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To: Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak

ADD YOUR NAME: Green Jobs for All!

We call on you to build back better. Invest in a recovery that will lead to a brighter future - helping to create jobs, boosting our economy, and protecting our planet.

Why is this important?

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for many of us. The pandemic has affected our health, livelihoods and the way our society functions. But there is a way to build back better that protects our communities and our planet - now and into the future.

The pandemic has changed everything about the way we live and work. As winter approaches, the Office for National Statistics has reported rising unemployment - and this will only get worse unless the government acts. In fact, according to a new report by Build Back Better, almost two million jobs could be lost forever as a result of the pandemic.

But mass unemployment is not the inevitable end result. The UK Government has an opportunity to invest in our future by prioritising a new type of economy - a green economy. According to Build Back Better, investing £68 billion over the next two years would create 1.2. million new jobs, strengthen our infrastructure and services, and help to fight the climate crisis.

Join us by calling on the Prime Minister to protect us now by investing in our future.




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