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To: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Don't close Sure Start Children's Centres in Rotherham

Don't close Sure Start Children's Centres in Rotherham

Withdraw the plans to close the following 13 centres- Brampton Cortonwood, Dinnington, Kimberworth, Marcliff, Meadows, Park View, Rockingham, Ryton Brook, Silver Birch, Sue Walker, Thorpe Hesley, Thurcroft and Wath Victoria.

Why is this important?

This plan will decimate early years provision in the town. The council plans to reduce the number of centres from 22 to 9- leaving many areas without provision, staff facing redudancy, and families losing essential services in their community. We are holding a family event on Saturday 29 March which will start with a march from the Town Hall at 12 heading to All Saints Square for live music, face painting, speakers and more!

Public consultation meetings are being held in the coming months-

How it will be delivered

This petition forms part of our campaign against the closures that we will be running over the coming months. When you have signed please take a few minutes to complete the Council's consultation-

Rotherham, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Rotherham is the town most famous for having let down thousands of children victims of grooming & exploitation ! Who could believe they would b so CRUEL to also close most sure start centres / nurseries ? Change again all those in charge of the Council ! &Call for Council elections to b scheduled ASAP. UK central government, give full secure funding directly 2 each of these centre 4 the whole of this legislature, as a matter of urgency, so that they would not close.
  • There must be better ways of saving money than closing centres vital to early education for children!
  • Hilary Gaunt


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