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To: Doncaster Council, Ros Jones Mayor of Doncaster and Jo Miller Chief Executive

A safe crossing for the children of Outwood Academy Adwick

A safe crossing for the children of Outwood Academy Adwick

Erect a suitable crossing outside Outwood Academy Adwick to ensure safe passage across the A638 for the pupils who have to navigate this main road to go to school.

Why is this important?

Today (13.01.2016) and in November 2015, two children in two separate incidents have been knocked down on the busy A638 dual carriageway outside Outwood Academy Adwick in Woodlands, Doncaster. The situation could be remedied with a crossing, the cost of which would be far less than the potential disaster that is waiting to happen, the cost of a child seriously injured or worse. We call upon the Ros Jones, Jo Miller and council to ensure our children are able to walk safely to and from school without the risk of being run over.


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