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To: Secretary of State for the Environment/DEFRA, Gardeners and those who hire gardeners

ASBLOW - Campaign to ban noisy, polluting leaf blowing machines.

We are calling for legislation to:

1. Ban noisy and polluting gas and petrol powered leaf blowing machines from being used anywhere in the UK.

2. Ban the use of any type of leaf blower from March to August during bird nesting season. Currently, leaf blowers are being used all year round.

3. Ban any type of leaf blower within 1 mile of any nature reserve.

Why is this important?

Why leaf blowers should be banned.

There are many reasons why leaf blowing machines should be banned.

Noise Pollution: Leaf blowers can be as loud as 105dBs - any sound above 85dBs can permanently damage hearing. Noise at this level and even the constant whine in the background causes distress to people who are trying to work from home or trying to rest.

Health Effects: Exposure to loud noise causes high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances and poor mental health.

Air Pollution: Gas leaf blowers create high levels of formaldehyde, benzine, fine particulate matter and smog forming chemicals which are known to cause dizziness, headaches, asthma attacks, heart and lung disease, cancer and dementia.

Kills Insects and bugs: From a distance of 1ft, their 180-200mph jet stream maim or kill insects and small animals such as voles, hedgehogs, moles, dormice and grass snakes.

Detrimental to Birds and Wildlife: Excessive noise also has a detrimental effect on birds and wildlife since it limits their ability to mate and find food.

With the recent fuel crisis, it is unconscionable that fuel would be wasted on filling leaf blowers.

How it will be delivered

By hand to the Secretary of State for the Environment/DEFRA
Via email, media and press to gardeners, those who hire them and the general public.




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