To: Ben Wallace MP - Secretary of State for Defence

Anti War Campaign

Anti War Campaign

We the undersigned urge our government to:

Promote/Encourage alternatives to War, such as: Ban on Arms; Restorative Justice; Evacuation, Protection and Aid for countries at war.

To encourage the confidentiality/protection of those who are in vulnerable positions such as Police, Immigrants, Military Officers and Informers.

To help develop Equality/Diversity and Political/Cultural awareness
such as for Human Rights, Social Welfare and Security standards.

To encourage focus on research into subjects such as History of Politics/War, Global Security and Sustainable Developments

To encourage focus on Human Rights and Global Security subjects such as Policing, Drug Wars, Education/Awareness, Restorative Justice and Pacifism

To encourage international investment into Security, Sustainable and Welfare Resources such as:

• Renewable Energy
• Therapy
• Organic/Vegetarian Food, Clean Water and Storage
• Sustainable Farming
• Private facilities
• 1st Aid & Healthcare Facilities
• Hygiene
• Protective Clothing
• Tools/Machinery
• Education
• Communications
• Shelter
• Protected Water/Power systems
• Better Policing
• Counselling and Legal Aid
• Protected Transport Systems for International Aid and Evacuation for Asylum Seekers.

To encourage Research Including Primary Research into local public opinions regarding issues such as:

Global Security
Political Leadership
Foreign Policy

To encourage Media and Public debate on issues such as:

Drug Trafficking
Foreign Policy
Illegal Trade
Dirty Wars
Corrupt Cultural practises
Use of Weapons & Torture
Illegal War practises

To Promote/Encourage:

Freedom Of Speech
Restorative Justice
Cultural Diversity and Integration
Ban On Arms
Democratic Decision Making
Peace Treaties
Welfare & Protection for Asylum Seekers

Why is this important?

“Over the last five years, Amnesty International has reported on torture and other forms of ill-treatment in at least 141 countries from every region of the world” (Amnesty 2014 )

The Ethos of this campaign will be to encourage Anti-War policies such as: Peace Treaties; Human Rights legislation; Restorative Justice; Freedom of Speech; Cultural Diversity and Ban on Weapons. As there is an important International demand in areas for Human Rights and Global Security such as: Policing, Education/Awareness, Sustainable Resources, Equality, Restorative Justice and Pacifism.

There should be encouragement for Open Media’ and Public debate on ‘Sensitive’ issues such as Rackets/ Drug Trafficking, Foreign Policy, Illegal Trade, Dirty Wars, Corrupt Cultural practises and the use of Fire Arms. As well as encouraging the confidentiality/protection of those who are in vulnerable positions (such as Police, NHS Staff, Immigrants, Military Officers, Ex-Offenders, Under-Privileged, Informers, Community Volunteers , Intelligence Officers, Civil Servants, Politicians and those in Mental Health/Recovery). The Public also has shown willingness to develop through Social Integration, Equality/Diversity and Political/Cultural awareness.