• Elon Musk: remove Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins from X/Twitter
    Since X/Twitter reinstated Tommy Robinson’s biggest social media platform on 6 November 2023, he has wasted no time in whipping up anti-Muslim hate on the site once again. Tommy Robinson is a prominent far-right figure and founder of the English Defence League. In 2018, he was banned from Twitter for violating rules around ‘hateful conduct’ and now has 5 years of hateful content to share. And Katie Hopkins was banned in 2020 after years of anti-migrant hate. Her past statements include calling migrants “cockroaches” and “a plague of feral humans” and describing London Mayor Sadiq Khan as the "Muslim mayor of Londonistan". Blocking the far right’s social media limits their ability to spread the word about their events, fundraisers and hateful rhetoric. After Robinson’s ban from Twitter in 2018 and from Facebook and YouTube in 2019, hundreds of thousands of fewer people saw his content every month. Before his bans Robinson was able to get 10,000 supporters to his rallies, while in 2019 numbers struggled to get beyond a few hundred. We stand against Musk’s decision to give them both a platform to spread hate and misinformation. Do you agree? Add your name today.
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  • Discourage MPs from having second jobs; change their salary into a deductible allowance.
    The MP's will not change their behaviour, it will only get worse. They need the public, from all political persuasions and with one voice, to demand change. They are supposed to be serving us!
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  • Let MPs represent constituents’ views
    Rishi Sunak sacked an MP from his parliamentary position for representing his constituent’s views after Paul Bristow wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a ceasefire in the Israel and Gaza conflict. MPs should not be disciplined for bringing attention to their constituents’ views. So far, Labour has allowed MPs to deviate from the party line without disciplinary action. The sacking is all over the news and Keir Starmer is being asked if MPs will be disciplined for breaking from the party line. This is a huge opportunity to show all party leaders that MPs must be allowed to discuss their constituents’ wishes. A huge petition signed by people up and down the UK could force the Prime Minister to change his mind and show opposition parties that they shouldn’t follow Rishi Sunak’s lead. Our MPs are meant to represent us, and they shouldn’t be punished for that.
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  • MPs pensions should not be different from the rest of us!
    Jeremy Hunt is calling for pension funds to invest our money differently. This could effect how much money we have when we retire because the value of most pensions goes up and down depending on how they’re invested, but it won’t affect MPs' because they get a fixed income from their pension. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) decides the conditions for MP's pensions. A petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people demanding that MPs' pensions follow the same rules as all of us, could make them act quickly because they won't be used to huge public attention.
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  • Act now to tackle the bed bug crisis!
    Parisian bed bugs are causing havoc, covering people in bites, and forcing them to chuck out clothing and bedding. It’s not just Paris - bed bugs are here, too. There’s a few reasons for the perceived rise in the critters, but one factor is local governments have been forced to slash pest control budgets under austerity cutbacks. We should all have local pest control teams to call if bed bugs burrow into our homes instead of spending hundreds of pounds on private fumigation. With bugs all over the news, it’s time to put this crisis at the Government’s doorstep so we can get local pest control teams back in our areas. The Chancellor and the PM aren’t expecting us to bug them to find solutions to the bed bug invasion. That’s why we need a huge petition demanding they release emergency funding for pest control across the UK and increase local government budgets so our councils can invest long-term in pest control and other issues.
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  • Petition for the Removal of Ian Levy as MP
    The importance of the ability to remove a Member of Parliament (MP) or elected representative from office is rooted in several fundamental principles of democracy and good governance: Accountability: The ability to remove an MP ensures that elected officials remain accountable to the people they represent. It serves as a crucial check on their actions and conduct during their tenure in office. Representation: Elected officials are expected to represent the interests and values of their constituents. If an MP is not effectively fulfilling this role, the constituents should have a means to address the issue and seek a more suitable representative. Democratic Values: Democracy thrives on the principle of popular sovereignty, meaning that political power ultimately rests with the people. Allowing constituents to remove their elected representatives reinforces this foundational democratic concept. Ethical Conduct: Elected officials are held to certain ethical standards and codes of conduct. The ability to remove an MP in cases of unethical or unlawful behavior helps maintain the integrity of the political system. Trust in Government: When constituents perceive that their elected representatives are responsive, accountable, and act in their best interests, it fosters trust in the government and the democratic process itself. Preventing Abuse of Power: The threat of removal acts as a deterrent against abuses of power or corruption by elected officials. Knowing that they can be held accountable encourages MPs to act in a manner consistent with their constituents' expectations. Adaptation to Changing Circumstances: Circumstances may change over time, and the electorate's preferences may evolve. Allowing for the removal of MPs provides a mechanism to adapt to these changes and ensure that the representation remains current and relevant. Conflict Resolution: In situations where an MP's actions or statements create divisions or conflicts within the constituency, the possibility of removal can offer a peaceful and democratic means of resolving these disputes. In summary, the ability to remove an MP is an essential aspect of democratic governance that empowers citizens to hold their elected representatives accountable, safeguard democratic values, and ensure that those in office act in the best interests of the people they serve. It serves as a vital component of a functioning democracy and helps maintain public trust in the political system.
