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To: Harriet Harman.

A Rigged General election.

A Rigged General election.

Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into this General election result. We are convinced it was rigged.

But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.

Why is this important?

One minute the BBC TV media were stating that it was neck and neck between Labour and the Tory's, the next minute the Tory's were zooming...That cannot be right ?

Also the Lib-Dems were crushed, why werent the Tory's equally so ?


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Reasons for signing

  • There is something rotten in the state of Britain.
  • I said it from the very first day of announcement . Nobody voted for Tory they rigged their into power. We must demand our vote and voice back.
  • I have had a very strong feeling by the way they treated Ed Miliband with so mush distortion and twisting of facts; also not giving fair covering of Ed's message, the total lukewarm backing from the the.Blairites not pulling their weight, it is possible that on their constituencies we could possibly discover plenty of Nelsonian eyes hiding true votings. It needs another look; perhaps ask the Russians to count our votes . We can never trust the Tories and some Blairites to do a clean job.


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