To: The Prime Minister, Theresa May

Allow sufficient time for MPs to properly debate EU withdrawal bill

This campaign has ended.

Allow sufficient time for MPs to properly debate EU withdrawal bill

We call upon the Prime Minister to provide The House of Commons with 10 days of parliamentary time for MP’s to properly and thoroughly debate the EU Withdrawal Bill

Why is this important?

The EU withdrawal Bill is returning to the Houses of Commons after the Government suffered 15 amendment defeats by the House of Lords. Lords spent 20 days debating the EU withdrawal bill and the government has just announced that Parliament will only be given 12 hours on the 12th June to debate the full bill and its numerous amendments.

Brexit represents the most significant and complex process seen before parliament since world war 2 and the government is denying MPs sufficient time to debate the bill and its amendments by only allowing one day for debate voting.

Why sign this petition?

* Whether you are voted leave or remain it is in the best interests of the public to have a full, open and robust debate in parliament on the EU withdrawal bill

* The House of Lords was permitted 20 days to debate this bill. Why is the Commons not allowed the same opportunity to debate a bill so vital to the future of the country?

* MPs and commentators from across the political spectrum, including senior and back bench Tory MPs are highly critical of the governments decision to allow such a short time to debate this bill

* This timetable only allows for 40 minutes to debate each amendment all of which will have a significant impact on the prosperity and political future of the UK

* Parliament is being denied it’s sovereignty as one day is simply not enough time for a full and proper debate and this move has been described as reckless, unprecedented and showing contempt for parliament

Please sign this bill to help protect the sovereignty of parliament and democracy in the UK


Reasons for signing

  • It is disrespectful of gov not to do their jobs properly and in a professional manner. To rush this through looks cavalier, slip shod and simply amateurish.
  • Attempting to steamroller this debate through in such a ridiculously short time displays gross disrespect for parliament, for our representatives, for us.
  • I am tired of the Mentalist 60 MP's sidelining Parliament. It stops NOW.


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