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  • MP's, Voting Records, and their use of social media
    This is about improving your political representative's honesty, and strengthening representation for you in your area. One MP I know of represents a seaside constituency and regularly posts photos of themselves eating an Ice cream, having fish and chips, and walking on the beach, with comments about how much they love the area. The coast and tourism is vital to the constituency they represent however it is regularly dogged by sewage discharges after heavy rain that make the sea contaminated and unsafe for recreational use. In 2021 the same MP was given an opportunity to vote to reduce sewage discharges to the sea, however they voted against an opposition amendment to the Environment Bill to do so, even though other MP's rebelled on the issue and voted for the amendment. None of their social media following would have any idea that this is what happened. This is just one example to illustrate the issue, and I'm sure this will happen up and down the country.
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  • No taxpayer-funded security for Prince Andrew!
    Prince Andrew is reported to have launched a bid to win back his £3 million taxpayer funded security team with the backing of former Home Secretary Priti Patel. Andrew was stripped of police protection after paying millions to settle a civil sex assault case last year. The idea of spending £3 million during a cost of living crisis on royal outcast Prince Andrew is disgusting. This money should be used to help fund our NHS and schools, rather than on a Prince who had to step back from Royal duties in disgrace.
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  • A Heritage Plaque in Broadgate, Coventry, to commemorate the founding of the Green Party
    We are looking to the people of Coventry and West Midlands to show your support for this location to be recognised and celebrated. This first meeting was a special event in the history of, not just our city and local politics, but of a movement that is still building momentum as we seek to change the world for the better. It is 50 years since that first meeting of the Green Party - let's mark this occasion by seeing a plaque unveiled. Please sign our petition.
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  • Rishi Sunak - don’t pay for your ads with taxpayers' money
    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to spend millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on a Government advertising campaign to promote the Conservative Party’s “five priorities”. Civil servants are pushing back that the campaign is “too political”. There is pushback from those within Whitehall because Rishi Sunak’s plans clearly don’t fit within the guidelines. A huge petition right now will show Rishi Sunak that we agree with civil servants that taxpayer money should not be spent on adverts to promote him or his party.
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  • Reject corrupt Johnsons' buddy list
    Because I'm sickened to the back teeth of corrupt liars being rewarded for propping up the most shambolic, self serving government in living memory. Nominated by a lying charlatan who has no moral compass at all. Hardly someone to be trusted to bestow honors on anyone
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  • Nationalise the water industry
    This is the only way the people of this country can regain faith in a system that has become infested with lies, hypocrisy and greed. Since privatisation these companies have paid out £65 billion to shareholders while presiding over an industry that most countries would be ashamed of. The majority of people would, I believe, be surprised and angered to be told that sewage overspills amounted to nearly 1000 in total in a year. But no, how do you begin to process the information that these amount to an average of almost 1000 a day. I'm tempted to believe that no sewage is ever processed, it's simply dumped into our rivers and seas. And in this year of shame dividends to shareholders almost tripled from £540 million to £1.4 billion. So we come to this past week when we finally, after 34 years, get a mealy-mouthed apology from Ruth Kelly of Water UK, which represents these companies, at the same time announcing a £10 billion investment over the next 7 years. To be funded by the water companies? No. By you and I. I am asking the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to do what I believe a huge number of people in this country want them to do, and commit to nationalising these companies and providing the new organisations with the funding to put right the incompetence and greed of the last 34 years.
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