• Fibre broadband to all Staynor Hall properties
    First of all, some residents are claiming to have been sold properties on the estate with the assurance that Fibrenest or at least fibre connections are available to properties and since new addresses often don't show in broadband speed checkers, this is difficult and often impossible to confirm first-hand until a property has been purchased. There is also an expectation that information given by sales representatives is completely true, which in this case, is not. Secondly, many individuals on the estate rely on reasonable connectivity to work, whether it's remotely from home to a service at work, through online business or in some cases as online content creators using streaming services. With an average speed of 6mbps, this is barely achievable and in most cases, means that standard resolution images can often take an unacceptable time to download. Living on the estate is affecting businesses and in some cases, a slower connection can create security concerns. In my case, I purchased my current property in September 2019 with the assurance from the sales adviser at the time that Fibrenest was available. When we had purchased the property and arranging service providers, we soon found out that the only broadband option was Sky averaging around 7mbps. I regularly work from home using a remote connection to my work-place and the connection frequently drops which is a significant difference from my previous home on around 40-50mbps. This is not to mention multi-tasking is near impossible, such as downloading whilst trying to stream, something which we take for granted until our connection can't handle it. It affects me on a daily basis and is often the talk of the estate (or at least those affected). Something needs to be done and the support from the community on this issue will hopefully bring to light its significance.
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  • Compulsory Licencing of UK car wash sites
    Car Wash Advisory Service have been working within the car wash industry since 2011 and are specialists in the issues that surround unregulated washing. Further to the Environmental Audit committee's investigation in to hand car washing and their findings that the main faults lay with lack of understanding of the industry and lack of engagement from enforcement of current legislation. The EAC asked for mandatory licencing but the Government failed to grant this and offered voluntary licencing instead. They have clearly failed to understand that without mandatory licencing, the issues that surround unregulated vehicle washing (modern slavery, environmental damage, tax evasion) will not change, as the issues are so deeply ingrained, after years of neglect by successive Governments and their agencies. The only way to ensure that the issues that surround unregulated car wash sites stop is to introduce mandatory licencing.
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    Created by Dawn Frazer
  • Prorata Redundency Pay
    Thousands of women change their hours at work and then whom are made redundant are being given a redundancy package based on the part-time salary, even though they may have works full time for a longer number of years. e.g. A female member of staff has worked for a company for 15 years then decides to have a family and go part time, as soon as she goes part time her redundancy package is based on the part time salary / hours not the pro-rata of her total career.
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  • Protect our children
    I never thought as a parent to a 3 year old, that I would ever have to sit down and talk to my son about suicide and self harm because of video content he has seen, that has been allowed on YouTube kids! I only let my son watch educational videos on kids YouTube, a site that is meant to protect our children and have more in place to stop inappropriate content! I quickly discovered that some videos that came through was teaching my son to hurt himself, teaching him about suicide and to hurt others! I feel sick that I am not the only parent whose child has been subject to these videos, they also come in advertisements and target children on social media. No parent should ever feel that they can’t protect their children, that they feel their child is in danger within their own house! No one is being held responsible and nothing is being done to stop this and protect our children. More needs to be done, it may violate social media community guidelines
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  • Save Our Bank
    Barclays is the only bank in Welwyn. It also has the only ATM in the village centre. Elderly and less able people who cannot use the internet depend upon the bank for their daily banking needs. Some of these elderly people have spoken to me of their distress at the prospect of losing the bank, as well as the two friendly staff who give a patient and helpful service. Barclays Bank is an international company making £multi-billion profits annually, and one of its central stated aims is “Building Thriving Local Communities”. The bank here in Old Welwyn attracts both personal and business customers from surrounding villages and is a big part of what keeps Welwyn thriving. We fear for the future of our village if we lose our bank. Small businesses and the charity shop that is the hub of village life will be badly affected by the difficulty in handling their takings. They will also have the inconvenience and potential danger of having to drive to another town where parking is difficult to deposit their cash. We ask Barclays to use some of its profits to keep our branch open and our village alive, and continue to provide an essential and excellent service for our villagers. At the very least we ask that the branch is allowed to remain open until at least 2025 to give our village a chance to prepare for the loss of this essential service.
