To: Pontypridd council and welsh assembly

A statue for SIR TOM JONES

A statue for SIR TOM JONES

We want Pontypridd as a town to recognise SIR TOM JONES and allow a statue to be erected in his home town as he deserves as an international superstar

Why is this important?

This is of great importance as an international superstar he is by far Pontypridd most famous son and we believe this would increase tourism that is much needed to the town which is sadly failing


Reasons for signing

  • Signed because Tom has well and truly deserved it. He is truly a Legend, never forgotten where he came from and a Statue would, I believe, bring many Tourists to Pontypridd. Cymru Am Byth :)
  • Ray Gravell is in Llanelli by the scarlets stadium so why not Syr Tom Jones in his home town Pontypridd - we must remember the Welsh Ledgends always!
  • Im responsible for a 5 year writing campaign for Tom to be knighted, well worth the wait!


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