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To: Amazon


Amazon - pay the new 2% digital services tax rather than passing on the cost to small businesses struggling to get by

Why is this important?

By the time you finish this sentence, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos will have made £12,000.

But despite its massive wealth, Amazon has started wriggling out of paying a new UK digital tax - by passing the extra cost directly onto the small businesses that use its website. At a time when these businesses are struggling to get by, it’s an indefensible decision.

The UK Government introduced the new tax in April, to try to make massive digital companies like Amazon pay their fair share. But even though Amazon has made billions during the coronavirus crisis - and only paid 2% tax on it’s UK earnings last year - the company has found a way to get out of paying the new tax by directly hurting small businesses. Let's show them that is not acceptable.



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