• We want minimum standards for Liverpool’s homes!
    2020 demonstrated more than ever the importance of a safe and comfortable home. But too many people suffer in poor quality, even dangerous, houses. And with the government making it easier to build homes without proper local scrutiny, we could be looking at thousands of “slums of the future”. Liverpool’s local leaders are currently figuring out an ambitious long-term plan for housing right across the region. These decisions will play a huge role in the quality of housing for years to come - and could have a massive influence on the rest of the country too! That’s why we - the people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas - are demanding that any new housing meets eleven basic principles: 1. Be safe in relation to the risk of fire. 2. Have adequate space. 3. Have access to natural light. 4. Must meet people’s lifetime needs and be adaptable. 5. Be accessible and located in accessible environments. 6. Prioritise walkable services and sustainable transport. 7. Be built in line with the Climate Change Act 2008. 8. Have access to green space and play areas that are accessible to all. 9. Be resilient to a changing climate. 10. Be secure and meet design standards which reduce and prevent crime. 11. Meet standards to eradicate noise pollution. The eleven principles have been developed by the TCPA (Town and Country Planning Association) as part of their Healthy Homes Campaign. You can read more about them here: https://www.tcpa.org.uk/healthy-homes-act
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  • Repair and replacement of the paths, steps and walkways on the Calvert Way Estate
    There are a number of health, safety and welfare concerns about access and egress on the estate which is becoming more of an issue by the day due to increasing use since the opening of the Keswick to Threlkeld railway path. A number of pedestrian paths, steps and access routes are in a poor state of repair and are hazardous . The step and walkway access to the site on both sides is very hazardous and there is an increased risk of slips, trips or falls. The steps are extremely large, buckled, warped and rotting away. The wooden handrail alongside the step access to the road by the leisure centre is rotting away and loose. At the base of the steps a hole has appeared in the tarmac. The path running adjacent to the leisure centre at the back of the houses has completely collapsed at the end nearest the Keswick Bridge time share. The steps on the central mound on the estate are also collapsing and the paths are made from loose hardcore rubble posing a trip hazard. The increase in footfall through and around the estate is degenerating the paths further. The estate is home to a range of different people. The poor state of repair to the access and egress route on the estate is particularly challenging for those families with young children, elderly residents and disabled residents. It is important that the access and egress route are repaired and improved without delay to prevent avoidable accident or injury.
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    Created by Franchesca Robson
  • Homeless
    Its important because there's elderly and vulnerable people live here were all going to be homeless.
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    Created by Angela Booth
  • End Kingspan sponsorship of Ulster Rugby
    Kingspan, an Irish company based in Cavan, manufactured Grenfell Tower’s combustible insulation. During the Grenfell Inquiry into the tower block fire which killed 72 people in 2017, a former executive said that the firm was involved in a “deliberate and calculated deceit”, which involved the product, which failed several full-scale fire tests, but was being sold on the basis of earlier tests of a different, less combustible version of the product. The inquiry has also heard that Kingspan rigged tests and hired lobbyists after the disaster to try to persuade MPs that rival non-combustible products might be no less dangerous. Ulster Rugby should play no part in whitewashing Kingspan's image and must terminate it's sponsorship relationship and rename the stadium. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/nov/30/kingspan-manager-belligerent-over-fire-concerns-in-2008-grenfell-inquiry-hears https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/dec/08/staff-joked-safety-claims-about-material-used-on-grenfell-were-all-lies-inquiry-told
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Wallace Street Repair & Renovation
    Both residential buildings require essential repairs for healthy and safety purposes as well as an aesthetic upgrade to maintain property value and provide comfort for residents.
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    Created by Victoria Watson
  • Stop Unfair Rent Increases
    The UK is still in the middle of a pandemic with many families either still furloughed or struggling to make ends meet. Yet the Wheatley Group still want to increase rent by 2.2%
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    Created by Ross Cochrane
  • URGENT! Help People With Rent Arrears Crisis!
    A survey by homelessness charity Shelter suggested that more than 170,000 private tenants have been threatened with eviction by their landlord or letting agent, and 230,000 in England have fallen into arrears since the pandemic started. People are loosing their homes due to no job especially in the chef and restaurant sector. This is a crisis for us and other people are are facing eviction! This is urgent crisis!
