• Help the Game We Love Most
    This is our national sport; the game we all Watch and keep up to date with. The sport peaks our interest every day: weather it’s a World Cup final, a cold wet night on the first leg of a League Cup match, or the business end of the game -awaiting a much needed transfer to your club, in hope that the club will perform better the following season- the excitement never ends. COVID-19 has taken enough, it cannot erode the very foundations in which that excitement bares its roots!
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    Created by Martin Powell
  • Make companies pay their fair share of tax
    Corporation tax - a tax that means companies will pay a little bit more tax, to help fund our schools and NHS and get us out of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Taxes fund our vital public services, they pay for our NHS, safe roads, schools and more. With COVID-19 costing the UK billions, we need to raise more money, to protect our vital public services. The government is considering raising corporation tax to help cover the cost. It means companies pay a bit more, and would put us in line with the global average corporation tax rates. Add your name to the petition if you agree that companies should pay more tax to help protect our NHS and public services.
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  • Extend the furlough
    The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will remain open until the end of October, the Chancellor announced Tuesday 12 May 2020. We are now in a recession and the pandemic is still here.
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    Created by Scott Gilbert
  • Suspend Bristol street trading charges during Covid
    Bristol City Council is charging local businesses a minimum of £7,000 a year to put tables and chairs in parking bays on streets where parking bays have been suspended. At a time when local cafes and restaurants are trying to reopen their businesses and survive, the council should be showing support for our businesses and helping bring life to our streets.
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    Created by Jerome Thomas
    Our tax system is deeply unfair. People who make their money from selling second homes and expensive artworks pay much less tax than the majority of us when we pay tax on our income. With the government looking at how to recoup the billions it’s spent during the coronavirus crisis, increasing tax on these profits - called Capital Gains Tax - would be a fair way of helping cover the cost. It would mean the government wouldn’t need to make cuts or increase taxes that would make life harder for frontline workers, NHS staff and all those who have struggled to make ends meet over the last few months.
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  • Coronavirus recovery: Make taxes fair!
    The government has spent billions to help protect Britain during the coronavirus crisis. Now Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, is looking for ways for the government to make this money back. Increasing capital gains tax - instead of cutting things from those who need it - could be a fair way to help cover the cost of extra spending during the coronavirus pandemic. It means the financial burden of the pandemic is removed from those of us working on the front lines, struggling to feed our families, or losing our jobs. Taxing the wealthy for assets like art or second homes will mean those of us who can afford to pay more do, and those of us who can’t don’t have to.
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  • Only bail out businesses that act responsibly
    The Bank of England is bailing out huge businesses with billions of pounds of taxpayers money - but some of these businesses are destroying our climate, avoiding paying tax, and laying off workers. It doesn’t have to be this way. The government could choose to only provide Bank of England bailouts to companies that protect jobs and the climate, and pay their fair share of tax. Or they could continue - businesses as usual - and dole out taxpayer money irresponsibly. Campaign groups have been working hard to uncover the scale of this crisis. And public polling has shown that 63% of the public think big businesses should only receive public bailout money if they agree to these key conditions. But if we are to stand a chance of building a fairer, greener country after the pandemic - we’re going to need to turn up the pressure. A huge petition - signed by hundreds and thousands of members of the public will send a clear message: only bail out businesses which help build a fairer, greener future.
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  • Give people the £500 voucher to stimulate the economy
    There is more to the economy of the UK than food and drink. The 50% discount scheme will not stimulate enough of the economy to save thousands of small and medium businesses. Giving people money to spend on their High Streets in local businesses will give more hope to more businesses.
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    Created by Adrian Tape Picture
  • Shut unethical garment factories in Leicester
    This is currently urgent and important because multiple factory owners have admitted to not locking down when none of them were producing essential goods. This has lead to an unfettered spread of COVID 19 in these factories and in the crowded living quarters and transport that the workers are forced to inhabit. Even without this currently lethal behaviour, the operation of factories who pay workers less than the minimum wage and feel it appropriate to force their workers into unlawful situations, is not to be condoned. A system which allows multi million pound retailers to take advantage of unscrupulous factory managers is broken and needs fixing forthwith, in order to drag Leicester away from the Victorian era and into a greener, fairer 21st century. Ideally, following factory shut downs, education and other assistance will be provided for the unemployed workers so that they have other choices and these factories can no longer operate amywhere in the UK.
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    Created by Jessica Southworth
  • Stop the closure of Aldi Hylton Riverside Park
    The local community rely heavily on this store. The store is a vital part of life for some of the customers. Especially the elderly. They have formed bonds with the staff there and like the store as it is smaller than others and feels more welcoming. The local business too would suffer as the majority of people come to the park solely for Aldi and then visit other retails while there. It is a very busy store and I can’t understand the closure.
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    Created by Kimberley Kennedy Picture
  • Allow the beauty industry to open up along with Hair salons on 15th July
    Many self-employed people and small businesses are on the brink of going under. 4 months without any income has been devastating for many. It cannot be sustained for much longer.
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    Created by Katherine Winston
  • Cancel wasteful aircraft re paint
    Extravagance at a time of hardship could trigger social unrest in the UK and ridicule from overseas
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