• Support President Biden’s proposal to stop global tax dodging
    Nothing angers the British public more than multinationals like Amazon, Google and others paying ultra low levels of tax. The Biden plan is a once in a generation opportunity to put that right. The US president has proposed a new global minimum tax rate for companies to tackle this behaviour. After a year in which many big tech firms have done well, we need to build back better and move beyond our outdated global tax system. The UK could benefit to the tune of £13.5 billion a year. With the UK's corporate tax rate due to go up to 25% in 2023, a 25% global minimum corporate tax rate would help to level the playing field for many British businesses who can’t dodge their taxes.
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  • Remove the planters blocking parking in Harrogate town centre
    Never before has our high street been in such a fragile state. Shops and other businesses depend on attracting customers both locally and from afar. They will arrive by different means - on foot, in cars, on public transport, taxis, by bike. Removing easy access by car and taxi removes a percentage of those customers and will effect the town's businesses. Why would the council want more pedestrianised streets when under their own admission they can’t maintain the existing ones?... “Inevitably, this means the beds end up being visually dull and nothing more than a magnet for cigarette butts, empty coffee cups and fast-food takeaway packaging. They look a mess and prompt almost as many complaints as we’ve had about the artificial grass.’’ We believe customers should be able to park close to our town centre shops just like they can at St James’ retail park. Please remove the planters to enable our high street to survive. Thank you for signing.
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    Created by Anna McIntee
  • Introduce a £100 high street voucher for England
    Recently, it was announced that every adult in Northern Ireland would be eligible for a £100 voucher to spend on the high street. The voucher is being introduced to help retail and hospitality outlets, which have been badly affected by lockdown measures. The voucher cannot be used online. The Northern Ireland Government believes this voucher scheme will have a “multiplier effect which will help bring many more customers back through the doors of local retail, hospitality and other sectors.” A huge petition could persuade Boris Johnson to introduce a £100 voucher scheme in England and give retailers a helping hand when they need it the most.
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  • A Call to Help Local Arcades and Cinemas Bounce Back
    The Goal. To help cinemas and arcades bounce back after being severely affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. The Problem. Many businesses have shut down because of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic. And while at present, so businesses are gradually getting back on track, some businesses—like arcades and cinemas that depend on visiting customers—are still facing uncertainty. It’s heartbreaking to see these recreational areas that used to be so alive and vibrant now turn into dark and empty halls and gaming rooms. Those owning these businesses must have a tough time making ends meet, now that people are required to stay indoors. And for those families and friends that used to share so many memories in cinemas and arcade halls, there’s also the sadness that comes with the possibility that the good memories will never be replicated again. The Solution. Owners of arcades, cinemas, and other local gaming businesses need all the help they can get. For them to operate today, they have to receive safety training, financial assistance, and the support from the local community. We can all try to hire them in our private functions and get our meals from them if they offer deliveries or pick-ups. These businesses can also look into new equipment to make transactions safer, faster, more efficient, and more convenient for customers. Check out Embed today to learn more about the business solutions they offer like the movie theater POS system.
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    Created by Jeffrey Leblanc
  • Stop Ponders End Barclays Closing on May 2021
    We the undersigned, traders and residents of Ponders End, Enfield urge Barclays Bank to reconsider their decision to close the Ponders End branch this coming May 2021. We expect Barclays to consider the impact the closure will have on our town leaving it without a bank and their social responsibility towards the community, individuals and businesses who would find it incredibly difficult to conduct their affairs via a post office, on line or by travelling to other branches of Barclays where parking is also a nightmare.
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  • Save our Scottish Seafood Industry
    It’s important because Scotland Fishing Industry is in jeopardy !