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    Created by Lauren Stevenson
  • Stop Councils and Housing Associations Punishing Those in Rent Arrears
    This is discriminatory to those who are for example disabled or elderly. It shows housing providers are more interested in their pockets than human decency. It implies that those in rent arrears aren't entitled to food deliveries , companionship . It seeks to punish those already struggling for no clear reason at all . In the current climate of self isolation due to COVID 19 rules such as these seek to further isolate those who aren't able to leave their homes , need assistance , or need to be able to park in close proximity to their home.
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    Created by Sarah Dadzie
  • Stay in my family home
    The home we are currently living in was originally my Nan and Grandads, my mum and her siblings where brought up in this house and sadly when my nan and grandad passed away the house became my uncles (Carl) who was in ill health, so i decided the best thing to do would move in with him to help with keeping the house and himself in good form. Unfortunately in May this year my uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer for which he received no treatment due to COVID 19. in August this year my uncle sadly lost his battle with cancer. We are now having to fight for the family home as Cobalt are not willing to pass this house down to me. Cobalt have said i couldn't have the house as there is no proof of me living there IE bills in my name. At the time this was not the top of my priority list i was staying caring for my uncle and all bills was in Carl's name. I have been staying at the family home since May 2018 with Carl and as far as both Carl and i was aware the bills had to be in the tenants name and Cobalt classed me as a family member. Going forward me and my family don't want to lose this home as there are so many memories of people who are really close to me and everyone else. As you all can understand i am absolutely devastated of the loss of my uncle Carl. I couldn't begin to imagine the further heartache i will endure by losing the home as this is the last thing we have left to help us feel close to them.
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    Created by James Wilde
  • Safe accommodation for rough sleepers this winter
    Government plans will allow communal night shelters for people experiencing homelessness to reopen this winter. But we know this isn’t safe - these shelters were shut down in March as they were deemed unsafe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The government’s plans could force people to choose between freezing on the street or going to a shelter where they could catch Covid-19. Both options needlessly put lives at risk. Major health and homelessness organisations, like Crisis, have spoken out against the plan - they say the government isn't going far enough to protect people and keep them safely off the streets this winter. The government has previously committed to halving rough sleeping by 2022 and ending it by 2027. Winter and COVID-19 present a dangerous emergency. They must do everything possible to protect homeless people this winter.
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  • Urgently stop people being evicted!
    I lost my job at the start of the pandemic, and was forced to live off food banks so that I could keep up with my rent - because my landlord refused to give me a rent reduction. When I fell behind with rent payments I was served an eviction notice. Because of the government’s ban on evictions I’ve been able to stay in my home. But now my teenage daughter and I are being forced from our home on October 1st - because last week the government’s eviction ban was lifted. There are hundreds of thousands of others, just like me all over the country, worried about where they will be living in the next few weeks. And it’s down to the government to support us. The government has repeatedly said they won’t let anyone lose their homes as a result of coronavirus - but they’re not sticking to their promises. It doesn’t have to be this way. The government could choose to do the right thing and provide emergency funds to help people who have fallen behind on rent during the pandemic keep their homes. That’s why I’ve set up a petition. I can’t make a difference alone. But if thousands of us come together, we can pile on the pressure that the government can’t ignore.
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    Created by Deborah Hartley
  • Allow those in social housing with a disability a support animal
    My child is 11 and ASD & ADHD - she had at least five violent melt downs daily- we all suffer, her especially. She will smash her head on walls, pull her hair out and she will attack me (her mum) , and the rest of her family. WE have been staying with my mum through a lot of lockdown and have noticed that the influence of her dog (Loki) is massively calming for her. He can sense when she is upset or angry or about to blow her top and he will go to her and snuggle with her and calm her down. In turn this makes the lives of the whole family more enjoyable. I am in social housing by circumstance, I had my own house and myself and my ex had well paying jobs when we had our children (I won't go into it|) but I never expected to end up in social housing ..however when being in social housing a lot of the time means that you get placed in a small fat with NO outside play areas it really does make life hard, throw additional needs into the mix and it is sometimes untenable. Allow these children to have the support animals that can benefit the whole family or just stop placing them into flats with no play areas and into houses with gardens where this would't be a problem.
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    Created by Kiya Ottaway