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To: Scottish parliament

Amateur football and mental health in young people

Amateur football and mental health in young people

This is an email in regard to amateur football in Scotland.

When the conversation for the tier system comes up in parliament I urge you to speak for the thousands and thousands of men and woman ages 17 - 40 that play organised amateur football. We are the only adult grade football on Scotland that’s been stopped even though we follow all the same protocols as all clubs outside the top 2 leagues in the country.

In 2018 UEFA reported that Amateurs save NHS Scotland £700m plus worth £200m to Scottish Economy + £300m Social benefits, helped prevent 5,000 Mental Health cases saving £40m & £25m in prevented cases of cardiovascular disease, & further £10 million in Type 2 Diabetes!! So Why us?

We are very worried about the mental health effect this is having and will continue to have in our players. They are already at the most vulnerable age for mental health problems and football is a massive outlet for these players and coaches.

We are yet to be told any figures to why amateur football is being singled out.

I urge you to speak up for us and the amateur football game.

Why is this important?

Mental health is a real issue, more especially during this pandemic, everyone has to make sacrifices to stay safe but there is a solid argument for this campaign

Scotland, UK

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