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To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Adopt the Homeless Bill of Rights for Brighton & Hove

Adopt the Homeless Bill of Rights for our city, so that no-one is ever forced to sleep rough.

Why is this important?

Brighton & Hove is in the top ten local authorities in the country for numbers of rough sleepers. These are just the ones you can see. There are thousands more people living in tents, cars, boats, hostels, and emergency and temporary accommodation.

All people, homeless or not, are free and equal in dignity and rights. But in truth, rough sleepers are treated at best as a problem and at worst as a nuisance to be cleared away. The Homeless Bill of Rights ( tries to make human rights real for those of us who are unfortunate enough to be homeless, by giving them respect, dignity and help in their struggle to survive.

The most important right is the right to housing; but at the very least no-one, ever, should be forced to sleep rough.

It has been adopted by six European cities including Barcelona. We want Brighton & Hove to become the first British city to adopt the Homeless Bill of Rights.


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