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To: All Pub Companies and breweries

abolish pub rents during coronavirus lockdown

abolish pub rents during coronavirus lockdown

Abolish all pub premises rents until the coronavirus lockdown is lifted on social gatherings.

Why is this important?

Pub companies have long profited by penalising successful business operators (tenant landlords) by increasing the rents payable to the company if profits are made by an individual renting the premises.
It is time that the companies recognised that closing pubs not only penalises the tenant , but also the individuals (customers) who make the premises viable. The sociological impact in certain areas can be devastating to local communities. Inevitably, the pub companies loose out by not making any profit , until their assets are realised by selling off the property.
The property may well be sold as a "free house" meaning the new owner does not have to pay premium prices for the product they sell on and this helps to make the business more profitable. (it is with personal experience that I have found I paid a premium of 80% on top of the brewery charges, which goes to the pub company)
In order to keep our pubs open it is necessary to provide a rent free period to allow these businesses to remain until the current situation comes to an end.
This is Britain, and the "local" pub is an experience revered all over the world.
The greed of the companies should not be allowed to destroy the income and lifestyle of those making profit on their behalf, nor destroy the communities which provide those profits.


Reasons for signing

  • Ei are in a minority of pub companies and breweries deferring not cancelling rent , which is accruing debt for Simon and there may be a point when it is unsustainable for him. Here’s a petition that you could sign and there’s also another one on the Govt site about help with publican’s costs. There may be other things you can do to support and highlight this.


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