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Aida is Ours!

Aida is Ours!

Aida is Ours!

Why is this important?

Aida Emilianna Safari, aged 53, is here in the UK to escape from political persecution in the Congo (DRC). She was a propagandist against Joseph Kabila and was imprisoned from 2005-2006 until her murdered husband’s political allies arranged for her successful escape from prison in 2006. She has been in the UK since 2006. She is now on her fourth lawyer who is acting pro bono to secure her release. In the meantime, on 17 December 2016 Aida’s older sister and nephew were killed in a grenade attack. Joseph Kabila’s reign of terror continues. Aida cannot return home to a country that has already falsely imprisoned her for being part of the opposition to a brutal government.


Reasons for signing

  • We humans are a mutual socio-economic resource, so please explain precisely who will be disadvantaged, and in what way, by this woman continuing to live in the United Kingdom. Thank you.
  • She deserves better
  • Let this woman stay. She is welcome.


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