• Low letter box back breakers
    Working as a post person for close to twenty year . I have frequently seen and heard of colleagues with back problems . They have eventually ended up retiring early on medical grounds. We walk around ten mile per day and deliver to between 500- 1000 doors a day. Depending on the housing areas. The new builds of housing estates are adding front doors that are inches off the floor. The new brushes behind the letter boxes make it harder to post anything through. This may sound trivial to most but it is quite serious to the people who are dealing with this on a daily basses . This petition is to stop new doors being manufactured with low letter boxes .
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    Created by Lee Hickson
  • Make Chartwells pay back the profit they took for free school meals.
    Free school meals funding should be for the families and children who need it. Not for a company to profit from.
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    Created by Harry Nova
  • Modify the mini BT TV YouView box
    I believe that the BT TV YouView box could do with some modifications.
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    Created by Peter Glass
  • One Direction to reunite
    Because they were so amazing and an incredible band who everyone misses soooo much and we needed their entertainment and music in lockdown.
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    Created by Isabel Barnett
  • RAC - Catalytic converter theft
    What to currently expect from the RAC if your catalytic convertor is potentially stollen.....I received a call from my elderly neighbour last night. She had interrupted a man who appeared to be tampering with her car. She was very shaken as the suspect had come onto her property and she had disturbed him. We called the police who took some details and advised that it could be that the suspect was looking to or had stolen the car's catalytic convertor. In other circumstances I may have investigated any damage further myself but faced with a petrified Margaret, and myself having no experience of mechanics or car maintenance and the dark of night I instead called the RAC. Although my neighbour has full RAC cover (Rescue, At Home , Relay, Key Cover...) they would not attend under their membership terms. Instead, they informed me that they would send a patrol at a cost of approximately £130 (payable to the patrol) and if vandalism or theft was confirmed on inspection no further assistance would be given. There have been so many thefts and attempted attempted thefts of these devices recently. This crime could happen to you and as a member of the RAC 'a complete breakdown service' will not help you even to the nearest garage or check your vehicle for safety. For all the people out there like my neighbour, please help me. Please sign my petition to lobby the RAC to show a little love and kindness, change their policy and include potential catalytic convertor theft as attendable within their membership terms. Thank you
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    Created by Terri Rabson
  • Stop Google passing on the 2% Digital Tax to their advertisers
    This move will increase advertises costs at a time when small businesses are closing down and receiving little help from the government. The livelihood of small business owners is being eroded by large conglomerates like Google and Amazon.
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    Created by Dennis Armstrong
  • Flying start in caerleon
    not one person up here is entitled to flying start as it’s not in the area, I have lived here for many years and there are a lot of family’s who this support would really help including myself, without flying start I would have to wait until my daughter is 3/4 to put her in nursery and she’s able to start flying start playgroup at the age of 2? We have a brand new build primary school around the corner also the only nice part of where we live. Over the years I see that this change would really help a lot of family’s that can’t afford normal nursery they offer in the village as the prices are just ridiculous, we see a lot of other kids starting there flying start playgroup my oldest daughter being one attended a flying start playgroup in alway. She’s now in full time education but I know that the flying start helped introduce her to new situation, faces, people and things. Which it’s sad to see that a lot of children up here are not going to experience that and I personally think that is going to make a big difference when it comes to then having to go to school and not wanting to as it’s all new to them. It should be brought in at a young age, as of now all these kids are used to seeing is family members and neighbours which I just don’t thinks fair. If by 2 they all go to a playgroup, by 3 they are going to do everything we would love them to. Meet new people, new places, new situations so when it’s actually school time for them there’s no problems. It would also be important to me that parents that don’t have any family around or help at hand that they get there break.
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    Created by Jessica Johnson
  • Make Freddo's 5p Again
    It is important because Freddo's are a big part of British culture and loads of children are missing out because they used to be 5p but now they've upped the prices to 25p or potentially more.
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    Created by Izzy Britten
  • Bed & Breakfast Hardship Funding
    To help support businesses during the tighter restrictions in the Central Belt area
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    Created by Andy Davis
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    Created by Joe Cooper
  • Save the Thornliebank TSB
    On 30th September TSB announced its intention to close 164 branches across the UK, with 73 of these based in Scotland and more than 900 jobs being lost in the process. The branch here in Thornliebank is one of those that has been lined up for closure. This is the latest in a long line of bank closures which have affected East Renfrewshire, making it increasingly difficult for residents to access face-to-face banking services. TSB mention the move to digital banking as a reason for the closure of branches but for many people face-to-face banking services in the local community are absolutely indispensable. This is especially true for older residents and those with disabilities. Alongside this it is vital that our high streets are supported as part of a COVID recovery. This bank closure will leave a building vacant and pull support away from local community businesses. We should also be supporting local jobs like those which will be lost by the closure of the branch. Banks should be aiming to become more embedded in communities, rather than ending local services.
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    Created by Alexander Kerr
  • Get The Sun newspaper banned from all Scottish Shops
    Because I and I’m sure others are sick of seeing their offensive headlines every time we go into a shop. Today their “Death Express headline was utterly disgusting.
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    Created by Ryan Shepherd