• Call for Referendum on Westmorland and Furness Council having a directly elected Mayor as its Leader
    The changes to local goverment in Cumbria have see the elections to the new council of Westmorland and Furness take place with the 65 new council memebrs elected to represent the wards they have been elected in. However from the majority group that now controls the council the political group will select the leader of the council and the leader the cabinet memebrs. This petition calls for the new Westmorland and Furness Council to hold a public referendum on the question of should Westmorland and Furness change its structure to have a directly elected mayor as its leader that the voting public select rather than the leaded be selected behind closed doors by memebrs of the majority party on the council. A directly elected mayor would enable voters the choice of who leads the council and would represent the entire council area rather than a leader that is elected by a few 100 voters in a ward and then appointed by a political party/group as the council leader. Democracy need the voting public to have a direct say on who leads our new council and directly elected Mayor to leaded Westmorland and Furness is the only way to deliver this. Supoorting this petition as a registered voter in the Westmorland and Furness Council area will see a referendum held if enough sign the petition were the voting public get to say yes to a mayor. then an election would take place to elect a mayor directy to lead Westmorland and Furness council. For each local authority there is an Executive. Depending on the local arrangements, the Executive is organised in one of three ways: A Leader elected by the Council and a cabinet of Councillors; or A directly elected Mayor and a council manager appointed by the Council. What is a directly elected Mayor? A directly elected Mayor is elected by all the voters in the Council’s area to be the head of the Council’s decision making body. A directly elected Mayor should not be confused with a ceremonial Mayor. Why is a referendum necessary? The introduction of a directly elected Mayor is a significant constitutional change and so a referendum is held to give all voters in the area a chance to choose if they would want this to happen. In order to call a referendum for a directly elected Mayor, a petition must be compiled which is signed by 5% of the number of local government electors that are shown in the current Register of Electors. This 5% figure is called the ‘verification figure’ and is published annually as a formal notice. Please consider signing and sharing this petition calling for a public referendum on a directly elected mayor.
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  • Johnson Must Resign
    Johnson is refusing to resign. Even though other people resigned having broken the rules. For example, Matt Hancock. If Johnson won't do the honourable thing and resign, it needs to go to a full Parliamentary debate, and make it clear to him - the UK population are not going to stand by, and let him get away with breaking the law, and yet remain in a leadership position
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    Created by Jools R
  • Give emergency visa's stop the 10-15 day holdup do biometrics later or at airport!!
    The UK need to let the Ukrainians over let them settle and do biometrics in the UK and give a emergency visa not a 10 to 15 day wait!! tests once here and settled. They are currently struggling with the process and need the UK public to stand up for their human rights, against the British government. Ofcourse many have had to flee and not all have passports or utility bills. I vote to let them over and put them with their match. Then the goverment can do biometrics in due time with understanding the extream circumstances they have been though and due to this the suffering. The reason not many are applying is due to the system being too hard and fear the 10 to 15 day wait for a visa when they should be able to move freely to the UK checks can be done at the airports too and ease their process. Stop this cruel treatment and sign be part of something and make briton great again, show compation
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    Created by Martyn Knezevic
  • Supporting UK hospitality and Ukraine Refugees
    Support in numbers attracts attention and reaches the required threshold to be considered by the UK government.
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    Created by Lea Gee
  • Evict Russian Oligarchs From London Properties and House Refugees/Homeless
    To show Putin and his government how sanctions can effect his cohorts/followers, in effect, perhaps, make them homeless as Russia is causing Ukranians to flee their homes and become refugees from his brutality
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    Created by Stuart greenwood
  • Ukraine: politicians must tone down the rhetoric
    With huge power comes immense responsibility. So it is urgent that politicians tone down their rhetoric and calibrate their words carefully so we can all get through this crisis. The whole world is watching and needs to have confidence that nuclear armed leaders can act responsibly.
