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To: David Cameron

Allow EU citizens living in the UK to vote in EU referendum

Change your decision not to allow EU citizens living in the UK to vote in an EU referendum.

Why is this important?

EU citizens living in the UK are to be banned from voting in the EU referendum. This includes citizens who have come to the UK to study or work, or who have joined (British and non-British) partners and have family here. In addition, as the University of Oxford indicates, EU migrants prop up vital public services, including in the area of care, where demand for EU migrants is high 'largely due to low wages and poor working conditions' (
Despite our contributions to this British society, we are now to be kept from participating in an election that fundamentally decides our and our families' futures. This seems to counter all sense of fairness. We urge you to change your decision.



2015-11-05 09:08:30 +0000

Dear all,

particularly if you are European in the UK, or indeed a British citizen living/ working/ half-living in Europe, or member of a family that includes Europeans and British nationals, it would be brilliant if you could add your voices to the following survey which was started by the New Europeans, which is led by Samia Badini:
The responses collected to this survey will inform the debate in the House of Lords about the EU Referendum which is tabled for the 18th November.
The more responses we get, the better. We need to make clear that British life within Britain but also outside of Britain has become complex and multi-faceted and would be severely disrupted by a Brexit.

Thanks for your help, as always,


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