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To: Michael Matheson, MSP Scottish Government Transport Secretary

A75 and A77 Pothole Petition

A75 and A77 Pothole Petition
We, the undersigned, call on The Scottish Government to take immediate action to fix the 1000’s of potholes and improve the crucial A75 and A77 trunk roads in Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire, and to give a long-term commitment to ensure once and for all these routes are fit for purpose.

We demand the roads are maintained to the standard befitting the A75, a designated ‘Euro-Route’ and the A77 which are both vital roads linking Scotland, The North of England and Ireland, with the UK’s third busiest port at Cairnryan.

Why is this important?

Many of you have raised your concerns surrounding the poor state of our roads. I have highlighted these concerns on numerous occasions in the Scottish Parliament.

In addition, I have written to successive Scottish Government Transport Secretaries, driven the route with Transport Scotland and highlighted countless issues in the local press. Despite my actions, we are yet to see sufficient investment in our roads.

The aim of this petition is to send a clear message to those responsible.


Reasons for signing

  • The roads are a danger due to drivers moving to and fro to dodge the potholes. Again regions out with central belt suffer.
  • The amount of pot holes is a disgrace all the way from Glasgow to Cairnryan. My wife hit a pot hole and bent her alloy wheel. Did they compensate the cost of repair? Did they hell! Because "that particular pot hole was already reported". The state of the roads is an absolute joke
  • Helen Duffy


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