• Make large multinationals lift the lid on their taxes
    The vast majority of multinational enterprises that operate in the UK refuse to disclose how much corporation tax they pay here or in any other country. Which means that we have no way of telling whether the likes of Amazon and Facebook are paying their fair share of taxes. What we need is a breakdown of exactly how much income, profit and tax is being generated – otherwise known as “public country-by-country reporting” (pCbCR). The more transparency we have, the less likely multinationals are to stash profits away in tax havens. Across the globe, 35% of multinational profits (US$1 trillion) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a 10% reduction in corporate income tax revenue. Within this, the UK was found to suffer a staggering £64bn of profit shifting, leading to an estimated £12.5bn reduction in corporation tax revenues. A small, but growing, number of responsible enterprises voluntarily embrace the need for such transparency and say what they pay with pride - such as Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses. Furthermore, pCbCR will soon be mandatory for large multinationals operating across the European Union, with similar requirements recently announced in Australia also. It is now time for the UK to require similar action. Especially as in 2016, MPs from all sides of Parliament voted in support of such action being taken – although the Government has, to date, refused to enact legislation. So we say: don’t delay – it’s time to #ShowMeTheMoney and for all multinationals to lift the lid on the taxes they pay in the UK and around the world.
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  • Scrap the new Slack layout
    This will affect people's productivity because workers across the UK will be confused and upset.
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    Created by Grace de Blaca
  • Save The Cosy Coffee Corner!
    Mel and the team at The Cosy Coffee Corner have become an important and much loved part of the Bank community and are one of the few remaining independent coffee shops left in the City. Closure will not only mean that Mel will lose her life savings invested in the business but that her team will also lose their jobs. This doesn't need to happen.
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    Created by Nathan Modell
  • TikTok: Allow the UK to opt out of harmful content!
    Right now, users on TikTok, have harmful content promoted to them including videos related to self-harm and eating disorders. This is because the technology which decides what videos to show is designed to keep people hooked and people have no say in what they want to see. The EU has recently cracked down on TikTok, which means users will now be able to opt out from seeing personalised and potentially dangerous content if they wish. But Tiktok has said it has no plans to make the same option available to users in the UK leaving users, including children, across the country at risk of seeing addictive and inappropriate content. A huge petition to TikTok urging them to flick the switch and turn on this feature in the UK could be enough to convince them to do the right thing.
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  • Stop advertising gambling on your platforms
    Up to 1.4 million people are addicted to gambling in the UK and every day someone takes their life because of gambling. The gambling industry spends £1.5 billion on advertising and marketing every year and studies show a clear link between exposure to gambling advertising and increased gambling. But the Government’s recent gambling white paper took no action on gambling ads, allowing them to continue to swamp television and radio broadcasts as well as appear relentlessly across newspapers and the internet. In June, the Guardian newspaper decided to stop gambling advertising across all its platforms after concerns about “the pervasive nature of retargeted digital advertisements that trap a portion of sports fans in an addictive cycle.” We need other media outlets and their staff in the UK to step up and stop making money out of misery. We’re asking all UK broadcasters, newspapers and online media outlets, as well as well-known individuals and celebrities, to stop advertising harmful gambling products across all your platforms. It’s only a matter of time before gambling advertising is forbidden, history will look kindly on those that make the step voluntarily.
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  • Regulate Artificial Intelligence Now
    In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the headlines and making huge leaps forward. But with the emergence of AI comes risks. AI has already shown signs of bias, given out false information and could cause a huge number of job losses. And thousands of tech insiders have even called on the development to be paused. It’s so important we don’t waste time regulating AI like we have done with our gambling laws. The way people gamble now is unrecognisable since they were last updated in 2005. But thanks to campaigners and people all across the country, the gambling act is being changed by the government for the digital age. There’s no reason why new laws cannot be next on their list to ensure artificial intelligence is used correctly.
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  • Fix the chaos of breakout rooms in Google Meet
    Google generally produces elegant simple technology that's quickly adopted by the masses because it's easy to use. But OMG Google Meet's break out room function makes me want to pull my hair out. It is WILD that when splitting calls into breakout rooms it doesn't just split the people on the call into equal rooms, instead it also puts all the people who were ever invited to a call in a room treating them just like live attendees. It means that live attendees are scattered randomly between rooms on their own, or massively over subscribed rooms. What's more, as a host of a call you're constantly left floundering in front of a big group call as you wrestle with the bonkers user interface. We give you all of our data, the least you could do is give us some nice tools in exchange.