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  • Save Barclays Bank Ferndale
    It is extremely disappointing news that Barclays have decided to close their branch in High Street, Ferndale, especially given the recent Council planned investment in the Ferndale and our continued commitment to support our Town Centres. This will reduce the services available to local residents and businesses and may have a significant impact on the vibrancy of the town.
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  • Save Barclays Bank Tonypandy
    It is extremely disappointing news that Barclays have decided to close their branch in Dunraven St, Tonypandy, especially given the recent Council investment in the Tonypandy and our continued commitment to support our Town Centre’s. This will reduce the services available to local residents and businesses and may have a significant impact on the vibrancy of the town.
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    Created by Councillor Gareth Wyn Hughes
  • Abolish self employment in place of secure employment
    I have been self employed most of my life and not by choice.. as a Shopfitter self employment is the only choice available to you if you wish to pursue your trade. Taxes are subtracted at 20% and then must be submitted for review at least once a year but this more often than not gets missed/ignored for a host of various reasons.. this then never gets fixed with the self employed now not having had valid accounts to show for over 10 years plus.. the fear of being landed with large late submission fines being the most common reason for not sorting out the problem) being ‘self employed’ keeps most people in work 8 months of the year (if they’re lucky) in between work no unemployment benefits or government help is available because you’re simply told that you’re ‘self employed’ and don’t qualify! Also, we never qualify for holiday pay because again we’re told we’re self employed! Change is needed, the only benefit to self employment is to the government statistics keeping unemployment numbers down and employers saving thousands of pounds on holiday pay and expenses with the self employed now being responsible for supplying their own vehicles, own tools, h&s safety/training courses, accommodation and living away expenses etc. Basically the employer has no outlay and if you don’t meet the required criteria then somebody else will.. a no win situation for the so called ‘self employed’
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  • Save HMV from closure
    This is so important as I have been shopping at HMV ever since I bought my first CDs, cassettes and then more recently vinyl from there since I was aged 9/10. It overtook other retailers last year to be the biggest seller of physical music releases - remarkable when it was on the brink of collapse in 2013 thanks to the efforts put in by previous buyer Hilco. Even though digital streaming and download services exist, I still shop at HMV regularly twenty years on - at least once a month - as I support the presence of a high street outlet for music lovers like myself, and the permenant closure of HMV would mean the loss of this vital sector of the high street that has been present there for longer than I have been alive. The alternative is the tax evading, clinical outlets of Amazon, who I refuse to patronize because of this or their employment ethics. Furthermore, they give an opportunity for fans like myself to get up close with opportunities to meet their music and film heroes at in store signings and events for the price of a CD or DVD, a wonderful experience that will also disappear if HMV does. Pete Paphides, rock critic for The Times has put into words far more eloquently why it is so important it is saved - the link to his article on Medium is here: https://medium.com/@petepaphides/you-dont-become-a-specialist-music-fan-overnight-3391589f3f18. So I and the undersigned are calling upon KPMG to ensure that HMV is saved, and continues to empower local economies and is not lost from our high streets forever.
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    Created by Alexander MacGregor
  • Keep Knole Park Special, Put The Pipeline Outside
    Sevenoaks needs a new water pipeline. South East Water have proposed four possible routes. Two of these go through Knole Park. These are the cheap and easy options for South East Water, but will damage the Park. Knole Park is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) where thousands of people come throughout the year to enjoy the peace, the views and the special flora and fauna. All of these will be permanently harmed by the proposed routes. As Joni Mitchell sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” If you want to keep Knole Park special, please sign this petition. - There is already a South East Water pipe in the Park. The scars it has made are clearly visible, with stony subsoil exposed and still bare of grass years after it was laid. - South East Water say that they will not damage the features of the Park that make it an SSSI. The acid grassland* itself is one of the most important features, and is very slow to heal after damage. - Some of the proposed pipe is close to the existing one, which will cause a wider strip of damage to the grass. Where they run in the Gallops they are sited apart so there will be a fresh area of damage. - New concrete manholes and inspection points will be permanently on the surface, those for the existing pipe are very obvious. - South East Water’s preferred route cuts through very significant archaeological features and they have allowed no time for investigation. The test drilling is in an area where it may destroy further archaeology, again there is no allowance for investigation before drilling. - After it is laid, access to the pipeline for inspection, maintenance and repair will be a problem. South East Water’s contractors have vehicles equipped for pipelines laid in roads, not fragile grassland. *Acid grassland is a very rare landscape in which the high acidity means that grass will barely grow. Over centuries, wildlife, flora and fungi develop which cannot survive in fertile areas amongst long grass. At the last survey Kent had lost more and only had 512 hectares. Some counties have none. By far the largest area of acid grassland in Kent is in Knole Park.
