To: The UK Government

All businesses must accept cash

All businesses must accept cash

Make it illegal for any business to refuse cash as payment.

Why is this important?

Lately certain businesses some of whom are essential services such as transportation and an increasing number of retailers are hiding behind the myth that it’s for our convenience to have to use a chip and pin at the expense of cash. It is NOT convenient in fact it’s extremely inconvenient and more to the point it is the long term goal of the banking industry to phase out cash therefore giving the banks absolute and total control of our every transaction.

As we’ve already found out to our cost with atm charges access to our own money is considered a privilege we often have to pay outrageous charges for. Let’s not forget these are the same banks who brought the global economy to its knees and while we the Little people still bail out their mistakes they award themselves obscene bonuses for complete failure. We must NEVER allow the banks to control OUR money.