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To: Secretary of State for the Environment/DEFRA, Gardeners and those who hire gardeners

ASBLOW - Campaign to ban noisy, polluting leaf/dust blowing machines.

ASBLOW - Campaign to ban noisy, polluting leaf/dust blowing machines.

Our strategy is two-fold:
1. We are calling for legislation to ban noisy and polluting leaf blowing machines from being used in streets, public areas, near schools, hospitals or in private gardens/driveways anywhere in the UK.
2. We are asking gardeners not to use these antisocial machines and that those who employ them to hire only 'blower free' gardeners or insist their current gardeners desist from using them.

Why is this important?

There are several reasons why leaf blowing machines should be banned.
Firstly they are ridiculously loud. This causes distress, not only to people (babies, children, the sick, the elderly or anyone trying to work from or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes) but also to pets and wildlife (birds, rabbits, hedgehogs and the creepy crawlies they eat). From a distance of 1ft, their 180-200mph jet stream can maim or kill insects, small animals like voles, hedgehogs, moles, dormice and grass snakes.
Secondly, leaf blowing machines needlessly blow dust into the atmosphere causing various problems for small children or those with allergies. They emit inordinate amounts of fumes - an air pollution risk that caused them to banned in Los Angeles and other cities.
Thirdly, blowers are not labour-saving. Research has shown raking leaves is just as simple to do. A tennis courts' worth in 10 minutes is quite a comfortable exercise, so there really is no need for these machines at all.
A lot of people don't know this but blowers are used all the year round. You may be at work all day and oblivious to the discomfort and distress they are causing in your neighbourhood. The use of loud blowing machines is inconsiderate, anti-social and detrimental to the quality of life of many citizens.
Until the late 1980s these highly inefficient, frankly, stupid machines were all but non-existent so it is possible to keep a tidy garden or forecourt without them. Please do your bit and sign this petition and if your gardener or gardening company does use a leaf blower, please insist they stop... or, if needs be, hire another gardener.

How it will be delivered

By hand to the Secretary of State for the Environment/DEFRA
Via email, media and press to gardeners, those who hire them and the general public.

Reasons for signing

  • the operator may have ear defenders, but we in the garden next do not, what a joke, these mini jet engines blow a few cuttings the lazy sod can't be arsed to pick up, just blow it somewhere else, for someone else to blow back no doubt, arses all of them
  • I believe that in many instances the use of these machines could be in contravention of existing legislation as regards environmental pollution (noise, dust) and would encourage people to report their use to their local authority, who have a duty to investigate such matters.
  • Residential areas should be for the quiet enjoyment of residents, pets and wildlife and should not be noise and fume polluted by industrial type equipment. However I have one criticism of this petition - it doesn't go far enough. Please also campaign for a ban on industrial type noise and fume emitting garden hedge cutters and mowers as well. Thank you.


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