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To: Wandsworth Council

A safer Elmbourne Road & Dr Johnson Av - to improve walking and cycling conditions

A safer Elmbourne Road & Dr Johnson Av - to improve walking and cycling conditions

We, the undersigned, call on Wandsworth Council to conduct a trial with an experimental traffic order on Elmbourne Rd / Dr Johnson Avenue, to improve our common, make it safer and reduce rat-running in the neighbourhood; the attached map shows a proposed option.

Why is this important?

There has been widespread talk for a significant amount of time by people who use Tooting Common about the possibilities of re-incorporating Dr Johnson Avenue back into the common. At present the road acts as a cut through for commuter motor traffic coming from Streatham heading to Balham and beyond. At the weekends, when the weather is clement, it often acts as an overflow car park. This petition is asking for a trial to see if Dr Johnson Av can be re-incorporated into the common, and to see if we can stop rat-running along Elmbourne road. This will allow local residents an opportunity to experience their streets and the common in a different way and see if it delivers the proposed benefits. The dots on the picture represent where flower planters could be placed to act as a physical barrier to through motor traffic whilst still allowing, people on bikes, on foot, in wheelchairs or mobility scooters the opportunity to continue to pass through.

On the basis of experience elsewhere, the changed layout should:
Reduce volume of non-residential traffic using our streets, including Elmbourne Road.
Make it safer for local residents, and users of the common.
Reduce pot holes
Make a more quiet and pleasant local environment.

If towards the end of the trial local residents feel that it has not been an improvement then it will be easy to re-instate the current layout.

Important to note that this petition is supported by both Wandsworth Living Streets ( & Wandsworth Cycling Campaign ( Also endorsed by Merton Living Streets, Merton Cycling Campaign and Merton Seniors Forum whose members do travel through the area.

It offers a practical way in which we can create Space for Cycling (#Space4Cycling), and improve the public realm for relatively little expense.

Dr Johnson Ave, London, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • A better experience for everyone using the common.
  • This would be brilliant, too often you see cars speeding down this road and as it bisects the common and cycling routes, there are a lot of children who use it. Would make it safer for them and more pleasant all round, and the blocked off bit would be a nice area for children to roller skate.
  • That would be so lovely.


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