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To: Sunderland council

Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over summer

Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over summer

Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over the summer.

There is already a proportion of seaburn beach that does not allow dogs on.

Why is this important?

Not only will it have a big impact on local business as when out with our dogs we may grab a coffee and food.

People exercise a lot more down the beach with dogs.

Sunderland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Dogs need off lead exercise and we’ve already had fields taken off us in the area for housing developments. If owners can’t let their dogs off lead they will go out of the area and take their money with them! We don’t have many hot days even in summer and dogs walkers keep a lot of businesses going on rainy days. Just because the council struggle to police the current rules why should we all be punished?
  • The ban is wrong on so many levels. What about non dog owners who leave rubbish everywhere? The streets are laced with broken glass bottles that rarely get cleaned up which make it impossible to walk dogs on the streets. Every time i go onto the beach I could fill a bag of litter that is left by people coming to the beach. The majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs. Dog walkers aren’t the problem. People are.
  • The beach is one of the few areas where dogs can be allowed off lead. This freedom to fully exercise is important for mental, emotional and physical health in dogs.


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