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  • Force British Gas to replace Suzanne's garden table
    My sister-in-law recently had her garden table smashed by British Gas engineers whilst they were fitting a new boiler at her property. She has tried countless times to contact British Gas to have the table replaced. This has not materialised. With the nice spring weather just around the corner, it would be greatly appreciated if this could be resolved quickly and efficiently. My mother-in-law is partial to giving away her old BBQs, without any evidence that my sister-in-law can hold a family BBQ, such as a garden table, my mother-in-law is likely to give her old BBQ to one of her brothers or Colin down the road. This would be a travesty. Please do what is right and replace this table, you've just got a £1.6m bonus, you could buy B&Q with that, she's only asking for a table. If you damage someone's property, you replace it.
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  • British Gas boss: Reject your £1.6 million bonus!
    Millions of families are struggling to keep their homes warm this winter. Yet today, Centrica, British Gas’ parent company, announced that its profits TRIPLED in the last year. If that wasn’t bad enough, CEO Chris O’Shea is now set to take home a £1.6 million bonus. It’s a bonus for break-ins. An undercover investigation recently revealed that British Gas agents were routinely forcing their way into the homes of vulnerable people to fit prepayment meters, leaving many without heating and electricity. And with millions more families struggling to keep up with their extortionate energy bills, it’s sickening he’s even considering taking this £1.6 million bonus. He must reject the bonus and donate it to a support fund to help struggling families with their energy bills.
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  • Compulsory Customer Service Contact Details
    Join this campaign and show your support for better customer service and accountability. We need the return of phone numbers and the ability to talk to a human and not an infuriating chat bot with links to endless circles of unhelpful articles to help ourselves. To have a monitored system where "I'm sorry" is not good enough but has reasonable consequences.
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    Created by Angela Nicholls
  • AFC Bournemouth: Kick gambling ads out of football!
    Today, AFC Bournemouth announced a two-year partnership with Dafabet, a Phillipines-based online betting company. As a result, the company’s logo will appear across the club’s Vitality Stadium, its shirt and various other online promotions. Why do I care? Because gambling doesn’t just destroy lives. Gambling kills. Gambling-related harm impacts millions of people either directly or indirectly. Research indicates there are between 250 and 650 gambling-related suicides in the UK each year, with football often acting as the hook that draws gamblers in. This industry has been normalised by the increase amongst young people through gambling advertising during live sport. There is evidence that children of primary school age have brand loyalty towards certain gambling companies: a degree of normalisation has led to four in five university students losing an average of £30 every week to gambling. Children shouldn’t be exposed to gambling advertising at all, so at the very least it should not be marketed in football stadiums. If you don’t think that’s a problem, the numbers are there for all to see. Ipsos Mori found that 37% of 11-16-year-olds in England and Scotland have gambled in the last 12 months and almost 2% of these are classified as ‘problem’ gamblers. It’s not just children who are affected. Former Cherries midfielder Warren Aspinall has said that his gambling addiction almost drove him to take his own life. He’s not alone. There are between 430,000 and 1.4 million people currently addicted to gambling in the UK, with those suffering from gambling disorder up to 15 times more likely to take their own lives than members of the general population. Could you imagine any other industry that causes this much harm being shown to millions of people every weekend? AFC Bournemouth proudly claims that ‘Together, Anything Is Possible’. They know it doesn’t have toi be like this. Earlier this year, 20 clubs wrote an open letter to the government calling for a ban on gambling adverts in football. Reports show that if gambling sponsorship was banned and replaced, it would lead to just a 2.5% cut in revenues. I believe that’s a price worth paying and so do clubs like Bolton Wanderers, Luton Town and Tranmere Rovers. In the Scottish Premier League, Hearts have openly commented that they found it fairly easy to find alternative sponsors. I’m calling on AFC Bournemouth fans to join with a growing wave of support for an end to gambling sponsorship in football. In doing so, we can: Make football a safer place for its community, young and old, to not feel pressured into gambling. Give children the chance to wear the same shirts as their parents and the players they adore. Make AFC Bournemouth a club where those who have been harmed by gambling can watch the club they love without encouragement to gamble. Please support me by adding your name to this petition.
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  • BT Group: Pay your staff a proper wage
    It was recently revealed that one BT call centre has set up a food donation point that staff can use when their pay won't stretch to the end of the month. But BT Group made £1.3 billion in profits last year, and paid out £761 million to their shareholders. Instead of asking staff to help each other out, BT Group should pay their workers enough that they can afford to live and eat.
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