• Pride in London - invite Melania & Chris to lead the Pride March #No Outsiders
    We are at a crucial time in our country. Bigotry and hatred are encouraged by some political parties. Some parents are campaigning against the #NoOutsiders educational programme in schools by teacher Andrew Moffat. Let's show these wonderful people that Pride, and the LGBT+ allies in London respect and love them. And if Melania and Chris are no able to then let's invite other victims of homophobic crime along with Andrew Moffat to show the importance of No Outsiders in education. Let them lead Pride if they wish.
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  • Memorial for victims of Agent Orange
    American veterans children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, as well as the Vietnamese people in the same generations, have been born with a vast variety of birth defects and also suffer far higher rates of cancer. Agent Orange corrupts the DNA for five generations from first contact. We are victims of war who have gone unrecognised, from the grandchild of an American soldier who suffered terribly and died of cancer, the child of a soldier with no quality of life from birth defects, and the many Vietnamese who have suffered terribly, none of whom were involved in the Vietnam War willingly. In addition, the toll taken on the environment from the use of Agent Orange is almost impossible to calculate. Innocent humans and the earth itself have been poisoned by this act of chemical warfare. We deserve recognition.
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  • Sherlock Season 5
    Sherlockians all have the same thing at the top of their Christmas list. Season 5 of Sherlock. "The return of Sherlock to BBC One was watched by an average of 9.2 million people, according to overnight figures". 9.2 MILLION PEOPLE watched the return of Sherlock for one reason. They wanted to see Sherlock again. I cried when Sherlock 'died', so how many other people do you think cried as well when they thought Sherlock had actually jumped off of Bart's hospital? If 9.2 MILLION PEOPLE watched Sherlock jump off that building, that means at least a few MILLION other people did too.Why? Because we thought that we would never see our great detective ever again, and he WASN'T EVEN DEAD. A few million people cried at a man who hadn't died, so how do you think that made us feel when the whole series ended? I know i'm not alone when I say I would give ALOT to see Sherlock again, so maybe we can convince Mark and Steven to bring our baker street boys back? Sign the petition if you want to give it a try, its worth a go. And just as our favorite detective says "The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!"
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  • Beechholme Childrens Home
    For peace of mind & closure
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  • Call for Emergency Homeless Crisis
    People are suffering needlessly and some even dying
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  • Terminate LFC's AXA sponsorship
    AXA have financially supported the manufacture of Israeli arms, used to crush the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians. In a statement, AXA CEO Thomas Büberl has claimed that AXA have "similar values and vision with Liverpool FC" - something that is profoundly untrue. By continuing the sponsorship deal, Liverpool Football Club are showing their support for the brutal Israeli regime. Sign the petition now for LFC to terminate their sponsorship deal.
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  • Festival of Making: Drop BAE Sponsorship
    BAE Systems is a sponsor of the 2019 Festival of Making, ‘a family celebration of making and manufacturing’. But BAE Systems is not a family-friendly manufacturer. BAE is the world's fourth largest arms producer, selling fighter aircraft, warships, tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery, missiles and small arms to over 100 countries including repressive regimes. BAE has sold billions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and is currently finalising a deal to supply fighter jets despite Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen, a conflict that is taking a particular toll on children. Thousands of children and civilians have died in the conflict, while millions more face famine and disease with the destruction of infrastructure. Save the Children say 12.3 million children in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance. A recent parlimentary report says that British arms sales to Saudi Arabia are causing ‘significant civilian casualties’ in Yemen and are probably illegal. Yet BAE Systems continues to sell weapons to the regime. Last year we forced BAE Systems to withdraw as a sponsor of the Great Exhibition of the North. We need to show that BAE Systems is not welcome at any family festivals until it stops arming repressive regimes. The 2019 Festival of Making must #dropBAE
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  • Access to shelter to become a human right
    To ensure all those residing in the UK have access to shelter which provides long term security, safety and structure, allowing for reduced stigma regarding social housing, grounding in rights for tenants and an environment where prosperity in education, employment, health and family life is plausible.
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  • A Petition to Replace a Quote
    It was brought to my attention that on the second floor of the Collegiate Campus, there is a quote from Suu Kyi, the current leader of Myanmar. She has rendered the entire Rohingya population as stateless and has justified the killings of civilians to what the US Ambassador to the UN refers to as an 'ethnic cleansing'. Although the quote was put up whilst she was commemorated as a 'hero of her people', Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize has since been revoked and all other honorary awards have been rescinded. It would not be befitting as an institution which hosts the faculty of law and one that emphasises the importance of human rights, to then revere the words of Suu Kyi in light of the subjugation that she has incited. Therefore, a replacement would allow a breath of fresh air for people who love liberty and would symbolise a condemnation of injustice wherever it may be.
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  • I'm a UK citizen - stop my daughters' deportation
    I am a British citizen, my family comes from the Chagos Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Indian Ocean. My family - and everyone on Chagos - were forcibly removed from the islands in the early 1970s to make way for an American air base. My mother was given no compensation and abandoned in Seychelles, where I was born and grew up in extreme poverty. Only those born on Chagos or who had a parent born there can get a British passport. So because of the deportations which ruined my mother’s life, my daughters who have lived in the UK since 2014 are not entitled to British citizenship - And now they - like my mother - are facing deportation to a country where they would they’d be alone, with no family support and few opportunities. In 2016 the Government told Chagossians we can not go back to our homeland. But how can it be right for the UK government to say we can not go home and we can not stay here in Britain either? A Bill before Parliament would give my daughters - and thousands of Chagossians in the same position - the right to live in the UK. The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has said he’ll consider making these changes but so far has done nothing. The government have apologised for the removal of my mother’s generation from Chagos. But if they are really sorry, they will take action to stop my children suffering the consequences today.
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  • Protect our right to be European.
    I believe that any Brexit, deal or no deal, will affect my right to carry a passport which carries the words European Union on the cover and title page. I believe that the Prime Minister’s actions and intentions will reduce my human rights as they exist under the UK’s membership of the European Union.
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