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To: The Environment Agency

Abolish the coarse fishing close season on rivers

Abolish the coarse fishing close season on rivers

Look again at the decision the Environment Agency took to retain the coarse fishing close season on rivers and to now remove it in line with the wishes of the majority of respondents to the survey.

Why is this important?

With increasingly wet winters, river fishing is becoming more and more restricted due to the amount of time the rivers are carrying flood water. The last river season for coarse fish (2019/20) has seen some rivers unfishable for 6 of the available 9 months, and now as flood waters recede, fishing them is banned due to an archaic byelaw which serves no useful purpose.


Reasons for signing

  • No Need for the closure of lakes and rivers up and down the country as these days lots of species spawn as the fishing season reopens anyway
  • no close season on canals and lakes , outdated rule ??
  • Antiquated Rule.


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