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To: Southampton City Council

Airport Expansion Opposition - Southampton

Airport Expansion Opposition - Southampton

We the undersigned (who either live, work or study in Southampton) petition the council to rethink its position on expansion of Southampton International Airport in the light of Parliament's declaration of a climate emergency and the 2019 amendment to the Climate Change Act target for zero net carbon by 2050, and publicly state that the Council objects to the expansion of the Airport

Why is this important?

Expansion of Southampton International Airport will lead to:
- More noise pollution (5600 local people are already living with levels of noise that are double those recommended by the WHO for airport emissions)
- Increased air pollution (from both flights and associated traffic increases)
- Worse road congestion
- Increased greenhouse gas emissions (inconsistent with achieving zero net carbon by 2050 - flight numbers need to be cut, not increased, to prevent climate breakdown)
- Few, if any, benefits for Southampton residents (we get a worse quality of life to enable more flights)
In addition:
- The promise of low-paid jobs is not enough to cover the cost to us, as council tax payers, of all the above
- Flights from Southampton are decreasing anyway, and if Heathrow is expanded regional airports will lose traffic, making expansion of Southampton unnecessary
- More flights will undermine Southampton City Council's own Green City Charter and make a mockery of the Council's efforts to achieve a low carbon future for our city


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Reasons for signing

  • Noise during the night which does not currently happen as flights start at 7 a.m.
  • Eastleigh have recently declares a climate change emergency. Allowing this airport expansion makes a mockery of that declaration. We have to learn to do things differently, to live differently – or our children and our children's children will pay the price.
  • I live under the flight path. As it is we cannot watch TV or have a decent phone conversation when planes go overhead. And then there is the climate issue! The money would be better invested in local transport infrastructure which is poor and leading to constant traffic congestion


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