• Make it illegal for utility switching sites to do so until contract ends
    Many people, myself included, get harassed by their outgoing supplier, having to pay exorbitant exit fees and extra costs they knew nothing about, simply because the switching company ignore customer wishes to wait until the present supplier contract is over.
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    Created by Pete Fryer
  • Get The Sun newspaper banned from all Scottish Shops
    Because I and I’m sure others are sick of seeing their offensive headlines every time we go into a shop. Today their “Death Express headline was utterly disgusting.
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    Created by Ryan Shepherd Picture
  • Ban the Scottish sun newspaper in Scotland
    on the 19th of April, 1989, the people of Liverpool had barely had a chance to bury their dead. Four days after the Hillsborough disaster – the worst sporting disaster in British history, in which 96 people were killed and countless others were left injured and traumatised – the country's biggest newspaper ran a front page claiming, among other accusations, that Liverpool fans had "picked pockets of victims", "urinated on brave cops" and "beat up PCs giving the kiss of life". The allegations, citing comments made by South Yorkshire Police and a Tory MP, were provided by a Sheffield news agency. We don't not accept tabloid newspapers glorifying death especially when it's now Scotland it's time to stand up and get them out.
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    Created by Scott Glanville
    By the time you finish this sentence, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos will have made £12,000. But despite its massive wealth, Amazon has started wriggling out of paying a new UK digital tax - by passing the extra cost directly onto the small businesses that use its website. At a time when these businesses are struggling to get by, it’s an indefensible decision. The UK Government introduced the new tax in April, to try to make massive digital companies like Amazon pay their fair share. But even though Amazon has made billions during the coronavirus crisis - and only paid 2% tax on it’s UK earnings last year - the company has found a way to get out of paying the new tax by directly hurting small businesses. Let's show them that is not acceptable.
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  • Introduce a £2 maximum stake for online betting games and slots
    Addictive gambling websites that allow people to potentially bet hundreds of pounds every minute are plunging people into life-changing debt. In 2019 the government introduced a new £2 maximum stake on betting terminals in high street bookmakers but no such limits apply when gambling online. It’s never been easier to gamble online with hundreds of websites and apps available for those who wish to take part but with no maximum bet it means that people with gambling problems are at risk of falling through the cracks During the COVID-19 crisis the amount of money being wagered online has increased at an alarming rate where people have switched from betting shops to online gambling. If the government sees hundreds of thousands of us have signed a petition calling them to crack down on highly addictive online slots and games, it could be enough to persuade them to introduce a £2 maximum bet and change people's lives for the better.
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  • Cadbury “Shrink-flation” Stop downsizing bars
    Customers have the right to choose. Cadbury are using the obesity issue to reduce further the size of bars in multipacks has gone down over the last 5 years and should be stopped from their “shrinkflation” excuses to profit even further than they already do with their multi packs.
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    Created by Darren Holroyd
  • Viagogo: Refund customers for cancelled events
    Thousands of people are being left out of pocket after buying tickets for events before the coronavirus crisis, Multiple events including music festivals have either been cancelled due to the pandemic but leading ticket website Viagogo are refusing to refund customers. Viagogo are instead claiming the events have been postponed, even when the organisers confirm they have been cancelled. Viagogo have a history of dodgy dealings with many claiming they are a glorified ticket tout and have been criticised in the past by leading figures in the music industry, MP’s and campaign groups. Sign the petition today to make sure customers are not left out of pocket for events they can no longer attend
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  • UK attractions: Stop your unfair charges for single parent families!
    Coronavirus has had a disproportionate impact on single parent families. But with lockdown lifting and with the summer holidays just around the corner, parents will be looking to local attractions to keep their kids busy. Right now, UK attractions unfairly discriminate against single parents in their ticket prices. We are calling on Flamingo Land, Drayton Manor and Harry Potter World attractions to stop this immediately and implement a better and fairer pricing system for those with one parent or carer households.
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  • Stop anti-vaccine lies spreading on social media
    Conspiracy theorists spouting lies are running rampant on social media. From the anti-vaccine movement which is threatening lives, to the anti-5G movement which is burning down telecoms masts - they're having a huge and dangerous impact on society. Yet social media companies are taking no responsibility for publishing these lies. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called on Facebook and other social media platforms to do more to make sure harmful, fake news is not spread on their platforms. And with the news that a life-saving Coronavirus vaccine could be on it’s way, it’s more important than ever that these harmful lies aren’t being spread. A huge petition calling on Facebook and other social media media platforms to clean up their act will show them that when so much is at stake, they need to take this seriously. It could be enough to force them to clamp down on dangerous lies being spread on their platform once and for all.
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  • Add a "Company Leave Date" filter on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    Problem: When looking for profiles from a company of interest (specifically "past not current"), the system pulls up all the people that have previously worked at the company, including people that have left 20-30 years ago. This means that for each search there are so many pages to flick through filled with people that aren't relevant to the search. Suggestion: When looking for people from a company of interest, it would be good to have an extra filter that links that company with a date bracket that people have left between (e.g. 2017 - 2019). This would ensure that only the people that have left the company between those dates are pulled up. Result: This would enable a highly-targeted, impactful and faster search, thus increasing speed and improving workflow, this would be an absolute lifesaver!!
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    Created by Teddy Albert Picture
  • (More British Circuit's) Specifically Castle Combe on Forza Motorsport 8
    The previous Forza Motorsport's have lacked in the number of British Circuits and therefore I say it's time for change especially as other games such as rfactor have included Castle Combe in their track list so why not Forza?
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    Created by Tom Murray Picture
  • Legally require all commercial establishments in the UK to switch off their lights at night
    Unnecessarily lighting inside businesses is a waste and a significant contribution to the negative impact of human induced climate change/global warming.
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    Created by Mark Brownbridge