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To: Oxfordshire County Council

Approve the Stratfield Brake stadium proposal submitted by Oxford United Football Club

Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) announced plans in January to build a new stadium for OUFC, with facilities for the community, at Stratfield Brake, Kidlington.

We express our strong support for these plans. We urge OCC and local councils to proceed quickly to consider and approve the proposal, and we look forward to seeing OUFC play at the new stadium as early as possible.

Why is this important?

We believe that the new development will:

- provide a secure home for OUFC and safeguard the future of the Club

- allow OUFC to grow within its means and bring success on and off the pitch

- provide facilities to benefit the wider local community, its sports clubs and leisure groups

We recognise the many stages in the planning process and the many issues to resolve. Local residents, as well as OUFC fans, must have their views and concerns fully considered. The environmental and traffic impacts should also be assessed and alleviated wherever possible through good sustainable design and construction.

This petition has been created by OxVox, the Independent Oxford United Supporters Trust, but is open to all.

Please sign if you want to see this OUFC stadium and community project succeed.

Have your voice heard - join OxVox. Visit

Frieze Way, Kidlington OX5 1UP, UK

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