• Pay Costa Coffee workers what we are worth
    I have worked for Costa for almost 9 months now, and it's certainly been a mixed bag. When I started I knew the job was going to be difficult, but what encouraged me to join was the promise of great benefits and a great wage. This was true, at the beginning. To put it bluntly, costa employees are NOT fairly paid for their work. The job is hard. Constantly on your feet for hours, jumping from station to station to meet ridiculous targets while ensuring you always meet a "brand standard" regardless of how exhausted, understaffed or overworked you are. You won't just be just making coffee, you'll be cleaning absolutely everything constantly, cooking food, serving customers, learning the process to correctly make new drinks that change frequently, carrying heavy trays, using dangerous equipment, and the list goes on. Staff are forced to work to a ridiculous standard while on shift, but when at home, you also have a lot of extra training (homework) that needs to be done before you can get your first pay rise. It's absolutely ludicrous. Staff are skilled and trained to achieve these goals, but we are never compensated for all the hard work we are expected to put in. Shifts will never end when they are scheduled to, meaning a 9-hour shift can quickly become a 10-hour shift if not more, which would be fine if we had longer than a measly 30 minutes to recharge. I was taking all of this on the chin though, as were my colleagues until something came to light. The store I work at is located in a retail park, with tens of others shops located around. It turns out that every single other business is paying their staff MORE than what we get paid at costa. I don't mean to compare, but one of these stores is a very simple basic retail store, where I know from first-hand experience the responsibility and expectations are MUCH lower. They are making over £10 an hour meanwhile costa employees remain on even less than £10 per hour. This is unacceptable. The cost of living is rising continuously. Essentials are more expensive, bills, rent, tax, food, water, everything is going up continuously. We are tired of living on the crust of the breadline while dedicating so much of our time and effort to maintaining the standards Costa hopes to achieve. We are tired. We demand better treatment, and this starts with paying us what we are worth. The working class are continually exploited by the system we are placed in. We spend our lives working our lives away while being told we should be grateful to make enough to survive. This isn't enough. Time is the most valuable asset we all have, and we cannot and will not be expected to throw it away to companies that do not care about anything other than their profit margins. The only reason these companies have profits is because we are dedicating our lives to making them money. Enough is enough. Collectively we are ALL worth SO much more than what we get, but I cannot speak for the entirety of the working class. I can only speak from my experience and the company I work for. If you work for Costa Coffee, or you sympathise with fellow workers who are making barely enough to get by, please share a hand (or a signature) to help us through. It really means a lot. We are strong together. We don't need to accept this anymore.
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    Created by Chelsea Davies
  • Stop The £100 Petrol Fee
    This is an unfair charge that could lead to people entering unarranged overdraft and occurring extra credit card/debit card fees or even being left with no way to purchase fuel. I have, myself, been charged because of this issue. When you buy at the pump, the banks used to make a small £1 charge to check your card then refund it. But now they are automatically ringfencing £100 before you can get petrol, it is wholly unacceptable. This should be outlawed as people are going to find these charges on their accounts without realising this.
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    Created by Andrea Cole
  • HSBC demands charities to fund millionaires. Shouldn't it be the other way round?
    HSBC has not the best track record in regards of being ethical and I don't want to focus on their recent scandals. As (volunteer) treasurer of a small charity I am shocked and saddened about the cynicism that HSBC shows by renaming their Community account to "Charitable" account and starts charging fees! Where is the charity in this? HSBC is regularly making headlines about splashing out on huge bonuses for their staff on the very top, well deserved or not. This means that charities are now paying for these bonuses! £60+p.a. is not a lot if you are a millionaire, but it really hurts any small charity with a shoestring budget. As our suggested donation is £40 means that we need to find 2 more supporters to fund HSBC bonuses. HSBC can easily afford to cover the costs of charity accounts and still give their staff massive bonuses.
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    Created by Uschi Rigby
  • Starbucks: fix the baby-changing area now!
    It's wrong, in todays day and age, that only women are given facilities to change nappies and care for their kids. Come on Starbucks: sort it out!
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    Created by Max Bishop
  • Stop the closure of Marks and Spencer in Poole
    Marks and Spencer in Poole, the only food store in the Dolphin Centre, is due to close in January 2022. For many of the elderly population of Poole, Marks is not only essential but a life line. It is a vital link to outside world as they get a route one bus, get their shopping then go for a coffee - never more so than after lockdown. Many do not have a computer - they have become the forgotten generation in the world of commerce We need to support our elderly generation - Marks and Spencer is accessible for many, caters food wise, for example, smaller portions, a good selection of convenience food and clothes. It’s a lifeline, a daily outing, a reason to go out.
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    Created by Julia Elton
  • Have you been let down by Chronomics, the Covid-19 testing provider?
    In these difficult times, we must stand together and do everything we can to support the ongoing efforts to reduce the spread and the impact of coronavirus. This should include calling out and distancing ourselves from companies who do not take their responsibilities in this endeavour seriously.
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    Created by Ed Francis
  • Show us the fee before we deliver
    It helps us manage our time and gives us the possibility to organise or daily/weekly targets more accurately.
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    Created by Moussa Kaloga
  • Charity contribution reporting
    This idea was suggested in The Sunday Times, (9th May 2021), James Timpson column (bottom of page 3 Business & Money section). It will encourage Companies to be more supportive of Charities especially needed now the Government has cut Aid.
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    Created by Cliff Ferguson
  • Payday loans included in FSCS or banned
    Examples of these well known payday lenders include, Wonga, MyJar, Amigo, Moneyshop, Payday UK, Payday Express and the list goes on. As these businesses make up a large part of our financial services Loan system, consumers should be covered by FSCS just as they are with high street lenders.
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    Created by Kelvin Lewis
  • British Gas to return furlough payments
    British Gas received £27m of government support during the Covid pandemic for employment retention. During their claim for tax payers to support furlough payments British Gas issued a fire and rehire notice which has resulted in over 1000 engineers leaving the company and up to 700 being dismissed by not signing new contracts on worse terms. It is morally wrong for British Gas to accept tax payers money while deciding to dismiss their engineer workforce. Sign this petition to support our request for British Gas to return tax payers money immediately.
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    Created by Chris O'Tool
  • Abolish All Early Exit Fees When Switching Any Utility
    Due to Pandemic! Many People now using internet for Switching Energy, Broadband, Mobile Phone Contracts! It would be very helpful to abolish all early exit fee's so people can secure best deals during these times of hardship.
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    Created by Warren Sneddon
  • Stop Barclays Bank closing their Brentford branch in June 2021
    The closure would be a devastating blow and it would leave our community with neither a bank nor a post office. The nearest Barclays branches, and branches of any other bank, would be at Ealing Broadway, Hounslow High Street, Chiswick High Road, and Richmond town centre. Many in our community, including the most vulnerable, have no access to online banking facilities and they would find it very difficult indeed to conduct their affairs at other bank branches. During the current Covid crisis it is particularly inappropriate to require customers to travel considerable distances, often by public transport. In recent years, Brentford has experienced very considerable increases in population and this growth will accelerate in the coming few years. We would suggest that the imminent closure of this branch is entirely inappropriate and may, in the fullness of time, be regarded as a very poor business decision
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    Created by Jim Storrar