• Launch an independent inquiry into the UKs response to Covid
    In the 6 months since Covid cases have soared, our NHS is on it’s Knees and 50,000 more people have died. The UK now has one of the highest death rates in the world, higher even than Trumps America. This global pandemic is far from over. New variants are being discovered around the world, so understanding the transmission of this virus is paramount. Boris Johnsons government have failed time and again to halt the spread of Covid, this week we have seen the highest number of deaths recorded in 1 day. In Prime Minister’s questions, (20/01/21) Ed Davy MP again asked the PM for an enquiry but was refused. To learn the lessons of what’s gone so devastatingly wrong under the leadership of Boris Johnson, we ask for the launch an independent enquiry this Spring 2021.
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    Created by Ginnah Siani
  • Inquiry into Government Contracts
    Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money have been wasted by giving contracts to individuals with ties to the Conservative Party, sometimes companies with no experience of that product, given preference over recognised suppliers and not subjected to competetive tendering. This is, at best, financial incompetence and at worst, blatant fraud.
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    Created by Richard Mason
  • Requesting 24 hour covid vaccination
    Yesterday the Government announced that there was “no clamour” for inoculations after 8pm. The millions of us that have shielded since March, front line health and retail workers and teachers would clearly benefit from the opportunity to have protection more rapidly. The UK economy will be able to recover more quickly with a higher proportion of people vaccinated. Pressure on the NHS will be relieved We the undersigned, urge the government to move to 24 hour vaccinations: Covid does not sleep, neither should we
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    Created by Richard Martin
  • Ban Trump from Scotland
    There is much evidence to support the immoral character of Donald Trump Snr. This petition is in reaction to recent events, Wed 6th January 2021, when Trump supporters stormed their Capitol in terrorist fashion, which resulted in 5 deaths so far. Among the rioters were Trumps Far Right, White Supremacist, Fascist followers, who were incited and encouraged to carry out their attack by Trump and many of his political allies. We should not house a man who stands for, supports, compliments and encourages those whose far right beliefs and actions are unlawful.
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    Created by Kathleen Tierney
  • Offer Associate EU Citizenship to UK Citizens
    European Citizenship was a part of the identity of so many of our generation, who could enjoy the freedom to live, work and study across the whole of the European Union. Many feel that these are rights that have been taken away against their will. A form of Associate Citizenship for those UK citizens who want to keep their ties with Europe, and to pay into the European project would be a fair compromise for the 48% who voted to remain, whilst respecting the leave vote.
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    Created by Chris Newby
  • Heal damage done to entertainment industry from brexit
    Brexit as it has been negotiated as of 26th of December does not give any consideration to the entertainment industry. The creator of this petition believes the entertainment industry deserves even more consideration than does the fish.
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    Created by Luke Fictitious
  • Create a Committee for what to do in the event of receiving a signal from non - Earth origin.
    We need to agree on what to do, if this happens, and with thousands of Radio telescopes operating around the world, it is very much possible, even likely you could say, we will receive a broadcast from non - Earth origin, and in this scenario, we need to be aware of what to do, so the government can coordinate a response, whether it be local or worldwide.
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    Created by John McBirch
  • Full Indepenent Review of Government Contract Awards Relating to Covid19
    Whilst millions have suffered as a result of loss of business, loss of earnings, loss of income, due to restrictions imposed upon the nation. Government ministers have consistently and flagrantly handed many billions of pounds worth of contracts to very questionable associates. The very audacious and spurious granting of such vast amounts of public money. Under the Seven Principles of public life, ministers have knowingly and willfully engaged in fraud, deception, collusion and deceit
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    Created by Andrew Yarwood
  • Don't cut UK overseas aid: Retain 0.7% of Gross National Income for the Aid Budget
    The lives and wellbeing of some of the the world's poorest people depends on us. The government spends 0.7% of the country’s Gross National Income on foreign aid - that’s 70p for every £100 made in the UK. This is in line with the target set by the United Nations and works out at around £13 billion per year. [1] This money helps to create a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for us all. Millions of lives are saved and enhanced because of this money. Supporting other countries to resolve long term issues and in times of crisis or disaster is not just a humanitarian and moral issue - investing in the future of other countries is to invest in our own. [1] https://fullfact.org/economy/uk-foreign-aid-budget-what-did-government-spend-2017/
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    Created by John Nightingale
  • Honour the pledged extra funding to Wales for the damage caused by Storm Dennis
    In February 2020, Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) was hit by the worst flooding in living memory. RCT was the worst affected part of Wales, which itself was one of the worst affected parts of the UK, with significant infrastructure damage sustained across the County at an estimated overall cost of £80m. On Feb. 26th, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons that emergency funding would be passported to Wales and areas like RCT, adding that the UK Government was "working flat out with the Welsh devolved administration to ensure everybody gets the flood relief that they need." 40 weeks have passed without any additional funding being passported to the Welsh Government or RCT from the UK Government, as pledged, to repair bridges, river walls, highways, culverts, and secure the Tylorstown landslip.
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    Created by RCT Labour
  • Knight Jonathon Rea
    Memo to Boris Johnson and Jeffrey Donaldson who is leading the call for Lewis Hamilton to be knighted. How about using your influence amongst your parliamentary colleagues to recommend Jonathan Rea from NI - world superbike champion in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 - the most successful World SBK rider in the championship history, for a knighthood, too? He still lives in the country.
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    Created by Tam Johnston
  • You robbed us of our pension at 60yrs- now shield us from raising pension tax!
    It is important now because change is again iminent because of the national debt, fuelled by covid induced borrowing. Where will the government look to find money?...income tax is to be expected. Raising taxes are currently under discussion and this is bound to include raising tax on pensions. Once more it is the people who can afford it least, those who have invested most, huge amounts from thier salaries over forty or more years, who will be robbed of their life long intended benefits. This comes at a time when the same people will be denied any other benefits due to unemployment and lack of resources... because they have a pension of some kind. I feel we need to call for a 'shield' in raising tax on pensions, and most importantly the wasp women, who already had thier pensions stolen for six whole years in advance. I suggest that shielding pensioners and raising the personal tax allowance so that occupational pensions don't lower state pension, is one viable way forward to protect and compensate. In my own case , I spent almost £36, 000 of my lump sum from my occupational pension on the higher education for my family, when I was suddenly made redundant. This left a very small monthly amount, which has caused me to lose £150 of my monthly state pension, now that I finally can receive it. Where are the planned benefits of 40+ years of paying into a pension scheme for my older years? How can a teacher, for example, be called upon to work on until, now, 70yrs to benefit from pension rights? On the other hand , how many employers will employ you aged 66yrs, presently?... and yet you are expected to survive on this and pay your bills? After a life time of work and bringing up families, our contributions are being eaten up by the government both before we get them and after we have got them. There is no incentive in life for our children to pay huge contributions from their hard earned pay not to begin to begin to benefit until such an advanced age. What then will be our life expectancy? This is imoral.. from a government who claim expenses for thier meals whilst on huge salaries and deny the kids on the line of poverty free meals. A government with the loop hole to allow these 'business lunches' to by -pass the rule of 6 upheld for others an we can't celebrate our kids' graduations or family occasions. A government getting rich on abusing tax payers' money on PPE and giving jobs for their mates, while we all endure unemployment, instead of tendering contracts with transparency.
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    Created by Faja Newman