To: Instagram

Animal abuse

Animal abuse

There is no option on instagram to report an account that seeks to benefit of off animal abuse. Instagram should make it possible to report an account or post based on it contravening basic animal welfare standards. The fact that it doesn’t do so already is a damning insight into Instagram’s complicent nature with regards to monetary gain at the cost of animal welfare.

Why is this important?

Instagram is littered with photos of overfed animals or animals that have been bred for “cuteness” despite it being detrimental to their health. The suffering of animals is being exploited to create revenue for cynical animal accounts. Animals are being fed unnatural foods from chocolate to milkshakes and even cannibalistic meats. Hashtags like #ChonkyCat are used to promote the overfeeding and most people are non the wiser that this amounts to serious animal abuse for human gain. It’s up to Instagram to make sure that animals can’t be used in this way.


Reasons for signing

  • Animal are just as important