To: Local Councils

Affordable for All

Affordable for All

Demanding that local authorities build genuinely affordable housing to reduce homelessness and ensure everyone has access to adequate housing at an affordable cost.

Why is this important?

Housing is a basic human right, however, it is no secret that the UK is amidst a major housing crisis. Millions of people are unable to access decent housing at an affordable price. With housing costs continuing to increase, many individuals and families are pushed into overcrowded situations, and into poverty. Hundreds of thousands of houses are required to be built each year in order to resolve homelessness, affordability and overcrowding issues.

A shelter report found that ¼ of people have had to reduce the amount of money they spend on food, in order to cover their housing costs and avoid rental arrears. With house prices rising, many are unable to move away from the private rented sector towards home ownership, and therefore affordable housing is crucial to support the livelihood of millions.

In 2019, over 10,000 people were homed in temporary accommodation due to their inability to afford the costs associated with housing. Despite this, not nearly enough affordable, or social housing was built to relieve this number.

It is essential that adequate funding is given to allow Local Authorities to take control, and build enough social and affordable housing within their area to alleviate this issue, while supporting sustainable growth within the community.

Leeds, UK

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