• Liverpool against the Electronic Warfare Arms Fair
    On 16-18 November 2020 international arms companies are due to meet up with military delegations from around the globe to show off the latest electronic warfare technology at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. This technology is sold at great profit to countries in conflict, authoritarian regimes and countries carrying out serious and well documented human rights offences. This event should not be held in Liverpool, especially in a building that is effectively owned by the people of this city. It should be cancelled immediately and a firm commitment made never to hold any such event in the city's publicly owned buildings ever again. The Exhibition Centre is 100% owned by Liverpool City Council. It is managed for the city by The ACC Liverpool Group. The City Mayor and Deputy Mayor are on the board of the ACC Liverpool Group. The ACC Liverpool Group describes itself as an ethical and responsible company and has previously cancelled two events under pressure from the City Council.
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    Created by Martin Dobson
  • A call for global nuclear disarmament
    To stop wasting much needed money for economic regeneration on anticipated threats, when we have real ones to contend with.
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    Created by Martin Williams
  • Don’t follow Trump into another gulf war
    Tensions are rising between Trump, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Some have said the three nations are on the brink of serious attacks and possibly war. Right now, Boris Johnson is considering deploying British troops to support the Saudi Arabian government - a regime that is partly responsible for one of the worst famines in human history and has horrific record of serious human rights abuses. The current plans for conflict are being spearheaded by President Trump, a hot-headed leader with a reputation for making rash decisions. And the UK PM has said he’s waiting on a call from President Trump or the Saudis asking him to provide military support in the coming weeks. The last time this happened, when Blair supported Bush’s war in the Middle East, British troops ended up being deployed for 13 years, and the conflict in Afghanistan is still ongoing. It’s time to show Boris Johnson that the UK public don’t want to get into bed with Trump and Saudia Arabia and enter another war.
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  • Strict export licencing laws
    It's a matter of preserving life and if you believe that the right to life is so important, then it's absolutely essential that we make sure sovereign states fulfil their responsibilities to, as far as possible, honour this time-honoured right.
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    Created by Emran Hossain
  • Save Idlib
    To Her Majesty's Government, We call on the UK government to practice its influence to bring to a halt the brutal military campaign led by Syrian and Russian forces against Idlib province in northern Syria. Syrian and Russian forces have violated the September 2018 ceasefire agreement with Turkey. Internationally forbidden weaponry and indiscriminate bombing tactics are in use against unarmed civilian populations. Hospitals, schools and places of worship are systematically targeted. According to UN estimates, 3 million people reside in Idlib province. 1 million of those are children and 40% are people who fled to Idlib to escape Syrian and Russian atrocities elsewhere in Syria. An immediate action is imperative. We call on the UK government to take the necessary political actions to save millions of lives.
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    Created by Mark Macartney
  • Get Ed sheeran into Eurovision for Uk
    It’s important because we are sick and tired of being last. It’s our time to shine.
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  • Stop the Arms Fair in Newham
    This September at ExCeL, International arms companies will meet up with military delegations from around the globe to show off the latest war technology. They are selling everything from bombs, drones, guns, warplanes, tanks, grenades as well as riot and restraint equipment. These weapons are sold at great profit to countries in conflict, authoritarian regimes and countries carrying out serious and well documented human rights offences. Many of these weapons will be used against civilians in non combat areas. DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) is one of the world’s biggest Arms Fairs. It is held every two years, at great expense to the UK taxpayer. It is opposed by people in the area and across the country, including opposition from the Mayor of Newham, the Mayor of London and local MP Lyn Brown.
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    Created by Andy Newham
  • Ban Arms Fairs in the UK
    On 9th August 2018 a bomb was dropped on a school bus in Yemen, killing 40 boys aged between six and eleven, just one of countless atrocities that happen every year, fuelled by the global Arms Trade. The UK actively supports this deadly trade by hosting numerous Arms Fairs each year, including the DSEI Arms Fair, one of the world's largest Arms Fairs that happens every two years in London. The British Government officially invites representatives from some of the world's worst human-right's abusing states to these Fairs, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan and Egypt, countries on the UK's own "human rights priority" list. In the past illegal weapons and torture equipment have been discovered on sale in these Arms Fairs, as Mark Thomas recounts in his book 'As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela'. These Arms Fairs need to be stopped. Every child deserves peace. Arms Fairs Aren't Fair. Let's stop the UK's role in fuelling war.
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  • Review preparations for dealing with a nuclear convoy accident in Cumbria
    Nuclear warheads are regularly transported in convoys on public roads to and from the atomic weapon factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield, and RNAD Coulport on Loch Long, where the weapons are stored and loaded onto Trident submarines. A nuclear warhead contains radioactive material and high explosive and this poses serious questions about public safety. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires Category 1 Responders (including Local Authorities) to conduct a risk assessment of potential threats and to keep the public informed. According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) document, Local Authority and Emergency Services Information (LAESI) Edition 10, if there was a serious accident the MoD would look after the nuclear weapon, but Local Authorities, Emergency Services and the Health Service would be responsible for potentially contaminated casualties, evacuating people nearby and advising many more to stay indoors. We want Cumbria County Council to openly review how prepared the civil authorities are and inform the public about their findings. Then the people of Cumbria can decide whether this transport poses an unacceptable risk.
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    Created by Philip Gilligan
  • Ban "Hunt Tourism" in Scotland!
    Scotland is blessed with a diverse range of beautiful and unique wildlife. Often, a lack of natural predators means that grazing animals such as deer and wild goats are subject to culls, which are unfortunate but necessary, and conducted by professionals to limit the suffering of animals. What is unnecessary is the "hunt tourism" industry that encourages "tourists" from around the world, particularly Americans, to visit Scotland for the sole purpose of stalking, torturing and killing our beautiful and unique Scottish wildlife for pleasure. This is not the kind of tourism that we want in our country.
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  • Buy Long Lasting Poppies And Make A Donation Each Year Instead!
    The disposable ones are virtually indestructible and are finding their way into the sea around the coast of the UK.
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  • The new 50 pound note to have George Edwin Ellison
    Firstly, I would like to say that this nation owes everything to the service men and women who have given everything in the defence of the nation. Secondly, if it wasn't for them everything that we know as being British wouldn't have happened without their sacrifice. George Edwin Ellison of the 5th Lancers was born in Leeds, England and was one day away from being safe and surviving the war alive but it was fate that decided, he would have to give all, for his family, friends, and country men to have peace. Lastly, this year is 2018 and its almost been 100 years since George Edwin Ellison laid down his life for us to live in peace, but who was he but a man among meny. The last of our finest, who died in the name of prosperity and peace. I believe that by putting George Edwin Ellison on the new 50 pound note is an amazing way for the nation to remember the people who have given us all.
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