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To: Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health

Advanced Prostate Cancer Drug Enzalutamide after the use of Abiraterone

The advanced prostate cancer drug Enzalutamide is now available under the CDF, but NOT for men who have been given Abiraterone! This very strange recommendation precludes the very patients who need Enzalutamide from receiving it.
There is no clinical reason for this, there are patients who have been given Enzalutomide after Abiraterone has failed, who after 10 months, are still fit and healthy. Without it they would now be swiftly approaching death. Nor should there be any great extra financial cost because patients would not be on both drugs.
Both of these drugs are end of the line treatments and if Enzalutamide is refused because Abiraterone has already been given, many otherwise healthy men are going to die. It is quite immoral to change the recommended treatment pathway halfway through with no warning.

This recommendation needs altering as a matter of urgency, quite literally, lives depend on it.

Why is this important?

Men who have been given Abiraterone and have had the expectation of receiving Enzalutamide after Abiraterone failure, are now denied this potentially life saving treatment. They are now going to die!



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