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To: The Very Rev Vivienne Faull Dean of York

Allow the York Minster bell ringers to ring!

To allow the (recently sacked) bell ringers of York Minster to ring the bells for Remembrance Sunday, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.

This petition has been started by a member of the public

Why is this important?

The minster has suspended all bell ringing with absolutely no prior warning. The bellringers are very loyal volunteers who give up hours of their time every week to keep this tradition going, and have represented the Minster in local and national competitions.

Remembrance Sunday is THE key day in the year that we remember those who died defending our freedoms during war time.
Since the end of WW1 bells have been rung every single year, except during WW2, to commemorate those who have fallen. It is a key part of our nation's salute to their sacrifice.

Christmas and New Year's Eve are such special times of year where we enjoy spending time with family and friends; residents and tourists of York alike adore the iconic sound of our bells.

We request that the Minster honour tradition by allowing the ringers to ring.

If you would like to know more about the story, please read the York Press website, article entitled "York Minster axes bellringers"

How it will be delivered

As the story spreads many people are emailing internationally, the site will not allow international addresses. If you would like to be added to the paper petition please make contact through this site with your name and postal code.

A request to meet the Dean to hand over the petition has not been answered, therefore it is likely the petition will have to be emailed.

York Minster, Deangate, York

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2016-12-20 23:55:40 +0000

At nearly 18,000 signatures collected online and on paper, a meeting to hand a physical copy has not been granted so this petition has been sent as a 580 page PDF directly to the Dean. 25% of signatures are from local postcodes (approx 4.5k), and the total number represents almost 10% of the entire population of York.

It is understood that some ringing by other ringers has been organised over Christmas and the new year, however to date there has been no word regarding re-establishing the excommunicated York Minster ringers.

2016-12-09 03:37:07 +0000

An update

2016-10-23 21:45:47 +0100

Thank you to all who have supported the York Minster ringers thus far.
All we want to do is get back to doing what we do best- ringing the bells of the Minster over York to the delight of all, as a band and as friends. The YMSCR have issued open invitations to speak with the Dean and have had no response to date.

I plan to give this petition to the Dean, to ask her to allow the bells to be rung, at least a week before Remembrance Sunday.

Thank you all.

2016-10-15 17:03:43 +0100

10,000 signatures reached

2016-10-14 14:26:06 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2016-10-13 13:41:23 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-10-13 10:39:55 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-10-13 06:56:11 +0100

100 signatures reached

2016-10-13 01:18:58 +0100

50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

2016-10-12 23:49:20 +0100

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