To: Tony Lloyd MP

Accountablity for rochdale grooming scandals 2007-2012

We want a full independent inquiry in to Rochdale grooming scandals and then them that did wrong are held accountable

Why is this important?

An independent inquiry is needed because the people of the town and the victims feel that they have been let down.
It is clear from evidence supplied that people at the top in the police and council were aware of the situation and neglected to act.
These people have either been allowed to resign with pension rights or else carry on in their jobs.
We need a full and transparent inquiry into who failed these girls.



Reasons for signing

  • Do you need to ask? This country is being shown up to be corrupt, Sacking s should have happened. Councils get away with everything!
  • This needs to be sorted ASAP.
  • It was all brushed under the carpet. Needs investigation.


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