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To: Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson

Add BSL to school curriculum

Add BSL to school curriculum

During the pandemic, working in an acute hospital I have noticed how hard it can be to communicate with people who are hard of hearing due to mask wearing. This impelled me to think further; without lip reading or being able to write something down which isn't always possible, I personally can find it difficult to communicate effectively with hearing impaired people. In my opinion Basic Sign Language should be added to school curriculum.

Why is this important?

I think everyone at some point in their life has felt annoyed that they have been unable to communicate effectively with a deaf person due to what is essentially a language barrier. This isn't a case of being in another country and not being familiar with the language, deaf people are in our home countries and we can't communicate effectively.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I agree withthis in principal but can someone tell me how will time be made to accommodate this worthwhile enterprise... and can we have some guarantee that the signers will not teach the students to pull the ridiculous faces that those on television all seem to make


2021-08-05 10:03:28 +0100

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