To: Minister of Education

Apple - Discount for Parents

Apple - Discount for Parents

Discuss in Parliament the discount of Apple products to be extended to parents for children in K-12 'from kindergarten to 12th grade". Currently the discount is for Parents of Students in University only. Microsoft includes the discount for K-12 Parents and Students but not Apple Mac.

Why is this important?

Covid and lockdowns has impacted the economy whilst parents have to ensure their children are educated from home. Many parents have seen their income shrinking but their costs escalating. The government has a big drive to provide laptops for children at home.

Many schools have opted to provide iPad's to the children in school which they get an educational discount on when they purchase it. The children are forced to use these even if they have a laptop or iPad of their own at home. They are required to take these iPad's to home and use in school but if the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen they force the parents to replace it with a new one. The school doesn't replace it themselves with their discount and a parent is forced to pay the full price for it.

The education minister needs to ensure that the children's education needs are met whilst also ensuring that parents is not unfairly targeted with additional unnecessary costs. Apple's policy currently does not support parents in K-12 situations and is unfairly discriminatory. This needs to change immediately. Microsoft is doing the right thing by providing this discount. Let's change Apple's policy by standing together and demanding a change.

Please sign this petition so that we can help thousands of students and parents and get the government to change this profiteering by Apple on parents.