Noise we have lost the sale of our home. Other people have walked away as they do not want to buy a home with a substation in front of it. The Duke of Northumberland has caused most and many of the problems up in Northumberland . I stand correct Duke the property developer. home is in Beadnell. Northumberland.
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    Created by Ann Morton
  • National Recognition for Prejudice and Oppression
    Events this year have sharpened our thoughts about the need to have a fuller debate about prejudice and oppression within society. The Black Lives Matter campaign has highlighted injustices within society but, more so, in our cultural psyche, which warn against innate and subliminal prejudice against many groups within society. As a teacher of History and Politics, I don't think dwelling on the relevance of statues (as important as that debate is to many), or playing tokenism with Black History Month, World Days etc. is enough. All groups in society who have experienced actual loss and abuse as a result of prejudice and oppression - not just in racial affairs, but every group who has felt shunned - need others to empathise and follow a path of 'allyship'. In doing so, we can begin to defeat inward cultural bias towards minority groups and all those who have suffered as a result of prejudice and oppression. British society rightly remembers its war dead and all those who fought for our freedoms against oppression and prejudice. It is time for British society to also mark those who have suffered in highlighting acts of prejudice and oppression - their own stories which are a central narrative to our history - in shaping not only a tolerant but, also, more accepting society. A society where we can all show the same solidarity we do every year on 11th of November as a mark of respect. This is why a structural change in how we commemorate our history is needed alongside Armistice Day, Holocaust Memorial Day and others. A place of commemoration is also needed. Thank you for signing.
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    Created by Patrick Murray
  • Emergency Aid for Lesvos Refugee Camp Fire Victims
    The Greek government has declared a state of emergency; it cannot support the vast numbers of displaced people seeking asylum. Moria camp held 4x its safe capacity, with over 13,000 refugees. They now have no shelter or access to basic sanitation. Many have damaged lungs from the smoke. There is a pressing risk of Covid19 outbreak after 35 confirmed cases on the morning of 09/09/20. The UK government must provide financial aid and asylum to any it can.
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    Created by Charlotte Russell Picture
  • Don't deport NHS IT Engineer Farrukh Sair
    I'm asking the people of the United Kingdom to support me and demand the Home Office and Priti Patel allow my family and I to remain in the country we've called home for 17 years. Just months ago, Priti Patel said she was “incredibly grateful” to our frontline workers from abroad. But now I'm being hung out to dry by a cruel system with confusing rules. In the last few months I've been working as a Covid support engineer in Covid wards, dealing with 20 odd people a day - doctors, engineers - putting my and my family's life at risk. I wanted to serve at this time during the pandemic. I felt it was my responsibility to help and do my part for society, to support the doctors and specialists setting up their equipment and the Covid wards. When I’m then treated like this, it’s really disheartening.” The UK is my home, and I've worked hard to give back to this country. Now I'm at risk of being sent back to Pakistan - a place my children, born here in the UK, have never lived in. I believe with your support, Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson can look into this case favourably and award me and my family permanent residence in the UK. Please sign and share today. You can read more about my story and challenges here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/home-office-immigration-status-uk-grant-nhs-worker-coronavirus-a9698796.html
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    Created by Farrukh Sair
  • Right of Refugees to apply for asylum ‘safely’
    Refugees are legally entitled to apply for asylum in this country. Yet it is made nigh on impossible for them to do so without taking enormous risk. This has led to tragic loss of life which has included children. These desperate people are forced to take risks they should never have to take. We have no right to consider ourselves a civilised country if we allow this to continue. If we do not take action to change this we lose our humanity. Please act now and sign this petition
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    Created by Cathy Matthews
  • Cancel the Charter Flights!
    The Home Office is planning to deport dozens of asylum seekers on charter flights on the 26th and 27th of August, and on the 3rd of September. They will be forcibly removed to France and Spain, where they face onward deportation to unsafe countries, including a war zone and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Up to 40 asylum seekers are currently detained in Brook House IRC, where self-harm and suicide attempts are widespread. Many of them are protesting their deportation through a hunger strike that began on the 13th of August. In the words of one protester: "We left Yemen to escape persecution and war and to avoid death. And to come to a country that is safe, where we can live safely and healthily without fear of persecution." Many of the people who fled countries such Iran, Iraq and Kuwait are traumatised and vulnerable. The Home Office's attempt to deport them during a pandemic is appalling and must be prevented. Sign this petition and join campaigners across the UK who are calling for the immediate cancellation of these charter flights.
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    Created by SOAS Detainee Support
  • Save Streetbikes Islington
    Street Motorbikes, an Islington based/family run business, have been working tirelessly during this pandemic to fix, maintain and service delivery-bikes that have been delivering to Islington and beyond. Their clients include Deliveroo, Uber Eats and most importantly the NHS Blood Delivery service bikes...this is essential work we believe as we're sure you do. After all this Street Motorbikes Ltd are now being threatened with eviction from their premises by the London Borough of Islington. We are respectfully asking all residents of Islington to help us in saving this family run business that have helped provide essential services during an unprecedented outbreak that has affected us all. Many thanks and stay safe.
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    Created by Kirilee Stewart
  • Compensate Windrush victims of injustice without delay
    The misery caused to individuals and their families has been devastating. The BBC film 'Sitting in Limbo' documents just one case but 1275 people have applied to the Windrush Compensation scheme. Fourteen months later, only 60 have received any compensation. If Priti Patel is 'truly sorry' can she commit to dealing with all these claims within six months?. The claimants have had their lives torn up; they have lost their jobs and access to healthcare and benefits to which they were entitled. it is time the government did more than apologise. They should show urgency in putting right what has gone so shamefully wrong. 83 people wrongfully deported are still awaiting the right to return to the UK. 13 have died while waiting.
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    Created by Gillie Howarth
  • Remove the statue of the racist coloniser Captain Cook from The Mall
    Captain Cook symbolises racial oppression and violence. James Cook invaded Australia just over 250 years ago. He shot the first Indigenous person who showed any sign of resistance and then claimed possession over the entire nation even though it clearly belonged to the people already there. Under James Cook's leadership, Australia was declared uninhabited because they did not view Indigenous people as humans. Therefore, murdering, enslaving and raping Indigenous people was legal under Australian law. What followed was over 250 years of genocidal activities and policies based on that murdered, enslaved and oppressed thousands of women, men and children. What James Cook did in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and others should be condemned in our history so that we can begin to heal from our shameful past. Cook should no longer be celebrated with a prominent statue. [1] - https://www.sbs.com.au/news/anti-racism-activists-in-the-uk-are-targeting-murderer-captain-cook-statues [2] - https://www.toppletheracists.org/ [3] - https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/15/magazine/how-to-pull-down-a-statue.html
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    Created by Holly Dawson
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER - Extend DV Specialists, Sistah Space's Hackney Tenancy Until March 31st 2021
    It is important that Sistah Space be allowed to remain in their current location until the Covid19 virus has been totally eradicated. Black and minorities groups are identified as being at the highest risk of dying from the Corona virus. Hackney is among those with the highest death rates. In addition, women who are doubly at risk through race and gender are already traumatised by abuse which has increased significantly since the lockdown. DV victims should not be forced to seek support in an area that is notoriously dangerous. We believe that Sistah Space are being discriminated against because of their race and gender. Hackney's Equality objectives were meant to Increase prosperity for all and tackle poverty and socio-economic disadvantage Tackle disadvantage and discrimination that is linked to a protected characteristic Build a cohesive and inclusive borough They have failed in that regard. BLACK LIVES MATTER
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    Created by Ngozi Fulani