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To: Teignbridge District Council and/or the Inspector tasked to examine the Teignbridge Local Plan 2020 – 2040

Allocate Oaklands Wood and the three adjoining fields it connects with as a “Local Green Space”

It was raised to ask our Local Council to take certain action. Now delivered, we will need to wait until next Summer to see if we have been successful or not.

We call on Teignbridge District Council and/or the Inspector tasked to examine the Teignbridge Local Plan 2020 – 2040 to allocate Oaklands Wood and the three grade 2 agricultural fields it connects with to the south as a “Local Green Space”, as shown outlined in red on the plan. A larger view of the plan can be found by clicking on the "Campaign Website" below.

This petition has been sponsored by Holcombe Residents Association, Oakland Park Residents Association and Friends of Oaklands Wood, Dawlish.

Why is this important?

This area has been used by the local community in Dawlish and Holcombe for many years for walking/dog walking and other recreational activity. There are beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and the sea from the Public Right of Way and informal footpaths around the fields. The area can be viewed from the South West Coast Path and forms an important break between Dawlish and Holcombe. We consider the area to have ecological richness and a high degree of tranquillity, particularly in the wood and to the west. The area is easily accessible, with gently sloping topography, and provides physical and mental health benefits. The Public Right of Way also connects with wider walking routes in the locality.

For the reasons above, this area is highly valued by and of particular importance to the local community. It is local in character, not an extensive tract of land and in close proximity to both Dawlish and Holcombe. Allocation as a “Local Green Space” would provide further protection to this area, reflecting its importance to the local community, and be consistent with other local planning policies, such as stopping Holcombe from merging with Dawlish to keep their separate identities (Policy EN1), and protecting the open character of the coastal landscape (Policy EN2). We do not believe that its allocation would undermine the delivery of housing or other sustainable development in the district.

Oaklands Wood, Dawlish EX7 9SQ, UK

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