• STOP the Anti-Protest Laws
    The right to protest is a human right. The changes proposed in part III of the Home Office's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill (published 9/3/21) will give the police and government powers to silence protests, whether a protest of 1 or a protest of 10,000. Whereas the previous powers (Public Order Act 1986) have allowed police to restrict demonstrations that risked serious public disruption, serious disorder or serious damage to property, the new bill adds additional justifications for restrictions: noise and the potential for ‘impact’. It also increases the opportunity for protestors to be prosecuted if they fail to comply with restrictions they are unaware of, and in broadening the definition of what constitutes a protest. Protests are noisy events - they are designed to demonstrate the public's feelings, many of those people may be marginalised from mainstream politics, with this their only way of being heard. They are designed to make an impact! The proposed changes are a clear attempt by the government to prevent dissenting voices being heard. In addition the changes proposed reduce future scrutiny by parliament through the use of statutory instruments, undermining the democratic process and placing the decision as to whether a protest can go ahead in the hands of the Home Secretary. These changes restrict the rights and freedoms of people from all sides of the political spectrum to assert their human and democratic right to protest. The Bill has its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday 15th and the first vote on Tuesday 16th March - urgent action is required. Please sign, share and write to your MP (link below). Links & photo credit: 1. https://www.politics.co.uk/comment/2021/03/11/silencing-black-lives-matter-priti-patels-anti-protest-law/?cmpredirect 2. https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0268/200268.pdf 3. https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP 4. Photo: Police Barricade, Parliament Square cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Nigel Mykura - geograph.org.uk/p/2327817
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    Created by Claire Mullord
  • do not cut aid to Yemen
    Britain has drastically cut its aid to Yemen, which has been devastated by conflict for six years, saying the pandemic created "a difficult financial context for us all". The UK government said it would provide "at least" £87m ($120m) this year, down from £164m pledged last year. Aid officials have condemned the cut. The UN chief, António Guterres, said reducing aid was a "death sentence".
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    Created by julia mitchell
  • Covid PPE contract public enquiry
    As more and more stories get released such as the latest with Matt Hancock the health secretary gave his local landlord a £30 million pound contract to make ppe equipment with no such experience in the field. We cannot have government ministers and civil servants giving out these contracts at a time when everything covid is treated as a blank cheque, I strongly suspect it’s not only illegal to give these contracts out to individuals but you can also bet there is a 360 degree arrangement in place. People need to be held to account
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    Created by Nigel Denny
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  • National Day Of Mourning & State Funeral For Sir Captain Tom Moore
    The Man Is Our Country's Hero During a Time lifting spirits and raising so much money for the NHS.
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    Created by Coors Bee
  • We need a full council debate about Bristol’s elected mayor system
    Why do we need a debate? Since Bristol changed to the elected mayor system, concerns have been raised that it is less democratic than the previous system and too much power is given to one person - the elected mayor. Despite these concerns, there has been very little discussion about the other types of governance available and options for change. We need more information, and we need to have a citywide discussion about the pros and cons of different systems. The Centre for Governance and Scrutiny has produced several documents for councillors, council officers, and others interested in local governance issues. See, for example, https://www.cfgs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Rethinking-council-governance-for-the-20s-2020.pdf Please note, this is not a petition to scrap the elected mayor system or to call for a referendum. It is a petition requesting a full and frank debate about the elected mayor system and other models of local government. The debate may lead to calls for change or may reinforce Bristol’s decision to adopt the elected mayor system What if people want change? This petition will not change the system, but it may help people decide if they would like a referendum. If there was a referendum, the people of Bristol could decide whether to keep the elected mayor model or change to another system of governance. There needs to be a gap of 10 years since the last referendum in 2012, so the next opportunity is in May 2022. There are two ways that Bristol could trigger a referendum: • A vote in favour of a referendum at full council • A petition signed by a minimum of 5% of the electorate A referendum must offer a choice between the current elected mayor model and one other form of governance. In Bristol that would mean offering a choice between (a) the elected mayor and cabinet model, and: either (b) the leader and cabinet model, or (c) the committee model. To make that decision, people need to know more about the benefits and disadvantages of the different options available.
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    Created by Suzanne Audrey
  • Launch an independent inquiry into the UKs response to Covid
    In the 6 months since Covid cases have soared, our NHS is on it’s Knees and 50,000 more people have died. The UK now has one of the highest death rates in the world, higher even than Trumps America. This global pandemic is far from over. New variants are being discovered around the world, so understanding the transmission of this virus is paramount. Boris Johnsons government have failed time and again to halt the spread of Covid, this week we have seen the highest number of deaths recorded in 1 day. In Prime Minister’s questions, (20/01/21) Ed Davy MP again asked the PM for an enquiry but was refused. To learn the lessons of what’s gone so devastatingly wrong under the leadership of Boris Johnson, we ask for the launch an independent enquiry this Spring 2021.
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    Created by Ginnah Siani
  • Inquiry into Government Contracts
    Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money have been wasted by giving contracts to individuals with ties to the Conservative Party, sometimes companies with no experience of that product, given preference over recognised suppliers and not subjected to competetive tendering. This is, at best, financial incompetence and at worst, blatant fraud.
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    Created by Richard Mason
  • Requesting 24 hour covid vaccination
    Yesterday the Government announced that there was “no clamour” for inoculations after 8pm. The millions of us that have shielded since March, front line health and retail workers and teachers would clearly benefit from the opportunity to have protection more rapidly. The UK economy will be able to recover more quickly with a higher proportion of people vaccinated. Pressure on the NHS will be relieved We the undersigned, urge the government to move to 24 hour vaccinations: Covid does not sleep, neither should we
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    Created by Richard Martin
  • Ban Trump from Scotland
    There is much evidence to support the immoral character of Donald Trump Snr. This petition is in reaction to recent events, Wed 6th January 2021, when Trump supporters stormed their Capitol in terrorist fashion, which resulted in 5 deaths so far. Among the rioters were Trumps Far Right, White Supremacist, Fascist followers, who were incited and encouraged to carry out their attack by Trump and many of his political allies. We should not house a man who stands for, supports, compliments and encourages those whose far right beliefs and actions are unlawful.
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    Created by Kathleen Tierney
  • Offer Associate EU Citizenship to UK Citizens
    European Citizenship was a part of the identity of so many of our generation, who could enjoy the freedom to live, work and study across the whole of the European Union. Many feel that these are rights that have been taken away against their will. A form of Associate Citizenship for those UK citizens who want to keep their ties with Europe, and to pay into the European project would be a fair compromise for the 48% who voted to remain, whilst respecting the leave vote.
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    Created by Chris Newby
  • Heal damage done to entertainment industry from brexit
    Brexit as it has been negotiated as of 26th of December does not give any consideration to the entertainment industry. The creator of this petition believes the entertainment industry deserves even more consideration than does the fish.
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    Created by Luke Fictitious