• Give people the £500 voucher to stimulate the economy
    There is more to the economy of the UK than food and drink. The 50% discount scheme will not stimulate enough of the economy to save thousands of small and medium businesses. Giving people money to spend on their High Streets in local businesses will give more hope to more businesses.
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  • Shut unethical garment factories in Leicester
    This is currently urgent and important because multiple factory owners have admitted to not locking down when none of them were producing essential goods. This has lead to an unfettered spread of COVID 19 in these factories and in the crowded living quarters and transport that the workers are forced to inhabit. Even without this currently lethal behaviour, the operation of factories who pay workers less than the minimum wage and feel it appropriate to force their workers into unlawful situations, is not to be condoned. A system which allows multi million pound retailers to take advantage of unscrupulous factory managers is broken and needs fixing forthwith, in order to drag Leicester away from the Victorian era and into a greener, fairer 21st century. Ideally, following factory shut downs, education and other assistance will be provided for the unemployed workers so that they have other choices and these factories can no longer operate amywhere in the UK.
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    Created by Jessica Southworth
  • Stop the closure of Aldi Hylton Riverside Park
    The local community rely heavily on this store. The store is a vital part of life for some of the customers. Especially the elderly. They have formed bonds with the staff there and like the store as it is smaller than others and feels more welcoming. The local business too would suffer as the majority of people come to the park solely for Aldi and then visit other retails while there. It is a very busy store and I can’t understand the closure.
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  • Allow the beauty industry to open up along with Hair salons on 15th July
    Many self-employed people and small businesses are on the brink of going under. 4 months without any income has been devastating for many. It cannot be sustained for much longer.
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    Created by Katherine Winston
  • Cancel wasteful aircraft re paint
    Extravagance at a time of hardship could trigger social unrest in the UK and ridicule from overseas
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  • Stop the PMs plane being painted
    The UK is going through turbulent times, people are going hungry, losing their jobs. This is not the right time to spend £900,000 on rebranding a plane. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53082294
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    It is a total waste of money! The money should be spent on many other important things...e.g. Schools. NHS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53082294
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  • Cancel Council Tax while we are in lockdown
    Because the government have locked us down, preventing people from earning money, getting people laid off from their jobs, shut down businesses causing many people to go into poverty and depression due to worrying how they will continue to pay there mortgages/rent/bills and how they will afford to eat and yet we are still expected to pay full council tax costs each month which are high and unaffordable for many people at the moment. The government should help people out by cancelling this until lockdown is fully over and they should be more sympathetic to the stress we are all under in these worrying times.
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    Created by Michelle Wright
  • Stamp Duty in Scotland (LBTT)
    I realise that during Covid 19 it is only fair to accept that to a certain degree a governments focus can only be on the one thing. but it feels to me, that while this has been happening, the Scottish Oil Industry has crashed with very little news coverage or government intervention. 1000's of people have lost their jobs, 1000's of people are now in the position of having to sell their homes. the stamp duty must be reduced to encourage buyers which in turn assists the many in dire situations to sell their homes quicker before facing repossession or bankruptcy.
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  • Free parking in Ashby car parks whilst on street parking is suspended
    Ashby is famed for it's independent, often small businesses who rely on local footfall. The provision of free parking will help alleviate at least some of the impact of the restrictions currently in place on Market Street and give local shops and businesses a fighting chance to begin to recover financially.
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  • Save Rolls-Royce jobs with the green power revolution.
    During this time of pandemic it is not too early to plan for the aftermath. Britain will emerge into a different world economy faced with the challenges of global recession, rising inequality and poverty, and the deepening effects of Climate Change. It is imperative to begin to plan for change, and to demand change. We cannot abandon the workers from whole sectors of industry as we did in the 1980s. We must instead plan to change our economy, and support workers through this transition. We must change how we obtain energy. Fossil fuel use is releasing carbon dioxide which threatens to render significantly more of our planet uninhabitable. This also threatens our food supplies, homes and workplaces with extreme weather, particularly drought and flood. Renewable energy is still being rolled out and continues to develop; it is the way forward. Any power station that you don't have to pay to put fuel into will be cheaper in the end. Rolls-Royce should be prioritising research and investment into sustainable energy generation and storage. The city of Derby has a workforce of artisans, engineers and scientists with world leading skills that can be put to use to build a new energy infrastructure. The 2020s should be the decade during which Britain steps into the green heat of the technological revolution. Rolls-Royce plc. can be a leader in the green power revolution in Britain. The people of Derby demand that that our MPs, councillors, trade unions and community groups, convene a local recovery committee to transform our city for the common good; and to assist Rolls-Royce plc. to lead the way as a 21st century manufacturer, employing the talent which will develop and make green energy products in Derby.
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  • No bailouts for tax dodging companies
    The government is handing out billions of pounds in bailouts to big companies who are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. This is really important to support the economy and keep people in their jobs. But some companies have dodged their obligations in the good times by not paying their fair share of tax. And now many of these same companies are asking for a handout when things get tough. This isn’t fair on the rest of us who do contribute. Paying taxes is essential to help fund public services like the NHS, schools and our care system. The Fair Tax Mark has set out three clear conditions for bailouts. Any big company getting a bailout should lift the lid on their tax affairs, disclose who ultimately profits from their activities, and promise not use tax havens and tax avoidance schemes. Politicians in Scotland and Wales are taking action. The UK government has announced it's putting legally-binding tax conditions on just one bailout so far - for Cesla Steel. Join us in calling for Rishi Sunak to make sure that all big companies getting bailouts pay their fair share.
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