• Add a "Company Leave Date" filter on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    Problem: When looking for profiles from a company of interest (specifically "past not current"), the system pulls up all the people that have previously worked at the company, including people that have left 20-30 years ago. This means that for each search there are so many pages to flick through filled with people that aren't relevant to the search. Suggestion: When looking for people from a company of interest, it would be good to have an extra filter that links that company with a date bracket that people have left between (e.g. 2017 - 2019). This would ensure that only the people that have left the company between those dates are pulled up. Result: This would enable a highly-targeted, impactful and faster search, thus increasing speed and improving workflow, this would be an absolute lifesaver!!
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  • (More British Circuit's) Specifically Castle Combe on Forza Motorsport 8
    The previous Forza Motorsport's have lacked in the number of British Circuits and therefore I say it's time for change especially as other games such as rfactor have included Castle Combe in their track list so why not Forza?
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  • Legally require all commercial establishments in the UK to switch off their lights at night
    Unnecessarily lighting inside businesses is a waste and a significant contribution to the negative impact of human induced climate change/global warming.
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    Created by Mark Brownbridge
  • Random selection on netiflix
    Because I sick of flicking through and not finding anything to watch. Then end up watching something I’ve already watched because I can’t decide
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    Created by Dalton Qualter
  • Will the UK government hold large companies to account for not issuing cash refunds?
    Large businesses are blantently flouting UK law and not being held accountable. If a consumer attempted to hold on to money in such a manner it would be deemed as fraud. Why are large companies allowed to act outside the UK law?
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  • Retain food standards and labelling after Brexit
    When the Agriculture Bill was debated in the House of Commons in May, MPs rejected an amendment aimed at allowing the importation of only those agricultural goods that meet standards as high or higher than current UK standards for animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety, hygiene and traceability. This is despite the assurance from Tory MPs who campaigned for Brexit that there would be no lowering of animal welfare or food safety standards after the UK left the EU. E.g. Michael Gove stated in July 2017: “We are not going to dilute our high animal welfare standards, or our high environmental standards, in pursuit of any trade deal.” (1) MPs know that there are good reasons for public concern. Incidences of food poisoning in the US affect 14% of the population annually, contrasting with 1% in the UK (2). US restrictions on various aspects of food production are much less stringent than those of the UK and EU, meaning that imports will pose potential risks to the health of humans and animals in the UK. These include the overuse of antibiotics on farmed animals, pesticides, food colourings and genetically modified crops that are currently banned in the UK (3, 4). Trade negotiations currently underway appear to give the lie to previous assurances. Cabinet Office minister Penny Mordaunt has refused to say that a ban would remain on chlorinated chicken, hormone-fed beef and other US imports after an upcoming trade deal with Donald Trump (5). In place of regulation, she said she believed “we should be trusting the consumer,” echoing Sonny Perdue, the US secretary of agriculture, who has said: “If the consumer doesn’t want [such food products], they won’t buy them and that will change production, both in the United States and the UK.”(6) But our choices are only real choices if we have proper information, and yet the US considers nutrition labelling a ‘barrier to trade’ (7). As individuals, we have little influence over international trade deals, but retailers have the power to protect their customers’ right to high quality produce. They need to know that we will continue to shop with them only if the food they sell is explicitly and unequivocally guaranteed to meet pre-Brexit standards for animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety, hygiene and traceability. (1) https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2020-05-13/debates/D4889925-5B63-498E-BC68-BFCF91691C66/AgricultureBill (2) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-40725738/michael-gove-says-no-to-chlorinated-chicken https://www.sustainweb.org/news/feb18_US_foodpoisoning/ (3, 4) Centre for International Environmental Law Lowest Common Denominator 2015; https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/19/crucial-antibiotics-still-used-on-us-farms-despite-public-health-fears (5) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/chlorinated-chicken-us-trade-deal-brexit-penny-mordaunt-a9556591.html (6) https://www.politicshome.com/thehouse/article/inside-the-tory-row-over-food-standards-in-uk-trade-policy (7) Office of the United States Trade Representative Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 2019
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    Created by Alison Sealey
  • Save Spire FM
    We are living in a time when coming together as local community is more important than ever before and Spire FM has been at the heart of our local community. Bauer Media will be combining Spire FM with stations from Blackpool to Norwich and Swansea as Greatest Hits Radio. Although there might still be some local news, that means no more local voices or businesses on War of the Works or Ring-a-ding-a-donut, no more local schools singing on the Countdown to Christmas and no local presenters living in our communities and understanding issues from Novichok to gridlock getting out of Tescos in Southampton Road. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/may/27/local-radio-regional-stations-england-bauer-rebranding-national-network
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  • Better perspex screens and social distancing in retail outlets.
    Supermarket staff are on the front line, we like everyone else have a right to feel safe in our place of work. Just like some of our customers have a right to feel safe and not bullied by impatient customers.
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  • Labelling on alcoholic drinks
    The other night I enjoyed a very nice glass of port with some cheese and crackers. After I had finished the port, my daughter discovered that not all ports are suitable for my vegetarian lifestyle, and in fact this particular one may well have contained gelatin. The wave of guilt that passed over me was immense, knowing I had accidentally betrayed my morals and consumed an animal product. To this end, I ask that it to be made law that the manufacturers/distributors of all alcoholic beverages must clearly label whether the product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, kosher, etc., or perhaps more to the point, these products should all have these logos on their labels, but they should have a clear and unambiguous line through them if they do not apply.
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    Created by Nadia Jones
  • Scrap Supermarket Home Delivery Charges
    So we won't waste our money on Home Delivery Charges during this Coronavirus Pandemic As most stock is unavailable we need to have more than one Delivery Substitutions are not appropriate for some/most people
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  • BA redundancies
    BA has announced plans to lay off up to 12,000 employees, despite already having suspended more than 22,000 under the UK Government's furlough scheme. This affects a huge number of long term staff. Trade unions have described the redundancies as "an act of smash and grab opportunism", "a huge blow" and "irresponsible, dangerous and destructive". If everyone reading this signs the petition then we can show BA that now is not the time to lay off loyal staff or make the remaining ones sign inferior contracts
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  • Fair pay for people in 12 weeks isolation
    People making life or death decisions because who can afford 6 weeks unpaid leave can’t claim as still employed.. or go to work putting dependents at risk of catching Covid 19 which could lead to death ...
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