To: Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps

Amber LED Street Lights for the UK: New tech without the health risks

Amber LED Street Lights for the UK: New tech without the health risks

Stop the use of bright-white LED road lighting. Go for amber-coloured fixtures; for our health and comfort.

Why is this important?

The UK government is pressing forward with replacing old High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with new, solid-state LED lighting. It is clear that technology must go forward, but there are better ways of doing it.

Citizens in the UK and other countries have already complained about the invasive aesthetic of bright-white LED lights, and health experts have warned about possible health risks. These lights are interfering with our biology and they WILL affect us. John O'Hagan of Public Health England wanred that high qauntities of blue light can 'cause damage to the retina', and the frequency of these lights can 'result in headaches and migraines'. This is of course, on top of the well-known fact that blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm, leading to sleep problems.

However, there is already a credible solution. Many companies already offer PCA (Phosphor Converted Amber) options for road lighting that lowers the lamp colour temperature from a blinding 4000 kelvin down to a warm and comfortable range of 1800-2000-2200 kelvin. This would alleviate a great many problems with the new street lights, while maintaining the economic advantages and energy efficiency of LED technology.

Companies that offer Amber LED lights include, but are not limited to:

Consider this, and keep our streets safe and warm!

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