• Urgently stop people being evicted!
    I lost my job at the start of the pandemic, and was forced to live off food banks so that I could keep up with my rent - because my landlord refused to give me a rent reduction. When I fell behind with rent payments I was served an eviction notice. Because of the government’s ban on evictions I’ve been able to stay in my home. But now my teenage daughter and I are being forced from our home on October 1st - because last week the government’s eviction ban was lifted last week. There are hundreds of thousands of others, just like me all over the country, worried about where they will be living in the next few weeks. And it’s down to the government to support us. The government has repeatedly said they won’t let anyone lose their homes as a result of coronavirus - but they’re not sticking to their promises. It doesn’t have to be this way. The government could choose to do the right thing and provide emergency funds to help people who have fallen behind on rent during the pandemic keep their homes. That’s why I’ve set up a petition. I can’t make a difference alone. But if thousands of us come together, we can pile on the pressure that the government can’t ignore.
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    Created by Deborah Hartley
  • Allow those in social housing with a disability a support animal
    My child is 11 and ASD & ADHD - she had at least five violent melt downs daily- we all suffer, her especially. She will smash her head on walls, pull her hair out and she will attack me (her mum) , and the rest of her family. WE have been staying with my mum through a lot of lockdown and have noticed that the influence of her dog (Loki) is massively calming for her. He can sense when she is upset or angry or about to blow her top and he will go to her and snuggle with her and calm her down. In turn this makes the lives of the whole family more enjoyable. I am in social housing by circumstance, I had my own house and myself and my ex had well paying jobs when we had our children (I won't go into it|) but I never expected to end up in social housing ..however when being in social housing a lot of the time means that you get placed in a small fat with NO outside play areas it really does make life hard, throw additional needs into the mix and it is sometimes untenable. Allow these children to have the support animals that can benefit the whole family or just stop placing them into flats with no play areas and into houses with gardens where this would't be a problem.
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    Created by Kiya Ottaway
  • Homes for Monmouthshire Heroes
    If you are a nurse, care worker or retail worker in Monmouthshire then you probably can't afford to live here. Unless you are in priority need you probably won't get social housing, and with around 3000 households on the waiting list you'll be advised to rent privately. With soaring local rents and short term tenancies this isn't a good basis for making a life or for raising a family. In 2018, County Councillor Dimitri Batrouni, leader of the Labour group on Monmouthshire County Council, put forward a practical plan for more social rented homes in Monmouthshire, using some of the land holdings that the Council and other public bodies own. The plan was agreed by all parties, including the ruling Conservative group, who then quietly shelved it. In the wake of Covid 19 we believe that the people we all rely on, our heroic key workers, and also the many disabled and vulnerable local people, deserve better. Everyone needs a secure, low carbon, affordable home. They must not continue to be pushed out of the area where they work and belong by inflated house prices. The County Council may say that they have a long term plan for private developers to build affordable housing through planning gain, but we've all seen those promises watered down and not delivered, and with the current recession and uncertainty those homes may never be built. The Council may also say they no longer have the money, and with local authority budgets under pressure we know that it will be hard to find. But with determination, and the support of the Welsh Government, we believe that the affordable, low carbon, secure rented homes the county needs can be delivered, creating local construction jobs in the process. If you agree, sign our petition, and please share it on social media. For more information go to www.h4mh.org.uk or to get involved email [email protected] We want to hear your story.
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  • Treat your tenants fairly
    Families are suffering from different things like no hot water and dangerous facilities.
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  • Extend the coronavirus evictions ban
    My name is Nichola. I have lived in my home in south London with my daughters for ten years. In May, my landlord gave me a Section 21 no-fault eviction notice, giving us three months to move out. We are devastated. I was furloughed for a while and receive housing benefit, but have managed to keep on top of rent. Sadly this hasn’t been good enough for my landlord who hasn’t given me a reason – they just want me out. The government had suspended all evictions but they are lifting this on 24 August, so we have no option but to find alternative accommodation. But moving isn’t an option. Benefits would only get me a 1 bedroom flat, which is unacceptable with two girls, one of whom is about to start her GCSEs. And I can’t move away from my mother, who’s recovering from a stroke, or my daughters’ father. The local council can’t help – they’ve just sent us to letting agents who are demanding an above average income and the details of someone who earns more than £50,000 to guarantee the rent. Single-earner households are excluded from the rental market. And I’m a key worker, so I’m one of the lucky ones. There are thousands of others who have always done the right thing but the government has shut down their workplace, and hasn’t provided enough support to cover the rent. They too face homelessness when the courts open back up. I spoke to Generation Rent about my experience - they estimate that homelessness could treble as a result of coronavirus. The Scottish and Welsh governments have already extended protections for renters. Only England is ploughing ahead with evictions. In March, the Housing Secretary told us that no one who lost income would lose their home. He’s running out of time to keep that promise and keep us in our homes.
