• Mortgage Accessibility for Private Renters
    This issue affects everyone. Everyone that is renting a home but doesn't want to. Everyone who is struggling daily, weekly and monthly to get by. Everyone with 2/3/4 jobs just to make ends meet. The people in power don't see this issue because they are not living paycheck to paycheck. They don't understand the stress of paying rent every month for years on end and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Or the stress of never feeling secure in your home incase your landlord sells from under you. It's looking after the rich and exploiting the poor, and nowadays, everyone is poor.
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    Created by Brogan Stewart
  • Standing up to Gentrification housing inequality
    This petition is of great importance, as it will look deeply into certain problems which have derived from affordability issues within housing policy and gentrification surrounding the housing market. The petition focuses upon the issues gentrification brings to lower income communities and aims to form a new way of going about affordable housing policy. The revision of the 106 agreement as well as gentrification activism are at the heart of this petition in attempts to fight of issues with national policy and greedy developers!
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    Created by Jack Callaghan
  • Stop renter evictions during the cost of living crisis!
    My name is Emma. I was evicted using a “no fault” Section 21 eviction along with my seven year old son, because my landlady decided she wanted me out of her property. I was only given only 2 months’ notice to pack up my life and find a new home for me and my son. It was impossible – so I was made homeless by my landlady’s decision. The ‘reason’ for us being evicted? She wanted a friend to move into the property – completely disregarding the fact that this was our home, the stability my son needed and my own poor health. Now, we’re living in temporary social housing. It’s unsuitable for my needs and those of my son but, with rents rising through the roof during this cost of living crisis, it’s impossible for me to find an affordable home in the private rental sector. I don’t want anyone else to experience what we’ve experienced. But this cost of living crisis means more and more renters are being kicked out of their homes as their bills and rents soar. Right now, landlords can raise the rent by hundreds of pounds per month, and the tenant has little option but to accept it. If the tenant tries to negotiate, the landlord can serve a Section 21 which can’t be challenged. If the tenant can’t pay the rent and gets into two months’ arrears or more, the landlord can serve a Section 8 notice which, again, can’t be challenged. This is why I reached out to Generation Rent to start this campaign. The government needs to act now to tackle the cost of living crisis and protect renters who are being forced to choose between staying on top of rent and putting food on the table. To choose between living and merely existing. Only if the government freezes rents and stops these types of evictions will millions of renters finally begin to get some sense of security during this cost of living crisis.
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    Created by Emma Johnson
  • Stop landlords rejecting people with pets
    There is a massive problem with people trying to find private renting properties due to fact of having pets, mainly dogs which is very unfair. A lot of dogs can treat a house more respectfully than children, so why should people with dogs be rejected? Landlords take a deposit at the start of a tenancy so I don't see why we should still be getting rejected. I know it's said that landlords can not discriminate against pet owners but if, say, two people go for a house - one with dogs and the other without - the landlord can still choose the person without dogs as they don't want pet owners in their properties. The estate agent always asks if you have any pets at the start of the application and I don't think this is right. Many people become homeless due to not being able to rent as they have pets. People should join this campaign as I know there are so many people in this situation and something needs to be done about it to make it fair for those struggling to find a rented property
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    Created by Natasha Thraves
  • Build 1st on Druids Heath
    Druids Heath and Monyhull Forum have been campaigning for Build First since September 2020 with their first successful event with residents demonstrating just how much space there is in Druids Heath that can be built on. As well as Druids Heath having lots of space where houses can be built, the technology is available to build those houses quickly that have low or no heat costs, saving residents the dilemma between eat or heat. Build 1St adds to social housing instead of taking it away as Birmingham City Council currently are, making Birmingham a better city to live in with less homelessness. Build 1ST avoids adding to the 15000+ households currently on Birmingham City Council’s social housing waiting list and worsening what is already a national housing crisis. Build 1St keeps the community together and reduces the huge social prescribing costs that come with the current clearance process, saving the city money. Build 1St means children don’t need to move school unnecessarily, losing friends and affecting their education. Build First means residents are guaranteed to move to a decent clean home, not a substandard neglected property that many residents have been offered or found themselves in, that may be worse than the flat they have left. Sign the petition in support of Build First - The Logical Choice. Support yourself, Support Druids Heath, Support Birmingham.