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  • Don't cut people off from banking when closing branches
    Across the UK more than 2,800 bank branches have closed since 2015. This presents a huge challenge for many elderly and vulnerable people who often rely on speaking face-to-face to do their banking and may not have access to the internet. Many towns and rural communities are often cut off from banking services when the last bank branch in the town closes down. Carolyn set up a petition after hearing the news that her local Lloyds branch in Buckley in Wales, was to close. Carolyn and other people in the local community, particularly the elderly and those with mobility issues, rely on the branch. If it were to close, Carolyn would have to travel over 4 miles away to the nearest bank, cutting her off from easy access to her money and face-to-face financial advice. Banks only exist because we put our money there, they make obscene profits from the people of the UK. The government should ensure that the banking industry has a 'duty of care' to keep some branches open, and not exclude whole groups of people from access to financial services. Banks should have more than simply profit on their minds when making decisions to close branches, as these decisions have huge negative impacts on many people's lives.
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  • Petition 3GS to Refund UK Residents Who Have Been Unfairly Fined
    In Nov 2017 my husband placed a cardboard box in the wrong bin in good faith, thinking that he was helping me out on a busy day. It turned out that that box in question had my business address label on it, and he'd put it in a domestic recycling bin. I was fined £600 and threatened with court. There was no procedure for appeal, and 3GS was both unclear about my supposed "offence" and extremely intimidating. My story was covered in the national papers and appeared on "Do The Right Thing" with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. We call on 3GS to do the right thing now! We demand that unfair and disproportionate fines be reviewed where a complaint is made, and that refunds are given to members of the UK public. 👇🏽 Where there was no intent to fly tip. For example: The person fined was acting in good faith. They believed they were placing an item in the correct bin. ✔️ When the person who received the fine was not the person who committed the alleged offence. For example when a spouse or person unrelated to the business placed an item in the wrong bin in good faith. ✔️ Where existing waste disposal facilities were insufficient and common sense was not used by officers. For example: Where signage on bins was not clearly visible. Where signage was confusing. Where bins were broken. Where bins were overflowing. Where animals were able to remove waste from bins. ✔️ Where 3GS officers behaved inappropriately. For example: Where 3GS used intimidation. Where officers did not give a member of the public their lawful opportunity to pick up litter before being fined. Where any legal right was denied to a member of the public in a public space. Where assault or physical contact of any kind took place. ✔️ Where 3GS officers lied to members of the public. For example: Where 3GS officers claimed to have visited a property when they had not. When 3GS officers claimed to have CCTV footage when they did not. When 3GS officers claimed to have called the police when they had not. ✔️ Where 3GS the telephone staff behaving appropriately or misleadingly. Where 3GS staff lied to members of the public. Where 3GS staff implied a criminal court appearance or conviction without supplying proof of fly tipping/ littering. ✔️ Where insufficient proof was supplied by 3GS. For example: Where there was no CCTV footage of a person placing an item in the wrong bin. When photographic evidence did not prove that the accused person had placed waste in the wrong bin themselves. ✔️ Where paperwork was incomplete, incorrect, excessively pressing or insufficient. For example: Where at 3GS failed to produce an initial fine but subsequently sent residents supposed reminders of alleged late/ unpaid fines. Where 3GS demanded payment in an unreasonably short time via a “reminder” and the initial fine had not been issued or received. Where 3GS breached data protection by copying and pasting the wrong person's data into an email and sending to another member of the public. ✔️ In Summary: We demand that Martin Jerrold, Managing Director of the Red Snapper Group / 3GS puts a complaints procedure in place to review complaints. Where appropriate refunds should be made to members of the UK public who have been unfairly or disproportionately fined.
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