To: MPs, White Collars, Blue Collars, Companies dependent on a healthy economy.

AI impact on 68% of jobs (white collar) and economy.

Super fast in depth analysis report of the potential job, social and economic impacts of AI on the UK with predictions based on slow, fast and ultra fast AI adoption/transition rates.

Recommendations and potential economic solutions that could counter or reduce the negative impacts.

AI is an unprecedented disruption to civilisation and not something that can be taken lightly.

Or image every white-collar worker being out of a job within 12 months replaced by a 24/7 faster and smarter AI system, 68% unemployment by 2024.

Why is this important?

Can you imagine a near future where every white-collar job can be done by AI?

In the UK 68% of jobs are white collar.

Our economy is a pyramid where lower tiered economic activity depends on higher tiers being able to afford their products and services.

Although AI will be a gold mine for the companies that adopt it, it will also lay waste to white collar jobs and has the potential to collapse 68% of the job market.

The great depression hit 25% unemployment and lead to the rise of Hitler and Stalin, what might an AI fuelled future with mass unemployment and false information produce.

We have not let AI drive cars yet because best car AI are only 99.9% reliable. We are releasing AI online and into the job market now, without any regulation and the AI is known to be unreliable, bias drifting and hallucinatory yet we are going to let it take our jobs and drive our economy.