To: Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow

Against the abuse by MPs on Private Members Bills

Against the abuse by MPs on Private Members Bills

We are asking for a change to the proceedures for the allocation of Private Members Bills following the abuse of the current regulations by Peter Bone MP and Christopher Chope MP. We want the process to be limited to 2 Bills per Member in the interest of democracy and fairness.

Why is this important?

Both Peter Bone MP and Christopher Chope MP took turns in camping out in the House of Commons to ensure that they were first in the queue to present their Bills. Between them they submitted 73 Bills proposing the introduction of new laws.

Their actions have prevented other MP's from presenting their Bills that would have had any chance of being debated up until November 2018.

This important because this has stopped and MP from presenting their ideas for new Laws. Because of their behaviour your MP has been prevented from representing your interests .


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Reasons for signing

  • Their actions are an abuse of democracy
  • Ridiculous , should be limited to 2 bills per person. it is an abuse of parliament and the wages we pay them
  • Dreadful abuse of parliament to block bills people need hearing.


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