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To: Local Council, Prime Minister

Accessible Toilets and Suitable Breaks for Delivery Drivers Across the UK

What I believe should be done to help this situation:

- Introduce a law which ensures delivery drivers get suitable toilet breaks during shift.

- For the government and local councils to provide public toilets, or temporary toilets, especially in rural areas, which delivery drivers can use.

- Enforce companies who provide a delivery service to either: a) Provide information of accessible toilet facilities in the areas the driver is delivering to, or b) Provide their own roadside portable toilets or an in-van facility for their drivers to use.

Why is this important?

Going to the toilet is natural, and it is a basic human right to be able to do so. Since COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for delivery drivers, from Amazon to Sainsbury's, and these workers are often left in the middle of an unknown rural area, desperate for the toilet. Not only are they often left without access to toilet facilities, but they are often not even allocated suitable time during shift for toilet breaks.
Imagine needing a toilet out in the middle of nowhere, during a pandemic, under a strict time pressure. What would you do?
We have all seen posts and news articles of van drivers shamed for doing something natural. Instead of humiliating them, let's do something to change the situation and make it more humane for everyone!



2021-04-20 14:24:21 +0100

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