To: James Brokenshire (Minister for Security and Immigration), Phillip Hammond (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) and Michael Fallon (Secretary of State for Defence)

Anti War Campaign

Anti War Campaign

We the undersigned urge our government to:

Promote/Encourage alternatives to War, such as: Ban on Arms; Restorative Justice; Evacuation, Protection and Aid for countries at war.

To encourage the confidentiality/protection of those who are in vulnerable positions such as Police, Immigrants, Military Officers and Informers.

To help develop Equality/Diversity and Political/Cultural awareness
such as for Human Rights, Social Welfare and Security standards.

To encourage focus on research into subjects such as History of Politics/War, Global Security and Sustainable Developments

To encourage focus on Human Rights and Global Security subjects such as Policing, Drug Wars, Education/Awareness, Restorative Justice and Pacifism

To encourage international investment into Security, Sustainable and Welfare Resources such as:

• Renewable Energy
• Therapy
• Organic/Vegetarian Food, Clean Water and Storage
• Sustainable Farming
• Private facilities
• 1st Aid & Healthcare Facilities
• Hygiene
• Protective Clothing
• Tools/Machinery
• Education
• Communications
• Shelter
• Protected Water/Power systems
• Better Policing
• Counselling and Legal Aid
• Protected Transport Systems for International Aid and Evacuation for Asylum Seekers.

To encourage Research Including Primary Research into local public opinions regarding issues such as:

Global Security
Political Leadership
Foreign Policy

To encourage Media and Public debate on issues such as:

Drug Trafficking
Foreign Policy
Illegal Trade
Dirty Wars
Corrupt Cultural practises
Use of Weapons & Torture
Illegal War practises

To Promote/Encourage:

Freedom Of Speech
Restorative Justice
Cultural Diversity and Integration
Ban On Arms
Democratic Decision Making
Peace Treaties
Welfare & Protection for Asylum Seekers

Why is this important?

“Over the last five years, Amnesty International has reported on torture and other forms of ill-treatment in at least 141 countries from every region of the world” (Amnesty 2014 )

The Ethos of this campaign will be to encourage Anti-War policies such as: Peace Treaties; Human Rights legislation; Restorative Justice; Freedom of Speech; Cultural Diversity and Ban on Weapons. As there is an important International demand in areas for Human Rights and Global Security such as: Policing, Education/Awareness, Sustainable Resources, Equality, Restorative Justice and Pacifism.

There should be encouragement for Open Media’ and Public debate on ‘Sensitive’ issues such as Rackets/ Drug Trafficking, Foreign Policy, Illegal Trade, Dirty Wars, Corrupt Cultural practises and the use of Fire Arms. As well as encouraging the confidentiality/protection of those who are in vulnerable positions (such as Police, NHS Staff, Immigrants, Military Officers, Ex-Offenders, Under-Privileged, Informers, Community Volunteers , Intelligence Officers, Civil Servants, Politicians and those in Mental Health/Recovery). The Public also has shown willingness to develop through Social Integration, Equality/Diversity and Political/Cultural awareness.