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    Created by Nichola McClean
  • Protect Home Ownership For Young People
    The majority of Young waged adults can’t afford to really own a home. We need to incentivise our young people to get out into the workplace and help get our nation out of an impending recession. "It's been difficult [getting on the property ladder]. Leaving uni' you think 'I'll save up for a couple of years and get my own place', but house prices keep rising so it's nearly impossible...You can only afford a home on a huge salary, and most young people don’t get that … by the time I move up the pay ladder, house prices would have risen even more." Sign this petition to Robert Jenrick - Secretary of State for Housing for the hundreds of thousands of young earners forced to rent or live with parents.
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  • Protect Affordable Housing
    The government just unveiled its “once in a generation” plan for housing - and and it’s a huge blow to nurses, teachers and anyone struggling to pay sky high rent, or unable to find a home they can afford. Under the proposals, property developers who don't build any affordable housing on some sites, will continue to get away with also not having to chip in to help councils build affordable homes elsewhere. A whole generation of people are being locked out of decent housing, and housing charity Shelter has said that social housing “could face extinction” if these proposals are approved. We can’t let that happen. These plans aren’t set in stone - yet. The government wants to hear from us before it makes any firm decisions. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell them - loudly and clearly - how disastrous this could be for millions of people struggling to find affordable housing.
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  • Protect Renters -- Now and After the Virus!
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed how deeply broken Scotland’s housing system is. Before the pandemic, tenants were already living paycheck-to-paycheck with exploitative and unaffordable rents. Because of coronavirus, many workers have lost their jobs or faced reduced incomes and have been unable to pay rent altogether. While some people have been lucky enough to quarantine in comfortable, warm, spacious homes -- far too many renters have had to see out the pandemic in cramped, dangerously poor-quality housing. So far, the Scottish Government has been woefully inadequate in its support for tenants, doing little more than introducing a temporary ban on evictions while home-owners and landlords have benefitted from mortgage freezes and millions in interest-free loans from the Scottish Government. We are now nearing the end of the eviction-ban, and as things stand, tens of thousands of people who have not been able to afford their rents are now shouldered with crushing debt burdens. This will cause an unprecedented wave of evictions across the country and will only further prolong this health crisis. It can’t be allowed to happen. That’s why we are demanding that the Scottish Government immediately: 1) Extend the evictions-ban for all tenants who have fallen into rent arrears as a result of the pandemic 2) Introduce emergency support measures to stop tenants facing enormous and unaffordable debt burdens from unpaid rent And in the long-term: 3) Implement rent controls to protect tenants from sky-high rents and punitive increases, as well as to guarantee that landlords can’t take advantage of new support measures for tenants by increasing rents 4) Build more social housing that is healthy, safe, affordable, and in quantities that will meet everyone’s needs
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    Created by Maria Elena Torres-Quevedo
  • Make mortgages affordable
    as it stands mortgage lender and banks will only times you annual wage by 3 maybe 4 so if you work at a low income/ minimum wage job its impossible to afford even the most basic or run down property let alone affording a property that can provide a standard of living that is acceptable. it is absolutely ridiculous perfectly acceptable for people to pay £700 plus pcm on rented accommodation yet apparently can't afford £400 pcm on a mortgage. This has to change!
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  • More Affordable Social Housing and Reform Right to Buy scheme
    The number of people living in social housing in this country is in decline. As waiting lists continue to grow, more and more people are being forced into private rented housing instead. This is leaving thousands of families and vulnerable households without a suitable home. Local councils have spent millions, to tackle housing shortages. Many authorities have been forced to buy back homes/properties they sold at a discount under the Right to Buy scheme for full value. Islington council spent over £6.2m buying back homes it sold to people for less than £1.3m. The original goal to increase home ownership within working class society seemed to work however, the system is broken. The problem is created due to high arrival of sales through the RTB scheme although their underinvestment has failed to create new social housing stock. Following the actions of Welsh and Scottish government, abolishing the Right to Buy scheme will prevent the further loss of social housing onto the private market and will provide Local Authorities the opportunity to reduce housing waiting lists by re-homing vulnerable families. A wealthy country like the UK can benefit from building social and affordable homes and move away from focusing on home ownership for the few and profit for private landlords.
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    Created by kenan Marshall
  • Prioritise affordable housing for young people
    Step Up aims to give young people a sustainable start in life by providing economically and environmentally stable accommodation. We are powered by passionate students who are sick of overpaying for poor quality housing and being disregarded by landlords. Join Step Up and be counted.
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