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  • Change the furlough qualifying date
    After losing their jobs in the first lockdown thousands of people have only managed to get employment in October to December. If their employers did not register them on the Government's payroll scheme by the 30th October they were not entitled to be furloughed in either of the last two lockdowns. This is causing massive financil hardship. The scheme date needs changing to preferably the 30th November or at least the 31st December 2020
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    Created by Barry Adams
  • Help all businesses forced to close due to covid restrictions by offering meaningful grants
    Small businesses like shops and restaurants are the backbone of the UK economy. They pay all their taxes (unlike multinationals like Amazon) and employ millions. Yet again if they are considered "non essential" they are forced to close even though they have spent £1000s to make themselves covid secure and there is no evidence that they bear any responsibility for any rate rise. In the 1st lockdown they got £10000 to last 3 months and in the 2and only £1300 for 4 weeks. This 2nd grant is just inadequate to cover their expenses and many will go under forever. The UK government needs to act NOW and pay these businesses grants proportionate to lockdown 1 to keep them going.
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    Created by Rachel Knight
  • waitrose refusal to repay covid related government funding
    The UK Chancellor announced in March that all retail businesses would be given a business rates holiday for 12 months in order to help businesses who were in trouble because of COVID. Supermarkets, have seen sales rise and have all made increased profits during during UK lockdown periods. On 4 December, 6 of our largest supermarket chains (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi) agreed to pay back the government Covid-related support they received earlier this year (a total of almost £1.81bn) Waitrose have so far refused to follow suit. Legally they have the right to choose to retain this money, but they cannot justify the decision in the grounds that their business was in trouble because of Covid.
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  • Say no to austerity.
    As austerity simply hasn't worked and never will work. The last 10 years of cuts to public services has been pointless due to this economic crisis we currently face. What is the point of austerity if we have no idea how long round the corner the next finacial crash is. Hard working people should not have to pay the price and carry the burden of a virus nobody asked for.
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    Created by Jamie Brennan
  • Allow bounce back loans too ALL businesses not just existing banking customers
    The BBLS is fantastic and will certainly save thousands of jobs and businesses if they can access it of course. The fact of the matter is the treasury has told the banks to lend but you have to have an account with the accredited bank. They won’t let you have one. The business is eligible great but that doesn’t mean the bank will give you an account to have the loan. How does that work ? I like 300,000 other businesses can’t access the scheme have been told no new applications or declined for an account not the loan just the account . If the treasury doesn’t open the doors directly we might as well close the business now. This isn’t going to happen the treasury know the problem but won’t act instead just leave it to the banks to decide our fate. Why won’t anyone do anything
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    Created by Kevin Howard
  • Supermarket CEOs, hand back the cash!
    Big supermarkets are one of the few businesses who have done well during the Covid-19 crisis. So why are they receiving millions in government handouts which could be used to support struggling businesses and communities? Back in March, the government introduced a 12-month tax relief for businesses across England and Wales to provide a safety net for those that were facing financial difficulty. Thousands of businesses stepped forward to receive a hand-out, including the UK’s big supermarkets. But retailers like Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl, and Asda have all experienced a boom in sales at a time when they remained open for business while others were forced to close. And they’ve done well: Sainsbury’s recently paid £231 million in dividends to its shareholders. Coincidentally, almost exactly the same amount as their public money bonus. Other businesses have paid back public funds they didn’t end up needing – while supermarkets should never have been eligible for this money in the first place. It’s only right they now do the right thing and hand back the cash to the government. At a time when many people across the country have struggled with getting food on the table and school children have been left hungry, these millions could be used by government to support small businesses and communities, for example funding extra support to families affected by job losses. We need to get our priorities straight as a country – and that includes supporting small businesses and families over handing out huge tax breaks to big corporates like supermarkets. If supermarkets want to live up to the cuddly image they’re cultivating this Christmas, they should hand back the cash. Read more about the issue here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/supermarkets-sweep-up-with-1-9bn-tax-break-nmrn2fjp2 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/nov/15/supermarkets-should-pay-back-19bn-covid-business-rates-relief-say-mps
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