• Say NO to Shein
    Ultra-fast fashion brand Shein stands accused of exploiting workers, damaging the environment, and avoiding tax. Yet it is currently ramping up plans to sell its shares on the London Stock Exchange. US lawmakers already rejected Shein's attempt to list on the New York Stock Exchange over alleged labour malpractice and tax avoidance. We must not let them sneak in and make millions on Britain’s financial markets - not while they stand accused of horrendous exploitation of people and the planet. It’s time to say no to companies that violate workers rights, exacerbate climate breakdown, and avoid taxes. It’s time to Say No to Shein.
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    Created by Say No to Shein Campaign
  • Stop wasting £billions on farcical and doomed technology projects!
    Over several decades, procurer and supplier organisations have combined to squander £billions of UK taxpayers money on techno-junk. In this regard, UK defence and government IT projects have been notoriously shambolic for decades, as indicated in https://ukcampaign4change.com/2022/02/16/43-years-of-state-it-project-disasters-and-theyre-still-happening-part-3/. The Post Office Horizon scandal is yet another example of unreliable technology causing years of mayhem. Other corroborating factors include: • The Horizon statutory inquiry uncovered weak leadership and engineering incompetence at ICL/Fujitsu and Post Office. • The current NBIT project, due to replace Horizon, has turned farcical. • ICL/Fujitsu was involved in previous techno-farces such as Lorenzo (NHS) and Libra (MoJ). • Circa 2007, our assessment of ICL/Fujitsu identified practices that were not conducive to the engineering of dependable systems. Qualified, trained and experienced engineering professionals are hampered every day of their working lives when surrounded by incompetent techno-twats. For my peer group, this is from direct experience and not merely speculation. Time for competence management to be the rule, not the exception!
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    Created by Martin Allen
  • Stop companies using '£ per month' to refer to yearly purchase plans
    This IS false advertising. It IS business mispractice. It IS immoral. It creates a false sense of worth and affordability and it is aimed at adding in an additional level of mysticism within pricing structures to make the end payment total seem less daunting than it is in hopes to trick people out of the money that they are spending. Businesses need to be transparent and trustworthy, this is neither. 
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    Created by Kirk Schwarz
  • Stop reckless gambling firms
    The Gambling Commission, the industry regulator, has the power to remove operating licenses for serious failures but has not done so with a large company, preferring toothless, easily payable fines. Multi-billion-pound gambling operators see fines as a cost of business and can carry on without the need to change. But these failures are causing deaths, with up to 496 people taking their lives every year after becoming addicted to gambling. One Gamesys customer was recommended new games and promotions after losing £10,000. They've been fined just £6m for serious failures, despite their parent company Bally’s having an annual turnover of close to £2bn. The big gambling firms will never change their ways unless forced to. If they knew they could be shut down, they would be forced to behave better. It's time to let the Gambling Commission know that they must revoke licenses for serious failures to help stop the deaths.
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  • Suffolk to allow pets to ride on buses
    This will bring well-being for people who cannot travel with their pets. Will bring more people to visit town Center and other places in and around Suffolk. Pets are FAMILY, not animals.
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    Created by James C
  • Force Credit Card Companies to Limit Pay-at-Pump Reserve Amounts and Reversal Period
    The current regulation is not fair and reasonable as the onus is then on the customer to have to raise the issue with the card issuer and/or then complain to the Financial Ombudsman. Once again a supposedly independent body takes the side of financial institutions.
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    Created by Kevin Lovelady
  • Urge Facebook to crack down on Online Scammers
    I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of online scams. Vulnerable people are often conned into spending hundreds of pounds. This not only results in financial loss, it undermines their confidence, damages their friendships and discourages them from using technology (potentially making them more isolated).
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    Created by James Robson
  • Don’t let Royal Mail slash delivery services
    Royal Mail want to reduce their deliveries from six days a week, to just THREE. And what’s worse, the regulator Ofcom might let them get away with it. Bosses claim the current model is “not sustainable”, despite dishing out £2 billion in dividends since 2013 and a £700,000 payout for their ex-CEO last year. We can’t let them get away with this! Royal Mail have been under fire for their poor performance recently, and going down to three days a week is only going to hurt us, the public, who rely on them. We could be waiting for vital letters about medical appointments and legal documents, just so Royal Mail can make bigger profits. It’s up to the Government to make the final decision, but the only way we’ll stop this is if we show the scale of public opposition to these plans. Royal Mail and Ofcom have had their say, but what’s missing is the voice of us, the public. We, the public, won’t accept a reduced service because Royal Mail won’t take the necessary steps to improve performance. They shouldn’t enjoy bigger profits at the expense of their service to the public.
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  • Make large multinationals lift the lid on their taxes
    The vast majority of multinational enterprises that operate in the UK refuse to disclose how much corporation tax they pay here or in any other country. Which means that we have no way of telling whether the likes of Amazon and Facebook are paying their fair share of taxes. What we need is a breakdown of exactly how much income, profit and tax is being generated – otherwise known as “public country-by-country reporting” (pCbCR). The more transparency we have, the less likely multinationals are to stash profits away in tax havens. Across the globe, 35% of multinational profits (US$1 trillion) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a 10% reduction in corporate income tax revenue. Within this, the UK was found to suffer a staggering £64bn of profit shifting, leading to an estimated £12.5bn reduction in corporation tax revenues. A small, but growing, number of responsible enterprises voluntarily embrace the need for such transparency and say what they pay with pride - such as Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses. Furthermore, pCbCR will soon be mandatory for large multinationals operating across the European Union, with similar requirements recently announced in Australia also. It is now time for the UK to require similar action. Especially as in 2016, MPs from all sides of Parliament voted in support of such action being taken – although the Government has, to date, refused to enact legislation. So we say: don’t delay – it’s time to #ShowMeTheMoney and for all multinationals to lift the lid on the taxes they pay in the UK and around the world.
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    Created by Fair Tax Foundation Picture
  • Scrap the new Slack layout
    This will affect people's productivity because workers across the UK will be confused and upset.
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    Created by Grace de Blaca
  • Save The Cosy Coffee Corner!
    Mel and the team at The Cosy Coffee Corner have become an important and much loved part of the Bank community and are one of the few remaining independent coffee shops left in the City. Closure will not only mean that Mel will lose her life savings invested in the business but that her team will also lose their jobs. This doesn't need to happen.
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    Created by Nathan Modell
  • TikTok: Allow the UK to opt out of harmful content!
    Right now, users on TikTok, have harmful content promoted to them including videos related to self-harm and eating disorders. This is because the technology which decides what videos to show is designed to keep people hooked and people have no say in what they want to see. The EU has recently cracked down on TikTok, which means users will now be able to opt out from seeing personalised and potentially dangerous content if they wish. But Tiktok has said it has no plans to make the same option available to users in the UK leaving users, including children, across the country at risk of seeing addictive and inappropriate content. A huge petition to TikTok urging them to flick the switch and turn on this feature in the UK could be enough to convince them to do the right thing.
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