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    Created by Paul Hebden
  • Double taxation of workers who were stranded in the UK during pandemic global boarder closures
    The UK taxation system is unfair. Whilst they make exceptions to multi millionaires and taxation breaks for large companies, the workers whatever grade they are are penalised either through double taxation rule and as a full time UK resident (a persons salary and pension are taxed at the country they work in and then in the country when they overstayed the 90 day rule in) fully understand if someone did this under normal circumstances they were liable to taxation but during a pandemic and based on situation they had no control of where they could not return to their work country due boarder closures, lockdown rules and health risk, how can the UK HMRC or any world taxation not make even the smallest exemption for those workers or emergency exemption for these group of people. So many people have the vision that people who work overseas are high earners and have considerable money hidden. This is not the case when workers are local hires, eg: regular salaries based in the local countries and full local taxations but are classed as foreign citizens, so no benefits and have to purchase numerous medical insurances to enable for them to work in the country. Many people work overseas because their jobs have move there, due to Brexit or companies have moved their HQ's. https://www.ft.com/content/ed280173-abed-46fd-8ac1-f33fef04746d
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    Created by Amy Tsang
  • Keep Solihull Moors in Solihull
    Solihull Moors are enjoying their best run of results since their formation in 2007. The Moors are a local club attracting the support of Silhillians from across the borough and should remain in Solihull. Solihull Council's confused and chaotic approach to dealing with the zoning of Damson Park has heaped doubt on the viability of the club staying at their current location. We believe the council should hold immediate talks with the board of Solihull Moors to clarify the position of all parties and keep Solihull Moors FC within the boundaries of Solihull.
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    Created by Samuel Mather Picture
  • Petition to create Acomb Town Council
    Acomb is a non-parish suburb in York. With a growing population of around 22,215, Acomb is the largest of all areas of the city. However, a plan for a Town Council for Acomb should be actively pursued. With the City of York Council too busy playing playground politics among political parties, refusing to listen to our community and leaving parks and play areas in Acomb to despair; we are campaigning to create Acomb Town Council. The formation of an independent Town Council for Acomb would mean better direct access to government funds and grants. This could benefit the community by being channelled into local projects and would open many opportunities for the area and its residents with a more tangible impact. The status ‘Town Council’ should be used over ‘Parish Council’ due to Acomb having a sizable population and to reflect the range of services that would be available to local residents. Also, there is already an existing Acomb Parish Council in Northumberland. If successful, the newly formed Town Council can provide services around litter, parking, crime prevention, public toilets, community hubs, libraries, parks, and green spaces. We would become York's largest civil parish, leading the way for local voices and local decision making, giving residents more power and a say in how we can shape our community. To do this, we NEED a petition containing the signatures of at least 7.5% of Acomb residents, which is roughly 1,600 people, which I am sure we can achieve! If you are a resident and/or you work in Acomb, please sign the petition and share far and wide so we can create Acomb Town Council.
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  • Open the Covid-19 Public Inquiry With Immediate Effect
    In the light of various allegations made recently, coupled with speculation already mooted on Social Media and Main Stream Media, together with the appalling behaviour of the former Health Secretary, this has now left the general public with a total loss of confidence that an Inquiry some time in the future will be open and transparent. The Covid-19 Pandemic has profoundly affected all aspects of people's lives and resulted in over 125,000 extremely traumatic deaths. Businesses have been descimated. Care Home residents abandoned by the Government. Education has been severely disrupted. The Pandemic is something no government has had to deal with for over 100 years and it is now paramount that the general public see and hear what lessons could be learned from how the Government has dealt with all aspects of keeping us safe, including how [wisely] taxpayers money has been spent in appropriating PPE, hospital equipment, mental health provisions etc. Leonardo da Vinci once said "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence" WE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT.
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  • Increase Funding from central government to Cheshire East Council
    We are particularly concerned about road maintenance and the closure of Congleton’s Household Waste & Recycling Centre. We acknowledge that funding grants from central government to local authorities has DECREASED BY OVER HALF since 2010. Cheshire East Council does its utmost to support those with the greatest need, however year on year cuts mean that services must evolve to adapt to the funding it receives. Without more funding the loss of some services and a deterioration of road standards are inevitable.
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    Created by Heather Seddon
  • Tackling temporary accommodation
    It is extremely important that the conditions some of the most vulnerable people in our society are housed in are improved. Families with children should not have to endure such conditions which have negative impacts on young children’s development. With homelessness increasing every year it is very important that more social housing is built that people on a low income can afford. This is even more important with two million people fearing they won’t be able to find a home after the eviction ban is lifted. Temporary accommodation has become institutionalised and it isn’t sustainable. This must be reversed by building more social housing.
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    Created by Edward Gilchrist