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    Created by The Druids Heath and Monyhull Forum . Picture
  • Brighton & Hove City Council STOP SELLING OUR LAND
    Background information: Our land - We are concerned about how our Council is managing its most valuable asset, public land. There is a growing danger that it may consider disposing of land for short-term benefit, without full consideration of how it may solve the City’s long-term problems. A major ongoing issue being the shortage of suitable housing for local people. Housing costs and incomes Sussex Live reported in May 2021, using Government data, that rent payments take up nearly 47% of income for those who live in Brighton. This is now ahead of London. In addition, too many people are trapped in emergency and temporary accommodation, and this is more than likely to increase if we do not act now. Consequences of bad housing: - There is a growing awareness of the web of knock-on effects due to inadequate housing, including malnutrition, drink and drug abuse, domestic violence/abuse, child poverty, mental & physical health issues. The resolution of these issues is becoming increasingly difficult for local Councils to resolve, and we are seeing long established safety nets gradually being removed. Social housing – the solution – We cannot fail to be aware of the importance of decent, sustainable social housing as a means of improving people’s lives, thus enabling our Councils to use their resources more effectively. This view is supported by every major housing and homeless charity in the UK , who have agreed that building more suitable homes is the only answer to the Homeless crisis. Many more Council Homes - We must, therefore, use our publicly owned land to build council homes. UK Central Government has allocated £10 billion to build social/council homes. Both Conservative and Labour Parties have accepted the latest report prepared by "The Kerslake Commission" and both parties have agreed to build a minimum 90,000 council homes a year. The Green Party in our city have always supported community house building and to build homes fit to live in for decades to come. Action required - So, with these facts in mind, we can see no justification or excuse for the Council trying to sell off our land for ineffective private development. This must be used for building much-needed Social Homes. We the public, as owners of this land, must tell our elected Councillors to protect it from being sold off or tied up in long leases, often at nominal prices and allow it to be used for the benefit of our communities. Please sign and share this petition and get your friends (and friend’s friends!) to do the same. If you can’t sign this, you may be part of the problem!
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    Created by Jim Deans
  • Years worth of successful rental payments in place of mortgage deposit.
    It’s important because whilst the price of everything is going up, incomes and salaries are not going up at the same pace. It is getting harder and harder for young people to get onto the property ladder all whilst there is a shortage in rental accommodation. Making it possible for people to get onto the property ladder by proving they can pay a larger amount every month successfully through rent, would improve so many peoples quality of life.
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    Created by Ellie Lewis-Wood
  • End the Secrecy: Full Transparency for all HHGE Service Charges
    (1) Over the last 10 years over £3 million+ been spent on the upkeep of the common parts of the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Flats Hanger whilst the fabric of the buildings and the gardens has steadily deteriorated. (2) We want to know where the money was spent by whom and on what ?
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    Created by quentin phillipps
  • Lambeth Council Fix our Homes Now!
    Our estate has a conservation order yet is being left to rot. Repairs are not being undertaken or not being done to a satisfactory standard. Tenants are struggling with rising costs to heat their homes due to sub-standard windows. We have large cracks, with often crumbling plaster and leaks in our homes due to structural damage. We were promised new kitchens, bathrooms and windows more than twelve years ago but these have not materialised. All of these are affecting our mental heath, our physical well being and cost us extra money in bills every month. Please sign this petition so that Lambeth Council see how many people this issue effects.
