• Tackle the GENERATION RENT Crisis Now - Before it Becomes Intractable
    An entire generation is being locked out of owning a home - with profound and long lasting consequences for families, their future and us all. LOSING HOPE So much so that a whole generation are starting to lose any hope of owning a home. The data tells us that unless something changes it will only get worse rather than better. Meanwhile government schemes, and taxpayers money, have been enriching the biggest and greediest housebuilders instead of helping the people who need it. OWN THE ISSUE It's time for government to get a grip on the issue and to own it. Although the problem has some roots in global financialization there is plenty that government can and should do, and are not doing. They set the rules and frameworks within which the market operates - so no excuses, this is a fundamental issue for us all. Housing is not just an asset or commodity for the rich to trade it's something we all need. It's also the source of any real wealth and financial stability for most ordinary working people. So it's essential that we come together to tackle this now, for both the rising generation - and all those who follow them. Our children and grandchildren.
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  • Call In decision to give Kingston's Right to Buy receipts to GLA
    Kingston desperately needs more council housing for the thousands of people on the waiting list and the Council could combine the RTB receipts with other funds it has available to build between 30-77 council rent properties this year and even more in 2020/21 and 2021/22. If it gives this money to the GLA, it will only receive it back as a grant with conditions that force it to build London Affordable Rent properties, which are unaffordable to many of the most in need on the housing waiting list. See here for more details: https://dchkingston.wordpress.com/why-is-rbk-giving-our-money-to-the-gla/
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  • Build more council housing
    Because people like my grand daughter who has a baby and due to have her second child in January but they don't earn enough to rent privately at over £900 p month as they would be left with NO money for bills or food they need a council property its not as though they are not working and willing to pay rent just NOT private
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  • Open more homeless shelters in Manchester
    It is scandalous that in the fifth richest country in the world rough sleeping is not pretty common.
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  • Stop sending people away from their home
    People will be more happy to leave where they want, and they have their families, friends, school, but by sending them away is taking their happiness and Joy away. I am victim of that because after living for 10years for a private flat. They are forcing me to go outside London, to put my children away from their friends and school which is gonna be very hard because I got an autistic child who has difficulty for any single change.
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  • Bring Housing Benefit in line with Private Rent
    At the moment, this issue couldn't be more important. As the amount of people living in privately rented accommodation continues to grow, so do the rent increases and with them, the number of people, a lot of whom are in work, who are forced to claim housing benefit. However, the discrepancy between the actual rent charged and housing benefit paid is getting bigger all the time. For instance, a two bedroom house costing £695 a month let via a private landlord/lady would give you an award of £480 a month. These figures are calculated using an individual who is entitled to full housing benefit, due to a disability payment and yet it still leaves an astonishing £215 a month to be found. Private tenants are still living in a perpetual state of no housing security, with just a two month eviction notice required in most situations, highly rigid pre-screening process and no right to buy. Something has to seriously change. It is not right to punish people because they are paid a low wage or are too ill to work. Let Norwich City Council feel some of the frustration and anger that I know is out there.
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  • Create a UK wide permit allowing free parking for people living in Campervans
    The UK housing and homelessness crisis has been torturing us for far too long, especially young people. #Vanlife may seem irrelevant unless you’re an Instagram influencer, but it is a growing moment encouraging minimal impact living, passive income and recycling of vehicles to meet social and housing needs. A UK wide permit enabling a cheaper and safer life on the move would liberate tens of thousands of people, and demonstrate to others that the cost of living can be far less than what they think is needed to live a full and secure life. Shelter is a human right, if we are denied proper housing, denied efficient homeless care, we should at least be offered assistance in our alternative housing methods.
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    Everyone deserves to call a house a home. We need a housing system that puts people before profit. Right now, a law called section 21 means landlords can evict renters with just two months’ notice without being given a reason. This law allows landlords to respond to a request for a repair to be made by carrying out a “revenge eviction” on their tenants. The Government is currently consulting on ending section 21 and replacing it with new laws. We want to ensure that these new laws abolish unfair evictions and provide safe, secure and fair homes for tenants. Renters need more control over their housing situation.
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  • No to Airbnb, Yes to Housing
    The housing situation in Edinburgh is dramatic. Few flats available at high rents that are dragging people into poverty. Besides, Airbnb was created with the aim of socialising and meeting people from all around the world, by letting travellers stay in a spare room with the home owner. This involves respect for others, as the home owner has got control on the guests' behaviour and conduct. Letting out an entire flat on a short let basis is an entirely different matter. Mixing up residential and tourist accommodation causes an absolute disruption to residents who live and work in this city. Many people are not fortunate enough to have a Monday-to-Friday job and work on weekends, when they have to put up with loud tourists coming in and out anytime day and night. And this is not just a weekend problem. It is a different lifestyles matter, that cannot and must not coexist. The residents of Edinburgh demand and deserve respect.
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  • Open Brighton & Hove's Homeless Night Shelters 365 Days a Year
    This is important to prevent people becoming entrenched in rough sleeping. People find themselves homeless for all sorts of reasons and are entitled to receive safe shelter and professional support immediately. In the first seven months of 2019 alone, 19 deaths of homeless people have been reported in Brighton and Hove. Please sign this petition to put pressure on Brighton and Hove City Council to do more to prevent further deaths.
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  • Save Quarriers James Shields Project, Glasgow
    Quarriers James Shields Project has been delivering vital homelessness accommodation and support to young people, 16 - 25 years old, in the Glasgow area for over 20 years. The young people who use the service have complex situations including, histories of abuse, mental health difficulties and a lack of support. Some are completely isolated Asylum Seekers. This service is now being closed. At a time when Scotland has the highest drug death statistics in Europe and increased suicide, the loss of such a vital service, with no established alternative, will potentially have life threatening consequences for some young people. The safety of young people is the obvious priority for this petition, however Glasgow is also on the verge of losing 28 trained, specialised staff, who have been invested in with tax payers money. It is essential that young people, who have often been unprotected in childhood, continue to have access to safe, supported accommodation when in the crisis of homelessness.
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  • Create a national register of homeless deaths in Scotland
    This unified register would allow the lives of homeless people to be remembered and valued, with the circumstances of their deaths investigated and recorded, to prevent these personal tragedies from being repeated across Scotland.
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