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    Created by Residents of Leigham Court Estate
    It was not by the “authority” of the Housing Ombudsman; of which I am sure - most if not all of the tenants in the recent and shameful scandal over disrepair and living conditions (deemed adequate and suitable) will have happily been directed to by the relevant Housing Association’s that came under scrutiny; but rather it took exposure to damning Public outcry, vilification, shaming, and the WEIGHT of the gathering, and unfavourable Press to compel these deafened and autocratic Housing Associations to un-trench themselves, and act with decency; eventually withdrawing and retracting THEIR OWN shameful “self-determinations”. Equally NO politician, or local MP forced them to address this long-standing and indolent contradiction prior to this. Being unlikely to be victims in their OWN properties of mould (exacerbating health conditions), damp, fire hazard, and electrical disrepair; and not being subjected to living in these conditions (or similar) on a daily basis, - indolently encouraging YOU, to be patient, in THEIR enquiries, in absence of any degree of empathy, urgency, or understanding appearing to be forthcoming. In the absence of any impetus, enthusiasm, or motivation from our elected officials; our “representatives” indolently deeming the current framework for dispute resolution (the “broken” system that WE are THE VICTIMS of any failures or shortcomings in) as “adequate” and “fit for purpose”; out of a need for MORE robust, balanced, and EQUAL representation, and in the absence of any consideration, or concern on this matter being extended by our locally elected officials and MP’s. I urge and encourage ALL Housing Association tenants that have been, or remain dissatisfied with their treatment and experience from their Housing Association; frustrated and fed-up with the lack of interest or concern demonstrated by paid and elected officials expected to represent and look after OUR interests, to take this opportunity to rally together, make a difference to your treatment, – as vulnerable cash cows having no secure tenure, and sign my on-line petition for this long-overdue housing reform; add your voice (your tenancy), and rebuke your treatment, we need 100,000 signatures to bypass our MPs ourselves, and our struggle to be finally taken notice of and debated in Parliament, calling for the IMMEDIATE forming of a STATUTORY body to represent OUR interests - the average tenant. https://twitter.com/letdownbyMPs https://www.facebook.com/groups/593643284935407
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    Created by Derrick Palmer
  • Close the holiday let tax loophole
    I feel privileged to live in Plymouth. It's by the sea, has amazing beauty spots, Dartmoor is close by and the nightlife, pre-covid, was phenomenal. It is one of the UK's top tourist destinations. Unfortunately Plymouth's advantages can also be a disadvantage for its residents. I lived in my last flat for 5 years. The rent was affordable and it was close to the city centre – but was not in a great state of repair. When I complained to my landlord about the broken boiler and asked him to make repairs to his property, he threatened to evict me. One day a Section 21 notice arrived for me and the other tenants in the building, meaning we had to move out. The landlord said he was selling up because he did not want to be a landlord anymore. But a few months later, I discovered he had turned the building into an AirBnB. I found pictures online of my old flat which he had renovated and done up to perfection. My neighbours and I are not the only ones this has happened to. Plymouth has become a city of holiday lets. Cornwall has 62 homes to rent on Rightmove but 10,290 AirBnB listings. In one village in Wales, three quarters of the houses are holiday homes. Fewer homes available for residents mean higher rents, and people being priced out of their local areas in search of a home. That erodes local communities and starves local businesses of workers. The only people who benefit are the landlords. One cause of this is mortgage tax relief, which holiday-let landlords are entitled to but private rental landlords are not. It is saving holiday-let landlords potentially thousands of pounds every year, and actively dissuading them from renting their houses out to locals. After all, why rent to actual residents when the government has made it cheaper to let out holiday accommodation? We need a level playing field so that the local areas enjoy the right balance between holiday lets and homes people want to live in. By removing mortgage interest relief from holiday lets, more property owners will make their homes available to people who need somewhere to live. This will reduce rents, stop people being priced out, and make sure communities in tourist hotspots benefit.
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    Created by Alex Macintyre
  • Fix the Building Safety Crisis NOW!
    Leaseholders and tenants across the UK are facing bankruptcy and eviction because of fire safety issues we did not cause, and have no control over fixing. Our homes were not built to be safe from fire, and to add insult to injury, leaseholders are picking up the bill. The strain this is having on our mental health is immense; we’re feeling angry, hopeless, helpless and trapped. Who is responsible? Cladding manufacturers who falsified fire safety tests, construction companies cutting corners and ineffective Government regulations. They must all be held to account. Boris Johnson must recognise that our safety comes before profit. The Government must force developers to make our homes safe, before any more new homes are built and protect leaseholders from all fire remediation costs.
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    Created by Chloe Waite